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Cast of The Princess and the Werewolf

Cast of the Chinese Drama The Princess and the Werewolf
  • Wu XuanyiQi PaMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Princess Qipa, the charismatic woman full of energy and determination. Raised with a modern and open-minded education, Qipa lacks the delicacy and naivety of a typical traditional princess. She's well aware of the ways of men and women and seems to enjoy flirting with handsome men on the surface. However, deep inside, she longs for a genuine and lasting romantic connection. As the grand princess of the Kingdom of Daxia, she cherishes her people while also seeking her own freedom and independence.
  • Chen ZheyuanKui Mu Lang / Li XiongMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    The King of the Beast Tribe, deeply revered and burdened with the mission of the royal family. At night, his appearance undergoes a transformation, and his state becomes extremely unstable. To safeguard this secret, he must interact with Qipa during the day and night in two different identities and appearances. In the hearts of all female tribe members, Kuimulang is their dream lover.
  • Shi ZixunLiu JunSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    Kuimulang's most capable deputy, loyal and devoted, possesses a potent toxin in his body, making him immune to love's influence.
  • Wang LuqingHong XiuSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    A lovesick young girl, a cute and charming maid. She is Qipa's loyal follower and has a deep infatuation for Liu Jun.
  • Yang ChuanbeiBai KeSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    Kuimulang's trusted subordinate, a straightforward and tough guy who doesn't know how to beat around the bush, deeply loves Hudie.
  • Wu WenjieHu DieSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    An icy beauty with exceptional martial arts skills. She possesses some traits of a yellow weasel, and eventually becomes a couple with Bai Ke.
  • Wang MuyaoSu HeSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    The childhood friend of Kuimu Wolf, renowned as the most beautiful woman among the Beast-Transformers. From a young age, she admired Kuimu Wolf deeply. Many years ago, she sacrificed herself by plunging into a cliff to save Kuimu Wolf. Through a twist of fate, her soul entered Suhe's body, safeguarding her from harm, and as a result, Suhe fell into a long slumber. When she finally woke up, it felt like she had traveled to a different world. In the end, love turned into resentment.
  • Dong BoliangMa YingxiongSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    General Daxia, valiant and mighty, loyal without equal, is also a close childhood friend of Qipa.
  • Lin AijiaHai TangSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    The unfortunate girl rescued by Su Daqiang was placed into the Huashou palace as a pawn. She falls in love with Jing Muan.
  • Li YuSupport Role
  • Sheng YilunQi ShengSupport Role
  • Hai LingLu LiSupport Role
  • Xi Er LiJing MuanSupport Role
    Character Introduction:
    Kui Mu Lang's younger brother. He is single-minded in his desire to seize the throne and has repeatedly schemed and framed his brother, but eventually comes to understand him. He is envious of the affection their father showers upon his elder brother. He sees himself as a high and aloof dominant figure, but in reality, he is self-absorbed. After several failed attempts to plot against Qi Pa and Kui Mu Lang, he forms an alliance with Su Daqiang, the father of Su He, and conspires both inside and outside, attempting to push Kui Mu Lang and Qi Pa into the abyss.
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