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The Princess and the Werewolf – Wu Xuanyi, Chen Zheyuan

The Princess and the Werewolf  (Go Princess Go 2) is a historical fantasy romantic light comedy, directed by Cheng Feng, led by Wu Xuanyi and Chen Zheyuan, co-starring Shi Zixun, Wang Luqing, Yang Chuanbei, Wen Jie, Xi Erli, Wang Muyao, Dong Boliang, Lin Aijia, Li Yu.

The drama is based on the novel "Tai Zi Fei Sheng Zhi Ji 2: Gong Zhu Shang Jia Ji / 太子妃升职记2: 公主上嫁记" by Xian Cheng. It is about Princess Qi Pa of the Daxia Kingdom, who is married to Kui Mu Lang Li Xiong of Huashou Tribe, resulting in a funny and fantasy love story.


The Princess and the Werewolf

English Title: The Princess and the Werewolf
Chinese Title: 郎君不如意
Other Titles: 太子妃升职记续集:公主上嫁记, Go Princess Go 2
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Tag: Werewolf Male Lead, Royalty, Independent Female Lead, Marriage, Hidden Identity , Princess Female Lead
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Cheng Feng
Writer: Li Zhao, Liu Qiuye, Luo Manying, Chu Chu
Producer: Liu Jun, Zhang Xiaozhou
Released Date: 2023-07-20
Broadcast Website: 优酷,, Youku, YOUKU Malaysia, Viki



To investigate the case of arson in the imperial palace, princess Qi Pa, who is a face-judger, mistakenly fell into an ambush. Then she was saved by Kui Mu Lang of Huashou Tribe, who has double faces.

To get the spirit pearl, Kui Mu Lang intended to marry Qi Ba, but Qi Ba was disgusted and afraid of Kui Mu Lang. She wanted to run away, but she chose to stay because she had to investigate the unsolved case of Daxia.

In this way, Qi pPa’s life was messed up by a handsome man and an ugly man. However, as she spent more and more time with Kui Mu Lang, they had fallen in love over time.

They finally went through all the struggles and love-hate entanglements and changed their fate.


In the capital of the Great Xia Kingdom, a woman named Taotao, dressed in a pink gown and wearing a veil, walked gracefully into a room surrounded by a group of admirers. In the room, Lord Wang, who wanted to win Taotao's heart, had already been waiting. To impress her, Lord Wang had gathered various rare treasures from different places, but Taotao, accustomed to grandeur, didn't care for those things at all. In a moment of triumph, Lord Wang took out an exceptionally rare treasure—the Night Luminous Cup from the Great Xia Imperial Palace.

Seeing Taotao's happy and delighted expression, Lord Wang felt very pleased with himself. However, Taotao's mood suddenly changed. She angrily unveiled her face and called out a name to her followers. Lord Wang was filled with terror when he recognized the person before him as Princess Qi Pa of the Great Xia Kingdom. Princess Qi Pa ordered her Night Shadow to escort Lord Wang to the window and then unveiled a scroll, exposing all the ill-gotten wealth he had amassed from the common people over the years. His greed and crimes were countless. The people below praised Princess Qi Pa for her actions, grateful that she was working for the welfare of the citizens.

Princess Qi Pa's mother, the Queen Dowager, was none other than the famous Zhang Pengpeng, and her father was King Qi Sheng. Since ascending the throne, King Qi Sheng had dedicated himself to governing the kingdom efficiently. However, he had little time to accompany Zhang Pengpeng due to his busy state affairs. Thus, during a period of prosperity and peace in the kingdom, King Qi Sheng decided to abdicate the throne to his elder brother, King Zhao, and then travel with Zhang Pengpeng to promote the culture of the Great Xia Kingdom.

The Empress Lü Li and Zhang Pengpeng were good friends, and naturally, she cared for Princess Qi Pa as well. Seeing that Princess Qi Pa had reached a marriageable age but still had no suitors, Empress Lü Li became worried and arranged for many noble young men from the palace to be selected as potential husbands for her. However, Princess Qi Pa found this situation troublesome and sneaked away. She intended to try horseback riding but unexpectedly, the horse went wild and carried her to the outskirts.

In a cave of the Hua Shou Tribe, King Kui Mu Lang was suffering from severe injuries. Not long ago, he had been injured and encountered a woman in a forest. She forced out a spirit pearl from his body. Now, if he wanted to recover, he had to find that woman. However, despite searching all over the human world, he couldn't find any trace of her. The only place he had not searched was the Great Xia Imperial Palace. Just as he was planning to go there, the woman suddenly appeared before him.

King Kui Mu Lang caught Princess Qi Pa as she fell from the horse and tried to take the spirit pearl from her. Strangely, he began to feel uncomfortable in his chest. Just then, General Ma Yingxiong from the Great Xia Kingdom arrived, and King Kui Mu Lang had no choice but to give up and rethink his plan. Soon enough, another opportunity presented itself.

After going through a series of selections, Empress Lü Li chose a suitable husband for Princess Qi Pa. To let the two of them develop feelings, she locked them in a room together. However, the chosen husband turned out to be malicious and attempted to harm Princess Qi Pa. Fortunately, she managed to escape from the room. The husband, unwilling to give up, continued to chase after her. At that moment, King Kui Mu Lang appeared and rescued Princess Qi Pa. He had another attempt to retrieve the spirit pearl, but the moon had risen, and his body began to undergo a transformation. He had no choice but to let Hong Xiu take Princess Qi Pa back to the Beastly King's Palace.

Upon waking up, Princess Qi Pa wanted to run away, but she couldn't escape from Hong Xiu's grasp. Reluctantly, she followed her to the Beastly City. The city was bustling, but everyone looked somewhat peculiar. Despite Hong Xiu's explanation, Princess Qi Pa remained confused and wanted to escape. Seizing an opportunity when Hong Xiu wasn't paying attention, she quickly ran away. Along the way, she was stopped by an old lady who sniffed her and couldn't detect the scent of the Beastly Tribe. The old lady warned her to hurry back home, as there might be danger otherwise.

The Spirit Pearl is an extremely pure and immaculate object. If someone else wants to absorb it, they must share a deep connection with that person and undergo a ritual to transfer it orally. The elders in the palace are urging Kui Mu Lang to take a wife. Aware of the challenges Princess Qi Pa, a foreign princess, would face living among the Beastly Tribe, Kui Mu Lang has already decided to marry her, granting her an unshakable position.

A few ruffians saw the beautiful Princess Qi Pa and had ill intentions towards her, cornering her in an alley. Just then, Kui Mu Lang's subordinate, Liu Jun, appeared and scared the ruffians away. Before Princess Qi Pa could react, Liu Jun addressed her as "Queen." While she was still bewildered, Hong Xiu hurriedly arrived and also called her "Queen" at Liu Jun's command. Confused and protesting, Princess Qi Pa shouted that she wanted to go home. Liu Jun and Hong Xiu explained that they were unaware of the existence of the Great Xia Kingdom and suggested she return to the palace and ask King Kui Mu Lang. With no other choice, Princess Qi Pa followed them to the Beastly King's Palace.

Back at the palace, Hong Xiu informed Princess Qi Pa of a tradition among the Beastly Tribe. The Beastly Kings rarely showed themselves, and even when they did, they wore masks, so no one had seen Kui Mu Lang's true appearance. As Kui Mu Lang's chosen wife, Princess Qi Pa would be the first to see his face. Hearing this, Princess Qi Pa couldn't help but interrupt, stating that she was not a predestined wife chosen by finger pointing. However, Hong Xiu seemed convinced that Princess Qi Pa was indeed the destined Queen, and nothing Princess Qi Pa said could change her mind. Frustrated, Princess Qi Pa drove Hong Xiu out of the room.

Later, when no one was around, Princess Qi Pa sneaked out of the room. She ended up in Kui Mu Lang's sleeping quarters and accidentally activated a hidden switch. She found herself in a secret passage filled with smoke and a clear spring flowing between rocks. Kui Mu Lang, who was recovering in the cave, heard the commotion and rushed to stop Princess Qi Pa. She carefully observed him and noticed his distinct features, such as pointy ears, sharp fangs peeking out from his mouth, and dark blood vessels running from his neck into his clothing, giving him a fearsome appearance.

Princess Qi Pa speculated that Kui Mu Lang must have abducted her because he looked strange and believed he had been rejected by other women due to his appearance. However, she couldn't understand why he chose her. Unable to disclose the truth, Kui Mu Lang concocted a false reason. When Princess Qi Pa remained skeptical, he roared in frustration, scaring her away.

Hundreds of years ago, a sudden epidemic caused the Beastly Tribe to acquire animal traits. Fearing that their people would be misunderstood and hunted down, the ancestors created a barrier to hide the Beastly Tribe. However, the Beastly Kings had to sacrifice their lives and inject inner energy into the spiritual spring. If the people couldn't drink from the spring with the injected energy, the epidemic would return. Kui Mu Lang sought the Spirit Pearl desperately to change his fate and protect the well-being of the Beastly Tribe.

Princess Qi Pa woke up from a nightmare and immediately tried to escape the palace. However, Hong Xiu was always by her side, making it challenging to get away. Fortunately, Princess Qi Pa was intelligent and skilled in arithmetic. After measuring the walls, she climbed over them and escaped. To avoid suspicion, she disguised herself as a fortune teller and walked confidently towards the city gate. Although the Beastly Tribe General Hu Die stopped her, Princess Qi Pa calmly deceived him with a few words. Just when she thought she could finally escape, the real fortune teller suddenly appeared and exposed her identity.

Luckily, Princess Qi Pa was prepared. She casually threw some powder into the air and took advantage of the confusion to escape. She ran to the women's restricted area in the city without hesitation. However, she didn't expect to encounter a handsome young man there. Fearing that their identities might be revealed, Kui Mu Lang held Princess Qi Pa's hand and tried to leave.

On the way, a badge of the Great Xia Kingdom's Shadow Guard fell from Kui Mu Lang's body, catching Princess Qi Pa's attention. Kui Mu Lang panicked, worried about his identity being discovered. Unexpectedly, Princess Qi Pa mistook him for a member of the Great Xia Kingdom's Shadow Guard. Seeing a familiar face in a foreign land, Princess Qi Pa became overjoyed and hugged him, believing him to be "Zi Mei" (a term of endearment). Kui Mu Lang, seizing the opportunity, assumed this new identity to facilitate his next plan.

Not long after, Liu Jun called out "Your Majesty" and approached. Worried about his identity being exposed, Kui Mu Lang quickly pulled Qi Pa into a corner to hide. Seeing Qi Pa looking puzzled, he hurriedly explained that Liu Jun was here to monitor him on Kui Mu Lang's orders, and he must not let Liu Jun discover his true identity. Qi Pa believed it to be true and then went out to provide cover for "Zi Mei."

Later, Liu Jun learned that Qi Pa mistook Kui Mu Lang for a captured Great Xia Shadow Guard brought to serve him. Moreover, Kui Mu Lang even revealed his usual alias, Li Xiong, to Qi Pa. He intended to use this opportunity to spend more time with Qi Pa and win her heart. However, Qi Pa's desire to escape the Beastly King's Palace remained strong, especially after learning that the entire Beastly Tribe abstained from eating meat.

On that day, when Qi Pa was contending with Hu Die at the city gate, she damaged the finances of many Beastly Tribe people. As a result, many elders petitioned Kui Mu Lang to punish the future queen. Even Liu Jun felt that the future queen's actions were too reckless and feared she might not be fit for the responsibility. However, Kui Mu Lang was clear that he had forcibly abducted Qi Pa, and if he could win her heart and retrieve the Spirit Pearl, she would become the savior of the entire Beastly Tribe. So, regardless of what absurd things she did or the consequences she faced, he was willing to bear them himself.

Liu Jun brought Li Xiong to Qi Pa's sleeping quarters, claiming that Kui Mu Lang had assigned Li Xiong to be her personal bodyguard. Qi Pa was delighted but restrained her joy on her face, politely asking Liu Jun to return and thank Kui Mu Lang on her behalf. Qi Pa noticed that Hong Xiu seemed interested in Liu Jun, so she suggested they both go out to have some fun, sending them away. Once they were gone, Qi Pa approached Li Xiong to inquire about what was going on.

Li Xiong told Qi Pa that the Beastly King was a good person. After learning that she encountered danger outside the palace, he sent Li Xiong to protect her and gave him a permit to leave the palace. Qi Pa believed it to be true and showed Li Xiong the map of the Beastly Tribe she had drawn, intending to go back to Great Xia together. However, Li Xiong told her that even if they managed to escape from the Beastly City, they wouldn't be able to leave the Beastly Realm because, apart from the Beastly King, no one else could leave.

Feeling distressed and uncertain, Qi Pa didn't know what to do. Li Xiong took the opportunity to remind her that establishing a good relationship with the Beastly King might be the key to finding a way out. However, just the thought of Kui Mu Lang's appearance made Qi Pa frown, and she refused to meet him. That night, Qi Pa couldn't sleep, thinking about her adorable niece, Xing Ping, and her craving for meat after days of not eating it. Under such circumstances, her desire to return to Great Xia grew even stronger.

At that moment, Li Xiong suddenly brought in a roasted chicken. Qi Pa was overjoyed and couldn't resist the urge to drink some wine. However, there was no wine in the Beastly City, so Li Xiong had to venture outside the barrier to find some. He returned shortly with fine wine. Qi Pa was ecstatic and started drinking with Hong Xiu and Li Xiong. Unexpectedly, the two of them took only a sip and got drunk to the point of passing out. Realizing that the Beastly Tribe people couldn't handle alcohol, Qi Pa came up with a mischievous idea and asked Hong Xiu to prepare a new set of clothes for her and deliver a message to Kui Mu Lang.

Qi Pa went to get her clothes tailored by Qing Gu Gu. Qing Gu Gu praised her beauty, believing she must be the beloved of many men. However, Qi Pa gently refuted, stating that women have their own unique charm and don't need to depend on men or become someone's beloved to prove themselves. She then presented the sketch of the clothes and asked Qing Gu Gu to prepare them for her.

Unknown to Qi Pa, Qing Gu Gu was actually a master of disguise, and her true identity was Hai Tang, a subordinate of the pharmaceutical master Su Da Qiang. Hai Tang informed Su Da Qiang that the princess from the Great Xia Kingdom seemed to dislike Kui Mu Lang. Su Da Qiang was puzzled and wondered what Kui Mu Lang was up to. Nevertheless, he instructed Hai Tang to take Qi Pa's life as soon as possible, using any means necessary.

That night, wearing her new clothes, Qi Pa found Kui Mu Lang and sat in front of him. Kui Mu Lang caught sight of Qi Pa's fair thighs and hastily averted his gaze using a book. Qi Pa then offered him a cup of wine, and Kui Mu Lang guessed that she wanted to deliberately get him drunk, so he promptly declined her offer. Undeterred, Qi Pa moved closer and used some provocative words, which made Kui Mu Lang fall into her trap. Unfortunately, luck was not on Qi Pa's side, and she lost several rounds, eventually becoming unconscious from drinking too much. Kui Mu Lang caught her as she was about to fall and rested her head on his shoulder.

Suddenly, Qi Pa woke up and thought Kui Mu Lang was about to do something inappropriate, so she used a hairpin to wound him. Realizing her mistake, she repeatedly apologized. However, due to the injury from the stab, Kui Mu Lang could only scold her and ask her to leave. Before he could even treat his wound, he heard Qi Pa screaming. Hurriedly putting on his coat, he managed to fend off the assassin just in time. Worried that Qi Pa might be in danger again, he planned to escort her back to her room. However, the moon had already risen to the rooftop, and his body began to change. Seeing Kui Mu Lang acting strangely, Qi Pa approached to check on him. Unexpectedly, Kui Mu Lang suddenly turned around and grabbed her neck, leaving her unable to move. Struggling to maintain consciousness, Kui Mu Lang released Qi Pa and then collapsed unconscious.

The next day, Qi Pa told Li Xiong about the events of the previous night and considered escaping from the Beast King's palace as soon as possible. Seeing the mark on her neck, Li Xiong pretended to be surprised but felt guilty inside. He offered to apply medicine for her. The warm sunlight illuminated Li Xiong's face distinctly, revealing a different kind of beauty. Qi Pa couldn't help but think that Li Xiong turned out to be quite handsome.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside, and Hu Die led a group of subordinates to surround Qi Pa's chamber, claiming they would capture her as the murderer. Qi Pa knew she was innocent and followed Hu Die to investigate the matter. However, to her surprise, Li Xiong suddenly disappeared. Shortly after, they arrived at Kui Mu Lang's palace, where the guards brought in the body of a maid who was said to have drowned in the water. Qi Pa examined the body and confirmed that the maid could be saved. With Qi Pa's help, the maid named Chun Er woke up, but she accused Qi Pa of pushing her into the well and said that someone found Qi Pa's hairpin at the scene of the crime. With eyewitnesses and evidence, Qi Pa couldn't defend herself. She suddenly remembered that just fifteen minutes before, she was with Li Xiong, who could provide an alibi for her. But now, it seemed impossible for Li Xiong to show up.

Hu Die took this opportunity to pressure Kui Mu Lang, demanding that Qi Pa be sent to prison. Not wanting to see Kui Mu Lang in trouble and tired of dealing with Hu Die, Qi Pa agreed to go to prison. However, she had underestimated the prison's environment and was frightened by the mosquitoes inside. Meanwhile, Li Xiong found Chun Er and inquired about the situation. He couldn't help but suspect that the person who harmed Chun Er and attempted to assassinate Qi Pa might be the same person, someone skilled in the art of disguise.

Qi Pa insisted on finding out the true culprit behind her framing, and she had a plan in mind. So, Kui Mu Lang agreed to her plan and had Liu Jun gather all the palace maids, including Bai Ke and Hu Die, to the dungeon. Kui Mu Lang had also decided that if they couldn't find the true culprit, he would be willing to act as an inept ruler to save Qi Pa at all costs. He intended to go to the dungeon to accompany Qi Pa, even if it meant alarming the elders. He was determined to protect her.

Later, Kui Mu Lang arrived at the dungeon and gave Qi Pa a bottle of powder to repel insects and ants. Qi Pa randomly spread the powder all over her body and also put some on herself and Kui Mu Lang. When she heard that Kui Mu Lang intended to stay in the dungeon with her, she quickly declined his offer and moved back in a hurry. Kui Mu Lang thought she was afraid of him, and his face showed displeasure. Qi Pa quickly explained that she was actually considering his position. As the Beast King, it was inappropriate for him to stay in the dungeon with a suspect.

On the night of the assassination attempt, Qi Pa felt the assassin's chest, and that feeling was still fresh in her memory. So, she touched the chests of all the palace maids one by one, but couldn't find that familiar feeling. It turned out that Hai Tang had prepared herself in advance by binding her chest with cloth strips. Seeing that Qi Pa couldn't find any evidence, Hu Die took the initiative and had Qi Pa arrested.

Qi Pa hastily interrupted and claimed that she had evidence. She presented a strand of hair, saying it was pulled from the murderer on the day when Chun Er was pushed into the well. Hu Die snatched the hair and threw it on the ground, firmly accusing Qi Pa of being the culprit. No matter how Qi Pa explained, Hu Die remained unmoved and ordered her to be taken to the dungeon for execution.

After learning that Kui Mu Lang had sent more people to search for the owner of the hair, Hai Tang went to the dungeon at night, intending to silence the person. Unexpectedly, she fell into a trap set by Qi Pa. Meanwhile, Hu Die and Bai Ke acted quickly and quickly destroyed Hai Tang's contacts and found some traces of medicine. Through investigation, the formula of this medicine was 70% similar to the poison that caused the Beast Clan to go berserk five years ago. Kui Mu Lang couldn't help but speculate that the mysterious person might have discovered the Spirit Pearl in Qi Pa's possession.

Qi Pa carefully studied the map of the Beast City, trying to find a way to return through the city gate. However, her travel restriction had not been lifted yet, so she had to find Kui Mu Lang to ask him to lift the restriction as promised. Kui Mu Lang was very accommodating and immediately lifted her restriction. Qi Pa left happily. Seeing her smile, Kui Mu Lang smiled as well. After this incident, Qi Pa's reputation in the palace became better, while the aggressive Hu Die received criticism from everyone. Little did they know that Hu Die overheard the criticism and was infuriated.

Meanwhile, Qi Pa found a way to escape from the Beast City and hurriedly called Li Xiong to discuss a plan. But seeing Li Xiong constantly speaking up for Kui Mu Lang and seemingly reluctant to return to Da Xia, Qi Pa couldn't help but suspect his identity. To dispel her doubts, Li Xiong quickly agreed and promised to find a way to get her out of the Beast City. To ensure the plan went smoothly, Kui Mu Lang specially asked Liu Jun to distract Hong Xiu.

With the token provided by Li Xiong, Qi Pa was able to leave the Beast King's palace. To avoid suspicion, she disguised herself as a man, while Li Xiong dressed up as a woman. Then, Li Xiong came out from behind the door, his face painted with various colors, and he wore female attire. Seeing the shy Li Xiong, Qi Pa couldn't help but smile with satisfaction.

Subsequently, she and Li Xiong arrived at the city gate, intending to use the token to leave. However, the guards kept staring at Li Xiong as if they wanted to devour him. Feeling uneasy, Li Xiong hid behind Qi Pa. Realizing the situation, Qi Pa loudly asked the guards if she was allowed to leave the city with Li Xiong. After receiving an affirmative answer from the guards, Qi Pa intentionally held Li Xiong's waist tightly and confidently walked out. However, even after leaving the Beast City, she couldn't find her way back, so she had to rest temporarily in a cave.

Finally, they managed to leave the Beast City, but got lost in the Misty Forest as if they had entered a maze. Qi Pa was extremely upset, sitting on the ground sighing repeatedly. Suddenly, the sky emitted flashes of light, and it seemed like it was going to rain. Li Xiong brought Qi Pa to a cave to take shelter from the rain. They rushed out and found that they had nothing to start a fire with. Seeing Qi Pa rubbing her arms, Li Xiong sat beside her to keep her warm.

Qi Pa had thought she would definitely return to Da Xia today, but she unexpectedly couldn't find her way out. Li Xiong comforted her, saying it didn't matter even if they couldn't return, as he would always accompany her. Hearing this, Qi Pa felt somewhat surprised and turned her head to look at Li Xiong. Their eyes met, and the atmosphere became somewhat ambiguous. To ease the awkwardness, Qi Pa asked Li Xiong why he wanted to become a shadow guard in the palace.

Li Xiong told Qi Pa about his background, but only he knew what was true and what was false. Nonetheless, Qi Pa was moved to tears after hearing Li Xiong's story, feeling a myriad of emotions. In her view, her father and mother never overly restrained her; they only wished for her happiness. They treated each other well, so Qi Pa had always wished that if she were to fall in love in this lifetime, she would find a soulmate who understood her feelings, just like her father and mother, and become a celestial couple. As she finished speaking, Qi Pa felt too cold and fell asleep in Li Xiong's embrace. Worried about her, Li Xiong quickly took her back to the royal palace.

When Qi Pa woke up and learned that Kui Mu Lang had brought her back, she couldn't help but worry about Li Xiong's safety. She hurriedly went out to find Kui Mu Lang and uncover the truth. On the way, she ran into Hu Die, who informed her that someone like Li Xiong, who dared to defy authority, would naturally be executed publicly. Hearing this, Qi Pa became even more anxious and quickened her pace to Kui Mu Lang's palace. As soon as she entered, she questioned Kui Mu Lang about Li Xiong's whereabouts. Hearing Qi Pa's tone of anger and concern, Kui Mu Lang inexplicably got jealous and ate his own vinegar.

It was this inexplicable jealousy that also angered Qi Pa. To regain Qi Pa's trust and affection, Kui Mu Lang, along with Liu Jun, went to Da Xia to find out how to please women. They visited wherever there were young ladies, and soon they returned with many things. Kui Mu Lang carefully devised a plan and decided to marry Qi Pa in seven days.

According to the customs of the Beast Clan, before the wedding, the queen was to receive ceremonial training. The one who came to instruct the future queen was Bai Gu Gu, known for her strictness in the palace. Although reluctant, Qi Pa had no choice but to lower her head under the roof. She could only grit her teeth and learn those intricate rituals. But compliance was never Qi Pa's style. Before you knew it, she casually danced a hot dance, scaring Bai Gu Gu away to complain to Kui Mu Lang.

Coincidentally, Kui Mu Lang was also worried that these rituals would bother Qi Pa, so he used this as an opportunity to excuse Bai Gu Gu from her duties. Afterwards, he had Liu Jun gather all kinds of rare and precious treasures from the world and send them all to Qi Pa's bedroom. Seeing the treasures before her, Qi Pa not only didn't show joy, but also seemed a little angry, declaring that even if Kui Mu Lang gave her mountains of gold and silver, she wouldn't marry him. Unexpectedly, Liu Jun then truly brought mountains of gold and silver. Helpless, Qi Pa had to confront Kui Mu Lang about it, but his response was quite strange, leaving Qi Pa defeated.

These words from the Da Xia play were indeed effective. Kui Mu Lang couldn't help but be overjoyed and immediately decided to hold a banquet to celebrate the future queen. In this banquet, the queen would personally cook and prepare a sumptuous feast for the courtiers to showcase her benevolence and kindness. However, in history, there was once a queen who was removed from her position because her cooking was too terrible. Hearing this, Qi Pa's eyes suddenly lit up, and she came up with an idea in her mind.

Upon hearing that Qi Pa took the feast for the royal consort very seriously, Kui Mu Lang was overjoyed and became more convinced of the methods in that book. The feast began, and as soon as Hu Die opened her meal box, she couldn't help but mock it. Kui Mu Lang immediately spoke up for Qi Pa, praising her thoughtfulness. Qi Pa didn't mind and was actually looking forward to everyone's criticism. However, to her surprise, after tasting her dishes, everyone praised them. Even Hu Die couldn't resist taking a few extra bites.

Qi Pa was puzzled and tasted a piece herself, only to find that it wasn't her cooking at all. Seeing this, Liu Jun quickly dismissed everyone before Qi Pa got angry. Kui Mu Lang explained that he was just trying to show his concern for her, so he asked Shang Shan Tang for help, and the dishes she made herself were in front of him. Qi Pa felt relieved and opened the meal box, inviting Kui Mu Lang to taste them.

Feeling smug, Qi Pa waited for Kui Mu Lang to confront her, hoping he would stop mentioning marrying her. However, Kui Mu Lang, relying on the book's advice, even though the food was difficult to swallow, pretended to be satisfied and praised, "It's delicious." Helpless, Qi Pa explained that there was a rule in Da Xia Kingdom before a grand wedding – the groom had to finish every dish made by the bride. Kui Mu Lang gritted his teeth and reluctantly praised this interesting Da Xia Kingdom tradition. He struggled to swallow the food he just ate and allowed Qi Pa to serve him all the "delicacies."

Suddenly, Kui Mu Lang's eyes emitted a blue light, as if he was going to devour Qi Pa. She tried to escape, but he pulled her into his arms, and no matter how she struggled, it was futile. Kui Mu Lang managed to regain control and released Qi Pa, urging her to leave quickly. Frightened, Qi Pa hurried back to her chamber, but on the way, she kept thinking that she had indeed put an aphrodisiac in Kui Mu Lang's food, but she hadn't expected this outcome. Afterward, she consulted a physician and learned that she had unknowingly used a love potion.

Knowing the truth, Qi Pa apologized to Kui Mu Lang. Seeing that he didn't mind, she honestly admitted that she wasn't suitable to be his royal consort. However, he said something like "It has to be her," and this made Qi Pa cry out in panic. Kui Mu Lang, feeling at a loss, promised to do his best to satisfy her if she stayed in the Beastly King Palace. Qi Pa, not holding back, said she wanted durian from Da Xia Kingdom. As Kui Mu Lang had never seen such a thing, he asked her to draw what durian looked like, and he would send someone to get it. Qi Pa refused and insisted on going to Da Xia Kingdom herself. Naturally, Kui Mu Lang disagreed and was so angry that Qi Pa left in a huff.

Originally, Qi Pa wanted to test Kui Mu Lang, but she didn't expect him to really send a cart of durians the next day. When Li Xiong came in, Qi Pa couldn't help but cry to him. With the help of Li Xiong's words, Kui Mu Lang implied that Qi Pa might be able to accept him. However, Qi Pa felt that love was a complex feeling that couldn't be forced. Seeing Li Xiong confused, Qi Pa didn't say more and decided to share a durian with him.

When Li Xiong smelled the durian, he kept retreating, which piqued Qi Pa's interest, and she chased after him, wanting to feed him the fruit. However, she tripped suddenly and fell on top of Li Xiong. Their soft noses touched, and they could feel each other's warm breath. Qi Pa quickly got up, and Li Xiong used an excuse to hastily escape. At that moment, they both seemed to experience that indescribable feeling, as if a gentle breeze blew through their hearts.

In the meantime, Xiao Niang found Ru Gu Gong Gong and asked him to pass a message to Jing Muan, who was trapped in a dungeon. The message contained only a pill and a note with "Qi Pa" written on it. Later, Jing Muan pretended to be seriously ill and gained Kui Mu Lang's sympathy, so he was allowed to leave to recuperate. On that day, he deliberately approached Qi Pa and revealed that he was Kui Mu Lang's younger brother. Five years ago, he was imprisoned in the dungeon after a great battle, suffering from the cold and unable to survive or die.

However, Jing Muan concealed the reason he was imprisoned in the dungeon. He had plotted rebellion before, intending to seize the position of the Beastly King. When Hu Die saw Jing Muan with Qi Pa, she quickly reported the matter to Kui Mu Lang. Kui Mu Lang appeared indifferent and said he would handle it properly. But once Hu Die left, he slammed the table, stating that Jing Muan must have fallen for Qi Pa.

To uncover the secrets of the Beastly King Palace, Qi Pa sought out the intelligence leader Chun'er. Chun'er mysteriously told Qi Pa that Kui Mu Lang was highly esteemed in the Beastly City, and Su He had secretly admired him for a long time. Unexpectedly, Jing Muan also had feelings for Su He, which led to deepening resentment between the brothers. Five years ago, Jing Muan started a war, aiming to overthrow Kui Mu Lang's rule. Su He sacrificed herself trying to save Kui Mu Lang during that battle. Ultimately, Kui Mu Lang emerged victorious, and Jing Muan was suppressed in the forbidden area, forbidden to step out.

However, Hong Xiu had another version of events. She believed that Kui Mu Lang had always respected Su He, with no romantic feelings involved. And Jing Muan appeared distant towards Su He, showing no sign of affection. After listening to both accounts, Qi Pa found Chun'er's version more believable. So, she planned to use Jing Muan to deepen Kui Mu Lang's grievances.

Taking action immediately, Qi Pa brought a plate of durians to Jing Muan, trying to get close to him. However, Jing Muan didn't like such strange food and covered his nose, retreating. Qi Pa didn't mind and openly shared her thoughts with him. They quickly reached an agreement to put on a show to infuriate Kui Mu Lang. Afterward, Jing Muan brought Qi Pa to the Star Moon Hall.

As they were talking, Kui Mu Lang suddenly appeared. In haste, Qi Pa pulled Jing Muan close and gently leaned her head on his shoulder. Unexpectedly, Kui Mu Lang didn't scold Qi Pa; instead, he declared that she was his wife no matter what. Jing Muan couldn't help but mockingly laugh at Kui Mu Lang, saying he hadn't changed even after all these years. He challenged Kui Mu Lang, intending to compete for Qi Pa.

The next day, taking advantage of Li Xiong's identity, Kui Mu Lang advised Qi Pa not to get too close to Jing Muan. After much thought, Qi Pa felt Li Xiong's words made sense, but she still felt unwilling and determined to make Kui Mu Lang abandon the idea of marrying her. Li Xiong wanted to say something else, but Qi Pa stopped him. She carefully observed Li Xiong, with her eyes sparkling, plotting something mischievous.

In Qi Pa's eyes, Li Xiong seemed to have a system of his own, with everything from combat power to looks turning into impressive scores. Then, Qi Pa smiled with satisfaction and praised Li Xiong for his excellent martial arts, good physique, handsome looks, and thoughtfulness – the perfect boyfriend setting. Li Xiong blushed, embarrassed, and lowered his head.

Afterward, Qi Pa led Li Xiong outside and danced a dance in front of everyone. Unexpectedly, others joined in the fun. Finally, in front of everyone, Qi Pa gave Li Xiong a kiss on the cheek. After it was all over, Qi Pa comfortably lay on the couch, waiting to see an angry Kui Mu Lang. However, what she didn't expect was the news that the wedding date was moved up.

Qi Pa discussed a plan with Jing Muan and decided to continue teasing Kui Mu Lang and then secretly follow him out of the city. She then asked Kui Mu Lang to bring her relatives from her natal family. This was against the rules of the Beastly tribe, but Kui Mu Lang agreed to make Qi Pa happy. Afterwards, Qi Pa hurriedly found Li Xiong and made plans to escape together that night.

When the appointed time arrived, Li Xiong was nowhere to be seen. Qi Pa could only follow Kui Mu Lang, who was getting farther away. But when they entered the Misty Forest, Qi Pa lost her way again. Suddenly, Jing Muan appeared from somewhere and claimed he could find Kui Mu Lang. Before anyone could react, several people in cloaks surrounded them. It turned out that Qi Pa had been following the wrong person; it wasn't Kui Mu Lang.

On the other side, Kui Mu Lang quietly left the boundary and tried to fulfill his promise. However, he encountered Ma Yingxiong, who was looking for Qi Pa. It was effortless, and Kui Mu Lang stunned them one by one and brought them to the Misty Forest. The next morning, Ma Yingxiong and the others woke up in the Misty Forest and realized they were in an unfamiliar place. As they tried to find out what happened, they unexpectedly smelled a strong odor. Following the smell, they stumbled upon Hu Die, who was about to relieve herself.

Ma Yingxiong and Hu Die had a big fight, each accusing the other of being the smelliest. Liu Jun heard the commotion and hurried to bring Ma Yingxiong and his men back to the Beastly King Palace. Kui Mu Lang hosted a banquet to entertain Qi Pa's relatives, allowing them to meet with Qi Pa. Qi Pa was pleasantly surprised and exchanged glances with Ma Yingxiong, arranging to meet secretly that night. However, she didn't expect that Alai (驸马阿来) would also be there. Nevertheless, in order to escape from the Beastly City, she decided to give it a try.

Just as she was about to meet with Ma Yingxiong, Kui Mu Lang saw through her plan and had people stationed outside her chamber. He also reminded her to keep her promise. Qi Pa was frustrated but had no choice. On the other hand, Su He passed on information to Xiaoniang about the visit of the general from the Da Xia Kingdom. Upon learning this, Su Daqiang decided to "help" Qi Pa and assist her in escaping from the Beastly City.

Xiaoniang closely monitored the envoy from the Da Xia Kingdom and surprisingly learned that Alai was Qi Pa's husband in the Da Xia Kingdom. Following Su Daqiang's instructions, Jing Muan decided to stir up trouble in the Beastly King Palace. Subsequently, Xiaoniang used Ma Yingxiong's name to arrange a meeting with Qi Pa at the East City Gate. At the same time, she used Qi Pa's name to invite Alai to the same place. Soon, Qi Pa, believing the letters to be genuine, rushed to the East City Gate, only to meet Alai there. Before Qi Pa could figure out the situation, she heard Alai speaking disrespectfully, which infuriated her and almost made her burst out in anger.

Alai thought Qi Pa was intentionally humiliating him, so he got angry and pushed her against the wall, holding her hand to prevent her from moving and accusing her of being arrogant. He was about to take improper actions when suddenly, Kui Mu Lang appeared and slammed him aside. With a gaze full of killing intent, Kui Mu Lang approached Alai. He recognized Alai as the person who chased Qi Pa in the palace that day. Filled with anger, Kui Mu Lang raised his hand and knocked Alai unconscious. Then, he quickly turned around and softly asked about Qi Pa's well-being. However, Qi Pa instinctively withdrew her hand, which made him feel heartbroken.

The next day, as Alai remained missing, Ma Yingxiong approached Kui Mu Lang and demanded answers. Suddenly, Qi Pa arrived and explained the whole situation to Ma Yingxiong. Furious, Ma Yingxiong went to the dungeon and gave Alai a severe beating. Qi Pa pretended to be concerned and approached Ma Yingxiong, trying to signal him. However, Ma Yingxiong was too straightforward and failed to understand Qi Pa's hint. On the other hand, Kui Mu Lang saw through Qi Pa, and with a swift step, he stood between the two. During the scuffle, the cloth strip in Qi Pa's hand fell off, and she had to pretend to have a waist ache, stepping on the cloth strip.

Qi Pa inadvertently mentioned the word "proposal," and Kui Mu Lang took it seriously. He read the proposal handbook from the Da Xia Kingdom and decided to give Qi Pa an unforgettable marriage proposal. However, before that, he needed to find a way to dissuade Qi Pa from returning to the Da Xia Kingdom. He disguised himself as Li Xiong and advised Qi Pa not to reveal her identity to Ma Yingxiong and not to rush with her plans. Qi Pa also felt that although Ma Yingxiong was loyal and brave, he was unreliable in his thinking, so she accepted Li Xiong's advice.

Meanwhile, Ma Yingxiong accidentally knocked over the food and called out to see Qi Pa. Chun'er had no choice but to personally deliver the delicacies to him. However, when the two met, they accidentally embraced each other. Ma Yingxiong's heart raced with great interest in this little palace maid. Su Daqiang learned of this and sent Haitang, disguised as Chun'er, to use Ma Yingxiong to drug Kui Mu Lang.

In order to give Qi Pa a satisfactory marriage proposal, Kui Mu Lang specifically asked Liu Jun to consult with Hong Xiu about what Qi Pa likes. One day, as Qi Pa was about to leave, she encountered the unhappy Hong Xiu at the door. After inquiring, she found out that Hong Xiu had misunderstood Liu Jun to be in love with someone else. Just then, Liu Jun walked over and directly stated that he came to find Hong Xiu. Qi Pa, being a gossip lover, watched the two with meaningful eyes. Hong Xiu was extremely shy but didn't forget her mission and quickly invited Qi Pa into the room.

Learning that Liu Jun was helping Kui Mu Lang prepare for the marriage proposal, Hong Xiu's gloomy mood instantly disappeared. She often heard Qi Pa talk about things related to the Da Xia Kingdom, including the proposal customs, so she naturally took notes. Seeing Hong Xiu talk so confidently, Liu Jun became entranced. However, in the blink of an eye, Qi Pa had already left.

Qi Pa quietly went to Ma Yingxiong's place to plan their escape. But just as she spoke, Hong Xiu and Liu Jun showed up. Qi Pa and Ma Yingxiong sat facing each other, pretending to be sad and shedding tears. Seeing this, Hong Xiu guessed that Qi Pa was homesick. That night, Haitang disguised herself as Chun'er and intentionally approached Ma Yingxiong, claiming to have a way to help him and Qi Pa escape. She handed Ma Yingxiong a bottle of "Soft Tendon Powder" and signaled him to drug Kui Mu Lang, gaining time for their escape. However, Ma Yingxiong was always upright and refused Haitang's well-intentioned proposal.

The candlelight created an ambiguous atmosphere, with the room filled with colorful flowers, and flower petals scattered on the floor. Whether it was the night's dew or visiting spirits offering blessings, the room was filled with smoke, bewitching people's hearts. Kui Mu Lang looked sincerely at Qi Pa and asked if she was satisfied with his marriage proposal. Qi Pa was surprised; she never expected Kui Mu Lang to take her nonsense seriously and put so much effort into proposing to her. Then, Kui Mu Lang brought a bouquet of roses and slowly approached Qi Pa. At this moment, the proud Beastly King willingly knelt down in front of the one he adored, requesting her to marry him.

Qi Pa slowly accepted the bouquet and said, word by word, "I do." She told Kui Mu Lang that she understood his kindness towards her and decided to become his queen. However, Ma Yingxiong had been through too much in the past few days, and if he witnessed her marriage, he might suffer further trauma. Therefore, Qi Pa suggested that Ma Yingxiong should be sent back to Da Xia before the wedding. In a joyous mood, Kui Mu Lang readily agreed to Qi Pa's request.

Early the next day, Kui Mu Lang dressed up as Li Xiong and met Qi Pa. Seeing her happy, he thought she was satisfied with last night's proposal. However, he never expected that all of last night's events were part of Qi Pa's plan. She simply wanted to lower his guard, so she could sneak away with Ma Yingxiong. Hearing this, Kui Mu Lang felt like something was blocking his chest, making him feel uncomfortable. Qi Pa's words gradually became unclear, and Kui Mu Lang suddenly felt dizzy and overwhelmed with mixed emotions.

After careful consideration, Kui Mu Lang decided to use the same trick and pretend not to know Qi Pa's plan while secretly sending Hu Die to switch Qi Pa's suitcase. This way, he could fulfill his promise to Qi Pa and keep her with him. So, that day, when Ma Yingxiong arrived at the city gate, Kui Mu Lang suddenly appeared, insisting on personally escorting them out. However, he never expected that Haitang would intercept Qi Pa halfway and make her faint.



  • 2023-07-22 16:16:41

    How is "The Princess and the Werewolf"?

    1. Absurd Comedy, Easy to Enjoy
    As a follow-up to "Go Princess, Go!," "The Princess and the Werewolf" continues the style and pace of its predecessor. The plot unfolds quickly with modern elements in the dialogue, maintaining the familiar absurd and hilarious atmosphere from "Go Princess, Go!". It even features Sheng Yilun as the middle-aged Emperor Qi Sheng and invited the original team from "Go Princess, Go!" to support the production.

    2. Wu Xuanyi's Acting Receives both good reviews and criticism.
    Wu Xuanyi's acting in this drama is considered decent, but some viewers criticize her porcelain teeth, finding them a bit distracting and affecting the overall watching experience.

    3. Praise for Costumes and Chen Zheyuan's Dual Roles
    Despite being a low-budget web drama, "The Princess and the Werewolf" boasts considerable efforts in costume and makeup design. The attire of the quirky Princess Qi Pa is cute and lovely, perfectly suiting Wu Xuanyi's character's needs, while Chen Zheyuan's portrayal of the werewolf beast race, Kuimulang, is charming and domineering.

    Chen Zheyuan's performance of the two characters, the elegant young noble Li Xiong during the day and the sinister and cold King Kuimu, the half-human, half-beast creature, at night, presents a great test of his acting skills. Many viewers praised his ability to handle the historical costumes with finesse.

    4. The supporting couple (Secondary CP) adds another enjoyable aspect to the drama. If the main couple's love is built on respect, then the Secondary CP's love is defined by restraint and hidden emotions.

    "The Princess and the Werewolf" is truly captivating, providing a light-hearted and funny escape for viewers.

    The chemistry between Chen Zheyuan and Wu Xuanyi is palpable, with a simmering atmosphere between them. Fans hope this sweet and delightful drama will become a huge success!

  • 2023-07-22 16:02:16

    "The Princess and the Werewolf"'s premiere achieved impressive ratings.

    Since the modern drama "Hidden Love" became a hit, Chen Zheyuan's portrayal of Duan Jiaxu has been widely praised by netizens as the "June Boyfriend." Riding on his recent surge in popularity, the production team seized the opportunity to elevate the historical light comedy "The Princess and the Werewolf" Fortunately, the drama's premiere achieved impressive ratings.

    Plot and Cast:
    "The Princess and the Werewolf" is a fantasy ancient puppetry comedy led by Wu Xuanyi and Chen Zheyuan. Thanks to the popularity of the main leads, this low-budget web drama successfully exudes the grandeur of an A+ production.

    Promotion and Buzz:
    The drama's promotion has been nothing short of a spectacle, attracting connections from half of the entertainment industry to help with its publicity. Prominent figures like Yu Zheng, Du Hua, Zhong Chuxi, Liu Shishi, Huang Bo, Yu Shuxin, and Bai Lu, among others, have made it more vibrant than an "award ceremony."

    Interactive Approach:
    On the day of its premiere, the four main actors hosted a live stream to interact with fans and viewers while watching the show together, creating a buzz and excitement around the drama. Moreover, Chen Zheyuan has even promised to showcase a girl group dance performance if the in-house popularity of "The Princess and the Werewolf" surpasses 10,000+ views.

    Wu Xuanyi's Determination:
    It's evident from the dedicated promotions that the cast and crew, especially Wu Xuanyi, hold this drama in high regard. As she doesn't often get the opportunity to play leading roles, most of her previous roles were supporting characters. Being cast alongside Chen Zheyuan represents a new turning point for her, as she aims to break the criticism of her acting in "Douluo Continent" and improve her precarious position in the entertainment industry.

    "The Princess and the Werewolf" has garnered significant attention and anticipation due to its star-studded cast, strong promotions, and the determination of its lead actress, Wu Xuanyi. With all these elements combined, the drama promises to be an exciting and successful venture that fans and viewers eagerly look forward to.


  • 2023-07-20 22:38:58

    The Princess and the Werewolf is quite nice

    The Princess and the Werewolf is really a great little comedy, and the plot flows smoothly.

    I initially thought the production might be poor and the special effects wouldn't be good, but surprisingly, the special effects are quite impressive. Wu Xuanyi's acting skills exceeded my expectations, and the female lead is really smart and has a strong sense of independent womanhood.

    The romantic storyline between the male and female leads is also well-developed. The Princess of Daxia and VS two-faced werewolf, the plot is quite attractive!

    Anyhow, The Princess and the Werewolf is light-hearted, funny, and the jokes are cleverly placed!

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