2023 Chinese Drama List

Back From the Brink – Neo Hou, Zhou Ye

Back From the Brink is an ancient romantic drama directed by He Shupei, led by Neo Hou Minghao and Zhou Ye, co-starring Riley Wang, Chen Xinyu, Zuo Ye, Kenny Kwan, and Liu Yaoyuan, with Yang Rong, Ken Chang, Ji Chen, and Sa Dingding in special roles.

The drama is based on the novel of the same name by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang, which tells the story of a young girl, Yan Hui, who was expelled from her training because she was too rebellious.

She wanted to live a life of drifting along aimlessly but was cheated by the rumored "evil dragon" Tian Yao, and had to help the "evil dragon" find all the sealed body and eventually fight against the ultimate devil king.


Back From the Brink

English Title: Back From the Brink
Chinese Title: 护心
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Immortal
Tag: Xianxia, Betrayal, Interspecies Romance, Sassy Female Lead, Smart Male Lead, Torture
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: He Shupei, Zeng Xiaoyu, Han Ping
Writer: Jiu Lu Fei Xiang, Wang Ruoke, Zhang Wenyan
Producer: Huang Yanhong, Hu Ke, Guo Lin, Ye Siwei, Xie Xinlin
Released Date: 2023-05-09
Broadcast Website: Youku, youku.tv, Viki



Twenty years ago, Tian Yao was hurt and sealed by the power of the five elements by his beloved, Su Ying, the master of the Guang Han Sect.

By chance, Tian Yao’s soul escaped from the seal ten years ago, and he perceived that his dragon bone was sealed in a village lake, so he possessed the body of a boy who had died and waited for an opportunity to retrieve the dragon bone.

Yan Hui’s appearance was bringing hope to Tian Yao.

It turned out that Yan Hui carried his Dragon Scale in her heart, which could help him break the seal.

So Tian Yao started to use Yan Hui and asked her to help him find the rest of his body.

Yan Hui tried to escape from Tian Yao, but instead of being separated, their relationship grew closer and closer.

Tian Yao was moved by Yan Hui’s righteousness in saving his life several times, and Yan Hui also discovered Tian Yao’s incessant relationship with herself in the incidents that keep getting involved.

The origin of the dragon scale, the relationship between his master Ling Xiao and Su Ying, and the mystery came one after another.


Today is the wedding day of Tian Yao, the Spirit Dragon, and Su Ying from Guang Han Men. Tian Yao is filled with joy as he walks towards Su Ying in his red attire, making a lifetime vow to be together forever. The two embrace each other deeply.

Suddenly, Su Ying stabs Tian Yao's heart with a dagger, intending to take his heart scales to save the one she truly loves. Tian Yao cannot believe it when he learns from Su Ying's own words that their love was nothing but a weapon for her to obtain his heart scales. In his desperate situation, Tian Yao summons the Chi Yan Long Ya sword and takes off his red clothes, revealing a white outfit to engage in a battle with Su Ying. However, he is quickly overpowered by Su Ying and gets fatally injured. Tian Yao then combines his heart scales into one and removes it from his body, throwing it into the boundless sky with his own hands.

Upon seeing this, Su Ying was both shocked and angry. She immediately got up and went after them, but how could Tian Yao, who knew her intentions, let her succeed? He immediately transformed into a dragon and trapped Su Ying. Su Ying watched as the protective scale disappeared, filled with hatred. She knew that Tian Yao losing the protective scale was the beginning of the end, so she dismembered Tian Yao's dragon body and sealed him forever.

Yan Hui was born with a congenital heart defect. Her mother had to endure the pain and put her, still a baby, into a small wooden basin and pushed her into a river that was said to produce miracles, hoping that Yan Hui would survive. Yan Hui drifted with the current and was caught in a whirlpool. Coincidentally, Tian Yao's Heart Scale merged with her. Yan Hui had been wandering since she could remember, and she hoped to have a home of her own. Ling Xiao of the Chenxing Mountain took her in, and Yan Hui finally had a home. Yan Hui is now 20 years old and has been on the mountain for ten years. However, she is only a one-star apprentice and still has a strong desire for food and drink. This has caused her fellow apprentice, Shi Yue, to be dissatisfied with her, and the others in the same sect mocked her for not even opening her Sea of Consciousness and not being able to control a sword. Yan Hui was very angry when she heard this and flew away on her sword, shocking her fellow apprentices.

Yan Hui would always go to the Lock Demon Tower to eat buns every time she opened the valley, and this time was no exception. Just as she finished chatting with the imprisoned monsters and had eaten her fill, Ling Xiao sent a newly caught fox demon into the Lock Demon Tower and forcibly interrogated the newly transformed fox demon, asking where the Qingqiu Nine-tailed Fox was hiding. The senior fox demon Yan Hui knew didn't want Ling Xiao to torture the fox, so she spoke up for justice, but Ling Xiao killed her to make an example out of her.

Yan Hui appeared as a monster to plead with Ling Xiao, but instead of listening, he went on a killing spree and even attacked Yan Hui. Unexpectedly, Yan Hui's protective heart scales gave her power, and with one move, she blew up the Lock Demon Tower. Yan Hui took advantage of Ling Xiao being busy putting out the flames on his body and quickly released the monsters to escape. This angered Ling Xiao, who wanted to kill Yan Hui. Fortunately, Ling Xiao's master, Lu Musheng, came out of seclusion and saved Yan Hui, but he drove her off the mountain and from then on, Xingchen Mountain was no longer Yan Hui's home.

Yan Hui took off her clothes from Xingchen Mountain and changed into casual wear before leaving the mountain gate. Ziyue, her senior sister, caught up with her carrying a bundle of things. Yan Hui thought Ziyue had come to bid her farewell, but she didn't expect that Ziyue was disgusted with her pile of junk. Yan Hui was so angry that she pulled out Ziyue's sword and thrust it into the stone wall beside the mountain gate, indicating that they had different paths and couldn't work together. Then she left on her own.

Yan Hui hasn't been down the mountain for many years, so it was quite novel for her to be back in the marketplace. When she caught a whiff of the fragrance of baozi, she couldn't walk away, intending to buy five of them. However, due to her limited funds, she could only afford two. Yan Hui planned to go to Yongzhou to find Xian Ge, but that would require travel expenses, which made her worried. Tian Yao had already sensed Yan Hui and knew that the woman in front of him had his heart scales, so he had been paying attention to her.

Yan Hui was in urgent need of money, so she went to Qijue Hall to find a way to get rich. She exchanged one piece of information from Chenxing Gate for one star and hurried to the hiding place of the snake demon. After searching for seven or eight days, she finally found the snake demon. Yan Hui bravely subdued the snake demon, even risking being bitten. The snake demon knew that Yan Hui only wanted money, so it promised her three times the profit. This made Yan Hui, who loved money, couldn't help but calculate how many buns she could buy. Tian Yao secretly followed Yan Hui and threw a stone at a critical moment to attract her attention, allowing the snake demon to escape. Then, he unexpectedly knocked out Yan Hui and carried her back to Tongluo Village.

Tian Yao was considered a fool in the Tongluo Village. When the villagers saw him returning with Yan Hui on his back, they gathered around to watch. Some mischievous children even took the opportunity to shoot Yan Hui with slingshots. Yan Hui woke up to find herself in a haystack and couldn't help but complain that she wasn't left in a more comfortable place. When Tian Yao came to deliver food, Yan Hui asked him to let her go, but her appearance was Tian Yao's only hope, so he couldn't release her.

Aunt Zhou went to see Old Lady Xiao, hoping to trick some money from her. She said that Yan Hui was kidnapped by Tian Yao yesterday, and in order to settle the case, money had to be paid. Old Lady Xiao was hard of hearing and misunderstood Aunt Zhou, thinking that she wanted to introduce a girl to Tian Yao. So she took out the betrothal gifts she had prepared for Tian Yao. Aunt Zhou's eyes lit up when she saw the gifts and couldn't wait to open the box. But before she could see clearly, Old Lady Xiao's box snapped shut on her hand.

Old Lady Xiao was insistent on seeing the bride, so Aunt Zhou immediately took her to the firewood room to swallow the betrothal gifts. Yan Hui was growling with hunger at the moment. When she saw Old Lady Xiao, she explained that she was tied up and brought here, but Old Lady Xiao was too deaf to hear clearly. She was delighted by Yan Hui's good looks and even mistook the rope on her hand for a bracelet, wondering why Yan Hui wore so many of them. Aunt Zhou was worried about the long night and wanted Yan Hui and Tian Yao to get married that night, so she warned Yan Hui to behave. Yan Hui immediately saw through Aunt Zhou's intentions and gave her a kick, angering Aunt Zhou. But she knew she had to put up with it to earn the betrothal money, so she limped away.

Tian Yao returned from collecting herbs and found his courtyard decorated with lanterns and banners, and the villagers coming to congratulate him. The lively scene with its bright red colors reminded Tian Yao of his painful past, and he became so agitated that he overturned a table and told the villagers to leave. Old Lady Xiao took Tian Yao's hand and told him that getting married is a good thing, and that the bride is also good. Tian Yao miraculously calmed down and, as Old Lady Xiao hoped, entered the bridal chamber.

Yan Hui's hands were still bound when Tian Yao lifted the cover off her head. The first thing he heard from her was that she was hungry. Tian Yao took out the buns he had specially bought, which surprised Yan Hui. She didn't expect Tian Yao to know that she liked to eat buns. Tian Yao falsely claimed that he was a snake demon, which immediately excited Yan Hui. She pressured him for the whereabouts of the Flowing Fire Bead and they started fighting. The sound of their fight was so loud that it made the bed shake. This made Old Lady Xiao and others who were eavesdropping outside the bridal chamber very satisfied, thinking that the two had successfully become a real couple. In the end, Tian Yao was no match for Yan Hui, so Yan Hui naturally took over the bed and kicked Tian Yao to the ground to sleep. The next day, Tian Yao took Yan Hui to the mountain cave where the Flowing Fire Bead was hidden and was surprised to find that Yan Hui had no spiritual power. This greatly disappointed him, and Yan Hui also noticed from Tian Yao's behavior that he seemed to be hoping she could break the seal, which made her start to pay attention.

Early in the morning, Tian Yao left home. Yan Hui could only dutifully cook and tend to the fire. Zhou Shen came to their door with his wife to cause trouble, but Yan Hui gave him a good beating. The villagers gathered around to watch the commotion and were surprised by Yan Hui's fierceness. Tian Yao went up the mountain to find the snake demon and used an ancient formation to help it recover. Impressed by Tian Yao's spiritual power, the snake demon asked him to help break a seal in a few days. The snake demon was alone in the mysterious realm because it owed a debt to a woman from the Xuan Gate who had come to repay a favor by taking the Flowing Fire Pearl. Tian Yao remembered his past and warned the snake demon not to trust anyone from the Xuan Gate.

For the past few days, Yan Hui has been waking up because of the rooster in Old Lady Xiao's house. In order to have a good sleep, he killed the rooster. However, this made Old Lady Xiao very sad because she thought that the rooster was actually a hen that was meant to lay eggs for Tian Yao to eat. When Tian Yao returned and saw this, he quickly advised Yan Hui not to say anything. Yan Hui promised Old Lady Xiao that he would go and find a real hen and then leave. Old Lady Xiao held Tian Yao's hand and asked him not to argue with Yan Hui and to go and find the person who could bring back a real hen. Tian Yao and Yan Hui went to the mountain to find the hen. Yan Hui was puzzled why Tian Yao followed her all the way, so she asked him to go and search elsewhere for a better chance. Tian Yao was worried that Yan Hui might encounter the snake demon, but unexpectedly the fire bead caught Yan Hui's attention, and the snake demon appeared and confronted Yan Hui. The fire bead lost its spiritual power and fell to the ground in pieces. Seeing that all hope was lost, the snake demon was angry and wanted to fight Yan Hui. Tian Yao appeared in time and tried to leave with Yan Hui, but the snake demon used its spiritual power to trap the two and revealed that Tian Yao had come looking for the snake demon earlier. This made Yan Hui even more suspicious of Tian Yao's identity.

Tian Yao made a promise to repair the Flowing Fire Bead for the Snake Demon, but he could only do so after retrieving the dragon bones from the mountain cave. So the Snake Demon captured both Tian Yao and Yan Hui, waiting for tomorrow's journey. In the firewood room, Yan Hui inquired about Tian Yao's identity and learned that he was a thousand-year-old spiritual dragon. She immediately scoffed and didn't believe it at all.

On the night of the full moon, Tian Yao would experience unbearable pain. Yan Hui had a protective scale that could alleviate his pain, so Tian Yao hugged her tightly with red eyes, begging her not to leave him. In the end, he bit Yan Hui's lips and sucked her blood to finally calm down. The next day, Yan Hui, thinking about Tian Yao's strange behavior, finally began to believe that he was a spirit dragon. She asked him to break the snake demon's formation with an ancient array, but Tian Yao insisted that Yan Hui accompany him to the mountain cave. Knowing that Old Lady Xiao had lost her chicken yesterday and then her grandson and daughter-in-law, Yan Hui was sure that she would be very worried. Seeing that Tian Yao did not want to go back to see Old Lady Xiao but wanted to go to the mountain cave, Yan Hui believed that his previous filial piety towards Old Lady Xiao was fake and insisted on not going with him.

The snake demon was waiting for Tian Yao to repair the Flowing Fire Bead and save his beloved, Yun, from danger. Knowing that Yan Hui was greedy for money, he directly bribed her with a bag of silver, making her willing to accompany them to the cave. The three of them rode a bamboo raft and arrived at the cave entrance. The snake demon used his spiritual power to reluctantly tear open a small hole, and Tian Yao immediately led Yan Hui into the cave. As soon as they entered the cave, Yan Hui felt an unbearable pain in her heart. Tian Yao finally saw the formation sealing the dragon bone, and he knew that it had to be broken with one's own blood. So, as he was telling Yan Hui about the scene where Su Ying had wounded him, he pierced Yan Hui's heart with his sword, intending to break the formation with her blood. Yan Hui was furious and thought Tian Yao was too cruel. She raised a stone and intended to knock him out, but accidentally hit the sword in the formation. Tian Yao had to stab Yan Hui's heart again to break the formation.

After the formation was broken, Yan Hui and Tian Yao fell into a deep pool. Yan Hui stabbed herself in the heart twice in anger and pushed Tian Yao down while she floated up to the surface. Tian Yao saw his own dragon bone in the depths of the pool and quickly reconnected with it. The dragon bone returned to Tian Yao's body while he fell unconscious. The snake demon sensed the dragon master's breath from Tian Yao's body and immediately rescued him, planning to carry him back. Yan Hui happened to encounter them and wanted to kill Tian Yao, but the snake demon refused. He was still waiting for Tian Yao to repair the Flowing Fire Bead to save A Yun. Yan Hui had to give up, but she had already decided to chop Tian Yao into pieces to vent her anger after he repaired the Flowing Fire Bead.

Su Ying, a female member of the Guang Han Men, learned about Tian Yao's retrieval of the dragon bones and was extremely angry. She ordered her subordinates to guard the other three seals. Ling Fei had already captured the Nine-Tailed Fox, and she was accompanied by the demon-slaying general Lu Musheng. Su Ying immediately ordered someone to capture Lu Musheng.

Tian Yao woke up and used the power of his dragon soul to repair the flowing fire bead. He advised the snake demon to repay her debt and not develop feelings for him. He also reminded her to take the water route, which would be safer. Yan Hui was still upset that Tian Yao had taken her heart blood, but she learned that his heart scale protected her damaged heart and allowed her to live until now. Although grateful, she felt that she had repaid the favor with two swords. Yan Hui had long seen through Tian Yao's reason for not taking back his heart scale. He didn't feel much guilt, but she remembered the chicken that Old Lady Xiao was worried about and hurried up the mountain to look for it.

Old Lady Xiao finally caught many chickens and gathered many eggs from Yan Hui and Tian Yao. That evening, the family had a delicious meal together. Old Lady Xiao put Yan Hui and Tian Yao's hands together and instructed them to treat each other well and not to argue. That night, Old Lady Xiao passed away. A heartbroken Tian Yao buried Old Lady Xiao, and he and Yan Hui drank together, talking about how he was injured by Su Ying. Yan Hui was shocked by Tian Yao's tragic past and immediately felt sympathy for him. She promised to help Tian Yao regain his body.

Lu Musheng is Su Ying's beloved, but for the past twenty years, he has been married to a nine-tailed fox in the guise of a scholar and has long forgotten Su Ying. So when he wakes up, he is determined to take his wife home with him, which breaks Su Ying's heart. Despite Lu Musheng's pleas, she insists on not letting them go.

When Yan Hui woke up from her drunken stupor, she found that Tian Yao was still sleeping. So she sneaked away and planned to go to Yongzhou to find Xian Ge. However, she was currently unable to even control small branches, so she didn't know when she would be able to reach Yongzhou. While Yan Hui was feeling down, Tian Yao appeared and reminded her of her promise from yesterday. However, Yan Hui realized that finding all the parts of the dragon's body was too dangerous and didn't want to go. Tian Yao warned Yan Hui that if Su Ying took away the protective scales on her body, she wouldn't survive for more than three days. However, Yan Hui was convinced that Tian Yao wouldn't betray her and decided to leave, which made Tian Yao very worried that she would run into members of the Guang Han Men.

Tian Yao followed Yan Hui all the way, and they were about to enter Yongzhou. Yan Hui couldn't help but feel annoyed, so she advised Tian Yao not to follow her anymore and reminded him that the Xuanmen in Yongzhou was not friendly to demons. But now, Yan Hui was Tian Yao's hope of finding his dragon body, how could he give up? So he continued to follow Yan Hui. Yan Hui bought buns in the city and deliberately let the bun shop owner ask Tian Yao for money, taking the opportunity to run away quickly. But she still couldn't shake off Tian Yao. Yan Hui couldn't believe it and tried various methods, but still couldn't succeed.

Tonight is the night of the full moon. Tian Yao is in pain again, and Yan Hui seizes the opportunity to run away. She knows Tian Yao will be in discomfort, but remembering their last unpleasant encounter, she still chooses to leave. Tian Yao tries to grab Yan Hui, but only a corner of her dress slips through his fingers, and Yan Hui's figure has already disappeared. Tian Yao forces himself to search for Yan Hui, but the spiritual energy tonight is too thin, and he can't sense the protective scales' breath. Instead, he attracts the attention of Chi Yan Long Ya due to leaking dragon qi. Chi Yan Long Ya wants to eat this delicious dragon, so he orders She Bi Shi to capture Tian Yao. Tian Yao senses the danger and quickly avoids it, but his weak strength does not make Chi Yan Long Ya hesitate at all, and She Bi Shi attacks again. Tian Yao struggles to hold up his shield, but with just one move, he is severely injured and spits out blood as he falls to the ground. Tian Yao is relentlessly tortured by She Bi Shi, which makes him feel extremely desperate. He can't even choose to die on his own. Seeing She Bi Shi's big knife about to strike, Tian Yao has no strength left to dodge, and can only close his eyes in despair.

Tian Yao didn't feel the expected pain, so he opened his eyes and realized that Yan Hui had taken the hit for him. She even declared that she would protect him tonight, which made Tian Yao have a strange feeling towards her. Yan Hui's appearance shattered Wu Jin's beautiful dream. He was surprised to see that Tian Yao had Xuanmen disciples protecting him, and they seemed to be quite strong. However, Wu Jin still wanted to kill Tian Yao, so he ordered Shebishi to chase them again. Yan Hui rushed back at a critical moment because she saw Tian Yao in danger through her Heart Guard Scale. They barely escaped, but as long as Tian Yao didn't hide his breath, Wu Jin would be able to find them. Tian Yao looked at the water pool in front of him and made a decision. He asked Yan Hui to hide in the water pool while he waited for Wu Jin. Due to his serious injury, Tian Yao quickly became weak. Yan Hui knew that her blood would ease Tian Yao's pain, so she cut herself with a knife, and her blood flowed onto Tian Yao's forehead. Tian Yao woke up, but Yan Hui passed out. Tian Yao knew that Shebishi had not left, so he had no choice but to transfer his Qi to Yan Hui. When Yan Hui woke up, they swam to the shore together. However, they were soon intercepted by Wu Jin and Shebishi. Wu Jin tied Yan Hui's ankle with a thorned rope, and Tian Yao's first reaction was to tell Yan Hui to stomp her foot to save her life. Yan Hui quickly found an opportunity to cut the rope and joined forces with Tian Yao to cast a spell. They managed to defeat Shebishi, who was being controlled by someone. They killed Wu Jin and obtained the Silent Wood that could cover their breath from him.

Wu Jin is a demonic cultivator. Yan Hui said that in the past ten years, many demonic cultivators have appeared, but the reason is unknown. Tian Yao kept these things in mind and he found that the world was very different from before. With the possession of Wu Xi Mu, Tian Yao was able to hide his aura, which made him believe that the upcoming journey would not endanger Yan Hui.

Yongzhou City, Yan Hui and Tian Yao had just checked into an inn when they encountered the Seven Star disciples of Guang Han Men inspecting for demon servants. Tian Yao watched as a demon without a demon servant mark was taken away, so he agreed to establish a master-servant contract with Yan Hui. When the Seven Star disciples came to inspect, Tian Yao was already massaging Yan Hui's leg, but he had no trace of demon energy on him, which aroused their suspicion. His demon mark was very blurry and they couldn't see his true form. Fortunately, Yan Hui quickly said he was there to deliver a lucky koi, which saved them from danger.

Su Ying brought Lu Musheng to Yongzhou City to help him regain his memories. She took him to their old home and shared their story, but Lu Musheng was disgusted with Su Ying and only wanted to find his wife. Su Ying was both angry and heartbroken. She summoned the Incense Making Master to return the fox to Lu Musheng and prove that she was a demon. Su Ying knew that the dragon horn was important to Tian Yao, so she intentionally took it out of its seal and hung it on the city tower, provoking Tian Yao's anger. However, Tian Yao had to endure the insult. Yan Hui suggested finding a way to take the dragon horn that would benefit everyone, instead of risking their lives by impulsively attempting to retrieve it.

Yan Hui went to ask for information at the Seven-Poem Hall, not allowing any demon servant to enter. As a result, Tian Yao was locked in the demon servant's room. The demon servants there were extremely subservient and didn't even want to resist, because in this realm of Yongzhou, all demons without a demon servant contract would be killed. When Yan Hui saw Tian Yao being treated like this, she couldn't help but get angry and quickly rushed over to have him released, even paying a management fee for it.

Three years ago, Yan Hui and her master Ling Xiao went to Yongzhou to catch monsters. At that time, Yongzhou was not so unfriendly to monsters. I wonder what happened in the past three years for it to be this way. Wang Pengyuan is the richest man in Yongzhou. When Yan Hui met him, she quickly hid behind Tian Yao. Tian Yao immediately guessed that there was a story between the two, although Yan Hui said it was just a small misunderstanding. Given her usual carefree personality, the situation must not be simple.

The Forgetful Tower was opened by Yan Hui's sister, Xian Ge. When Yan Hui brought Tian Yao to the door, the servant immediately stopped them and said that only the owner and the guests' servants could enter, no matter what. Luckily, Yu Li happened to come back and helped Yan Hui solve the problem. As the owner of the Forgetful Tower, Xian Ge aimed to create a relaxing atmosphere, but now she had to deal with the pressure from Guang Han Men because of the rise of immortals and demons in the area. There were many male servants inside the Forgetful Tower, and they all greeted Yan Hui excitedly, which made Tian Yao look at Yan Hui in a new light. Xian Ge caught up with Yan Hui and realized that she needed money. Xian Ge thought it was a matter of one or ten thousand gold, but Yan Hui actually needed one hundred thousand gold this time. Although Xian Ge was reluctant, she was more concerned about Yan Hui's illness, so she gave her twenty thousand gold. With money in hand, Yan Hui planned to gather the remaining eighty thousand gold and went into the casino hastily after giving some to Tian Yao as living expenses.

Tian Yao learned from Xian Ge's Forgetful Language Tower that many people have tried to take the dragon horn on the city tower because it can absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, but none have succeeded and many bodies have been thrown out. There are rumors that the dragon horn eats people, but perceptive people can see that there are people from a major sect guarding it. Tian Yao wanted to find out the truth, so he hid in the dark while someone was attacking the dragon horn at night. He recognized that the one guarding the dragon horn was a Swallowing Gold Beast, so he threw out half a piece of gold, which attracted the Swallowing Gold Beast to come and eat the gold. Just now, a person in black clothes was still rushing towards the dragon horn, thinking of seeking fortune and avoiding danger, but the Swallowing Gold Beast had already regained its senses and opened its bloodthirsty mouth to bite the person in black clothes. Tian Yao guessed that as long as there is enough gold, the Swallowing Gold Beast can be lured away, so he decided to get some gold. However, he didn't expect that Yan Hui had already lost all twenty thousand gold, and now she is feeling down.

Yan Hui, feeling helpless, went to find Wang Pengyuan. He had always been grateful to Yan Hui for saving him that year and had long been interested in her. When he learned that she was looking for him, he eagerly went to visit the Forgotten Language Tower and used money to bribe the gatekeeper, who immediately let him in. This time, Yan Hui no longer avoided Wang Pengyuan because she needed money. The two of them reminisced about the wind and the stories of that year together. When Wang Pengyuan learned that Yan Hui was short on money, he immediately said that he had some money that he couldn't possibly spend. He then took Yan Hui to tour his properties, which included an entire street that belonged to him. Any horse he owned was worth a hundred thousand gold. This surprised Yan Hui greatly. When Wang Pengyuan was happy, he would play with a lot of gold, and Yan Hui immediately wanted to accept his offer to become his girlfriend. However, Tian Yao arrived just in time to pull her away and reminded her that she shouldn't like Wang Pengyuan just for his money.

Tianxiang Fragrance Shop is famous for its incense-making. Its owner Feng Ming, entrusted by Su Ying, made the Foxy Charm Fragrance in an attempt to make Lu Musheng fall in love with Su Ying again. However, Su Ying actually wanted Lu Musheng to remember their past together. Feng Ming then suggested using dragon horns to help make the fragrance, as it would be difficult to create a scent that restores memories without them. Wang Pengyuan saw that Yan Hui was about to accept his marriage proposal but suddenly had second thoughts. This made him doubt his own charm, so he went to Tianxiang Fragrance Shop, where the shopkeeper sold him the Foxy Charm Fragrance.

Wang Pengyuan put Hu Meixiang in the breakfast and specially brought it to Yan Hui to eat. He watched as Yan Hui ate it and wanted to touch her, but Yan Hui had made up her mind to reject Wang Pengyuan and not let him touch her. Suddenly, Tian Yao appeared when the two were entangled, and he held Yan Hui's hand. Yan Hui fell in love with Tian Yao. Seeing this, Wang Pengyuan was both angry and anxious, but there was nothing he could do.

Bai Xiaosheng had been searching for a pair of demon lovers, but he was not satisfied when the supposed lovers were destroyed in just a small test. As a result, he killed both of them.

On that day, Tian Yao cured Xian Ge's servant's burn and opened up a way to earn money through medical practice. Yan Hui watched Tian Yao earnestly treating patients and grew more and more delighted. She felt like she couldn't take her eyes off of him and thought that it might be because of her "Heart-protecting Scale," but she didn't think much of it. Bai Xiaosheng, like a phantom, entered Tian Yao's consultation room and found that he had no spiritual energy at all. He was puzzled, so he revealed himself and demanded that Tian Yao treat his acne, threatening to use force if he didn't comply. Yan Hui saw that Tian Yao was being threatened and immediately showed up, asserting her dominance by saying that only she could bully her own servant, and that Bai Xiaosheng couldn't bully Tian Yao. Bai Xiaosheng discovered that the two of them were a formidable pair of demons, and his interest was piqued. He wanted to follow along and see what would happen next.

Yan Hui was startled by Bai Xiaosheng's remark and realized that she might really like Tian Yao. She didn't know how to deal with her feelings for him and couldn't even look at his heartwarming face. Without a word, she asked Tian Yao to turn around. Tian Yao was confused and wondered why Yan Hui had been acting strange lately.

Yan Hui confided her recent feelings to Xian Ge, who immediately revealed that Yan Hui had fallen in love with Tian Yao. Xian Ge advised her to be honest with herself and take good care of Tian Yao, especially since there have been many disappearances of demons in Yongzhou City recently. Feng Qianshuo of the Feng family was about to take on a new concubine and specifically invited Xian Ge to attend the banquet. Along the way, Xian Ge intercepted the wedding procession of Feng Qianshuo to inquire about the disappearance of the demon servants and whether it was related to the Tian Xiang Pavilion. As a gesture of gratitude, Xian Ge agreed to Feng Qianshuo's request and kissed him, leaving him so smitten that he didn't even want to wash his face.

At night, Tian Yao suddenly came to find Yan Hui and told her that he was going to try to take the dragon horn. There was a Swallowing Gold Beast in the Dragon Horn Formation, which had already earned enough gold and should be able to lure it away. So he specially came to ask Yan Hui for some of her blood. Yan Hui only then realized that when Tian Yao asked her for three thousand gold that day, it was for this matter. Tian Yao's silent efforts afterwards made Yan Hui have a new understanding of him, and her good feelings for him increased greatly. So she happily took out her blood and proposed to go with Tian Yao, but Tian Yao also knew that Su Ying might have a backhand and didn't want Yan Hui to take the risk. He asked her to hide well and as long as she protected the Heart-Scale, he would be fine. When Tian Yao was leaving, he was seen by Bai Xiaosheng. He originally wanted to erase the relationship between Tian Yao and Yan Hui, but he became interested in the place where Tian Yao was going and followed them.

As soon as Tian Yao arrived at the alley near Tianxiang Lane, he saw many Guang Han Men guarding the dragon horn, which puzzled him because there were no such people a few days ago. Su Ying also arrived, and although she noticed Tian Yao, she did not recognize him. Angered, Tian Yao was held back by Yan Hui and did not impulsively rush forward, but could only watch as the dragon horn was taken away by Su Ying.

Bai Xiaosheng was curious about the whereabouts of the Dragon Horn and secretly sneaked into Tian Xiang Fang. He followed Feng Ming into a secret room and discovered that the Dragon Horn was protected by a powerful seal. He also found a pill on the ground that emitted the energy of the Dragon Horn and picked it up, hoping to use it to test the relationship between Tian Yao and Yan Hui.

Bai Xiaosheng threw the pill in front of Tian Yao and Yan Hui. Tian Yao immediately sensed the breath of the dragon horn and asked Bai Xiaosheng where he got it from. Bai Xiaosheng suggested that Yan Hui follow him and told Tian Yao the news. Unexpectedly, Tian Yao refused and Yan Hui didn't want to leave Tian Yao, saying that she had tried before but couldn't leave him. Bai Xiaosheng got excited and refused to leave no matter how Tian Yao and Yan Hui insulted him. As a result, he was soon tied up and interrogated by Yan Hui. Bai Xiaosheng revealed that he had tracked down the dragon horn by following someone from Guang Han Men that day, but he only wanted to tell Yan Hui. He whispered the information to Yan Hui, and to his surprise, she immediately called Tian Yao to leave with her, leaving Bai Xiaosheng shocked and even more interested in the two of them.

Yan Hui was very worried about the thousand-year spirit dragon incident involving Tian Yao, and Tian Yao reassured her that as long as the secret of the protective heart scale on Yan Hui's body was not known by a third person, there was no need to worry. Tian Yao knew that with his current strength, he was no match for Bai Xiaosheng, so he used his own blood to reinforce the formation and trap Bai Xiaosheng. Yan Hui couldn't help but criticize Tian Yao for this wasteful move and emphasized that she was securely bound, but Tian Yao was not so optimistic.

Bai Xiaosheng provided information about Longjiao being at Tianxiang Square, but Yan Hui was unsure of its authenticity and hesitated. However, Tian Yao had already planned to investigate Tianxiang Square at night. Yan Hui immediately expressed her willingness to go with him. Before Tian Yao could refuse, she made it clear that she had fallen in love with him and couldn't bear to see him get hurt.

Xian Ge learned that the matter of the missing demon servant was related to Tian Xiang Fang, and also went to investigate Tian Xiang Fang tonight. After being discovered, she was rescued by Feng Qianshuo but he was injured. Tian Yao and Yan Hui happened to meet the two, and helped to carry Feng Qianshuo back.

Feng Qianshuo woke up from Xian Ge's bed and found that Tian Yao, who was standing in front of him, was a demon servant. He strongly resisted and did not allow Tian Yao to approach him. Yan Hui immediately reminded Feng Qianshuo that his injury was treated by the demon servant Tian Yao whom he despised, which instantly made Feng Qianshuo angry. Feng Qianshuo recognized that Yan Hui was the customer who spent the most money at Qi Jue Hall. Yan Hui then found out that Feng Qianshuo was the owner of Qi Jue Hall and scolded him as a profiteer, wanting to reclaim her money, but unfortunately Qi Jue Hall never refunded any money. Feng Qianshuo, taking Xian Ge's face into consideration and knowing that he had indeed been saved by Tian Yao, gave them his Golden Phoenix Feather and allowed them to enter the arena where they were looking for.

Tian Yao walked on the road with Yan Hui. Yan Hui couldn't help but be attracted to Tian Yao's face and tried to control herself, asking Tian Yao to cover his face with his clothes. However, this gesture made Yan Hui unable to control herself and she directly had a nosebleed. Tian Yao suspected that Yan Hui was under some kind of love spell because he couldn't believe her sudden affection for him. However, Yan Hui didn't think about that and said that she was poisoned by love and quickly ran away.

Wang Pengyuan knew that it was wrong to make Yan Hui take the "fox charm fragrance". He quickly searched for the antidote, but found Yan Hui's door tightly closed. He thought that she didn't want to see him and regretted it in front of her door, explaining the whole thing about the "fox charm fragrance". Inside the room, Bai Xiaosheng heard everything clearly and realized that it was because of the medicine. He then erased the virtues of Yan Hui and Tian Yao, the pair of demon and servant.

When Yan Hui returned, Wang Pengyuan saw that she didn't want to see him and quickly explained the situation, giving her the antidote to drink. Yan Hui found herself restored to normal and couldn't help but smile happily. She reminded Wang Pengyuan not to behave like that again and rejected his confession. She learned that he was going to travel with his father for business and wished him to meet a girl who truly loves him.

Bai Xiaosheng realized that Tian Yao and Yan Hui were only acting out of love for medicine, and felt that he had been deceived. He decided to kill both of them, but Tian Yao saw through his true identity as a Shadow Demon and asked Yan Hui to turn off the lights. Bai Xiaosheng was momentarily at a loss, but he quickly lit the lamps again and resumed his attack. Tian Yao's spiritual power was now weakened, and he could only protect Yan Hui. Surprisingly, this made Bai Xiaosheng believe that there was still a relationship between the two. When he saw the golden phoenix feather falling from Yan Hui's body, he guessed that they were heading to the Beast Arena, so he let them go.

Tian Yao and Yan Hui entered the arena with Jin Feng Yu. They followed the instructions, but little did they know that Bai Xiaosheng had tampered with the signs. Tian Yao and Yan Hui accidentally entered the animal combat zone. While Yan Hui was still riding the mechanical ladder, she dropped Jin Feng Yu. The people in the combat zone had bad tempers and when they saw Tian Yao, they took him away. They also took the demon card from Yan Hui and made her sign a contract without knowing anything about it. Yan Hui had no choice but to comply with their demands to enter the arena.

In order to provide evidence for Feng Qianshuo and prove that he was not the person in Tian Xiangfang last night, Xian Ge let him stay overnight, which made Feng Qianshuo very happy. He immediately lay down, which left Xian Ge at a loss. Early in the morning, Feng Ming went to the Forget Words Tower to find Feng Qianshuo. He remembered that he had shot the person in black on the shoulder last night and wanted to find out the truth. However, Feng Qianshuo evaded the topic by using the excuse of managing the family business, and forced Feng Ming to leave with him. Xian Ge wanted to go with them, but Feng Qianshuo refused, fearing for her safety.

When Tian Yao entered the first level, he was locked up in a cell. Inside, he saw an injured Kui Niu and decided to treat its wounds. He learned that he would have to battle the most formidable Tian Yuan Mo, and if he won, he could continue downward. He had already sensed that the dragon horn was deep beneath the ground, so he was determined to fight all the way down.

As for Yan Hui, when she first arrived at the beast arena, she realized she had just signed a beast contract. If her demon servant was injured, she would also be injured. Additionally, her demon servant could only act upon her orders. If she lost, her demon servant would belong to the arena. Yan Hui was worried and found it hard to back out. She could only hope to win, but she didn't understand the rules of the beast arena, and she suffered many losses at first. Tian Yao and Yan Hui both received serious injuries. Luckily, Yan Hui noticed that someone next to her was cheating, so she changed her strategy to respond only after the opponent gave the command. They eventually turned the tables, but Tian Yuan Mo and its owner were experienced veterans and quickly made a comeback. Tian Yao and Yan Hui discovered that Tian Yuan Mo had an injured left foot, so they decided to use it as an attack point in order to win.

Yan Hui was very determined not to give up, and her momentum was quite intimidating to the beast fighters. When the Abyssal Giant attacked Tian Yao again, Yan Hui gave the command to "take it with her face". Tian Yao had to close his eyes and prepare to face it. When the iron fist of the Abyssal Giant was about to hit Tian Yao's face, Yan Hui immediately had Tian Yao fly into the air and locked the Abyssal Giant's neck with her legs, performing a shoulder throw that made the Abyssal Giant fall to the ground and lose its combat effectiveness. The owner of the Abyssal Giant, seeing that it was useless, ran away directly, and the Abyssal Giant was killed on the spot. It turned out that there was a rule in the arena that if a demon servant was abandoned by its owner, it had only one way to die. Yan Hui was originally happy to win, but seeing this scene, she couldn't help but feel chills in her heart, and Tian Yao felt the same.

Yan Hui decided not to let Tian Yao continue to participate in the competition, so she spent ten gold coins to bribe the gatekeeper to see Tian Yao, and specially brought medicine to heal his injuries. Tian Yao learned that his demon card had been taken away and was hanging under a wooden sign. He immediately guessed that it was the Eight Wilderness Divine Wood because that divine wood countered the demon card and could limit the spirit power of the demon slave. Yan Hui learned that retrieving the demon card could help Tian Yao get out of danger, so she quietly sneaked into the place where the demon card was hanging. Unexpectedly, a constellation array had already been set up there. If touched, it would alert the guards. Yan Hui cautiously approached the Eight Wilderness Divine Wood from outside the corridor, but the demon card was hung too far away for her to reach no matter what. After testing, Bai Xiaosheng confirmed that Yan Hui and Tian Yao were loyal to each other and their lives were connected. He changed his previous attitude and took the initiative to help.

Tian Yao waited for Yan Hui in prison and learned that Bai Xiaosheng had helped him retrieve the demon card, so he reluctantly accepted Bai Xiaosheng's request. Bai Xiaosheng was also looking for them, as he needed their help. Yan Hui had a clever idea and requested that Bai Xiaosheng help Tian Yao retrieve the dragon horn. This way, they would not be too weak and it would be more helpful to Bai Xiaosheng. Bai Xiaosheng agreed with Yan Hui's plan, and Tian Yao also agreed since he needed to retrieve the dragon horn to have the strength to rescue the other demon slaves in prison.

Bai Xiaosheng intentionally made a commotion to lure the Guang Han Men people away. Tian Yao and Yan Hui smoothly rode a wooden mechanism to reach the 18th floor, where they saw the dragon horn inside a room that was sealed with a prohibition spell. Yan Hui learned that the stone on the door was precious and thought of taking a piece to sell, but accidentally triggered the mechanism and put herself in danger. Tian Yao used his meager spiritual power to set up a formation to protect Yan Hui, but he was trapped inside. He then instructed Yan Hui to use the power of the Heart-Protecting Scale to break the door. However, Yan Hui's spiritual power was too weak to use the Heart-Protecting Scale, so Tian Yao had to help her open her sea of consciousness on the spot. Yan Hui then had a sea of consciousness the size of a small pond, and she immediately followed Tian Yao's instructions and delivered a powerful strike that unexpectedly broke the entire beast arena, allowing the demon slaves to escape. Bai Xiaosheng was injured by the residual shockwave of the strike but was surprised and delighted by the strength of Yan Hui and Tian Yao.

Feng Qianshuo, contrary to his usual behavior, arranged a late-night meeting with Feng Ming, which made Feng Ming feel uneasy. However, he always regarded Feng Qianshuo as a playboy and did not take it seriously despite his suspicions. When he learned that Feng Qianshuo wanted Yan Hui and Tian Yao, a master-servant pair, he became even more puzzled. So he reminded Feng Qianshuo that his parents and his own wife and children were all killed by demons. Although Feng Qianshuo was still a child at that time, he knew that Feng Ming had always wanted to establish an organization to slaughter demons, but his father disagreed and had an accident. Therefore, he suspected that the real murderer was not a demon, but Feng Ming himself.

Feng Ming did not expect that Feng Qianshuo would already have doubts about him, and seeing his determination to obtain Yan Hui and Tian Yao, he demanded that Feng Qianshuo exchange them for the Seven-Jue Hall. The Seven-Jue Hall was very important to Feng Qianshuo, and he hesitated. At this moment, there was a sudden disturbance in the Colosseum, which made Feng Qianshuo breathe a sigh of relief, but Feng Ming secretly thought that something was wrong and quickly went to Su Ying on the 18th floor to apologize.

After Yan Hui used the power of the Heart Scale to blast open the 18th floor, she was already weakened. Unexpectedly, Su Ying was on the 18th floor and used her soul separation power to trap her and Tian Yao. Yan Hui was amazed by Su Ying's strength. At that time, Su Ying was focused on refining the Memory Awakening Pill and didn't use her full power, so Tian Yao and Yan Hui managed to escape.

Xian Ge saw the scattered demon servants and worried that they had nowhere to go, so she immediately ordered Yu Li to rescue them and also sent people to bring Feng Qianshuo back for fear of him being in danger. Su Ying trapped the entire Yongzhou with the power of the Dragon Horn Formation, leaving Tian Yao with nowhere to escape. She ordered a search for Tian Yao house by house starting from that day.

Tian Yao realized that Su Ying had sealed off Yongzhou City with the Dragon Horn Formation, and did not want to implicate Yan Hui. He wanted to leave, but Yan Hui refused and instead led them into the underground city she had been preparing. When the Beast Arena was bombed, many monsters escaped, and Yan Hui did everything she could to save them, rescuing all the monsters she could. As a result, there were now many monsters in the underground city. Tian Yao didn't understand why Yan Hui, a human, would be willing to help monsters so much. He was surprised to learn that Yan Hui had raised monsters and had seen them suffer from illness and torture, so he immediately used the spiritual power he had cultivated with great difficulty after finding the dragon bones to heal the monsters. The monsters were amazed to see their wounds heal quickly and looked eagerly at Tian Yao, kneeling down and calling him the Dragon Lord. They believed that with the return of the Dragon Lord, there was hope for the monsters.

Yan Hui saw that Tian Yao was forcefully treating the illnesses of the other demons, and couldn't help but feel heartbroken. She privately expressed her concern for Tian Yao, urging him to take care of himself and his life, which she had saved several times before. Su Ying had already met Tian Yao, so Yan Hui felt there was no need to hide anything and took the initiative to cancel their contract as demon and servant, revealing Tian Yao's true identity. Tian Yao was grateful for Yan Hui's thoughtful gesture and promised to repay her kindness.

Yan Hui knew that her sea of consciousness was open but she had never gone inside to take a look, so she asked Tian Yao for help. Tian Yao focused his mind and closed his eyes as he approached Yan Hui's forehead. Yan Hui's heart started to beat rapidly and she couldn't help but wonder why, even though she had already dispelled the fox's charm. She instinctively moved backwards until Tian Yao opened his eyes with confusion. Yan Hui then knew that in order to enter her sea of consciousness, she had to press her forehead against his, and only then did she let go of her fanciful thoughts.

Yan Hui's sea of consciousness was protected by Heiyan Mountain Ren, and Tian Yao told her that this was a seal set by the Grandmaster. Only when Yan Hui's ability surpassed the Grandmaster's could it be unlocked. Yan Hui remembered that when she left the mountain, Ling Xiao had performed heart surgery on her, suspecting that it was Ling Xiao's doing, but he didn't say a word. When she learned that Su Ying had entered the ranks of the Grandmaster twenty years ago, she was determined to practice well.

Su Ying used the pill refined from the nine-tailed fox Yun Xi princess to awaken the memories of Lu Musheng, hoping he would take it. Lu Musheng hated Su Ying, who had used a life to refine the pill, and accused her of being a monster who couldn't distinguish between good and evil. This made Su Ying very sad, so she took Lu Musheng to see Yun Xi. At this time, Yun Xi was dirty and disheveled, and her mind was not very clear. When Lu Musheng hugged her, she bit him on the shoulder. Su Ying thought that Lu Musheng would be angry and disgusted with Yun Xi, but he just held Yun Xi tightly and talked about their home. Now that the pear blossoms have bloomed, Yun Xi's memories have been awakened. Yun Xi wanted to go home, and Lu Musheng promised to take her home. Su Ying, watching the warmth between the two, became angry and jealous. She waved her hand and made Yun Xi fall to the ground. Lu Musheng rushed towards Su Ying, wanting to strangle her, but Su Ying also made Lu Musheng pass out.

Upon learning about Yun Xi's situation, Xian Ge knew that the Qingqiu clan highly valued bloodline and was indebted to her. She wanted to spread the news but found all channels blocked. So she sought help from Feng Qianshuo. Xian Ge went to him only to learn from the Seven-string Chamber's shopkeeper that Feng Qianshuo had been taken away by Feng Ming. When Feng Qianshuo gave her his personal effects, Xian Ge knew that he was in danger and decided to rescue him.

Feng Ming wanted to take over the Seven Absolute Hall, so he captured Feng Qianshuo and tortured him until he was almost at his limit. Feng Qianshuo then found something his father had left behind, and couldn't help but regret that he didn't marry Xian Ge. Unexpectedly, he met Xian Ge when he escaped. Feng Qianshuo followed Xian Ge to the underground city, feeling uncomfortable seeing so many monsters, who also viewed him with great suspicion. Xian Ge advised Feng Qianshuo to see his own prejudice clearly when he questioned her about saving the monsters, and told him about her own life being abandoned by her parents and raised by monsters.

Yan Hui remembered how Ling Fei had searched everywhere for the nine-tailed fox in order to find out if Su Ying was involved. Tian Yao believed that Chenxing Mountain had conspired with Guanghan Men, but Yan Hui didn't believe that Ling Xiao was that kind of person, and they got into an argument. Bai Xiaosheng couldn't stand seeing Yan Hui and Tian Yao fighting, so he threatened them and told them to get along well and be in love, otherwise he would bring Su Ying to the underground city. Yan Hui knew she couldn't offend Bai Xiaosheng, so she immediately hugged Tian Yao and prevented him from offending Bai Xiaosheng. Bai Xiaosheng was pleased with this, but he also suspected that Yan Hui and Tian Yao were playing a trick on him and kept a close watch on them. Just as Yan Hui and Tian Yao were discussing important matters, Bai Xiaosheng came to check on them quietly. The two quickly covered themselves with a blanket and lay close together. Bai Xiaosheng was satisfied with what he saw and left. Yan Hui didn't understand why Bai Xiaosheng was so obsessed with having Tian Yao and her in love, but Tian Yao believed that Bai Xiaosheng must have had a big plan, otherwise he wouldn't have risked saving them from Su Ying's hands.

Feng Ming presented the contract for the beast duel between Yan Hui and Tian Yao to Su Ying for a report. It turned out that Su Ying already knew Yan Hui and upon learning that Feng Qianshuo had gone missing, she sent her subordinates to investigate. They found that the barrier was intact and speculated that Feng Qianshuo had been rescued by someone. Considering the previous disappearance of monsters, they became more certain that there were other people in Yongzhou City helping the monsters. Su Ying delved deep into the Cow Horn Formation and concluded that Yongzhou City was now a prison, and no one could escape.

Feng Qianshuo entered the underground dungeon, which was a den of demons. Xian Ge's demon servant was not happy to take care of his daily life, and there was inevitably some impatience in her words, almost leading to a conflict. Yan Hui saw this and asked why Feng Qianshuo didn't deal with the demon. She whispered that she wondered why Xian Ge liked him. Upon hearing this, Feng Qianshuo immediately went to find Xian Ge, who was studying the relic that the boss of Qiujue Hall had given her. Feng Qianshuo wanted this item back and told Xian Ge that he was able to establish the Qiujue Hall because his father left this "Hua Wei". Hua Wei has the ability to transmit information for thousands of miles. Xian Ge wanted Feng Qianshuo to help her send a message to Qingqiu about Princess Yunxi, but Feng Qianshuo refused. Xian Ge was angry and said she would go herself. Feng Qianshuo worried about her safety and pulled her. In the tug of war, Hua Wei was activated, and they accidentally learned that Yunxi had been killed by Su Ying.

Feng Qianshuo insists on protecting Yongzhou, even though Bai Xiaosheng has already explained the benefits and risks, he remains steadfast in his original intention. Tian Yao is the owner of the Dragon Horn, and he knows how to retrieve it, but Yan Hui is the only one who can do it. Yan Hui's mental capacity has just opened up, and her abilities are limited, so she is currently trapped. Unexpectedly, Chen Yi came up with an idea, so Tian Yao and Xian Ge gathered the demons and explained the current situation. However, the demons naturally have their guard up against the people of the Xuanmen, and they are unwilling to believe Yan Hui. Fortunately, Kui Niu took the lead, and the demons finally agreed to lend their spiritual power to Yan Hui, believing in Tian Yao's plan. This is the first time Yan Hui has shouldered so much responsibility for the life and death of so many people, and she feels a lot of pressure, worrying that she may not be able to break the formation. Bai Xiaosheng suggested that Xian Ge and Feng Qianshuo distract Feng Ming, Tian Yao distract Su Ying, and Yan Hui break the formation. Once they obtain the Dragon Horn, Yan Hui will quickly deliver it to Tian Yao's hands, and the siege of Yongzhou will be lifted.

Two of Xian Ge's demon servants were good at digging holes. They discovered that Su Ying's dragon horn formation had already detected the underground, knowing that the underground city could not be hidden for long. They found a concealed exit and opened it for Xian Ge to use. Xian Ge knew that the situation was serious. Before leaving, she entrusted Jiu Gongzi to protect the weak demons and escape when the seal was broken. She also crushed their demon tags, making them free from slavery. The demon servants were grateful for Xian Ge's care over the years and kneeled down to bid farewell, feeling very reluctant to part.

Xian Ge and Feng Qianshuo crawled out of a well in a sorry state. Feng Ming was planning a thorough search of the Forgetful Tower with his men when Feng Qianshuo, who knew his character well, caused an explosion in the warehouse in Xiangfang. Angered by this, Feng Ming immediately abandoned the Forgetful Tower and rushed to the warehouse to catch the culprit. Unfortunately, when he led his men to chase into a lane, Xian Ge had already taken Feng Qianshuo and disappeared into her other secret industry.

Lu Musheng was on the verge of death, and Su Ying provided him with spiritual power every day to protect his life. However, this was not a long-term solution. Su Ying was eager to obtain the Heart-protecting Scale, so she used the Guang Han Men's forbidden technique to send freezing power deep into the ground, causing the frozen monsters to quickly perish. Seeing this, Tian Yao quickly used his spiritual fire to suppress the ice and protect the monsters. Now that they were about to retrieve the Dragon Horn, Tian Yao and Yan Hui had to return to the surface immediately. Xiao Wu and Xiao Jiu volunteered to open the ice passage and bring Tian Yao and Yan Hui to the surface.

Before Yan Hui left, she once wanted Bai Xiaosheng to give her some spiritual power, but Tian Yao thought Bai Xiaosheng was unreliable and stopped her. Now that they each have their own missions, Tian Yao held Yan Hui's shoulder before parting, reminding her to be careful. Yan Hui also reminded Tian Yao to be careful, and the two bid farewell with reluctance. Tian Yao watched Yan Hui's figure and remembered how she had promised to help him regain his body, as well as her impressive protection of him and Old Lady Xiao in Tongluo Village. He couldn't help but be moved, seeing Yan Hui take risks for him this time. Yan Hui made up her mind, even if she had to risk her life, to retrieve the Dragon Horn.

Tian Yao took the initiative to appear and killed the disciple of Guang Han Men. The shadow of the soaring spirit dragon appeared, and Su Ying immediately rushed over. When the two met, they fought each other. Tian Yao unexpectedly caught Su Ying's attack, which surprised her. However, she did not know that Tian Yao's hand behind his back was already injured.



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