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Qi Yuchen Dramas, Movies and TV Shows

Qi Yuchen
Qi Yuchen dramas, movies, and TV shows list contains the best TV series, films of Qi Yuchen and the ongoing and upcoming shows. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest tv shows of Qi Yuchen.

Qi Yuchen Dramas List

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  • Fu Yu An


    Historical, Romance, Drama
    Qi Yuchen, Wu Junting
    Princess Liu Changsheng from the Fu Yu Kingdom has the label of "husband-killer" attached to her name. As she reaches the age of marriage, she worries about finding a suitable husband. The Emperor intends to send her to the Da Tang Kingdom to marry the ruthless and bloodthirsty Prince Qin Li Jing, who is known as the "Jade-Faced Demon". With the mission of "killing husbands to save...
  • Double Love


    Romance, Urban
    Qi Yuchen, Lu Dongxu
    Kong Zhen, an employee of Lu Sheng Group, accidentally crosses paths with Ruan Zheng, the CEO of Ruan Shi Group. Consequently, Lu Yun, the boss of Lu Sheng, sends Kong Zhen undercover to investigate clues about Ruan Zheng's twin brother. To Kong Zhen's surprise, one of the twins turns out to be Liang Yu, her former crush whom she embarrassed in front of everyone ten years ago. Now faced...
  • Warm Meet You


    Romance, Comedy
    Li Geyang, Qi Yuchen
    Zhao Nuannuan, a sweet and lovely girl cartoonist, has always dreamed of becoming one of the top mobile game concept artists in China but has been repeatedly frustrated. When she is forced to go on a blind date, she mistakes Gu Yichen, who is passing by, for her date. Zhao Nuannuan's shortcoming is her bad luck, as she has never even won "another bottle" since she was a child. However,...

Qi Yuchen Movies List

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  • Close to Love


    Youth, Romance
    Li Xiaoqian, Qi Yuchen
    Xu Yi and Gao Xiaonan, who come from a small town, have a childhood regret due to a misunderstanding, but later they reunite at university, forming a "bond" that spans many years. Xu Yi and Gao Xiaonan unravel the knot between them, from "rivals" to best friends, from young students to newcomers in the workplace, accompanying each other and growing together. They are not lovers but...
  • Ten Years of Loving You


    Romance, Drama
    Ding Yuxi, Ren Min
    Ten years ago, Wen Heng, who was fostered in the water village of Jiangnan, was taken back to the northern Wen family. It was fate that brought her to meet Yan Xi. This encounter marked a decade of entanglement. One was a meek girl from the Wen family, the other a domineering grandson of the Yan family. Their life paths kept crossing and separating until they realized that all they...
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