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Dai Si (Daisy) Profile

Dai Si

Dai Si(Daisy, 代斯), born on August 14, 1991, in Urumqi, Xinjiang, is a Chinese actress.

In 2014, she entered the entertainment industry by appearing in her first costume drama Detective Dee.

Her main works include Eternal Love, The Flame's Daughter, Ancient Love Poetry, Qing Luo, One and Only, etc.

Basic Info

Dai Si

Stage Name: Dai Si
Chinese Name: 代斯
Birth Name: Mu Ke Dai Si . Ku Er Ban / 穆克代斯·库尔班
English Name: Daisy
Place of Birth: Urumqi, Xinjiang
Nationality: China
Birthday: August 14, 1991 (Age: 32)
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 170cm (5'6")
Weight: 49kg (107.8 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Fandom Name: Dai Shu / 袋鼠
Instagram: -
Weibo: 代斯daisy


  1. Dai Si's agent is Jaywalk Studio.
  2. Education: Dai Si graduated from The Central Academy of Drama.
  3. She speaks Mandarin, Uyghur, English, and Russian.
  4. She is good at painting.
  5. Loves to visit exhibitions.
  6. Dai Si likes to watch horror movies.
  7. She has a cat.
  8. Likes black color clothing.
  9. Likes desserts.
  10. She is learning guitar and ukulele.
  11. Prefers to shop online.
  12. She wants to go to Northern Europe to see the Aurora Borealis.
  13. She believes in love grows over time.
  14. Dai Si's ex-boyfriend is Wayne Liu Ruilin.
  15. On July 19, 2019, Dai Si's relationship with Liu Rui Lin was revealed. in October, she broke up with Liu.



  • Whisper of Silent Body(Fan Jia Jia)(2019)

TV Show

  • Super Nova Games: Season 2(2019)
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