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"The Princess and the Werewolf"'s premiere achieved impressive ratings.

2023-07-22 16:02:16

Since the modern drama "Hidden Love" became a hit, Chen Zheyuan's portrayal of Duan Jiaxu has been widely praised by netizens as the "June Boyfriend." Riding on his recent surge in popularity, the production team seized the opportunity to elevate the historical light comedy "The Princess and the Werewolf" Fortunately, the drama's premiere achieved impressive ratings.

Plot and Cast:
"The Princess and the Werewolf" is a fantasy ancient puppetry comedy led by Wu Xuanyi and Chen Zheyuan. Thanks to the popularity of the main leads, this low-budget web drama successfully exudes the grandeur of an A+ production.

Promotion and Buzz:
The drama's promotion has been nothing short of a spectacle, attracting connections from half of the entertainment industry to help with its publicity. Prominent figures like Yu Zheng, Du Hua, Zhong Chuxi, Liu Shishi, Huang Bo, Yu Shuxin, and Bai Lu, among others, have made it more vibrant than an "award ceremony."

Interactive Approach:
On the day of its premiere, the four main actors hosted a live stream to interact with fans and viewers while watching the show together, creating a buzz and excitement around the drama. Moreover, Chen Zheyuan has even promised to showcase a girl group dance performance if the in-house popularity of "The Princess and the Werewolf" surpasses 10,000+ views.

Wu Xuanyi's Determination:
It's evident from the dedicated promotions that the cast and crew, especially Wu Xuanyi, hold this drama in high regard. As she doesn't often get the opportunity to play leading roles, most of her previous roles were supporting characters. Being cast alongside Chen Zheyuan represents a new turning point for her, as she aims to break the criticism of her acting in "Douluo Continent" and improve her precarious position in the entertainment industry.

"The Princess and the Werewolf" has garnered significant attention and anticipation due to its star-studded cast, strong promotions, and the determination of its lead actress, Wu Xuanyi. With all these elements combined, the drama promises to be an exciting and successful venture that fans and viewers eagerly look forward to.


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