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Best Choice Ever – Yang Zi, Xu Kai

Best Choice Ever is an urban romance drama directed by Tian Yu, starring Yang Zi and Xu Kai in leading roles, with Niu Junfeng in a special guest appearance, and featuring Xu Lingyue and Zhang Yao. He Saifei and Yao Anlian make cameo appearances, while Wu Yanshu specially guest stars.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Yi Shu, the series tells the story of Mai chenghuan, a girl born in the 1990s in Shanghai, who discusses marriage with her boyfriend Xin Jialiang. The economic gap between them causes strain in their relationship, exacerbated by Mai's mother's excessive interference in her daughter's affairs, leading to their breakup. Mai Chenghuan gradually breaks free from her mother's dominant love and embarks on a journey of personal growth.




Best Choice Ever

English Title: Best Choice Ever
Chinese Title: 承欢记
Genre: Romance, Urban, Drama
Episodes: 37
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Tian Yu
Writer: Li Jingling, Wu Xiangling, Hu Lingyu
Producer: Yang Liu, Li Liming
Product Company: HUACE, TencentVideo
Released Date: 2024-04-09
Broadcast Website: WeTV, Croton MEGA HIT, iQIYI



Born in an ordinary family in Shanghai, Mai Chenghuan is a girl from the post-95 generation. Under the urging of her mother, Liu Wanyu, she discussed marriage with her boyfriend, Xin Jialiang.

However, Xin Jialiang's affluent economic conditions caused an imbalance in this originally equal emotional relationship. At the same time, Mai Chenghuan's mother's excessive interference in her daughter's lifelong affair accelerated the breakup between Mai Chenghuan and Xin Jialiang. Caught between filial piety to her parents and loyalty to herself, Mai Chenghuan struggled to find her way. Gradually, she broke free from her mother's overbearing care and became more focused on her work.

Mai Chenghuan's transformation gained recognition from her step-grandmother, who entrusted her with the important responsibility of managing the hotel, which she valued most.

Yao Zhiming, the grandson of Mai Chenghuan's step-grandmother and a professional hotel manager, gradually understood and accepted her through their cooperation, and they became work partners, advancing hand in hand.

Meanwhile, in their personal lives, Yao Zhiming was surrounded by the genuine affection of Mai Chenghuan's family and his feelings for her gradually grew stronger. From being "under the care of family" to "achieving self-fulfillment," Mai Chenghuan embarked on a remarkable path of personal growth that was uniquely her own.


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