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Our Times – Leo Wu Lei, Neo Hou Minghao

Our Times is a youthful and inspiring period drama, directed by Liu Chang and Ma Yiming, starring Wu Lei and Hou Minghao, co-starring Mao Xiaohui, Xiang Hanzhi, Wang Xinjun, Gao Haipeng, and Zhang Xiaoqian.

The drama is adapted from Wang Qiang’s novel “Our Times / 我们的时代”, which tells the story of a group of young people Xiao Chuan, Pei Qinghua, Xie Hang, and Tan Yuan in the early 1990s, who struggled to pursue their dreams and grew up under the tide of the times, and wrote the story of their passionate youth together.


Our Times

English Title: Our Times
Chinese Title: 启航:当风起时
Genre: Youth, Period, Inspiring
Episodes: 38
Director: Liu Chang, Ma Yiming
Writer: ZhuoYue Paomo, Xu Yitian, Chen Xiao, Nandifu, Hu Liping, Wang Shumin
Producer: Zhang Na, Zhu Zhenhua
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Picture, Sugarman
Broadcasting Website: WeTV
Released Date: September 14, 2021


Leo Wu Leo Wu as Xiao Chuang
Neo Hou Neo Hou as Pei Qinghua
Mao Xiaohui Mao Xiaohui as Xie Hang
Xiang Hanzhi Xiang Hanzhi as Tan Yuan


In the early 1990s, with the reform and opening up of China, the development of the information industry opened a new page. Two rash youngsters from the Institute of Computer Science of Yanjing University, Xiao Chuan and Pei Qinghua, started their careers by selling Han cards and were selected by the director Tan Qizhang to be among the tide of computer sales.

The researchers, led by the two of them, who saw the opportunity to take advantage of the policy, starting from being an agent for foreign computers and transitioning to independent research and development, transforming from grassroots to a generation of business wizards, and chronicling the history of China’s rapid development at the end of the 20th century.

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