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Xiao Zhan Party Denied Rumors of Dating, Getting Married And Having A Baby Secretly.

Xiao Zhan

On July 26, the Weibo account “肖战打假小分队/Xiao Zhan fighting fake rumors squad“, which behalfs Xiao Zhan, went online to deny two rumors of Xian Zhan: one was that Xiao Zhan was in a relationship, and the other was that Xiao Zhan was secretly married and had children.

Xiao Zhan

A netizen broke the news that Xiao Zhan was in a relationship with Zhang Jing.

It is reported that Zhang Jing is Xiao Zhan’s agent, Xiao Zhan has become popular in recent years. His success has also something to do with his agent.

But they are just in a working relationship. Dating rumors are purely fake. It is empty rumors without any evidence, it is no wonder that the Xiao Zhan party came out to deny it.

The rumors of “Xiao Zhan’s secret marriage and child” are due to the exposure of Xiao Zhan’s photos of the baby in his arms, which led to speculation.

Xiao Zhan

The photo of Xiao Zhan wearing a gray T-shirt and a black shirt, embracing a little baby gently, with one hand holding the baby’s legs, a hand holding the baby’s back made fans imagine Xiao Zhan must also be a good father in the future.

Xiao Zhan party clarified that this was Xiao Zhan classmate’s child while rebuking actions of spreading leaked photos of other people’s privacy.

Apparently, the photo was taken when Xiao Zhan visiting his classmate’s child.

Some people did believe the rumor of Xiao Zhan being married secretly.

Because that Xiao Zhan has been the best age to get married and have children.

On one hand, he is already 30 years old this year. If he is not an idol but a normal citizen, he should have gotten married and had children.

As a 30-year-old man and the family’s only son, Xiao Zhan’s parents must also expect their son to get married early.

Xiao Zhan choosing to get married under the parents’ pressure is not impossible.

On the other hand, according to the common practice of showbiz, as a top popular star, Xiao Zhan may choose a hidden marriage in order to maintain the persona and support from fans.

Xiao Zhan

Of course, Xiao Zhan is already 30 years old this year, although his popularity is so high, he has reached the age to have his own family.

It is difficult to balance the situation between career development and parents’ marriage expectation, how to choose will trouble him at present.

As Xiao Zhan’s fans, they must hope he has both a successful career and a happy marriage. What’s your opinion?

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  1. If Xiao will marry in the future or he is already married, as his avid fan I will glady cheer him on and his wife if any. I wish as his avid fan, we will also know if he is in a relationship or not. Btw, wish him all the best in career and also his personal life.

  2. Bro…. The way these broads behave in Chin, Japan and Korea has me surprised that they even have a damn entertainment industry. Seriously! If you’re not taking the time to approach these men and women, stfu about the life THEY will have to live by THEIR choosing. I’ll marry him. How bout that? And slap any of you that try me. 😌😌

    Now, on a “connect-the-dots” note: they probably feel that way because in other countries many leading actors/actresses do tend to end up together. Even if for a short time. Mixed with their envious and controlling paranoia.

    Now, if the man isn’t objective to a Native American and Puerto Rican wife, I’m available. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Either way? Let that man live his life, do his job and keep it moving. He only has 1 mother and 1 father. Grab a corner and sit there. Good God!

  3. It’s nobody’s business whether he wants to get married or not. It should be his decision as he might not want to get married. It is his life after all and nobody else will live it for him.

  4. ??We all know that it is very common for rumors to spread that there is a connection between the two main characters during the filming or telecast of a teledrama. However, these rumors will not be dismissed until after the teledrama is aired, as the popularity of the teledrama has to increase or it has to be talked about among the people. But look, it’s been two years since The Untamed aired. It’s been three years since filming ended. So why aren’t they still denying these rumors? Why don’t they just go ahead and file a lawsuit against the people who spread the rumors? There’s no way they don’t know. People all over the country know, they’re shipping around the screens. It is known not only in that country but also in many other countries. If Xiao Zhan had recently denied a rumor about a photo he was carrying a small child. Are they really rumors enough to refute? That’s funny| can’t imagine why those who do not allow such rumors to be spread still deny this

    1. Because they don’t take same sex relationship rumors seriously. They live in china so they don’t care and take it as joke from fans. The reason of not denying is that not because they are in relationship.

    2. Of course they freaking know about the “CP RUMORS”
      On one episode of DDU when Senior Han asked Yibo and Zhan to choose a name to represent team Zhan and Yibo ..The first word out of Wang Yibo’s mouth was BJYX …Zhan almost passed out in SHOCK shook his head and sternely whispered no to Yibo,then the next náme Yibo said was Yizhan..thats how YIZHAN was born out of the mouth of Wang Yibo…so tell me they don’t know of fans Yizhan CP..Even…even the Chinese fans in the audiences in China hold up Bright blinding LED signs and Banners with Chinese ??????????? ..BJYX..and others…advertising their CP LOVE for dd and gg and i never saw a dissatisfied reaction from Yibo on stage towards them or Zhan dissatisfied reaction towards the Cp fans in the audience..One interviewer asked Zhan what he thought of Fans edits of baby picture Zhan and baby picture Yibo on the internet ..Zhan laughed and said “I think its Cute”..uh huh..
      Even the popular Chinese variety show ship Yizhan The Manzai work of the NYE program on the Catonese channel Publicy ship Yizhan…Street shops on the sidewalks in China ship Yizhan … damn i can go on and on ..i tried to paste the link here but its not showing up dont know why … You can find it on YouTube.

      They see and they know.

  5. Why is your post so misleading ? HE DON’T NEED A HIDDEN MARRIAGE TO KEEP HIS FANS SUPPORT. we went through Hell with him last year and we are still here. Public or hidden marriage we don’t care we just want him to be happy and the red ocean is only for him married or in couple or not and for nobody else