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Will Xiao Zhan, Crystal Liu Yifei Collaborate On A New Drama?

Douluo Continent

“Douluo Continent” has set a number of records since its broadcast. This is a great way to show how good the drama is, and on the other hand, it also proves once again the appeal of Xiao Zhan as a top popular star!


Xiao Zhan has started the year with such success! He is the focus of showbiz, with his popularity, appeal, and business skills. This is why a lot of resources are favorable to Xiao Zhan, and they are not hesitant to throw their olive branches at him.

Not to mention the previous drama “Zhu Yan”, there is even a hidden message that Zhang Yimou, the master of the movie circle, is interested in cooperating with Xiao Zhan and that Ang Lee is also interested in working with Xiao Zhan, etc. It is hard to tell if it is true or not.

With Xiao Zhan’s current business ability, it would not be difficult for him to enter the film field. If he could really work with an international director, then he would have a good chance of gaining worldwide acclaim.

Crystal Liu

In addition to the famous drama and directors, there is also hearsay. “Fairy Sister” Liu Yifei who cooperated with Disney in “Mulan” rose to an international film star. She is currently negotiating a drama. Xiao Zhan is very likely to co-star with her.

Although there is no official news yet, there are lots of gossips about them, all of which shows the current status and influence of Xiao Zhan!

Crystal Liu

After all, as the saying goes, “You can’t take on a porcelain job without a diamond”, and Xiao Zhan’s performance among the younger generation of artists is really quite eye-catching.

Not only his appearance is outstanding, but also he has his own artistic and aesthetic standards. Judging from CCTV’s many choices, he has a huge upside!

Besides, if Xiao Zhan can cooperate with Liu Yifei, it must be quite pleasing to the eyes, both of them are charming in the circle, with excellent temperament and not lack of strength!

Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan has said that he is particularly looking forward to the opportunity to make some good movies!

Xiao Zhan is a great actor and will be picked up by a great director who has a good eye for talent! Because he loves his job as an actor! And he works hard enough to be a good actor! He is humble and studious! He is hardworking and strong!

Will you expect the cooperation between Xiao Zhan and Crystal Liu?

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