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Xiao Zhan Won The Most Handsome Man of 2020


The first person in Asia! In the “2020 World’s 100 Most Handsome Man” selected by TOP BEAUTY WORLD, Xiao Zhan won the title with a high score of 9965 and was the first Asian to win the title.


TOP BEAUTY WORLD’s scoring criteria is based on the proportion of facial features (50%), fan votes (30%), combined with personality, body, charity work, and wisdom (20%). Previously, the man who won the most handsome man in the world were Hollywood artists, including Robert Pattinson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Chris Hemsworth, and others.

TOP Beauty World Most Handsome Man China

In China, Xiao Zhan took the top spot, followed by Wang Yibo who took 12th place. Others on the list included Huang Xuxi (28th), Yang Yang (30th), Jackson Wang(31st), Lu Han(42nd), Cai Xukun (49th), and Kris Wu(55th).

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