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Wu Xuanyi(吴宣仪) Profile

Wu Xuanyi

Wu Xuanyi(吴宣仪), born on January 26, 1995, in Haikou, Hainan, is a Chinese singer, actress, member of Cosmic Girls, and former member of Rocket Girls 101.

In February 2016, the Cosmic Girls released their first mini-album WOULD YOU LIKE?, thus officially debuted. In April 2018, she participated in Produce 101 China, won second place, and successfully joined the Rocket Girls 101 group. On June 23, 2020, Rocket Girls 101 was officially disbanded.

Basic Info

Wu Xuanyi

Stage Name: Wu Xuanyi
Chinese Name: Wu Xuan Yi (吴宣仪)
Nickname: Xiao Xuan, Wu Xuan
Place of Birth: Haikou, Hainan
Nationality: China
Birthday: January 20, 1995 (Age: 29)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 166cm (5'5")
Weight: 42.5kg (93.5 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Fandom Name: Yi Yuan(仪园)
Fandom Color: NC Blue#7BAFD4
Fanchant: xīn zhào bú xuān, yí yǎn wàn nián (心照不宣,仪眼万年)
Instagram: @w.xuanyi0126
Weibo: 火箭少女101_吴宣仪


  1. Wu Xuanyi's agent is STARSHIP Entertainment and YH Entertainment.
  2. Education: she studied at Hainan Normal University.
  3. Family Members: parents, younger brother, Xuanyi.
  4. Her family is well off.
  5. Likes milk teas.
  6. She can cook, her specialty is pork with green pepper.
  7. Prefers ice cream over watermelon in summer.
  8. Prefers hot pot over fried chicken in winter.
  9. Favorite Color: blue.
  10. Wu Xuanyi likes to play games.
  11. Likes dogs and cats.
  12. Favorite Idols: Yang Mi and Angelebaby.
  13. When she is in a bad mood she listens to music and goes for a walk.
  14. If she did not become an idol then she would choose to be a clothing designer.
  15. Likes to wear high-waisted jeans, shorts, and flat shoes.
  16. Wu Xuanyi is more satisfied with her eyes.
  17. Ideal Type Boyfriend: boys who can play basketball.


TV Show

  • Best Friends' Perfect Vacation(闺蜜的完美旅行)(2018)
  • Produce 101(创造101)(2018)
  • Space Challenge(挑战吧!太空 (2018)
  • Meeting You(遇见你真好)(2019)
  • Chase Me (追我吧)(2019)
  • Perfect Summer(完美的夏天)(2020)
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