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What A Pity Of Xiao Zhan And His Girlfriend In College

xiao zhan

Xiao Zhan is a typical star who has grown from a normal boy to a popular star. Especially after the broadcast of “The Untamed “, Xiao Zhan’s popularity exploded. He charmed many female fans. Fans are dreaming of being the girlfriend of Xiao Zhan.


In fact, Xiao Zhan had a girlfriend previously during his college days. Recently, a netizen found out Xiao Zhan’s early social account records. He accidentally found that Xiao Zhan had a girlfriend in college.

xiao zhan girlfriend

In college, Xiao Zhan was more humorous and bold in his words. He softly addressed his girlfriend as “wife”. They must have been very affectionate. It’s been almost ten years since the college senior became a popular star.

Xiao Zhan has also posted a lot of photos with his ex-girlfriend. Xiao Zhan is a young, shy boy, smiling brightly in the photos. The girl on the side has long chestnut hair and is supposed to be a very pretty girl.

There are also photos of them with their arms around their shoulders as well as their necks.

xiao zhan girlfirend

What’s even more. Xiao Zhan also thoughtfully took his girlfriend to shop for a ring. With his head bowed in seriousness, he looks gentle and handsome.

Xiao Zhan’s parents had already prepared a wedding home for him when he was in college, It seems Xiao Zhan and his girlfriend were very much in love at the time and headed for marriage.


But life can’t be all smooth, and even though campus love seems romantic and sweet, it eventually has to face reality. They separated in the end. According to Xiao Zhan’s college classmate’s word, it was because the girl had to go abroad.

sean xiao

Xiao Zhan once talked about his ideal type. She should be a gentle and virtuous girl. Now it seems that the ideal type is coincidental with what his ex-girlfriend looks like.

The former girlfriend is a non-public girl, who is gentle, fair-skinned, and not a stunning looker, but definitely the more attractive one in the crowd.

sean xiao

Time flies. Years have passed. Xiao Zhan former girlfriend is now married with children and has a family of her own. While Xiao Zhan has also grown to a big star. They may once have been envied by their friends, but now their lives no longer intersect.

It is very regretful. However, if Xiao Zhan gets married at that time, viewers would not have seen an actor with both face and strength.

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  1. What a sad story. He must have been so broken heart. I hope he moves on now, and find his own happiness one day. Love and always support Xiao Zhan.

  2. Sorry for that dear do not worry everthing Will be fine she we trust in God

  3. Thanks for that girl to let Zhan go.. Now zhan is happy with bobo…

  4. Oh my ..
    Indeed it’s a pitty, he’s must be really in loved with her ..
    But it’s okay Zhan Zhan .. you still have me!! I mean .. Us ? ..
    All the best for you, love you ❤️❤️❤️