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Lay Zhang Yixing, Yang Zi Relationship Is Suspected

Lay Zhang Yang Zi

On January 22, Lay Zhang and Yang Zi were exposed to be in a relationship, just waiting for the official announcement.

Although they have no many interactions on the screen, they are both popular stars and have reached marriageable age.


If they are really together, fans said they can accept it after experiencing so much shocking news.

The interaction between them was also revealed: At one party, they chatted so well that Lay Zhang pushed aside Luo Zhixiang, who was standing between them and moved over to speak to Yang Zi.

Lay Zhang

Then both of their studios immediately responded, indicating that they are still single and netizens should not believe the rumors.

Lay Zhang Studio released a statement, “Sorry, there are only three cats”.

Yang Zi studio issued a message: the crew daily update, single Little Yang.

When netizens and fans were talking about it, Yang Zi and Zhang Yixing did not make a positive response, which made many people more suspicious.

Yang Zi

Some netizens are happy with the rumors.

Yang Zi and Zhang Yixing are both very good actors. They also both have good appearance, which make them more perfect for each other.

Yang Zi works hard these years. With a number of annual hit dramas, Yang Zi has become one of the most popular actresses. Her acting skills are noteworthy now, we believe she can get a bigger stage in the near future.

Lay Zhang

Although Lay Zhang is an idol, he has been worked in films and dramas in the past few years. His outstanding performance in “The Mystic Nine” and “The Golden Eyes” also gained public recognition. He is a successful example of an idol to an actor.

Fans have said that if Lay Zhang Yixing and Yang Zi are in a relationship, they will give their best wishes. They hope Lay Zhang can find his own happiness.

Yang Zi

But there are also some opposite opinions. They think the relationship between Lay Zhang Yixing and Yang Zi is untrue.

Lay Zhang is the kind of straightforward character and it seems not match to Yang Zi.

We all know that Yang Zi is a child star, from the TV series “Home With Kids”. Zhang Yishan played Liu Xing in this drama. They are best friends. If the rumor is about Yang Zi and Zhang Yishan this time, netizens may believe it.

Zhang Yixing

From singing to acting, Lay Zhang’s experience is quite different from Yang Zi. However, Yang Zi has been dedicated to acting, she is not involved in variety and music much, so whether in personality temperament or hobbies, we can not see any intersection of them.

Lay Zhang has always been single and has no desire to fall in love, which is very obvious. He never has news about his girlfriends. He always devoted himself to his career. So it was a surprise to hear that Zhang Yixing is dating Yang Zi.

Lay Zhang Yang Zi

Anyhow, whether Zhang Yixing is dating Yang Zi or not, we should respect their choice and wait for a response from themself, and pay more attention to the works of them rather than their relationship.

Do you support Yang Zi and Lay Zhang Yixing to be in a relationship? If they are really together, do you bless them?

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  1. I would bless Lay Zhang and Yang Zi if they were to have a relationship! They would be a wonderful couple and I would think Yang Zi would like someone who is straight forward person, which means he is a very honest per son and not deceiving and trustworthy!

  2. If they are dating then yixing is one lucky guy yangzi is generous a family oriented person the best actress of cdrama land of 90s actresses

  3. I would love to see them dating. I love Yixing for a long time and I think Yangzi is not bad at all. I’ve heard that she’s kind and very bubbly I think they can manage. I hope this will be true in the future.