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Love Me, Love My Voice – Tan Jianci, Zhou Ye

Love Me, Love My Voice is a romantic drama directed by Sha Weiqi, led by Tan Jianci and Zhou Ye, co-starring Hou Wenyuan, Yang Xizi, Cao Enqi, and Chen Haolan.

The drama is adapted from the novel of the same name by Mo Bao Fei Bao. The story is about a music-loving college senior student, Gu Sheng, who sticks to her dream and silently holds on to her hidden identity "Sheng Sheng Man" in the ancient style circle, and longs to collaborate with her crush, the dubbing master "Qiang Qing Ci".


Love Me, Love My Voice

English Title: Love Me, Love My Voice
Chinese Title: 很想很想你
Other Titles: Missing You
Genre: Romance, Drama
Tag: Older Man/Younger Woman, Doctor Male Lead, Singer Female Lead, Age Gap, First Love, Multiple Couples
Episodes: 33
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Sha Weiqi
Writer: Mo Bao Fei Bao
Producer: Yang Yanling, Chen Shasha, Zhu Dayou
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, QISHUO PICTURES, XINGUANG PICTURES
Released Date: 2023-11-30
Broadcast Website: WeTV, YoYo Television Series Exclusive



Gu Sheng is a music-loving senior college student. She sticks to her dream and silently holds on to her hidden identity "Sheng Sheng Man" in the ancient style circle, and longs to collaborate with her crush, the dubbing master "Qiang Qing Ci".

By coincidence, she meets Mo Qingcheng, who is the "Qiang Qing Ci", at an event.

Thanks to the help of her best friend, the distance between them was gradually brought closer.

Afterward, Mo Qingcheng uses food and voice as bait to launch a plan to lure her into a love affair. When Gu Sheng reacts, she has already fallen into the sweet trap designed by Mo Qingcheng.


Gu Sheng has already entered her fourth year of university. She is temporarily not worrying about finding a job due to securing a postgraduate position and is instead focused on her hobby of making music. At the request of her friend Geng Xiaoxing, she helps plan a music project. During a live stream, Gu Sheng unexpectedly discovers that her idol Qing Qing Ci from the dubbing industry is in her chat room. However, despite speaking a few words, she receives no response. Checking the records, she confirms that Qing Qing Ci did visit her room and even shared a recipe with her.

After graduating, Mo Qingcheng didn't continue in the dubbing profession but became a doctor. Dubbing became his hobby, and he is the idol of Gu Sheng, known as Qing Qing Ci. As the perfect dubbing's tenth-anniversary celebration approaches, Zhou Zheng asks if he wants to participate. Mo Qingcheng, who is on a night shift and trying to catch some sleep, responds irrelevantly, expressing a desire for pig stomach chicken. Zhou Zheng immediately arranges to fulfill this wish.

The teacher reminds everyone to cherish their last moments in the fourth year of study. Qi Yao envies Geng Xiaoxing and Gu Sheng for not having to worry about finding a job due to securing postgraduate positions. Geng Xiaoxing mentions helping with the perfect dubbing project, surprising Gu Sheng. She only knew about planning a music project but didn't expect it to involve the perfect dubbing, making it an unexpected delight.

The three friends go out for hot pot. Gu Sheng talks about the first time she heard Qing Qing Ci's voice, describing it as love at first sound. As for the person himself, he never reveals his face, remaining extremely low-key, perhaps that's their style. Qi Yao mentions the three members of the perfect dubbing group: Qing Qing Ci, Jue Mei Sha Yi, and Feng Ya Song, each with their unique characteristics and many fans. Geng Xiaoxing immediately contacts them, expressing her willingness to take on a challenging task.

Mo Qingcheng and the others also come to the same restaurant. Zhou Zheng mentions the planners for the tenth-anniversary celebration of perfect dubbing, and Mo Qingcheng pays attention when he hears the name Sheng Sheng Man. Wang Ke feels there's a story between Mo Qingcheng and Sheng Sheng Man, so he asks Zhou Zheng, but Zhou Zheng is unaware. In the hall, Qing Qing Ci's works are playing, and Gu Sheng is enchanted. After dinner, the two groups pass by each other, unaware that the ones they want to meet are just a stone's throw away.

Wang Ke reveals the news about Mo Qingcheng and Sheng Sheng Man to Dou Dou. Dou Dou is surprised that he knows gossip and becomes very interested. Geng Xiaoxing messages Gu Sheng, informing her that the perfect combination has agreed to cooperate. The online meeting is scheduled for tonight at six, with all three aces of the perfect combination present. Gu Sheng rushes home to get online after seeing the time, eagerly anticipating Qing Qing Ci's voice. However, she realizes she forgot to turn on her microphone. During the call, Mo Qingcheng continues to teach her how to cook, and Gu Sheng shows a very eager-to-learn attitude.

Wang Ke's attempt to pry information from Mo Qingcheng is unsuccessful. So, he and Dou Dou discuss organizing more activities; with Sheng Sheng Man present, Mo Qingcheng will surely come. They are curious about Sheng Sheng Man's identity. Later, during the New Year's Day online event, Mo Qingcheng's throat is uncomfortable, but he insists on presenting a vegetarian dish, triggering Gu Sheng's imagination. After the event, Gu Sheng decides to go out for a walk and coincidentally encounters Mo Qingcheng at her cousin's supermarket. The cousin plays a song written by Gu Sheng three years ago, and Mo Qingcheng, attracted by the song, seems to have heard it before but ultimately doesn't inquire about its origin.

Mo Qingcheng is busy saving patients, another sleepless night. He and his colleagues joke about personal relationships. On the other side, Geng Xiaoxing takes Gu Sheng to her room to secretly listen to the dubbing group training new members. Gu Sheng hears Zhou Zheng mention Qing Qing Ci's personal life, learning that he doesn't have a girlfriend. Her heart starts beating uncontrollably.

Zhou Zheng handed the microphone to Mo Qingcheng, asking him to say a few words. He mentioned that Sheng Sheng Man was online. Mo Qingcheng took the mic, and his first sentence was a call to Sheng Sheng Man. Gu Sheng, who had been online the whole time, was stunned. After a while, Gu Sheng realized she was online. Mo Qingcheng gently said, "Can I invite you to join the conversation?" These words were like a bomb to Gu Sheng, leaving her speechless. She quickly replied with a yes, nervously gasping for air. She wondered what kind of scene Qing Qing Ci would perform with her. However, there seemed to be an issue with uploading the lines. Zhou Zheng asked her to wait for a moment. With Geng Xiaoxing's comforting words, Gu Sheng finally relaxed.

Since Zhou Zheng couldn't find a suitable script, he asked Mo Qingcheng to say something casually. Mo Qingcheng improvised, telling Gu Sheng that dubbing for emotional scenes is straightforward. He then immersed himself in the scene, saying seductively, "I love you. Do you love me?" Gu Sheng widened her eyes, immersed in the sudden confession, finding it hard to recover from the happiness it brought. After a while, she realized it was just a scene. She nervously replied, "Love, love your voice." Mo Qingcheng continued explaining the essence of dubbing for emotional scenes, emphasizing that it's not necessary to have experienced love; the key is to convey sincerity through the voice.

After stepping down from the mic, Geng Xiaoxing and Gu Sheng discussed Qing Qing Ci's voice, speculating that he must have many rumors due to his distinctive voice. Gu Sheng lay on her bed, reminiscing about the conversation with Qing Qing Ci, unable to sleep due to overwhelming happiness, teased by Geng Xiaoxing and Qi Yao.

After enduring the exam week, the group prepared for Gu Sheng's identity verification on Weibo. She noticed her followers suddenly increased from around two hundred to nearly three thousand, still rising. Geng Xiaoxing rushed over, discovering that Qing Qing Ci had followed Gu Sheng. Considering the need for assistance in verification, the system randomly selected three friends, and surprisingly, Qing Qing Ci was among them.

Qing Qing Ci quickly helped her with verification and sent her a private message. As a thank-you, Gu Sheng shared a recipe. In return, Qing Qing Ci asked her to sing a song, specifically "Most Important Little Life" because it's a somewhat humorous song. Gu Sheng, feeling embarrassed, happened to have Geng Xiaoxing return to the dormitory. She pleaded with Geng Xiaoxing not to disturb or tease her. Gu Sheng sang the song well, earning applause from Mo Qingcheng. As a return favor, Mo Qingcheng shared a recipe for clam dishes, and Gu Sheng reluctantly stepped down from the mic.

As the Spring Festival approached, Mo Qingcheng planned to stay at the hospital due to his parents' absence. Zhou Zheng tried to persuade him to go home but failed. Zhou Zheng then bought some gifts for Mo Qingcheng and left. On the other hand, Gu Sheng's family atmosphere during the Spring Festival was lively. Being the only girl among her brothers, she received a lot of care and gifts. While helping at the supermarket, she witnessed a patient's family confronting two female doctors at the hospital entrance. Mo Qingcheng rushed to the rescue but was punched by the patient. Gu Sheng thought highly of Mo Qingcheng, finding him a good person who bravely took responsibility. She decided that if he came to buy groceries, she would give him a discount. Little did she know that Mo Qingcheng was her long-anticipated Qing Qing Ci.

Mo Qingcheng appointed Gu Sheng as a temporary administrator, allowing her to join the discussion about the anniversary celebration of Perfect Voice. They proposed selecting a song that fans love as a warm-up. Qing Qing Ci, as the head of the main event, proactively asked Gu Sheng about her favorite ancient-style song. After hearing her mention "Sheng Shi," he chose it as the warm-up song. Everyone agreed, but this song required six main singers and one narrator. Mo Qingcheng asked Gu Sheng about her preferred singers, and she named them. The narrator part naturally went to Qing Qing Ci. However, it was challenging to gather all the singers. Mo Qingcheng assured he would find a solution.

Gu Sheng was invited to join the Perfect Dubbing Team for the rehearsal of the anniversary celebration song, which pleasantly surprised her. She worried about not collaborating well with these industry giants, but Qing Qing Ci encouraged her to believe in herself. During the Chinese New Year, Gu Sheng was called by relatives for a chat, so she had to go offline first. After sending off her relatives, she hurried back online, secretly praying that Qing Qing Ci wouldn't go offline. Unexpectedly, Mo Qingcheng proposed performing a program and sang a traditional song, "A Myriad of Bones Crushing Sand," which captivated Gu Sheng. Dou Dou suggested Qing Qing Ci send New Year wishes to the fans. After thinking for a while, Mo Qingcheng advised not to get too immersed in liking someone solely based on their voice, as the true identity behind the voice on the internet is unknown.

Qing Qing Ci privately messaged Gu Sheng, explaining he had urgent matters to attend to and requested to add her on WeChat. His WeChat username was the full pinyin of Mo Qingcheng, revealing his real name. Gu Sheng was surprised to learn that he was called Mo Qingcheng. The two began chatting on WeChat, and Gu Sheng, initially reserved, gradually became more familiar with Mo Qingcheng. He even sent her a recipe, making Gu Sheng salivate. Trying to find something to eat in the kitchen, she was caught by her mom, and she had to explain that she was hungry again.

Excitedly, Gu Sheng posted on Weibo expressing her current feelings, and the comments flooded in. She eagerly anticipated Qing Qing Ci's comment the most. Upon seeing Qing Qing Ci's comment, she smiled in satisfaction and then slept soundly. Early the next morning, members from the Morning and Night Music Club came to find Gu Sheng, bringing an unexpected surprise. They found a practice room to use as a club activity room and recording studio. The club consisted of four members, with the president handling post-production, design, and publicity; the Out-of-Tune Er being the head of the lyrics department and chief lyricist; Gu Sheng and Guai Guai were responsible for composing, arranging, and also served as vocalists. Everyone teased Gu Sheng about her relationship with Qing Qing Ci, making her blush and explain that they were just concerned because of the comments from netizens, leaving Gu Sheng somewhat worried.

Gu Sheng, concerned that these random comments from netizens might affect Qing Qing Ci, sent him a WeChat message to explain. Mo Qingcheng had just woken up and casually agreed. Even with just a one-word reply, it sounded like music to Gu Sheng's ears. As they continued chatting, Mo Qingcheng directly initiated a voice call, making Gu Sheng very nervous. However, the conversation between them made her inexplicably feel at ease. During the conversation, she brought up the comments from netizens, and Qing Qing Ci told her that as a voice actor, the most important thing is to care about the work. Apart from the work, what others say doesn't matter to him.

Mo Qingcheng mentioned that Gu Sheng owed him a song. Gu Sheng decided to play and sing for him, but she needed some preparation time. Mo Qingcheng hurriedly arrived at the Perfect Dubbing Studio, had dinner with everyone, and waited for Gu Sheng to get ready. Everyone joked that Mo Qingcheng, the millennium iron tree, was finally blossoming. Gu Sheng invited Mo Qingcheng into her room and earnestly sang the song she performed during the club application. Midway through, she heard someone nearby praising her. It turned out Dou Dou and others had come to watch. Everyone genuinely complimented Gu Sheng's singing skills.

Shortly after, Dou Dou reminded everyone to check Weibo. Qing Qing Ci responded to a fan's revelation, stating that his favorite voice was Sheng Sheng Man's. This caused a sensation, and fans began exploding with excitement. Gu Sheng's followers increased, and she expressed her gratitude to Mo Qingcheng. Her mom asked her to help her cousin watch the store, so Gu Sheng said she had something to do and went offline.

Dong Yiru is a part-time worker at Gu Sheng's family supermarket. She is a loyal fan of Qing Qing Ci, always keeping an eye on his activities. When she noticed that he followed Sheng Sheng Man, she felt something was amiss. Unaware that Sheng Sheng Man was Gu Sheng, she came to help Gu Sheng understand dubbing knowledge. Gu Sheng couldn't explain the situation and could only vaguely agree. Dong Yiru discussed Qing Qing Ci with her friends. They had prepared a song to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Perfect Dubbing. Qing Qing Ci followed and shared it. When fans asked about his personal life, Qing Qing Ci said he was trying hard, indicating he was in the process of falling in love. Dong Yiru and her friends speculated that Sheng Sheng Man was the person Qing Qing Ci was interested in.

Gu Sheng couldn't deny it, and while she felt a bit pleased, upon careful consideration, she thought Qing Qing Ci's concern for her was just professional cooperation. It was herself who had some unwarranted thoughts. Thinking about this, Gu Sheng couldn't help but blush. Just as her father arrived to take over, Dong Yiru asked about her red face. Gu Sheng could only blame it on the supermarket's air conditioning.

Back home, Qing Qing Ci sent a WeChat message as a friendly greeting because Gu Sheng had just finished arranging a song. Qing Qing Ci spontaneously recited a fantastic part of it, captivating Gu Sheng. They chatted back and forth, and Qing Qing Ci suggested Gu Sheng use sesame oil to protect her throat. Later, he found typing too tiring and switched to a voice message. Gu Sheng was a bit nervous and didn't know what to say. Seeing some conch her mom bought in the kitchen, she sent Qing Qing Ci a recipe, who appreciatively responded that her message made him hungry. Gu Sheng apologized in a somewhat puzzled manner.

The new intern, Xi You, was also a big fan of Qing Qing Ci. When he first saw Mo Qingcheng and confirmed his identity, he was ecstatic. After returning, he posted on Weibo, praising Qing Qing Ci's handsome looks without revealing too much due to a confidentiality agreement. Gu Sheng saw this and felt a bit proud. The club president asked if she was curious about Qing Qing Ci's appearance. She claimed not to be curious and was more concerned about the demo of the song she recorded. The previous recording didn't turn out well, and she wanted to redo it in the club's recording studio. At this moment, Qing Qing Ci messaged her, inviting her to the Perfect Dubbing recording studio on Sunday for the song recording. Gu Sheng was excited as it meant she would finally meet Qing Qing Ci in person.

On Saturday night, Gu Sheng couldn't sleep and, on Sunday morning, arrived at Perfect Dubbing early. Feeling it might be too early, she entered the studio at the exact time. Everyone was curious about Sheng Sheng Man's identity. Seeing Gu Sheng's beauty and friendliness, they approached to chat. Dou Dou Dou Bing was worried they might scare Gu Sheng and rushed over to help. She informed Gu Sheng that Qing Qing Ci would be a bit late due to some unexpected matters and asked her to wait.

Gu Sheng, entering such a high-end recording studio for the first time, felt a bit uncomfortable. With the guidance of the recording engineer, Mao Ge, she gradually relaxed and started singing her part of the song. Everyone was captivated by her beautiful voice. Mo Qingcheng rushed back, eager to see Sheng Sheng Man's true appearance. When they met, both were stunned. It turned out this wasn't their first encounter; the supermarket incident was.

Everyone started teasing, believing there must be something between them. Mo Qingcheng explained that it was just a coincidence initially. Later, they got into the main topic, with Mo Qingcheng helping Gu Sheng allocate the content of the song and teaching her how to relax. Outside, everyone was watching, seemingly eager to catch any gossip between the two.

Gu Sheng felt a bit nervous, so Mo Qingcheng intentionally did a trial singing session in advance. Feeling satisfied with the results, he signaled to Maoge that they could start the formal recording. During this recording, the two cooperated seamlessly. Mo Qingcheng even added a spontaneous monologue, adding a vibrant touch to the song. Everyone unanimously agreed that this cover version would undoubtedly be the best among all covers. People teased Mo Qingcheng, saying he was well-prepared, considering it a gift for Gu Sheng.

Mo Qingcheng suggested Gu Sheng have some water because she would stay back for additional solo recordings. Given that Gu Sheng was relatively new to recording, everyone thought it would take at least two hours. Consequently, they left to relax, leaving only Mo Qingcheng to accompany Gu Sheng. Fortunately, Gu Sheng quickly grasped the process, guided by Mo Qingcheng, and finally completed the recording. As it was time for dinner, everyone wanted Gu Sheng to join them. She explained it was too late, and she needed to return to school. She promised to have dinner together next time.

Mo Qingcheng proposed to see Gu Sheng off. Everyone playfully insisted he should accompany Gu Sheng, and Mo Qingcheng suggested treating her to a special dish. Gu Sheng didn't refuse, and they went to a restaurant Mo Qingcheng was familiar with. Gu Sheng tried to stop him from ordering too much, but they ended up enjoying the meal, discussing cooking experiences. Mo Qingcheng explained that he discussed recipes with Gu Sheng because he didn't know what else to talk about. Gu Sheng expressed her love for the recipes, promising to try making them sometime.

As they were leaving, they coincidentally bumped into colleagues who were also having dinner. They couldn't avoid being teased again, and since Gu Sheng's backpack was heavy, Mo Qingcheng offered to carry it. He took the initiative to take the bus with Gu Sheng and saw her off at school, giving her a different experience. On the bus, Gu Sheng asked Mo Qingcheng why he didn't choose singing since she thought he sang superbly. Mo Qingcheng said singing was more exhausting than dubbing. Gu Sheng found his reason a bit far-fetched. Since there were few passengers on the bus, Mo Qingcheng spontaneously sang a song. Gu Sheng, enchanted, imagined herself as the protagonist in a love story with her knight in shining armor.

On campus, this route seemed unusually short to Gu Sheng because it led to the girls' dormitory. Gu Sheng hurriedly took her bag back, bid farewell to Mo Qingcheng, and when he turned to leave, Geng Xiaoxing happened to walk over. She asked if Gu Sheng found the first meeting with Qing Qing Ci exciting. Gu Sheng, looking at Mo Qingcheng's retreating figure, exclaimed that it was indeed quite thrilling. Geng Xiaoxing noticed Gu Sheng's heavy bag, and she explained that it was filled with delicious snacks her older brothers had bought for her. Geng Xiaoxing, more interested in Qing Qing Ci's looks, asked if he was handsome and whether he dazzled in the spotlight. Seeing Gu Sheng hesitate, Geng Xiaoxing believed Qing Qing Ci couldn't be that impressive and quickly changed the topic.

Meanwhile, after returning to the studio, Mo Qingcheng faced several inquiries. Jue Mei Sha Yi even signaled Wang Ke to check Mo Qingcheng's phone, but Mo Qingcheng just rolled his eyes at them. Mo Qingcheng went to the recording studio, telling Maoge to leave, as he would handle the remaining post-production work. Everyone found his sudden enthusiasm a bit unusual.

Gu Sheng hesitated whether to send a message asking if Mo Qingcheng had reached home, and Guai Guai came over on her bike, informing her that they needed her to sing two songs for the music club's event. Just as Gu Sheng was about to start the live broadcast, Mo Qingcheng sent a message saying he had arrived home. Gu Sheng quickly replied, feeling that they had suddenly become familiar, even needing to report their schedules to each other.

Gu Sheng sang the song "青梅" (Qing Mei), and they noticed a surge in the viewership of the live broadcast, with even Qing Qing Ci joining. The club president thanked Qing Qing Ci for attending and invited him to join the music club's singing event next time. Mo Qingcheng stated that he would come if he wasn't too busy. Maoge, seeing that Mo Qingcheng had finished the post-production, gossiped with him, inquiring about the relationship between him and Gu Sheng.

After Gu Sheng finished singing two songs in the live broadcast room, she walked out. The members of the music society stared at her with peculiar expressions. Without a doubt, Qing Qing Ci came to the music society's live broadcast room specifically for Gu Sheng. They expected Gu Sheng to provide an explanation, but Gu Sheng didn't know what to say. She could only make up an excuse and then slip away. Guai Guai accompanied her home and assured her that she had checked Qing Qing Ci's history, and fortunately, there were no scandals. She was worried that Gu Sheng might be deceived by new friends, but for now, everything seemed fine.

Back in the dormitory, after Gu Sheng, Geng Xiaoxing immediately activated her gossip mode upon seeing the inquiry message from Mo Qingcheng. Moreover, Mo Qingcheng's Weibo had been updated with a photo of the campus, accompanied by the lyrics of "Sheng Sheng Man." This was enough to raise suspicions. Gu Sheng hastily denied it, stating that Qing Qing Ci taking a photo at their alma mater was unquestionable, and nowadays, many lyrics contained "Sheng Sheng Man." Geng Xiaoxing pointed to the key point, stating that even if these two things didn't prove anything, spending more than twenty bus stops together and being escorted into the school—didn't that imply something?

On the other side, Mo Qingcheng also used a similar explanation to clarify to everyone. However, they were disdainful of such reasons. Jue Mei pulled him aside and asked if he was serious. Mo Qingcheng firmly replied, and Jue Mei refrained from further questioning, respecting his freedom. Mo Qingcheng then made spare ribs soup for everyone. Wang Ke hesitated over the last piece, but it was swiftly taken by Mao Ge. Actions spoke louder.

Gu Sheng went to the supermarket for assistance, and Dong Yi Ru talked about her idol, suggesting that Qing Qing Ci must be in a relationship, and the object of affection was Sheng Sheng Man. As a devoted fan, she loved everything about her idol, and as long as the idol was happy, she would support it wholeheartedly. Gu Sheng, upon hearing this, felt joyful inside, but she was unaware of Mo Qingcheng's thoughts. At this rate, everyone might think they were dating. At that moment, Gu Sheng saw Mo Qingcheng walking in from outside. Afraid that Mo Qingcheng would be recognized if he spoke, she took the initiative to greet him, not giving him a chance to speak.

Outside the supermarket, Gu Sheng explained her actions to Mo Qingcheng and asked if he needed anything. This time, she would treat him. Mo Qingcheng really liked the boxed meals from the supermarket. Gu Sheng claimed that her mom had personally made them, making them different from other supermarkets. Gu Sheng's cousin saw her coming out with a big bag and found it very surprising. Gu Sheng said it was for her own consumption, and Mo Qingcheng left, cooperating as they crossed paths in a street corner like undercover agents.

Mo Qingcheng asked Gu Sheng if she had time, essentially suggesting a date. Gu Sheng mentioned that she would be helping out at the store during this period, indicating she would have more time, indirectly responding to him. Qi Yao suddenly ran into Gu Sheng and insisted that she treat her, or else she would reveal the news that Gu Sheng was Sheng Sheng Man. Gu Sheng had to promise and appease her with conditions. Mo Qingcheng invited Gu Sheng to the game carnival on Valentine's Day, making Gu Sheng feel a bit fluttered, suspecting he might have other intentions.

Mo Qingcheng declined an invitation from a doctor colleague on Valentine's Day, as he had more important matters to attend to. On the other hand, Geng Xiaoxing made plans to meet with Jue Mei on Sunday, forgetting that it was Valentine's Day, leading to potential misunderstandings.

On Valentine's Day, Mo Qingcheng came to pick up Gu Sheng in his car, even taking the initiative to help her fasten her seatbelt. Gu Sheng felt his thoughtfulness and blushed slightly. Mo Qingcheng took her to the residential area where he lived. Gu Sheng was puzzled, thinking it was too early to meet parents, but Mo Qingcheng just parked the car there. His home was close to the exhibition hall, and they could walk there.

Gu Sheng learned that Mo Qingcheng brought her back to the residential area just to park the car, and she breathed a sigh of relief. Mo Qingcheng suggested exchanging phone numbers since there would be many people at the exhibition, and it would be helpful in case they got separated. In fact, he was subtly asking for Gu Sheng's number, and she didn't reveal it, feeling a bit pleased with herself.

The two entered the carnival to explore. As there were many spectators, Mo Qingcheng took the initiative to protect Gu Sheng. They appeared more like a couple. The protagonists of the game, Mo Bai and Mu Mu, were friends of Mo Qingcheng. They greeted him when they saw him and teased him about the rumored relationship with Gu Sheng. Mo Bai often followed Mo Qingcheng's Weibo and naturally knew about Gu Sheng. He believed there must be a secret between the two.

Seeing Gu Sheng interested in the game peripherals, Mo Qingcheng suggested buying them. He also mentioned getting Mo Bai and Mu Mu's autographs. The salesperson mistook them for a couple, and Mo Qingcheng didn't correct it. Gu Sheng also tacitly accepted. Later, Mo Qingcheng took Gu Sheng to get autographs, and Mo Bai and Mu Mu teased them, insisting on writing words like "lasting happiness for a hundred years" and "early birth of noble offspring." Gu Sheng blushed.

The hospital called urgently, asking Mo Qingcheng to return. He apologized to Gu Sheng, who obediently said she was tired and it was time to leave. Through these days of contact, Mo Qingcheng's fondness for Gu Sheng grew stronger. He was sure she was the girl he liked. Mo Qingcheng accompanied Gu Sheng to her destination, thoughtfully helping her with her scarf. His boyfriend-like actions made Gu Sheng a bit infatuated.

Geng Xiaoxing met Jue Mei on Valentine's Day to discuss a contract. At first, Geng Xiaoxing didn't pay much attention. However, after a reminder from Qi Yao, she realized the significance. When she arrived at the meeting place, she saw Jue Mei sitting alone, looking handsome. Geng Xiaoxing couldn't help but be moved. However, before she could approach, she saw another girl who had already greeted Jue Mei. Geng Xiaoxing had to sit nearby. Jue Mei initially thought that person was Geng Xiaoxing and felt a bit disappointed. As he was about to discuss the contract, the fan revealed the truth, just wanting Jue Mei's autograph. After the fan left, Geng Xiaoxing greeted Jue Mei. They got down to business, signed the contract, and Jue Mei invited Geng Xiaoxing for a meal, escorting her back to school. Geng Xiaoxing was very satisfied with Jue Mei, but she reminded herself that they were just work-related.

Gu Sheng went to the supermarket after Dou Dou Dou Bing's Weibo post. Although it was deleted quickly, Dong Yi Ru saw it. She recognized Sheng Sheng Man and Qing Qing Ci from the photo. Dong Yi Ru realized the truth, and Gu Sheng had to admit it. Dong Yi Ru was excited and promised to keep it a secret. However, she didn't expect Mo Qingcheng to be Qing Qing Ci and asked about Gu Sheng's relationship with him, fearing she was dating two people and might affect her idol.

After returning home, Gu Sheng learned that her grandfather was hospitalized, in the same hospital where Mo Qingcheng worked. She insisted on going with her mother to visit her grandfather, secretly wanting to see where Mo Qingcheng worked. Unexpectedly, she did meet Mo Qingcheng. Mo Qingcheng's rumored girlfriend, Ling Long Ti Tou, was also a doctor. She never forgot about Mo Qingcheng and often found opportunities to get close to him. However, Mo Qingcheng seemed indifferent to her.

After work, Ling Long Ti Tou hitched a ride with Mo Qingcheng. Knowing about Sheng Sheng Man's existence, she actively approached Gu Sheng to discuss composing music. Gu Sheng, confused, agreed to consider and reply later. Mo Qingcheng invited Gu Sheng to dinner the next day. To avoid making Gu Sheng uncomfortable, he invited two colleagues, and they all gathered at the house he and Zhou Zheng rented for dinner.

Gu Sheng arrived as scheduled at Mo Qingcheng's rented house, expecting him to entertain her alone. However, to her surprise, the perfectly dubbed crowd was all there, playing mahjong. They quickly greeted her upon seeing her. Not finding Mo Qingcheng around, Dou Dou Dou Bing knew she was looking for him and informed her that Mo Qingcheng was busy cooking in the kitchen—they were all multitasking individuals.

After changing into comfortable clothes, Gu Sheng joined Mo Qingcheng in the kitchen. Seeing him busy, she attentively poured water for him. However, Mo Qingcheng couldn't free up his hands, so Gu Sheng took the initiative to feed him. She stayed in the kitchen with him, realizing that today's menu was based on the recipes they had discussed. Mo Qingcheng demonstrated the crispy fish dish live, teaching and cooking simultaneously. Gu Sheng was captivated; charismatic men turned every place into a stage.

Mo Qingcheng noticed Gu Sheng's expressions and suddenly had a bold idea. He turned off the range hood, solemnly expressing his feelings to Gu Sheng. He confessed that he liked her and wanted her to be his girlfriend. Startled by Mo Qingcheng's unexpected confession, Gu Sheng was at a loss for words. After hesitating for a while, she mentioned that they had only met a few times, implying that they didn't know each other well enough. Mo Qingcheng insisted that the number of meetings was irrelevant.

Gu Sheng then suggested that maybe they were not suitable for each other, but Mo Qingcheng passionately said that maybe they would be a good match, and since they hadn't started, no one knew how it would end. Gu Sheng seemed to struggle to find a reason to refuse, and deep down, she had wished for this countless times. Out of feminine reserve, she decided to at least give it a moment of hesitation. However, at this point, she feared regretting it and reluctantly nodded, agreeing to be Mo Qingcheng's girlfriend.

This episode left Gu Sheng blushing, and when Zhou Zheng entered, he found it peculiar. He teased Mo Qingcheng, saying that he made Gu Sheng's face turn red with his cooking. Mo Qingcheng gave him a death stare, and Zhou Zheng hurriedly took the dishes out. The entire table was filled with dishes cooked by Mo Qingcheng, with flavors and aromas perfectly balanced. Only Gu Sheng knew that it was all prepared for her, and everyone graciously thanked her for the delicious meal. Mo Qingcheng attentively helped Gu Sheng with her food, and everyone could see their increasing compatibility.

After dinner, Mo Qingcheng informed Gu Sheng that he and Zhou Zheng would attend an event later. With time to spare, he dressed to accompany Gu Sheng home. Worried that he might miss the event, Gu Sheng suggested taking the subway back. However, Mo Qingcheng couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend time alone with Gu Sheng and insisted on being her chivalrous escort. The subway was crowded, but Mo Qingcheng skillfully created some space for Gu Sheng. She felt a bit sorry for him but gestured for him to stand a bit closer. Despite the crowd, they both felt sweet.

Geng Xiaoxing hadn't messaged Zhou Zheng in two days, making him restless. He found ways to strike up a conversation, eventually using the excuse of signing a contract to arrange a meeting at school the next day. Mo Qingcheng and Zhou Zheng participated as judges in an event called "Meeting a Soul Mate," attracting many fans to the venue and numerous viewers in the live broadcast, including Qi Yao, Gu Sheng, and Geng Xiaoxing. Mo Qingcheng, as usual, stayed behind the scenes, not wanting his work and life to be disrupted. Insiders understood, and there was no pressure on him.

After the first round of voice dubbing, Mo Qingcheng provided feedback and gave a live demonstration, winning applause from the audience. Fans were numerous, and Gu Sheng felt extremely proud. After all, that was her boyfriend, even though they had only officially become a couple a few hours ago.

Gu Sheng and her two roommates watched the program "Meeting a Soul Mate," and Qing Qing Ci's comments received enthusiastic applause. As the program continued, Gu Sheng complained that live broadcasting programs like this were too tiring, leaving even the viewers exhausted, let alone the judges present. Geng Xiaoxing teased her, suggesting that she was worried Qing Qing Ci would be too tired. Gu Sheng tried to cover up, stating that she meant everyone present. Being a doctor herself, she was accustomed to working 36 or even 48-hour shifts, so the program's difficulty was trivial.

Speaking unintentionally but heard intentionally, Qi Yao immediately sensed that Gu Sheng had something to say between the lines. She approached and questioned Gu Sheng about the progress between her and Qing Qing Ci. Since they now knew each other's professions, the relationship between them must be progressing rapidly. Gu Sheng had to resort to watching the live broadcast as an excuse. After the program ended, the host announced a surprise for the audience, and many voice dubbing celebrities appeared in the live stream, causing fans to scream in excitement. The highlight was when these celebrities collaborated to perform a traditional-style song, delighting the fans. The program was a complete success.

After finishing his work, Mo Qingcheng messaged Gu Sheng about some matters that needed to be discussed. Gu Sheng, whose mind was clouded by sweetness, eagerly checked Mo Qingcheng's message the next morning. She couldn't help but wear a happy smile, and when Qi Yao saw it, she teasingly remarked that Gu Sheng was daydreaming. On the other side, Mo Qingcheng deliberately kept an eye on Gu Sheng's grandfather's situation. When Gu Sheng's grandfather asked the nurse if he could leave the hospital on his own, expressing concern for his busy children, the nurse, despite her worries, reluctantly allowed him to go, and Gu Sheng's grandfather left disappointed.

Dou Dou Dou Bing brought breakfast to the studio, and Zhou Zheng informed her that Mo Qingcheng was catching up on sleep. Dou Dou Dou Bing began to worry about Mo Qingcheng, who had finally entered into a relationship and was now working overtime and having surgeries every day. Zhou Zheng was preoccupied with meeting Geng Xiaoxing and left without eating breakfast. He arrived early at the school to meet Geng Xiaoxing, who came after her class at ten o'clock. She explained that she had a physical education class, and Zhou Zheng offered to drive her. After reaching the sports field, Zhou Zheng waited while Geng Xiaoxing took her test. She passed, and Zhou Zheng was happy for her, although he was momentarily unsure how to express it.

Mo Qingcheng messaged Gu Sheng that he had a day off today and appeared behind her the next moment. Fortunately, it was an elective class, and the classmates weren't too familiar, so Gu Sheng managed to stay composed. The elective class was unexpectedly changed to drama appreciation, and the two watched a free movie during class. After class, Gu Sheng took Mo Qingcheng to the canteen for a spicy chicken dish, but it was sold out, so they settled for whatever was available. Gu Sheng asked Mo Qingcheng about their past dates, but Mo Qingcheng admitted that he had never been on a date before. Gu Sheng was secretly pleased and immediately revealed that she had never been on a date either. For them, everything in their relationship was a fresh start.

Gu Sheng received a reminder on her phone that it was time to clean the studio. Mo Qingcheng volunteered to accompany her, only to find Zou Diao Er staying in the studio. Gu Sheng introduced Mo Qingcheng as her senior from the neighboring school. Zou Diao Er kindly reminded Gu Sheng that Qing Qing Ci was pursuing her, while she was involved with this senior from the neighboring school. Gu Sheng felt delighted in her heart but didn't know how to explain the situation to Zou Diao Er.

Mo Qingcheng helped Gu Sheng clean up amidst Zou Diao Er's hostile glances. Gu Sheng initially intended to leave after cleaning, but the club president and Guai Guai arrived, expressing their desire to have the canteen's spicy chicken dish. Gu Sheng informed them that it was sold out, and Mo Qingcheng volunteered to cook, instantly winning everyone's favor. Zou Diao Er accompanied Mo Qingcheng to buy groceries and subtly reminded him of a formidable competitor in the voice acting industry, not realizing that the person he spoke of was right beside him.

Mo Qingcheng showcased his cooking skills, impressing not only the club president and Guai Guai but also earning Zou Diao Er's approval. She requested him to cook every week, even offering to take care of the cleaning duties Gu Sheng usually did. Mo Qingcheng explained that he was busy with work, and all eyes turned to Gu Sheng. Gu Sheng, not wanting to embarrass Mo Qingcheng, suggested he stay for dinner. Everyone applauded the idea.

Mo Qingcheng prepared Yangzhou fried rice for dinner, winning everyone's favor. After two meals, the club president and Guai Guai shifted their support from Qing Qing Ci to Mo Qingcheng. After dinner, they played a game of Truth or Dare since it was raining outside. Due to the rain, they opted for truth only. Gu Sheng was chosen eight out of ten times, forcing her to share the story of her and Mo Qingcheng's journey from meeting to falling in love. Although Mo Qingcheng was there to assist, the situation was both a happy and torturous moment for Gu Sheng.

Finally, as the departure time arrived, Guai Guai accompanied Gu Sheng to the subway station. Mo Qingcheng asked Gu Sheng why she hadn't revealed that he was Qing Qing Ci to her friends. Gu Sheng believed he was always low-key and preferred not to be recognized. Mo Qingcheng stated that her friends could know, but Gu Sheng expressed concern about potential trouble if their relationship didn't work out. Mo Qingcheng sincerely assured Gu Sheng of his serious commitment to their relationship and asked her to trust both him and their future.

Geng Xiaoxing and Zhou Zheng sat in the car, unsure how to broach the topic since they hadn't officially defined their relationship. Zhou Zheng suggested staying in touch more, and Geng Xiaoxing happily agreed. When they saw Gu Sheng passing by, Geng Xiaoxing finally found an excuse to leave, quickly opening the car door and rushing after her.

Due to a child patient fainting, his family bypassed the queue and entered the consultation room. Other pediatric patients' families waiting objected, leading to a heated argument. Mo Qingcheng, who happened to be there for a consultation, intervened, and other families joined in persuading the patient's family to stop causing a scene.

Mo Qingcheng caught a cold, and after Zhou Zheng returned, troubled by some thoughts, he couldn't sleep. He went to talk to Mo Qingcheng, who was already unwell, but Mo Qingcheng, not in the mood, didn't respond much. This annoyed Zhou Zheng, who snatched away the blanket. Mo Qingcheng spent the night without a blanket and woke up with a fever the next morning.

Gu Sheng and Geng Xiaoxing went to the library together. When the class monitor heard that Gu Sheng was facing difficulties with her thesis, he rushed over to offer help and suggested researching together. Gu Sheng, feeling unable to refuse, agreed. At that moment, Mo Qingcheng called to greet Gu Sheng. Hearing his off voice and learning about his cold, she immediately went to visit Mo Qingcheng. However, she was unsure how to take care of a sick person and had to rely on Mo Qingcheng to guide her, who reminded her to dress warmly in winter and avoid wearing skirts.


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