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I Am Nobody – Peng Yuchang, Neo Hou

I Am Nobody is a fantasy Wuxia drama directed by Xu Hongyu, starring Peng Yuchang, Neo Hou Minghao, Wang Yinglu, Bi Wenjun, and Wanyan Luorong.

The drama is based on the comic book "Yi Ren Zhi Xia / 一人之下“.


I Am Nobody

English Title: I Am Nobody
Chinese Title: 异人之下
Other Titles: The Outcast, 剧版一人之下, 一人之下真人版, 异人
Genre: Fantasy, Wuxia, Drama
Tag: Martial Arts, Supernatural Power, Multiple Timelines, Adapted from a Manhua
Episodes: 27
Duration: 43 min.
Director: Xu Hongyu
Writer: Jiang Feng, Chen Shishu, Wang Zixuan
Producer: Wang Shujjing, Bi Shuaibo, Li Jing, Yu Chen, Rui Ye
Product Company: Tencent, Youku
Released Date: 2023-08-04
Broadcast Website: Youku,



The ordinary teenager, Zhang Chulan, was unexpectedly drawn into an unprecedented world of "Outsiders" when his grandfather's corpse mysteriously disappeared.

Facing sudden and relentless pursuit and the sudden intrusion of the mysterious girl, Feng Baobao, Zhang Chulan decided to no longer hide his own abilities.

As he traced his grandfather's past, Zhang Chulan gradually integrated into the world of strange beings, and the mysteries of history gradually emerged.

There seemed to be a shocking secret behind it all, and Feng Baobao's mysterious identity seemed to be the key to unlocking the mystery.

Faced with a series of crises, the young outsiders came together and formed deep friendships and bonds.

On this path of growth, each person is searching for their own path and values. A showdown between light and darkness is about to erupt...


According to legend, several outsiders discovered eight extraordinary techniques of immense power, enough to cause turmoil in the entire outsider world. Many outsiders fought to seize these eight extraordinary techniques, leading to a bloody and chaotic conflict. It was the year of Jiashen, a year marked by historical cycles, and the story begins on one fateful night.

A man, intoxicated and venting his frustrations, feeling that everyone looked down on him, wandered unknowingly into a fog-covered graveyard one night. The night was quiet, with no one in sight except for a few nocturnal birds flying by, making the place even more desolate and eerie. Drunk, the man lay down on top of a grave, muttering, "Let me rest in this precious place for a while." Without realizing it, he pulled out a dark object. When he finally comprehended his actions, the alcohol had mostly worn off, and at that moment, several eerie mud and sand monsters approached stealthily in the distance.

The man widened his eyes and, as the monsters drew nearer, he turned and fled, vowing never to drink again. That night, the stolen corpse from the tomb caused a disturbance, and the curse buried during the previous Jiashen year began to manifest, stirring up turmoil in the outsider world.

The next day, the man who had been drunk the previous night brought the village chief to the graveyard to investigate. They discovered that the stolen corpse belonged to Zhang Xilin. Zhang Chulan, a student at Princeton University, had important matters to attend to that day. However, when the host introduced Wu, the audience protested loudly upon seeing Zhang Chulan with his small braids. Just as Zhang Chulan felt embarrassed, Wu appeared, and the audience immediately cheered. Zhang Chulan quickly rolled out a red carpet, and as he approached the stage, Wu leaped onto it, supported by Zhang Chulan. The audience erupted in applause for Wu, but not a word was said for Zhang Chulan.

The village chief called Zhang Chulan to inform him that his grandfather Zhang Xilin's corpse had been stolen. Zhang Chulan found it hard to believe but decided to visit the small mountain village to investigate, and he was indeed shocked to discover that it was true.

Feng Baobao arrived at the graveyard in a bulldozer and claimed that Zhang Chulan's father was also her father, making her and Zhang Chulan siblings. Since the villagers had never heard of Zhang having a granddaughter, they scrutinized Feng Baobao's appearance and decided that she resembled the Zhang family. Without considering Zhang Chulan's opinion, they immediately accepted Feng Baobao as part of the Zhang family.

Zhang Chulan was busy making arrangements and even prepared a feast for Zhang Xilin when he went to the grave at night. However, before he could finish his thoughts, he looked up and saw Feng Baobao descending from the sky with a large shovel. Zhang Chulan had never encountered such monstrous creatures before, and he was so frightened that Feng Baobao became impatient. She eliminated the monsters with a single shovel blow and, seeing Zhang Chulan's panic, left him in a pit and fled.

Upon learning that Feng Baobao had abandoned Zhang Chulan amidst the monster horde, Xu San grew concerned and rushed to the scene. He discovered that Zhang Chulan had successfully escaped and became intrigued by him. As a result, Xu San arranged for Feng Baobao to attend Princeton University and made Zhang Chulan her servant.

During class, Zhang Chulan was jolted awake from a nightmare and let out a strange cry, much to the displeasure of the teacher, who believed Zhang Chulan was unhappy with the lecture. Zhang Chulan quickly tried to make amends and showered the teacher with flattery, but he had no idea what the teacher was talking about. At this point, Feng Baobao signaled to Zhang Chulan, and when he recognized her, he became even more flustered.

Zhang Chulan wanted to investigate who had stolen his grandfather Zhang Xilin's corpse and hoped that Feng Baobao could help. However, the girl who had claimed to be his sister the previous day now denied that identity, and she presented herself with an air of importance. Feng Baobao demanded that Zhang Chulan become her servant, but he naturally refused. However, aware of the power of Feng Baobao's kitchen knife, he quickly made a run for it. Unfortunately, Feng Baobao chased him relentlessly, even cutting a doorway in the process. Zhang Chulan was terrified and sought refuge in the security office, but Feng Baobao's knife was powerless before the security personnel. Zhang Chulan had no choice but to surrender to Feng Baobao, who also discovered his secret.

Lü Liang and Xia He were siblings. They had the stolen corpse of Zhang Xilin brought to them in order to collect the energy contained within it. Upon learning that Zhang Xilin had a grandson, they instructed someone to bring Zhang Chulan to them.

Wudang Mountain, the master was leading other disciples in their practice, but Wang Ye was lounging alone in a chair, appearing lazy, much to the master's displeasure. So, the master approached Wang Ye and woke him up, instructing him to join the practice. However, Wang Ye had no interest in practicing at all. Instead, he went to seek guidance from Grandmaster Zhou Meng on the issue of "inner perception."

When Wang Ye asked Grandmaster Zhou Meng about the doubts regarding entering inner perception without consciously thinking, Zhou Meng explained that there must be a cause for every effect, but not all causes are within one's consciousness. Thoughts are not limited to what's in the mind; everything is thought, everything is a cause, and all have the potential to awaken Wang Ye's inner perception.

Wang Ye realized that if past causes could lead to present effects, then present causes could potentially lead to future effects. He opened his mouth and asked Zhou Meng if he had taken a train in the Jiashen year. This question immediately sparked a keen light in Zhou Meng's eyes.

Fourteen years ago, eight-year-old Zhang Chulan had fought with a group of troublemakers in the village to defend a girl named Xiaoyu. The fight had gotten intense, and Zhang Xilin, his grandfather, had disciplined him sternly. Zhang Xilin also apologized to the villagers and promised to compensate them. However, the villagers mocked Zhang Chulan as an orphan, which angered him. After a subdued apology, Zhang Xilin soon moved away with Zhang Chulan. His grandfather reminded him that he must learn to endure and use a rubber band to snap himself whenever he couldn't bear something. When he no longer felt pain, he had truly endured it.

Zhang Xilin had planned Zhang Chulan's future: to attend college, find a girl who loved him, and get married. Zhang Chulan's father would come looking for him when he had grown up.

Feng Baobao cut up Zhang Chulan's clothes, as he had tried to hide in the trees to avoid everyone's gaze but was spotted by a couple. He had to flee bare-chested, and a picture of this incident quickly became popular on campus. There were rumors that seeing the "bare-chested hero" on the night of the full moon guaranteed a successful romantic relationship.

Hearing everyone discussing the incident, Zhang Chulan hurriedly extended his hand from the bandage, fearing any association with the "bare-chested hero." However, Feng Baobao already knew he was the hero and used this knowledge to blackmail him into meeting her the next day.

Zhang Chulan was hit by a basketball from an arrogant guy, which infuriated him. He wanted to react but remembered his grandfather's advice. He suppressed his anger by snapping the rubber band, but then the guy demanded that he retrieve the ball. Zhang Chulan initially decided to endure it, but he couldn't let it go entirely and ended up throwing the ball far away. Surprisingly, the ball had a mind of its own and found its way into the basket.

At night, Zhang Chulan hid alone in his dorm room, crying over several days of misfortune. He recalled his grandfather Zhang Xilin's teachings: if he persevered through bad luck, a turning point would come.

A beautiful junior student named Liu Yanyan suddenly approached Zhang Chulan and invited him to meet the next day. Zhang Chulan thought his luck had turned and eagerly accepted, taking her out for a meal. However, Liu Yanyan had a stomach full of worms and couldn't satisfy her hunger, which surprised Zhang Chulan.

After dinner, Liu Yanyan taught Zhang Chulan how to skateboard, and her hand intentionally touched his. This made Zhang Chulan somewhat infatuated, and when he came to his senses, he was already in an alley. Liu Yanyan initiated physical contact with Zhang Chulan, manipulating him. When she saw Zhang Chulan's restricted sand, she realized that he hadn't lost his Yang energy, which piqued her interest.

Lü Liang intervened and suggested that Xia He first examine Zhang Chulan's primordial spirit to access his memories regarding Zhang Xilin. When Lü Liang took action, Feng Baobao and Xu San arrived. While Xu San's telekinesis was impressive, Xia He and Lü Liang's group had the numerical advantage and weren't afraid of Xu San and Feng Baobao. They insisted on extracting Zhang Chulan's primordial spirit. The two groups clashed quickly, and Zhang Chulan narrowly escaped danger a few times thanks to Feng Baobao's intervention. In the end, Zhang Chulan was taken away by Liu Yanyan. Fortunately, Feng Baobao's knife skills were exceptional, and she sliced the car in half, preventing their capture. Lü Liang saw that he couldn't take Zhang Chulan and disregarded Liu Yanyan, fleeing with Xia He on a motorcycle.

Feng Baobao discovered that Zhang Chulan had been infected with a worm. She used her knife to remove it from his body, shocking Zhang Chulan as he watched her chew the worm into pieces and spit it out on the ground, completely baffled.

Na Dou Tong may seem like a courier company on the surface, but it's actually a high-tech company that conducts research in various fields. The most crucial aspect of the company's research is to find the origin of "qi," and the reason outsiders have abilities beyond ordinary people is because they have "qi" within them. Xu Xiang is the division head and is showing Zhang Chulan around Na Dou Tong's interior. He explains to Zhang Chulan that the universe is divided into the visible universe and the dark universe, which is composed of dark matter, and dark matter is "qi."

Zhang Chulan mentions that he's just an ordinary college student returning to class and promises not to disclose Na Dou Tong's information to anyone. However, Xu Xiang realizes that he knows Zhang Chulan's grandfather, Zhang Xilin. Zhang Chulan recalls a time when the village chief was concerned about his grandfather's well-being and suggested sending Zhang Chulan to a boarding school in town, where everything would be provided for him. This arrangement suited Zhang Chulan, as he was an orphan, but Zhang Xilin declined the offer, believing he was still healthy enough to take care of Zhang Chulan. Zhang Xilin mentioned that he had to leave for a few days and prepared three big pork elbows for Zhang Chulan. He also taught him how to start a fire and cook. Zhang Chulan was told not to use his special abilities to fight with others but was allowed to use them to save his life. Zhang Xilin promised to return after Zhang Chulan finished the pork elbows. However, Zhang Chulan ate them all by morning and still didn't see Zhang Xilin return. He heard noises outside and thought it was his grandfather returning, but to his shock, he found his grandfather dead next to a large tree.

Zhang Chulan wanted to know the cause of his grandfather Zhang Xilin's death, but Xu Xiang couldn't provide an answer. He could only say that Zhang Xilin had received teachings from the Tian Shi Fu of Longhushan. At the Tian Shi Fu, Zhang Lingyu listened to music while practicing. Soon, he was summoned to meet with Zhang Zhiwei. At this time, their master was watching a livestream and tending to flowers while listening to the streamer. However, when he heard the name Zhang Huaiyi, his mood turned sour, and he dismissed Zhang Lingyu without discussing the person who had been removed from the records.

Liu Yanyan was from a Xiangxi family. Her father had recently reported to Xu Si that Liu Yanyan had run away from home and gone missing. Surprisingly, Liu Yanyan had become a member of the Quanxing organization, which astonished Xu Si. Liu Yanyan explained that she had no friends until the age of fifteen because she had to inherit the family's puppetry art. However, after fifteen years of intensive training, her parents insisted that she live a normal life without using her puppetry skills. She felt that her fifteen years of effort had been in vain, which led to her rebellious nature and desire to join Quanxing, where there were no rules.

Zhang Chulan comforted the tearful Liu Yanyan and shared his own story, explaining that he had lost his only grandfather at the age of ten. From that point on, he ate, lived, and talked to himself alone. His only wish was to live a normal life. However, Liu Yanyan had taken away Zhang Xilin's body, which had destroyed everything. Out of guilt towards Zhang Chulan, Liu Yanyan revealed that Quanxing wanted Zhang Xilin's body for his memories and the "qi" within him. They referred to this "qi" as the "source of qi bodies." Zhang Xilin, known as Zhang Huaiyi, had killed many outsiders over a decade ago, but only one was severely injured, which is why Quanxing had been chasing Zhang Xilin all these years. Zhang Xilin had always taught Zhang Chulan to endure everything, and now, after his body had been used by Lü Liang, Zhang Chulan wanted to endure no longer. Feng Baobao believed that Zhang Chulan shouldn't make himself feel pain and should instead seek revenge against those who had harmed him. Zhang Chulan decided to join Na Dou Tong.

Zhang Xilin's original name was Zhang Huaiyi, and he had lived incognito for over a decade. It was only today that Zhang Zhiwei learned of his death, and it saddened him. He went to drink with Tian Qingzhong, and they spent a long time inside. This made their disciples worried, so they asked Zhang Lingyu, who was favored by their master, to check on them. Zhang Lingyu's stiff demeanor disappointed Zhang Zhiwei and Tian Qingzhong, who felt that this was the only downside. Zhang Zhiwei then asked Zhang Lingyu to find Zhang Chulan and test if he had the potential to become a Tian Shi Du. The members of the Tianxia Hui were the first to approach Zhang Chulan and captured him using a large white turtle. Zhang Huaiyi discovered Zhang Chulan and had the Tianxia Hui members stand aside. He brought two Daoists to test Zhang Chulan's skills. Zhang Chulan, who had practiced this technique since childhood, recognized Zhang Lingyu as one of their own and mocked Zhang's family as traitors because he believed that the Gold Light Spell was a secret passed down exclusively within their family.

Zhang Lingyu struck Zhang Chulan with a palm, sending him crashing into a giant rock. An anthropomorphic hole appeared in the rock. Although Zhang Chulan felt frustrated, he remembered his grandfather Zhang Xilin's words and looked at the rubber band on his hand. He mustered all his self-control, following the "endure" mantra, suppressing his anger. He retaliated against Zhang Lingyu with the Gold Light Spell. However, Zhang Lingyu responded by forming a giant hand using the Gold Light Spell, which crushed Zhang Chulan. Despite his struggles, Zhang Chulan couldn't escape the grip of the giant hand. Still, he refused to give up and challenged Zhang Lingyu to fight again when Zhang Lingyu was about to leave. Zhang Lingyu caught him, firmly gripping him with the transformed hand.

Feng Baobao sensed that something had happened to Zhang Chulan, so she quickly got out of bed and saw a golden light illuminating the land. Without hesitation, she rushed to the scene. When Feng Baobao arrived, Zhang Chulan found solace in her presence, hiding behind her. However, Feng Baobao knew that Zhang Chulan had the strength to fight back, so she told him to release his grip and let Zhang Lingyu experience his abilities. Finally, Zhang Chulan broke the rubber band that had always reminded him to endure, revealing his true skills that he had learned from Zhang Xilin. Zhang Lingyu witnessed a white lightning flash, which surprised him, but Zhang Chulan soon made him understand what it felt like to be overwhelmed. Zhang Lingyu had no choice but to dispel the Gold Light Spell and retaliate with his black thunder technique. Zhang Chulan's thunder, on the other hand, was pure white. Zhang Chulan used the Palm Thunder technique, astonishing Zhang Lingyu even more. He then employed his ultimate move to defeat Zhang Chulan. In a crucial moment, Feng Baobao intervened and disrupted Zhang Lingyu's attack, leaving everyone from the Tian Shi Fu amazed. Zhang Lingyu, the only one aware of Feng Baobao's identity, remained unfazed.

Zhang Lingyu admitted that Zhang Chulan now qualified to participate in the Tian Shi Fu's selection tournament. However, Zhang Chulan wasn't interested in seeking anyone's recognition. Zhang Lingyu asked him if he didn't want to learn about Zhang Xilin's martial arts and past, which piqued Zhang Chulan's curiosity.

Feng Baobao took Zhang Chulan back to school, chatting as they walked along the road. Zhang Chulan felt he could completely trust Feng Baobao and found comfort in her presence. However, Feng Baobao didn't understand what trust meant, so Zhang Chulan explained it to her using his phone.

Wudang Mountain: Wang Ye overheard his fellow disciples discussing the Tian Shi Fu's tournament at Longhushan. He learned that Zhang Chulan would also participate, sparking his curiosity about the appearance of the heir of the "source of qi bodies." With just one glance, Wang Ye recognized Zhang Chulan as the young man he had seen inside his inner scene. He quickly entered his inner scene again and unexpectedly found that Zhang Chulan recognized him. Zhang Chulan used the Gold Light Spell to force him out of the train. Afterward, Wang Ye touched his chilling neck and went to find Master Zhou Meng to request participation in the Tian Shi Fu's tournament. However, Zhou Meng disagreed because he feared that the Wind-Backward Mysterious Art would be exposed. If this technique became known, it could bring disaster to Wudang.

With only forty-eight days left until the Outsider martial arts tournament on Tian Shi Mountain, Feng Baobao, riding an electric tricycle, took Zhang Chulan directly to Na Dou Tong's villa on the outskirts. Zhang Chulan thought they were going on vacation and imagined a luxurious villa. However, upon arrival, he realized it was a dilapidated bungalow that was incredibly dirty. Zhang Chulan didn't want to participate in the competition and wished to return to the city. Feng Baobao reminded him that this was a golden opportunity to learn about Zhang Xilin's past because only by participating in the Tian Shi Fu's selection could Zhang Chulan get close to Zhang Zhiwei.

In their previous spar, Zhang Chulan felt evenly matched with Zhang Lingyu, but Feng Baobao pointed out that Zhang Lingyu had used only thirty percent of his strength. This made Zhang Chulan realize the gap between them. Feng Baobao began to push Zhang Chulan in his training, but Zhang Chulan's qi always deviated. This frustrated Feng Baobao, who decided to transfer a set of techniques to him by touching his forehead, instructing him to practice diligently. Feng Baobao was unaware of the taboos between men and women, so when she wanted to take a bath, she undressed in front of Zhang Chulan, who couldn't help but look at her. This caused his qi to deviate. Feng Baobao realized that it was due to the Restraining Sand technique, so she tried to help Zhang Chulan break the technique's hold. She brought in a group of beautiful women, intending to assist Zhang Chulan, but he felt like a joke. In an attempt to regain his dignity, Zhang Chulan decided to leave despite Feng Baobao's threats.


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