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Douluo Continent – Xiao Zhan, Wu Xuanyi

Douluo Continent is an ancient fantasy drama produced by NCM Television, directed by Yang Zhenyu, written by Wang Jun, led by Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi.

Based on the same-name novel by the Tangjia Sanshao, this drama tells the story of Tang San, who lost his mother at a young age and lived with his father.

With his perseverance and strength, he overcomes all difficulties to protect his family, revitalize his clan, support his country, and become the bravest and strongest Soul Master on the top of the Continent.


Douluo Continent

English Title: Douluo Continent
Chinese Title: 斗罗大陆
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Tag: Teamwork, Hardworking Male Lead, Revenge, Competition, Multiple Couples, Cultivation
Episodes: 40
Duration: 38 min.
Director: Yang Zhenyu
Writer: Wang Juan
Producer: Fang Fang,Yu Wanqin
Product Company: NCM Television, Tencent Penguin Pictures
Released Date: 2021-02-05
Broadcast Website: WeTV, MZTV Exclusive, Viki



It’s about Tang San who, in order to protect his loved ones, bring honor to the sect, help the country, and overcome many difficulties, becomes the strongest and bravest soul master.

Tang San lost his mother at a young age, his father and he depended on each other. Tang San awakened his power at the age of six and was sent to Notting Academy for training, where he was become a disciple of Yu Xiaogang and be an older brother of Xiao Wu who is an orphan.

In order to improve his soul power, they enter the Shrek Academy and formed the Shrek Seven Devils with five talented young teenagers, including Dai Mu Bai, Zhu Zuqing, Oscar, Ning Rongrong, Ma Hongjun. They became famous and entered the Royal Academy of Tianduo.

As their fame grew, so did the tension between them and the students of the other academies. The young hero inadvertently gets involved in a royal power struggle between the eldest prince, Xue Qinghe, and the fourth prince, Xue Beng.

Meanwhile, Tang San discovers the culprits responsible for his mother’s murder, and their secret plot to destroy the country. To prevent them from succeeding, Tang San rallied his allies to fight a difficult battle.


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    1. I dislike Wu Xuanyi. Her acting is so artificial and her looks does not match up with the male lead Xiao Zhan. She appears overly exaggerated in acting cute. I think she needs to polish up her acting skill since she is not a beauty.

    2. I’m confused on how powerful xiao wu is,is she the most powerful female and it said in the anime and novel that she is the rabbit goddess

      1. Xiao Wu is a spirit beast who transformed into a human on reaching 100,000 years of cultivation. After she became human, she lost all her power and has to cultivate again. The most powerful female is Bi Bidong and Qian Renxue.