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Chen Zheyuan, Rainbow Xu Mengjie Return To Campus, Interpreting Of The Sweet And Sentimental Youth

Xu Mengjie Chen Zheyuan

The youth drama “Our Secret“, starring Chen Zheyuan and Rainbow Xu Mengjie is in the hit air.


The drama is adapted from the highly acclaimed novel of the same name by Erdong Tuzi. The plot focuses on the story of the unruly boy Zhou Siyue (played by Chen Zheyuan) meeting the stubborn and cute girl Ding Xian (played by Xu Mengjie).

They became deskmates and gradually discover the merits of each other from mutual rejection. It is a beautiful school story about how they grow and transform through the troughs and confusions of their youth.

Chen Zheyuan

Although Chen Zheyuan is not considered a hit actor, the popularity is still quite high. His representative works have all received critical acclaim, such as “All About Secrets”, “Handsome Siblings”, “The Legend of Zu 2”, “Hello Dear Ancestors”, “Detective Chinatown”, “Twelve Legends”, and so on.

Besides “Our Secret”, Chen Zheyuan also has three more pending dramas, “The Golden Hairpin”, “Winner is King”, and “Lang Jun Bu Ru Yi”.

Xu Mengjie

Our heroine Rainbow Xu Mengjie is familiar to everyone. She is a former member of “Rocket Girls 101” and debuted in 11th place in “Produce 101 China”.

In the group she is not the most popular, resources are not good, but Xu Mengjie’s exposure of this year is more than previous years. Especially in the short drama “Love Me Fearlessly”, co-starring Bai Juzhang, many netizens were surprised by Xu Mengjie’s good acting skills.

“Our Secret” is Xu Mengjie’s first starring work, so it is still very monumental.

Chen Zheyuan and Rainbow Xu Mengjie’s character images are youthful and energetic, vigorous and sunny, making the audience be amazed.

Chen Zheyuan Xu Mengjie

Chen Zheyuan’s eyes are clean with a cool but bright temperament, interpreting the image of the superior and dazzling dream boy in the novel.

Xu Mengjie, who debuted in a girl group, has a vibrant smile and curved eyebrows when she smiles, which matches the image of the stubborn and cute “little monster girl” in the novel.

The scene of her wearing a white shirt school uniform immediately reminds viewers of the quiet and gentle girl in her class, who studied hard and was as fresh as oxygen.

How will they interpret the youthful spirit in their youth, you can find the answer in the drama “Our Secret”.

Earlier, Rainbow Xu Mengjie and Chen Zheyuan appeared together on the red carpet of The Magnolia Award. The interaction of them looks quite sweet.

Our Secret

Chen Zheyuan helped Xu Mengjie lift the hem of the skirt, Xu Mengjie is sweet and cute, and Chen Zheyuan is handsome and charming, which attracted many CP fans. They were like attending a wedding, to draw a beautiful end to youth.

How is the relationship between Chen Zheyuan and Xu Mengjie?

Chen Zheyuan Xu Mengjie

Recently, Chen Zheyuan and Rainbow Xu Mengjie had an interview together, publicly displaying affection to promote the drama.

In the interview, their interactions were sweet, they can not stop laughing. Xu Mengjie often put her hand on Chen Zheyuan’s arm. Chen Zheyuan also protected her during the interview gentlemanly.

Especially, when Chen Zheyuan introduced the role he played in the drama, he also said: “Zhou Siyue is Ding Xian’s man.” This has led Xu Mengjie to roar with laughter.

It seems that they have established a good friendship during the shooting of the drama, no wonder the interaction during the interview was so sweet.

Do you like the campus CP formed by Chen Zheyuan and Rainbow Xu Mengjie in “Our Secret”?

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  1. Nuestro secreto me gustó mucho cuando lo vi me gustó mucho el final y el inicio y me gustó mucho que terminara haci fue uno de mis dramas favoritos

  2. Our secret is a very youthful drama that have a wonderful story, the both lead role was quite very sweet, that it seems like real, im looking forward to watch there another drama together ?

  3. Our secret is excellent work. Both lead roles was done very well by both actors. Story good, music the best. Looking forward to more works by Rainbow and Chen Zhe Yuan. Good job!