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Double Love – Qi Yuchen, Lu Dongxu

Double Love is an urban romance drama directed by Mao Xiaorui, starring Qi Yuchen and Lu Dongxu. Han Leyao, Xing Muzi, Sheng Yichen, Han Jingde, and Huang Yang Zixi also star in this series.

The plot revolves around Kong Zhen, an employee of Lu Sheng Group who goes undercover at Ruan Shi Group, and the romantic entanglements that unfold involving the twin brothers Ruan Zheng and Yangyang.


Double Love

English Title: Double Love
Chinese Title: 双生炽爱
Genre: Romance, Urban
Episodes: 24
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Mao Xiaorui
Released Date: 2024-06-12
Broadcast Website: 优酷



Kong Zhen, an employee of Lu Sheng Group, accidentally crosses paths with Ruan Zheng, the CEO of Ruan Shi Group. Consequently, Lu Yun, the boss of Lu Sheng, sends Kong Zhen undercover to investigate clues about Ruan Zheng's twin brother. To Kong Zhen's surprise, one of the twins turns out to be Liang Yu, her former crush whom she embarrassed in front of everyone ten years ago. Now faced with a dilemma, Kong Zhen is unsure which of the twins truly captured his heart.

As Kong Zhen tries to rekindle his past love, she discovers that Ruan Zheng is already engaged to Charlotte, while Yangyang has fallen for Kong Zhen. Amidst this tangled web of love, the four individuals struggle with their emotions—whether to let go or hold on, to confess their feelings openly or continue hiding them. At the crossroads of destiny, where will their paths ultimately lead?


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