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Wang Yizhe

Wang Yizhe(王一哲) born on May 14, 1994, in Xinjiang, China, is a Chinese actor.

In 2015, he started his career by participating in the reality show “King of Pop”. In 2020, he played Bai Yi in the “Miss Truth”. In 2021, the “
Song of Youth” was released in which he played the lead role as Sun Yulou.


Basic Info

Wang Yizhe

Stage Name: Wang Yizhe(王一哲)
Birth Name: Wang Zhe(王哲)
Birthday: May 14, 1994
Place of Birth: Xinjiang
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 180cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: 
Fandom’s Name: Zhe Tang(Sucrose)
Weibo: 演员王一哲


  1. Wang Yizhe’s agency is Huanyu Entertainment.
  2. Education: Communication University of China majored in Broadcasting and Hosting.

Television Series

  • Zhao Ge(朝歌)(Lei Zhenzi)(TBA)
  • 100 Reasons Not To Be King(不当皇帝的100个理由)(Crown Prince)(TBA)
  • Royal Feast(尚食)(You Yifan)(TBA)
  • Qing Chun Zheng Hao(青春正好)(Fang Mengchu)(TBA)
  • Song of Youth(玉楼春)(Sun Yulou)(2021)
  • Court Lady(骊歌行)(Chen Ji / Fu Shui)(2021)
  • Consummation(拾光的秘密)(Zhong Fanxin)(2020)
  • Miss Truth(大唐女法医)(Bai Yi)(2020)
  • Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures(延禧攻略)(Fu Kang An)(2019)
  • Arsenal Military Academy(烈火军校)(Ji Jin)(2019)
  • Untouchable Lovers(凤囚凰)(Wang Ze)(2018)
  • Memory Lost(美人为馅)(Ding Jun)(2016)

Variety Show

  • Real Actor(演技派)(2019)
  • Super Nova Games(超新星运动会)(2018)

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