Our Secret – Chen Zheyuan, Rainbow Xu

Our Secret is a youth school drama directed by Zhang Xiaoan, starring Chen Zheyuan, Xu Mengjie, Fan Zhixin, Wang Zexuan, Wang Yilan, and Liu Zhiwei.

The drama is based on the novel of the same title by Erdong Tuzi, which tells a beautiful story of youth.



Our Secret

English Title: Our Secret
Chinese Title: 暗格里的秘密
Genre: Youth, School
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zhang Xiao’an
Writer: Sun Haoxiang
Product Company: Mango TV
Broadcasting Website: MGTV, iQIYI
Released Date: August 10, 2021


Chen Zheyuan Chen Zheyuan as Zhou Siyue
Rainbow Xu Rainbow Xu as Ding Xian
Fan Zhixin Fan Zhixin as Su Baicong
Wang Zexuan Wang Zexuan as Song Ziqi
Wang Yilan Wang Yilan as Kong Shadi
Liu Zhiwei Liu Zhiwei as You Keke


The superior and unruly school hunk, Zhou Suyue, and the stubborn and cute Cinderella, Ding Xian, are deskmates and dislike each other in the beginning.

But they gradually discover each other’s merits during their day-to-day life together and accompany each other through the valleys and confusions of their youth, and finally, achieve their target.

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