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The Princess and the Werewolf Synopsis

To investigate the case of arson in the imperial palace, princess Qi Pa, who is a face-judger, mistakenly fell into an ambush. Then she was saved by Kui Mu Lang of Huashou Tribe, who has double faces.

To get the spirit pearl, Kui Mu Lang intended to marry Qi Ba, but Qi Ba was disgusted and afraid of Kui Mu Lang. She wanted to run away, but she chose to stay because she had to investigate the unsolved case of Daxia.

In this way, Qi pPa’s life was messed up by a handsome man and an ugly man. However, as she spent more and more time with Kui Mu Lang, they had fallen in love over time.

They finally went through all the struggles and love-hate entanglements and changed their fate.

The Princess and the Werewolf Recap

Episode 1 Recap

In the capital of the Great Xia Kingdom, a woman named Taotao, dressed in a pink gown and wearing a veil, walked gracefully into a room surrounded by a group of admirers. In the room, Lord Wang, who wanted to win Taotao's heart, had already been waiting. To impress her, Lord Wang had gathered various rare treasures from different places, but Taotao, accustomed to grandeur, didn't care for those things at all. In a moment of triumph, Lord Wang took out an exceptionally rare treasure—the Night Luminous Cup from the Great Xia Imperial Palace.

Seeing Taotao's happy and delighted expression, Lord Wang felt very pleased with himself. However, Taotao's mood suddenly changed. She angrily unveiled her face and called out a name to her followers. Lord Wang was filled with terror when he recognized the person before him as Princess Qi Pa of the Great Xia Kingdom. Princess Qi Pa ordered her Night Shadow to escort Lord Wang to the window and then unveiled a scroll, exposing all the ill-gotten wealth he had amassed from the common people over the years. His greed and crimes were countless. The people below praised Princess Qi Pa for her actions, grateful that she was working for the welfare of the citizens.

Princess Qi Pa's mother, the Queen Dowager, was none other than the famous Zhang Pengpeng, and her father was King Qi Sheng. Since ascending the throne, King Qi Sheng had dedicated himself to governing the kingdom efficiently. However, he had little time to accompany Zhang Pengpeng due to his busy state affairs. Thus, during a period of prosperity and peace in the kingdom, King Qi Sheng decided to abdicate the throne to his elder brother, King Zhao, and then travel with Zhang Pengpeng to promote the culture of the Great Xia Kingdom.

The Empress Lü Li and Zhang Pengpeng were good friends, and naturally, she cared for Princess Qi Pa as well. Seeing that Princess Qi Pa had reached a marriageable age but still had no suitors, Empress Lü Li became worried and arranged for many noble young men from the palace to be selected as potential husbands for her. However, Princess Qi Pa found this situation troublesome and sneaked away. She intended to try horseback riding but unexpectedly, the horse went wild and carried her to the outskirts.

In a cave of the Hua Shou Tribe, King Kui Mu Lang was suffering from severe injuries. Not long ago, he had been injured and encountered a woman in a forest. She forced out a spirit pearl from his body. Now, if he wanted to recover, he had to find that woman. However, despite searching all over the human world, he couldn't find any trace of her. The only place he had not searched was the Great Xia Imperial Palace. Just as he was planning to go there, the woman suddenly appeared before him.

King Kui Mu Lang caught Princess Qi Pa as she fell from the horse and tried to take the spirit pearl from her. Strangely, he began to feel uncomfortable in his chest. Just then, General Ma Yingxiong from the Great Xia Kingdom arrived, and King Kui Mu Lang had no choice but to give up and rethink his plan. Soon enough, another opportunity presented itself.

After going through a series of selections, Empress Lü Li chose a suitable husband for Princess Qi Pa. To let the two of them develop feelings, she locked them in a room together. However, the chosen husband turned out to be malicious and attempted to harm Princess Qi Pa. Fortunately, she managed to escape from the room. The husband, unwilling to give up, continued to chase after her. At that moment, King Kui Mu Lang appeared and rescued Princess Qi Pa. He had another attempt to retrieve the spirit pearl, but the moon had risen, and his body began to undergo a transformation. He had no choice but to let Hong Xiu take Princess Qi Pa back to the Beastly King's Palace.

Upon waking up, Princess Qi Pa wanted to run away, but she couldn't escape from Hong Xiu's grasp. Reluctantly, she followed her to the Beastly City. The city was bustling, but everyone looked somewhat peculiar. Despite Hong Xiu's explanation, Princess Qi Pa remained confused and wanted to escape. Seizing an opportunity when Hong Xiu wasn't paying attention, she quickly ran away. Along the way, she was stopped by an old lady who sniffed her and couldn't detect the scent of the Beastly Tribe. The old lady warned her to hurry back home, as there might be danger otherwise.

Episode 2 Recap

The Spirit Pearl is an extremely pure and immaculate object. If someone else wants to absorb it, they must share a deep connection with that person and undergo a ritual to transfer it orally. The elders in the palace are urging Kui Mu Lang to take a wife. Aware of the challenges Princess Qi Pa, a foreign princess, would face living among the Beastly Tribe, Kui Mu Lang has already decided to marry her, granting her an unshakable position.

A few ruffians saw the beautiful Princess Qi Pa and had ill intentions towards her, cornering her in an alley. Just then, Kui Mu Lang's subordinate, Liu Jun, appeared and scared the ruffians away. Before Princess Qi Pa could react, Liu Jun addressed her as "Queen." While she was still bewildered, Hong Xiu hurriedly arrived and also called her "Queen" at Liu Jun's command. Confused and protesting, Princess Qi Pa shouted that she wanted to go home. Liu Jun and Hong Xiu explained that they were unaware of the existence of the Great Xia Kingdom and suggested she return to the palace and ask King Kui Mu Lang. With no other choice, Princess Qi Pa followed them to the Beastly King's Palace.

Back at the palace, Hong Xiu informed Princess Qi Pa of a tradition among the Beastly Tribe. The Beastly Kings rarely showed themselves, and even when they did, they wore masks, so no one had seen Kui Mu Lang's true appearance. As Kui Mu Lang's chosen wife, Princess Qi Pa would be the first to see his face. Hearing this, Princess Qi Pa couldn't help but interrupt, stating that she was not a predestined wife chosen by finger pointing. However, Hong Xiu seemed convinced that Princess Qi Pa was indeed the destined Queen, and nothing Princess Qi Pa said could change her mind. Frustrated, Princess Qi Pa drove Hong Xiu out of the room.

Later, when no one was around, Princess Qi Pa sneaked out of the room. She ended up in Kui Mu Lang's sleeping quarters and accidentally activated a hidden switch. She found herself in a secret passage filled with smoke and a clear spring flowing between rocks. Kui Mu Lang, who was recovering in the cave, heard the commotion and rushed to stop Princess Qi Pa. She carefully observed him and noticed his distinct features, such as pointy ears, sharp fangs peeking out from his mouth, and dark blood vessels running from his neck into his clothing, giving him a fearsome appearance.

Princess Qi Pa speculated that Kui Mu Lang must have abducted her because he looked strange and believed he had been rejected by other women due to his appearance. However, she couldn't understand why he chose her. Unable to disclose the truth, Kui Mu Lang concocted a false reason. When Princess Qi Pa remained skeptical, he roared in frustration, scaring her away.

Hundreds of years ago, a sudden epidemic caused the Beastly Tribe to acquire animal traits. Fearing that their people would be misunderstood and hunted down, the ancestors created a barrier to hide the Beastly Tribe. However, the Beastly Kings had to sacrifice their lives and inject inner energy into the spiritual spring. If the people couldn't drink from the spring with the injected energy, the epidemic would return. Kui Mu Lang sought the Spirit Pearl desperately to change his fate and protect the well-being of the Beastly Tribe.

Princess Qi Pa woke up from a nightmare and immediately tried to escape the palace. However, Hong Xiu was always by her side, making it challenging to get away. Fortunately, Princess Qi Pa was intelligent and skilled in arithmetic. After measuring the walls, she climbed over them and escaped. To avoid suspicion, she disguised herself as a fortune teller and walked confidently towards the city gate. Although the Beastly Tribe General Hu Die stopped her, Princess Qi Pa calmly deceived him with a few words. Just when she thought she could finally escape, the real fortune teller suddenly appeared and exposed her identity.

Luckily, Princess Qi Pa was prepared. She casually threw some powder into the air and took advantage of the confusion to escape. She ran to the women's restricted area in the city without hesitation. However, she didn't expect to encounter a handsome young man there. Fearing that their identities might be revealed, Kui Mu Lang held Princess Qi Pa's hand and tried to leave.

On the way, a badge of the Great Xia Kingdom's Shadow Guard fell from Kui Mu Lang's body, catching Princess Qi Pa's attention. Kui Mu Lang panicked, worried about his identity being discovered. Unexpectedly, Princess Qi Pa mistook him for a member of the Great Xia Kingdom's Shadow Guard. Seeing a familiar face in a foreign land, Princess Qi Pa became overjoyed and hugged him, believing him to be "Zi Mei" (a term of endearment). Kui Mu Lang, seizing the opportunity, assumed this new identity to facilitate his next plan.

Episode 3 Recap

Not long after, Liu Jun called out "Your Majesty" and approached. Worried about his identity being exposed, Kui Mu Lang quickly pulled Qi Pa into a corner to hide. Seeing Qi Pa looking puzzled, he hurriedly explained that Liu Jun was here to monitor him on Kui Mu Lang's orders, and he must not let Liu Jun discover his true identity. Qi Pa believed it to be true and then went out to provide cover for "Zi Mei."

Later, Liu Jun learned that Qi Pa mistook Kui Mu Lang for a captured Great Xia Shadow Guard brought to serve him. Moreover, Kui Mu Lang even revealed his usual alias, Li Xiong, to Qi Pa. He intended to use this opportunity to spend more time with Qi Pa and win her heart. However, Qi Pa's desire to escape the Beastly King's Palace remained strong, especially after learning that the entire Beastly Tribe abstained from eating meat.

On that day, when Qi Pa was contending with Hu Die at the city gate, she damaged the finances of many Beastly Tribe people. As a result, many elders petitioned Kui Mu Lang to punish the future queen. Even Liu Jun felt that the future queen's actions were too reckless and feared she might not be fit for the responsibility. However, Kui Mu Lang was clear that he had forcibly abducted Qi Pa, and if he could win her heart and retrieve the Spirit Pearl, she would become the savior of the entire Beastly Tribe. So, regardless of what absurd things she did or the consequences she faced, he was willing to bear them himself.

Liu Jun brought Li Xiong to Qi Pa's sleeping quarters, claiming that Kui Mu Lang had assigned Li Xiong to be her personal bodyguard. Qi Pa was delighted but restrained her joy on her face, politely asking Liu Jun to return and thank Kui Mu Lang on her behalf. Qi Pa noticed that Hong Xiu seemed interested in Liu Jun, so she suggested they both go out to have some fun, sending them away. Once they were gone, Qi Pa approached Li Xiong to inquire about what was going on.

Li Xiong told Qi Pa that the Beastly King was a good person. After learning that she encountered danger outside the palace, he sent Li Xiong to protect her and gave him a permit to leave the palace. Qi Pa believed it to be true and showed Li Xiong the map of the Beastly Tribe she had drawn, intending to go back to Great Xia together. However, Li Xiong told her that even if they managed to escape from the Beastly City, they wouldn't be able to leave the Beastly Realm because, apart from the Beastly King, no one else could leave.

Feeling distressed and uncertain, Qi Pa didn't know what to do. Li Xiong took the opportunity to remind her that establishing a good relationship with the Beastly King might be the key to finding a way out. However, just the thought of Kui Mu Lang's appearance made Qi Pa frown, and she refused to meet him. That night, Qi Pa couldn't sleep, thinking about her adorable niece, Xing Ping, and her craving for meat after days of not eating it. Under such circumstances, her desire to return to Great Xia grew even stronger.

At that moment, Li Xiong suddenly brought in a roasted chicken. Qi Pa was overjoyed and couldn't resist the urge to drink some wine. However, there was no wine in the Beastly City, so Li Xiong had to venture outside the barrier to find some. He returned shortly with fine wine. Qi Pa was ecstatic and started drinking with Hong Xiu and Li Xiong. Unexpectedly, the two of them took only a sip and got drunk to the point of passing out. Realizing that the Beastly Tribe people couldn't handle alcohol, Qi Pa came up with a mischievous idea and asked Hong Xiu to prepare a new set of clothes for her and deliver a message to Kui Mu Lang.

Episode 4 Recap

Qi Pa went to get her clothes tailored by Qing Gu Gu. Qing Gu Gu praised her beauty, believing she must be the beloved of many men. However, Qi Pa gently refuted, stating that women have their own unique charm and don't need to depend on men or become someone's beloved to prove themselves. She then presented the sketch of the clothes and asked Qing Gu Gu to prepare them for her.

Unknown to Qi Pa, Qing Gu Gu was actually a master of disguise, and her true identity was Hai Tang, a subordinate of the pharmaceutical master Su Da Qiang. Hai Tang informed Su Da Qiang that the princess from the Great Xia Kingdom seemed to dislike Kui Mu Lang. Su Da Qiang was puzzled and wondered what Kui Mu Lang was up to. Nevertheless, he instructed Hai Tang to take Qi Pa's life as soon as possible, using any means necessary.

That night, wearing her new clothes, Qi Pa found Kui Mu Lang and sat in front of him. Kui Mu Lang caught sight of Qi Pa's fair thighs and hastily averted his gaze using a book. Qi Pa then offered him a cup of wine, and Kui Mu Lang guessed that she wanted to deliberately get him drunk, so he promptly declined her offer. Undeterred, Qi Pa moved closer and used some provocative words, which made Kui Mu Lang fall into her trap. Unfortunately, luck was not on Qi Pa's side, and she lost several rounds, eventually becoming unconscious from drinking too much. Kui Mu Lang caught her as she was about to fall and rested her head on his shoulder.

Suddenly, Qi Pa woke up and thought Kui Mu Lang was about to do something inappropriate, so she used a hairpin to wound him. Realizing her mistake, she repeatedly apologized. However, due to the injury from the stab, Kui Mu Lang could only scold her and ask her to leave. Before he could even treat his wound, he heard Qi Pa screaming. Hurriedly putting on his coat, he managed to fend off the assassin just in time. Worried that Qi Pa might be in danger again, he planned to escort her back to her room. However, the moon had already risen to the rooftop, and his body began to change. Seeing Kui Mu Lang acting strangely, Qi Pa approached to check on him. Unexpectedly, Kui Mu Lang suddenly turned around and grabbed her neck, leaving her unable to move. Struggling to maintain consciousness, Kui Mu Lang released Qi Pa and then collapsed unconscious.

The next day, Qi Pa told Li Xiong about the events of the previous night and considered escaping from the Beast King's palace as soon as possible. Seeing the mark on her neck, Li Xiong pretended to be surprised but felt guilty inside. He offered to apply medicine for her. The warm sunlight illuminated Li Xiong's face distinctly, revealing a different kind of beauty. Qi Pa couldn't help but think that Li Xiong turned out to be quite handsome.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside, and Hu Die led a group of subordinates to surround Qi Pa's chamber, claiming they would capture her as the murderer. Qi Pa knew she was innocent and followed Hu Die to investigate the matter. However, to her surprise, Li Xiong suddenly disappeared. Shortly after, they arrived at Kui Mu Lang's palace, where the guards brought in the body of a maid who was said to have drowned in the water. Qi Pa examined the body and confirmed that the maid could be saved. With Qi Pa's help, the maid named Chun Er woke up, but she accused Qi Pa of pushing her into the well and said that someone found Qi Pa's hairpin at the scene of the crime. With eyewitnesses and evidence, Qi Pa couldn't defend herself. She suddenly remembered that just fifteen minutes before, she was with Li Xiong, who could provide an alibi for her. But now, it seemed impossible for Li Xiong to show up.

Hu Die took this opportunity to pressure Kui Mu Lang, demanding that Qi Pa be sent to prison. Not wanting to see Kui Mu Lang in trouble and tired of dealing with Hu Die, Qi Pa agreed to go to prison. However, she had underestimated the prison's environment and was frightened by the mosquitoes inside. Meanwhile, Li Xiong found Chun Er and inquired about the situation. He couldn't help but suspect that the person who harmed Chun Er and attempted to assassinate Qi Pa might be the same person, someone skilled in the art of disguise.

Episode 5 Recap

Qi Pa insisted on finding out the true culprit behind her framing, and she had a plan in mind. So, Kui Mu Lang agreed to her plan and had Liu Jun gather all the palace maids, including Bai Ke and Hu Die, to the dungeon. Kui Mu Lang had also decided that if they couldn't find the true culprit, he would be willing to act as an inept ruler to save Qi Pa at all costs. He intended to go to the dungeon to accompany Qi Pa, even if it meant alarming the elders. He was determined to protect her.

Later, Kui Mu Lang arrived at the dungeon and gave Qi Pa a bottle of powder to repel insects and ants. Qi Pa randomly spread the powder all over her body and also put some on herself and Kui Mu Lang. When she heard that Kui Mu Lang intended to stay in the dungeon with her, she quickly declined his offer and moved back in a hurry. Kui Mu Lang thought she was afraid of him, and his face showed displeasure. Qi Pa quickly explained that she was actually considering his position. As the Beast King, it was inappropriate for him to stay in the dungeon with a suspect.

On the night of the assassination attempt, Qi Pa felt the assassin's chest, and that feeling was still fresh in her memory. So, she touched the chests of all the palace maids one by one, but couldn't find that familiar feeling. It turned out that Hai Tang had prepared herself in advance by binding her chest with cloth strips. Seeing that Qi Pa couldn't find any evidence, Hu Die took the initiative and had Qi Pa arrested.

Qi Pa hastily interrupted and claimed that she had evidence. She presented a strand of hair, saying it was pulled from the murderer on the day when Chun Er was pushed into the well. Hu Die snatched the hair and threw it on the ground, firmly accusing Qi Pa of being the culprit. No matter how Qi Pa explained, Hu Die remained unmoved and ordered her to be taken to the dungeon for execution.

After learning that Kui Mu Lang had sent more people to search for the owner of the hair, Hai Tang went to the dungeon at night, intending to silence the person. Unexpectedly, she fell into a trap set by Qi Pa. Meanwhile, Hu Die and Bai Ke acted quickly and quickly destroyed Hai Tang's contacts and found some traces of medicine. Through investigation, the formula of this medicine was 70% similar to the poison that caused the Beast Clan to go berserk five years ago. Kui Mu Lang couldn't help but speculate that the mysterious person might have discovered the Spirit Pearl in Qi Pa's possession.

Qi Pa carefully studied the map of the Beast City, trying to find a way to return through the city gate. However, her travel restriction had not been lifted yet, so she had to find Kui Mu Lang to ask him to lift the restriction as promised. Kui Mu Lang was very accommodating and immediately lifted her restriction. Qi Pa left happily. Seeing her smile, Kui Mu Lang smiled as well. After this incident, Qi Pa's reputation in the palace became better, while the aggressive Hu Die received criticism from everyone. Little did they know that Hu Die overheard the criticism and was infuriated.

Meanwhile, Qi Pa found a way to escape from the Beast City and hurriedly called Li Xiong to discuss a plan. But seeing Li Xiong constantly speaking up for Kui Mu Lang and seemingly reluctant to return to Da Xia, Qi Pa couldn't help but suspect his identity. To dispel her doubts, Li Xiong quickly agreed and promised to find a way to get her out of the Beast City. To ensure the plan went smoothly, Kui Mu Lang specially asked Liu Jun to distract Hong Xiu.

With the token provided by Li Xiong, Qi Pa was able to leave the Beast King's palace. To avoid suspicion, she disguised herself as a man, while Li Xiong dressed up as a woman. Then, Li Xiong came out from behind the door, his face painted with various colors, and he wore female attire. Seeing the shy Li Xiong, Qi Pa couldn't help but smile with satisfaction.

Subsequently, she and Li Xiong arrived at the city gate, intending to use the token to leave. However, the guards kept staring at Li Xiong as if they wanted to devour him. Feeling uneasy, Li Xiong hid behind Qi Pa. Realizing the situation, Qi Pa loudly asked the guards if she was allowed to leave the city with Li Xiong. After receiving an affirmative answer from the guards, Qi Pa intentionally held Li Xiong's waist tightly and confidently walked out. However, even after leaving the Beast City, she couldn't find her way back, so she had to rest temporarily in a cave.

Episode 6 Recap

Finally, they managed to leave the Beast City, but got lost in the Misty Forest as if they had entered a maze. Qi Pa was extremely upset, sitting on the ground sighing repeatedly. Suddenly, the sky emitted flashes of light, and it seemed like it was going to rain. Li Xiong brought Qi Pa to a cave to take shelter from the rain. They rushed out and found that they had nothing to start a fire with. Seeing Qi Pa rubbing her arms, Li Xiong sat beside her to keep her warm.

Qi Pa had thought she would definitely return to Da Xia today, but she unexpectedly couldn't find her way out. Li Xiong comforted her, saying it didn't matter even if they couldn't return, as he would always accompany her. Hearing this, Qi Pa felt somewhat surprised and turned her head to look at Li Xiong. Their eyes met, and the atmosphere became somewhat ambiguous. To ease the awkwardness, Qi Pa asked Li Xiong why he wanted to become a shadow guard in the palace.

Li Xiong told Qi Pa about his background, but only he knew what was true and what was false. Nonetheless, Qi Pa was moved to tears after hearing Li Xiong's story, feeling a myriad of emotions. In her view, her father and mother never overly restrained her; they only wished for her happiness. They treated each other well, so Qi Pa had always wished that if she were to fall in love in this lifetime, she would find a soulmate who understood her feelings, just like her father and mother, and become a celestial couple. As she finished speaking, Qi Pa felt too cold and fell asleep in Li Xiong's embrace. Worried about her, Li Xiong quickly took her back to the royal palace.

When Qi Pa woke up and learned that Kui Mu Lang had brought her back, she couldn't help but worry about Li Xiong's safety. She hurriedly went out to find Kui Mu Lang and uncover the truth. On the way, she ran into Hu Die, who informed her that someone like Li Xiong, who dared to defy authority, would naturally be executed publicly. Hearing this, Qi Pa became even more anxious and quickened her pace to Kui Mu Lang's palace. As soon as she entered, she questioned Kui Mu Lang about Li Xiong's whereabouts. Hearing Qi Pa's tone of anger and concern, Kui Mu Lang inexplicably got jealous and ate his own vinegar.

It was this inexplicable jealousy that also angered Qi Pa. To regain Qi Pa's trust and affection, Kui Mu Lang, along with Liu Jun, went to Da Xia to find out how to please women. They visited wherever there were young ladies, and soon they returned with many things. Kui Mu Lang carefully devised a plan and decided to marry Qi Pa in seven days.

According to the customs of the Beast Clan, before the wedding, the queen was to receive ceremonial training. The one who came to instruct the future queen was Bai Gu Gu, known for her strictness in the palace. Although reluctant, Qi Pa had no choice but to lower her head under the roof. She could only grit her teeth and learn those intricate rituals. But compliance was never Qi Pa's style. Before you knew it, she casually danced a hot dance, scaring Bai Gu Gu away to complain to Kui Mu Lang.

Coincidentally, Kui Mu Lang was also worried that these rituals would bother Qi Pa, so he used this as an opportunity to excuse Bai Gu Gu from her duties. Afterwards, he had Liu Jun gather all kinds of rare and precious treasures from the world and send them all to Qi Pa's bedroom. Seeing the treasures before her, Qi Pa not only didn't show joy, but also seemed a little angry, declaring that even if Kui Mu Lang gave her mountains of gold and silver, she wouldn't marry him. Unexpectedly, Liu Jun then truly brought mountains of gold and silver. Helpless, Qi Pa had to confront Kui Mu Lang about it, but his response was quite strange, leaving Qi Pa defeated.

These words from the Da Xia play were indeed effective. Kui Mu Lang couldn't help but be overjoyed and immediately decided to hold a banquet to celebrate the future queen. In this banquet, the queen would personally cook and prepare a sumptuous feast for the courtiers to showcase her benevolence and kindness. However, in history, there was once a queen who was removed from her position because her cooking was too terrible. Hearing this, Qi Pa's eyes suddenly lit up, and she came up with an idea in her mind.

Episode 7 Recap

Upon hearing that Qi Pa took the feast for the royal consort very seriously, Kui Mu Lang was overjoyed and became more convinced of the methods in that book. The feast began, and as soon as Hu Die opened her meal box, she couldn't help but mock it. Kui Mu Lang immediately spoke up for Qi Pa, praising her thoughtfulness. Qi Pa didn't mind and was actually looking forward to everyone's criticism. However, to her surprise, after tasting her dishes, everyone praised them. Even Hu Die couldn't resist taking a few extra bites.

Qi Pa was puzzled and tasted a piece herself, only to find that it wasn't her cooking at all. Seeing this, Liu Jun quickly dismissed everyone before Qi Pa got angry. Kui Mu Lang explained that he was just trying to show his concern for her, so he asked Shang Shan Tang for help, and the dishes she made herself were in front of him. Qi Pa felt relieved and opened the meal box, inviting Kui Mu Lang to taste them.

Feeling smug, Qi Pa waited for Kui Mu Lang to confront her, hoping he would stop mentioning marrying her. However, Kui Mu Lang, relying on the book's advice, even though the food was difficult to swallow, pretended to be satisfied and praised, "It's delicious." Helpless, Qi Pa explained that there was a rule in Da Xia Kingdom before a grand wedding – the groom had to finish every dish made by the bride. Kui Mu Lang gritted his teeth and reluctantly praised this interesting Da Xia Kingdom tradition. He struggled to swallow the food he just ate and allowed Qi Pa to serve him all the "delicacies."

Suddenly, Kui Mu Lang's eyes emitted a blue light, as if he was going to devour Qi Pa. She tried to escape, but he pulled her into his arms, and no matter how she struggled, it was futile. Kui Mu Lang managed to regain control and released Qi Pa, urging her to leave quickly. Frightened, Qi Pa hurried back to her chamber, but on the way, she kept thinking that she had indeed put an aphrodisiac in Kui Mu Lang's food, but she hadn't expected this outcome. Afterward, she consulted a physician and learned that she had unknowingly used a love potion.

Knowing the truth, Qi Pa apologized to Kui Mu Lang. Seeing that he didn't mind, she honestly admitted that she wasn't suitable to be his royal consort. However, he said something like "It has to be her," and this made Qi Pa cry out in panic. Kui Mu Lang, feeling at a loss, promised to do his best to satisfy her if she stayed in the Beastly King Palace. Qi Pa, not holding back, said she wanted durian from Da Xia Kingdom. As Kui Mu Lang had never seen such a thing, he asked her to draw what durian looked like, and he would send someone to get it. Qi Pa refused and insisted on going to Da Xia Kingdom herself. Naturally, Kui Mu Lang disagreed and was so angry that Qi Pa left in a huff.

Originally, Qi Pa wanted to test Kui Mu Lang, but she didn't expect him to really send a cart of durians the next day. When Li Xiong came in, Qi Pa couldn't help but cry to him. With the help of Li Xiong's words, Kui Mu Lang implied that Qi Pa might be able to accept him. However, Qi Pa felt that love was a complex feeling that couldn't be forced. Seeing Li Xiong confused, Qi Pa didn't say more and decided to share a durian with him.

When Li Xiong smelled the durian, he kept retreating, which piqued Qi Pa's interest, and she chased after him, wanting to feed him the fruit. However, she tripped suddenly and fell on top of Li Xiong. Their soft noses touched, and they could feel each other's warm breath. Qi Pa quickly got up, and Li Xiong used an excuse to hastily escape. At that moment, they both seemed to experience that indescribable feeling, as if a gentle breeze blew through their hearts.

In the meantime, Xiao Niang found Ru Gu Gong Gong and asked him to pass a message to Jing Muan, who was trapped in a dungeon. The message contained only a pill and a note with "Qi Pa" written on it. Later, Jing Muan pretended to be seriously ill and gained Kui Mu Lang's sympathy, so he was allowed to leave to recuperate. On that day, he deliberately approached Qi Pa and revealed that he was Kui Mu Lang's younger brother. Five years ago, he was imprisoned in the dungeon after a great battle, suffering from the cold and unable to survive or die.

Episode 8 Recap

However, Jing Muan concealed the reason he was imprisoned in the dungeon. He had plotted rebellion before, intending to seize the position of the Beastly King. When Hu Die saw Jing Muan with Qi Pa, she quickly reported the matter to Kui Mu Lang. Kui Mu Lang appeared indifferent and said he would handle it properly. But once Hu Die left, he slammed the table, stating that Jing Muan must have fallen for Qi Pa.

To uncover the secrets of the Beastly King Palace, Qi Pa sought out the intelligence leader Chun'er. Chun'er mysteriously told Qi Pa that Kui Mu Lang was highly esteemed in the Beastly City, and Su He had secretly admired him for a long time. Unexpectedly, Jing Muan also had feelings for Su He, which led to deepening resentment between the brothers. Five years ago, Jing Muan started a war, aiming to overthrow Kui Mu Lang's rule. Su He sacrificed herself trying to save Kui Mu Lang during that battle. Ultimately, Kui Mu Lang emerged victorious, and Jing Muan was suppressed in the forbidden area, forbidden to step out.

However, Hong Xiu had another version of events. She believed that Kui Mu Lang had always respected Su He, with no romantic feelings involved. And Jing Muan appeared distant towards Su He, showing no sign of affection. After listening to both accounts, Qi Pa found Chun'er's version more believable. So, she planned to use Jing Muan to deepen Kui Mu Lang's grievances.

Taking action immediately, Qi Pa brought a plate of durians to Jing Muan, trying to get close to him. However, Jing Muan didn't like such strange food and covered his nose, retreating. Qi Pa didn't mind and openly shared her thoughts with him. They quickly reached an agreement to put on a show to infuriate Kui Mu Lang. Afterward, Jing Muan brought Qi Pa to the Star Moon Hall.

As they were talking, Kui Mu Lang suddenly appeared. In haste, Qi Pa pulled Jing Muan close and gently leaned her head on his shoulder. Unexpectedly, Kui Mu Lang didn't scold Qi Pa; instead, he declared that she was his wife no matter what. Jing Muan couldn't help but mockingly laugh at Kui Mu Lang, saying he hadn't changed even after all these years. He challenged Kui Mu Lang, intending to compete for Qi Pa.

The next day, taking advantage of Li Xiong's identity, Kui Mu Lang advised Qi Pa not to get too close to Jing Muan. After much thought, Qi Pa felt Li Xiong's words made sense, but she still felt unwilling and determined to make Kui Mu Lang abandon the idea of marrying her. Li Xiong wanted to say something else, but Qi Pa stopped him. She carefully observed Li Xiong, with her eyes sparkling, plotting something mischievous.

In Qi Pa's eyes, Li Xiong seemed to have a system of his own, with everything from combat power to looks turning into impressive scores. Then, Qi Pa smiled with satisfaction and praised Li Xiong for his excellent martial arts, good physique, handsome looks, and thoughtfulness – the perfect boyfriend setting. Li Xiong blushed, embarrassed, and lowered his head.

Afterward, Qi Pa led Li Xiong outside and danced a dance in front of everyone. Unexpectedly, others joined in the fun. Finally, in front of everyone, Qi Pa gave Li Xiong a kiss on the cheek. After it was all over, Qi Pa comfortably lay on the couch, waiting to see an angry Kui Mu Lang. However, what she didn't expect was the news that the wedding date was moved up.

Qi Pa discussed a plan with Jing Muan and decided to continue teasing Kui Mu Lang and then secretly follow him out of the city. She then asked Kui Mu Lang to bring her relatives from her natal family. This was against the rules of the Beastly tribe, but Kui Mu Lang agreed to make Qi Pa happy. Afterwards, Qi Pa hurriedly found Li Xiong and made plans to escape together that night.

When the appointed time arrived, Li Xiong was nowhere to be seen. Qi Pa could only follow Kui Mu Lang, who was getting farther away. But when they entered the Misty Forest, Qi Pa lost her way again. Suddenly, Jing Muan appeared from somewhere and claimed he could find Kui Mu Lang. Before anyone could react, several people in cloaks surrounded them. It turned out that Qi Pa had been following the wrong person; it wasn't Kui Mu Lang.

On the other side, Kui Mu Lang quietly left the boundary and tried to fulfill his promise. However, he encountered Ma Yingxiong, who was looking for Qi Pa. It was effortless, and Kui Mu Lang stunned them one by one and brought them to the Misty Forest. The next morning, Ma Yingxiong and the others woke up in the Misty Forest and realized they were in an unfamiliar place. As they tried to find out what happened, they unexpectedly smelled a strong odor. Following the smell, they stumbled upon Hu Die, who was about to relieve herself.

Episode 9 Recap

Ma Yingxiong and Hu Die had a big fight, each accusing the other of being the smelliest. Liu Jun heard the commotion and hurried to bring Ma Yingxiong and his men back to the Beastly King Palace. Kui Mu Lang hosted a banquet to entertain Qi Pa's relatives, allowing them to meet with Qi Pa. Qi Pa was pleasantly surprised and exchanged glances with Ma Yingxiong, arranging to meet secretly that night. However, she didn't expect that Alai (驸马阿来) would also be there. Nevertheless, in order to escape from the Beastly City, she decided to give it a try.

Just as she was about to meet with Ma Yingxiong, Kui Mu Lang saw through her plan and had people stationed outside her chamber. He also reminded her to keep her promise. Qi Pa was frustrated but had no choice. On the other hand, Su He passed on information to Xiaoniang about the visit of the general from the Da Xia Kingdom. Upon learning this, Su Daqiang decided to "help" Qi Pa and assist her in escaping from the Beastly City.

Xiaoniang closely monitored the envoy from the Da Xia Kingdom and surprisingly learned that Alai was Qi Pa's husband in the Da Xia Kingdom. Following Su Daqiang's instructions, Jing Muan decided to stir up trouble in the Beastly King Palace. Subsequently, Xiaoniang used Ma Yingxiong's name to arrange a meeting with Qi Pa at the East City Gate. At the same time, she used Qi Pa's name to invite Alai to the same place. Soon, Qi Pa, believing the letters to be genuine, rushed to the East City Gate, only to meet Alai there. Before Qi Pa could figure out the situation, she heard Alai speaking disrespectfully, which infuriated her and almost made her burst out in anger.

Alai thought Qi Pa was intentionally humiliating him, so he got angry and pushed her against the wall, holding her hand to prevent her from moving and accusing her of being arrogant. He was about to take improper actions when suddenly, Kui Mu Lang appeared and slammed him aside. With a gaze full of killing intent, Kui Mu Lang approached Alai. He recognized Alai as the person who chased Qi Pa in the palace that day. Filled with anger, Kui Mu Lang raised his hand and knocked Alai unconscious. Then, he quickly turned around and softly asked about Qi Pa's well-being. However, Qi Pa instinctively withdrew her hand, which made him feel heartbroken.

The next day, as Alai remained missing, Ma Yingxiong approached Kui Mu Lang and demanded answers. Suddenly, Qi Pa arrived and explained the whole situation to Ma Yingxiong. Furious, Ma Yingxiong went to the dungeon and gave Alai a severe beating. Qi Pa pretended to be concerned and approached Ma Yingxiong, trying to signal him. However, Ma Yingxiong was too straightforward and failed to understand Qi Pa's hint. On the other hand, Kui Mu Lang saw through Qi Pa, and with a swift step, he stood between the two. During the scuffle, the cloth strip in Qi Pa's hand fell off, and she had to pretend to have a waist ache, stepping on the cloth strip.

Qi Pa inadvertently mentioned the word "proposal," and Kui Mu Lang took it seriously. He read the proposal handbook from the Da Xia Kingdom and decided to give Qi Pa an unforgettable marriage proposal. However, before that, he needed to find a way to dissuade Qi Pa from returning to the Da Xia Kingdom. He disguised himself as Li Xiong and advised Qi Pa not to reveal her identity to Ma Yingxiong and not to rush with her plans. Qi Pa also felt that although Ma Yingxiong was loyal and brave, he was unreliable in his thinking, so she accepted Li Xiong's advice.

Meanwhile, Ma Yingxiong accidentally knocked over the food and called out to see Qi Pa. Chun'er had no choice but to personally deliver the delicacies to him. However, when the two met, they accidentally embraced each other. Ma Yingxiong's heart raced with great interest in this little palace maid. Su Daqiang learned of this and sent Haitang, disguised as Chun'er, to use Ma Yingxiong to drug Kui Mu Lang.

Episode 10 Recap

In order to give Qi Pa a satisfactory marriage proposal, Kui Mu Lang specifically asked Liu Jun to consult with Hong Xiu about what Qi Pa likes. One day, as Qi Pa was about to leave, she encountered the unhappy Hong Xiu at the door. After inquiring, she found out that Hong Xiu had misunderstood Liu Jun to be in love with someone else. Just then, Liu Jun walked over and directly stated that he came to find Hong Xiu. Qi Pa, being a gossip lover, watched the two with meaningful eyes. Hong Xiu was extremely shy but didn't forget her mission and quickly invited Qi Pa into the room.

Learning that Liu Jun was helping Kui Mu Lang prepare for the marriage proposal, Hong Xiu's gloomy mood instantly disappeared. She often heard Qi Pa talk about things related to the Da Xia Kingdom, including the proposal customs, so she naturally took notes. Seeing Hong Xiu talk so confidently, Liu Jun became entranced. However, in the blink of an eye, Qi Pa had already left.

Qi Pa quietly went to Ma Yingxiong's place to plan their escape. But just as she spoke, Hong Xiu and Liu Jun showed up. Qi Pa and Ma Yingxiong sat facing each other, pretending to be sad and shedding tears. Seeing this, Hong Xiu guessed that Qi Pa was homesick. That night, Haitang disguised herself as Chun'er and intentionally approached Ma Yingxiong, claiming to have a way to help him and Qi Pa escape. She handed Ma Yingxiong a bottle of "Soft Tendon Powder" and signaled him to drug Kui Mu Lang, gaining time for their escape. However, Ma Yingxiong was always upright and refused Haitang's well-intentioned proposal.

The candlelight created an ambiguous atmosphere, with the room filled with colorful flowers, and flower petals scattered on the floor. Whether it was the night's dew or visiting spirits offering blessings, the room was filled with smoke, bewitching people's hearts. Kui Mu Lang looked sincerely at Qi Pa and asked if she was satisfied with his marriage proposal. Qi Pa was surprised; she never expected Kui Mu Lang to take her nonsense seriously and put so much effort into proposing to her. Then, Kui Mu Lang brought a bouquet of roses and slowly approached Qi Pa. At this moment, the proud Beastly King willingly knelt down in front of the one he adored, requesting her to marry him.

Qi Pa slowly accepted the bouquet and said, word by word, "I do." She told Kui Mu Lang that she understood his kindness towards her and decided to become his queen. However, Ma Yingxiong had been through too much in the past few days, and if he witnessed her marriage, he might suffer further trauma. Therefore, Qi Pa suggested that Ma Yingxiong should be sent back to Da Xia before the wedding. In a joyous mood, Kui Mu Lang readily agreed to Qi Pa's request.

Early the next day, Kui Mu Lang dressed up as Li Xiong and met Qi Pa. Seeing her happy, he thought she was satisfied with last night's proposal. However, he never expected that all of last night's events were part of Qi Pa's plan. She simply wanted to lower his guard, so she could sneak away with Ma Yingxiong. Hearing this, Kui Mu Lang felt like something was blocking his chest, making him feel uncomfortable. Qi Pa's words gradually became unclear, and Kui Mu Lang suddenly felt dizzy and overwhelmed with mixed emotions.

After careful consideration, Kui Mu Lang decided to use the same trick and pretend not to know Qi Pa's plan while secretly sending Hu Die to switch Qi Pa's suitcase. This way, he could fulfill his promise to Qi Pa and keep her with him. So, that day, when Ma Yingxiong arrived at the city gate, Kui Mu Lang suddenly appeared, insisting on personally escorting them out. However, he never expected that Haitang would intercept Qi Pa halfway and make her faint.

Episode 11 Recap

Kui Mu Lang escorted Ma Yingxiong and his party to the Misty Forest. However, one of the guards carrying the luggage suddenly stopped, gasping for breath due to the weight of the box. Kui Mu Lang knowingly asked why the clothes in the box were so heavy. Ma Yingxiong felt embarrassed and scolded the guards to divert attention. Soon, the box made a sound and emitted a strange odor.

Hu Die pushed open the box and walked out of it. Ma Yingxiong was confused but quickly drew his knife to rescue Qi Pa. However, they were no match for Hu Die and Liu Jun and were easily subdued. At that moment, a guard from the Beastly King Palace arrived and reported that Qi Pa was missing. Kui Mu Lang became extremely worried and heard cries for help from deep within the forest.

Qi Pa woke up to find herself in the Misty Forest, and when she looked at Chun'er, she saw a murderous intent in her eyes. Scared, Qi Pa tried to move backward but had no strength to resist. Just as Chun'er was about to approach, Kui Mu Lang suddenly appeared and drove her away. Qi Pa was surprised and wondered how Kui Mu Lang knew she was there.

However, before he could respond, he suddenly knelt down. Chun'er had already gotten up and rushed towards them with a dagger. Seeing this, Qi Pa hurried to stand in front of Kui Mu Lang, and he managed to use his last bit of strength to turn and shield her.

Kui Mu Lang woke up and anxiously inquired about Qi Pa's condition, relieved to find she was unharmed. In fact, when he fought with Ma Yingxiong, he realized that he had been drugged with the "Soft Tendon Powder." However, this drug was a forbidden medicine of the Beastly Tribe, and the fact that Ma Yingxiong had it meant he was colluding with the tribe. Kui Mu Lang was about to ask Ma Yingxiong when he learned that Hu Die had already taken him to the three elders. Upon hearing this news, Kui Mu Lang and Qi Pa rushed to the main hall. However, the elders insisted on following the law to punish Ma Yingxiong, and even Kui Mu Lang's words were of no help.

Qi Pa suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable and almost vomited. Seeing this, everyone suspected that she might be pregnant with the Beastly Tribe's offspring. Kui Mu Lang was about to explain when Qi Pa urgently interrupted, claiming that she was indeed pregnant. Confused, Kui Mu Lang saw Qi Pa's plea for help in her eyes and decided to admit it, stating that they should not take lives at this time. Letting Kui Mu Lang have offspring was the elders' wish, and Ma Yingxiong was Qi Pa's family, so the elders would no longer make things difficult for them.

Qi Pa couldn't help but ask why the three elders' status was above that of the Beastly King. Kui Mu Lang patiently explained that the Elder Council's authority was above his; however, they usually secluded themselves and rarely appeared. The two reviewed the events of the day and agreed to a temporary arrangement: Qi Pa promised to marry Kui Mu Lang and continue pretending to be pregnant, while Kui Mu Lang must help Qi Pa send Ma Yingxiong and the others back to Da Xia and allow Qi Pa to leave in three months.

On that day, with her face covered, and Qi Pa in a daze, she naturally couldn't remember the appearance of her kidnapper. So, she and Kui Mu Lang went to the dungeon to inquire about Ma Yingxiong. However, Ma Yingxiong refused to reveal the truth and seemed to care a lot about Chun'er. Just then, news of Chun'er's disappearance arrived, and Qi Pa couldn't help but suspect that the kidnapper might be the assassin from that night.

Later, Qi Pa found Ma Yingxiong and told him that the Chun'er he encountered might have been disguised by someone else. After weighing the pros and cons, Ma Yingxiong finally decided to reveal the truth. This clarified the whole situation. Qi Pa was relieved and exclaimed that she and Li Xiong could finally return to Da Xia. However, Ma Yingxiong told Qi Pa that Zi Mei had always been in the Da Xia Palace.

Episode 12 Recap

Qi Pa learned from Ma Yingxiong that Zi Mei had been in the Da Xia Imperial Palace all this time, and his waist token had disappeared that night. Qi Pa recalled her previous encounter with Li Xiong and suddenly realized that everything was too coincidental back then. As she went through all the experiences that followed, she finally understood why Li Xiong had always been so strange. Subsequently, she found Li Xiong and interrogated him about his true identity. She couldn't help feeling like a joke; no wonder every time she did something, Kui Mu Lang knew about it, and no wonder every time she tried to escape, she failed.

Qi Pa felt as if her heart had been burned with a hole; her trust in Li Xiong was completely destroyed in that moment. Li Xiong wanted to explain, but he was speechless. He instinctively reached out to hold Qi Pa's hand, but no words came out of his mouth. Seeing him remain silent for a long time, Qi Pa shook off his hand and left without looking back. Li Xiong was also in agony, but he didn't know where to start unraveling the tangled mess of emotions.

Elder Qi brought a doctor to pulse Qi Pa. She hurriedly stopped them, stating that in the Da Xia Kingdom, pregnant women cannot have physical contact with unfamiliar men. But Elder Qi was still worried, so he asked the doctor to diagnose Qi Pa by feeling her pulse through a suspended thread. Qi Pa complied and wrapped the thread around her finger while separated by a curtain. The doctor was scared and quickly threw away the thread. Qi Pa then lied, claiming that her ancestral spirit had given her a dream, saying that the fetus in her belly was the rare Purple Micro Star that only appears once every hundred years, and her pulse would naturally be different from an ordinary person's. Elder Qi and the doctor believed her and suggested a prompt wedding.

After thoroughly searching the entire Huashou City, Hu Die and the others finally found the real Chun'er. However, she had been given a paralyzing potion and was still unconscious. After the imperial physician's treatment, Chun'er finally woke up. There were no external or internal injuries on her body, which proved that she was not the one who fought with Kui Mu Lang that day. The next day, Kui Mu Lang brought Chun'er to the prison and confronted Ma Yingxiong.

When Ma Yingxiong saw Chun'er, whom he had missed day and night, he was overjoyed and rushed to hug her. However, Chun'er's eyes were filled with unfamiliarity, and she didn't want to get too close to Ma Yingxiong. In his eagerness, Ma Yingxiong mentioned the incident where she accidentally fell into his arms that day. But Chun'er had no memory of it and even blamed Ma Yingxiong for making up lies to ruin her reputation.

On the main hall, Kui Mu Lang told everyone that the one who attacked him and Qi Pa that day was not Chun'er, and Ma Yingxiong was an innocent victim who had been bewitched. The only person who could disguise as Chun'er without being noticed was Qing Gu Gu, who had framed Qi Pa that day. Qing Gu Gu was likely connected to the major change that happened five years ago. After discussions among the three elders, they decided to clear Ma Yingxiong's suspicion, but they would continue to investigate whether Chun'er was being manipulated by someone.

Worried that Chun'er might suffer, Ma Yingxiong offered his life as a guarantee. Qi Pa also stood up for Chun'er, emphasizing that the priority was to catch the real culprit and not to blame the victim. Hu Die agreed with Qi Pa's view and requested the elders to be cautious. Finally, under Qi Pa's suggestion, they decided to punish Chun'er by having her and Ma Yingxiong plant trees together in the outskirts. With this matter settled, Kui Mu Lang and Qi Pa's wedding naturally became a priority. Invitations were sent out to everyone in the palace, including Su He, and even the younger brother of Kui Mu Lang, Jing Muan, though he seemed to have received no such invitation. Despite acting nonchalant on the surface, he couldn't help feeling angry for not being invited.

Episode 13 Recap

The Huashou Palace was decorated with red decorations from top to bottom, creating a festive atmosphere. Everyone was busy, but genuinely happy, except for Hu Die, who felt hurt and unappreciated by Kui Mu Lang. Bai Ke noticed her mood and went to console her, saying that Kui Mu Lang actually valued her a lot. As they spoke, a lantern suddenly fell from above. Bai Ke acted quickly, pulling Hu Die into his arms and blocking the lantern. The atmosphere turned awkward, and Hu Die quickly broke free and left before Bai Ke could notice.

Hong Xiu went to check Qi Pa's wedding gown and unexpectedly fell into Liu Jun's embrace. Both of their faces turned red in an instant, causing others to tease them. Embarrassed, they coughed a few times and then said they would go check Qi Pa and Kui Mu Lang's wedding attire. The groom's attire was in Area A, while the bride's was in Area B. However, they didn't realize that the two areas were separated only by a folding screen. As they moved past one display screen after another, they suddenly saw each other's faces.

Jing Muan sought out Qi Pa, intending to disrupt the wedding. However, Qi Pa was determined to proceed with the wedding because she now knew that she couldn't return to Da Xia alone. Moreover, this time she wanted to protect Ma Yingxiong and the group of Da Xia soldiers. Qi Pa advised Jing Muan that he was no match for Kui Mu Lang and should give up his schemes.

Meanwhile, Kui Mu Lang had begun to suspect that Jing Muan was colluding with the thieves. Coincidentally, Jing Muan came to confront Kui Mu Lang, questioning why he wasn't allowed to attend the wedding. Kui Mu Lang didn't conceal the truth and straightforwardly stated that Jing Muan was a wanted criminal and unsuitable to participate in a major palace event. Hearing this, Jing Muan got angry and crossed the folding screen to approach Kui Mu Lang. With the situation having come to this point, Kui Mu Lang had no choice but to be honest and asked Jing Muan why he was collaborating with the mysterious person. Unexpectedly, Jing Muan denied everything and even became insolent, accusing Kui Mu Lang of forcing him into these actions. He then lifted Kui Mu Lang's mask.

Enraged, Kui Mu Lang choked Jing Muan's neck. However, being blood-related brothers, Kui Mu Lang couldn't bring himself to take Jing Muan's life. In the end, Kui Mu Lang ordered Jing Muan to be taken back to his room under heavy guard. On the way, they encountered Elder Lu, who had always loved Jing Muan. Elder Lu took Jing Muan back to the Elder's Court and after a trial, Jing Muan was returned to his room. Jing Muan was furious and decided to expose Kui Mu Lang's true identity on the day of the wedding. Bai Ke used his special ability to dig a secret tunnel. Jing Muan followed the tunnel and found Ma Yingxiong, urging him to disrupt the wedding.

On the wedding day, Ma Yingxiong suddenly brought Jing Muan along, warning Qi Pa not to marry Kui Mu Lang. Confused about Ma Yingxiong's actions, Qi Pa frowned. Jing Muan also acted distressed and pleaded with Kui Mu Lang to save him. Hu Die and the others quickly gathered around, but they seemed indifferent to Jing Muan's life or death. As the two sides confronted each other, Jing Muan suddenly turned around, snatched Ma Yingxiong's sword, and flew towards the high platform. The sword passed directly through Kui Mu Lang's mask and firmly embedded itself into the wooden surface. As the mask was slowly removed, everyone realized that the one wearing the wedding attire was not Kui Mu Lang but Liu Jun. After the farce was over, Kui Mu Lang slowly approached and continued with the wedding.

Episode 14 Recap

Kui Mu Lang sat down next to Qi Pa and began to talk about his past. Kui Mu Lang and Jing Muan were blood-related brothers who grew up together, playing and having fun. However, after Kui Mu Lang became the Huashou King, Jing Muan started to oppose him at every turn and even instigated a coup. As a result, Kui Mu Lang imprisoned Jing Muan for five years, hoping that he would reform, but instead, Jing Muan's hatred towards him grew stronger.

From this, Qi Pa could also guess why tonight's farce had occurred. She took the opportunity to inquire if Ma Yingxiong had a chance to reform like Jing Muan. Upon hearing Kui Mu Lang's affirmative answer, Qi Pa felt relieved. Looking at Qi Pa's face, Kui Mu Lang couldn't help but sigh; it was only the second time they could talk so calmly. Qi Pa couldn't resist asking why he remembered everything so clearly. Unexpectedly, Kui Mu Lang sincerely replied that he remembered every moment and every word they spoke.

Qi Pa blushed at his words, and before the atmosphere could become more ambiguous, she excused herself to rest in her palace and tried to leave. However, Kui Mu Lang stopped her and insisted that they should still put on a show tonight, as it was their wedding night after all. Seeing Kui Mu Lang walk away, Qi Pa quickly used a folding screen to block her path. She told him that she had no choice but to sleep in his palace tonight, but she reminded him not to cross this folding screen. Kui Mu Lang smiled indulgently and replied, "Okay."

That night, Kui Mu Lang sat by the desk, reading while constantly remembering the "Three Chapters on Conduct" that Qi Pa had given him. Qi Pa sat by the bedside, worried that Kui Mu Lang wouldn't follow the rules in the middle of the night and would refuse to rest. However, the night breeze seemed to have a hypnotic effect, and before long, Qi Pa fell asleep in a daze. Kui Mu Lang slowly approached and covered her with a blanket.

Early the next morning, Kui Mu Lang changed into Li Xiong's attire to escort Qi Pa. Along the way, whenever the palace maids saw Qi Pa, they stopped and called her "Queen" while wishing her a happy wedding. Qi Pa blushed and hurriedly lowered her head, trying to walk quickly, but she was stopped by Elder Qi. Elder Qi gave her many gifts and even arranged for Nanny Xiong to take care of her. Helpless, Qi Pa could only ask Kui Mu Lang to help her divert Nanny Xiong's attention. Kui Mu Lang readily agreed and used the excuse that Qi Pa needed to assist in the investigation of the Soft Tendon Powder, keeping her by his side.

The bottle of Soft Tendon Powder was labeled with the three characters "Drink Tendon Powder." Qi Pa and Li Xiong planned to investigate the handwriting of everyone in the palace. So, Qi Pa used the pretext of collecting wedding blessings to obtain letters from everyone. However, after flipping through many letters, they couldn't find a matching handwriting, but they did discover that the literacy level in the Huashou Palace was not very high. Li Xiong felt embarrassed and silently vowed to ensure that everyone could read and write so that Qi Pa wouldn't look down on them. Just as they were talking, Nanny Xiong came to rush Qi Pa back to rest. Qi Pa had a headache but had no choice but to return to her palace.

In no time, Ma Yingxiong was about to be sent back to Da Xia, but he couldn't bear to leave because there was a girl he loved in the Huashou Palace. To help Ma Yingxiong get a chance to confess to Xiang Chun'er, Qi Pa suggested to Kui Mu Lang that they should hold a beach volleyball match before Ma Yingxiong left. Kui Mu Lang didn't ask many questions and readily agreed to Qi Pa's proposal. The next day, the first-ever beach volleyball match in the Huashou Palace commenced in full swing.

Episode 15 Recap

The first beach volleyball tournament at the Huashou Palace was in full swing, and Jing Muan also arrived with Elder Lu. To accompany Qi Pa, Kui Mu Lang had Liu Jun put on his mask, while he continued to disguise himself as Li Xiong. In the beach volleyball match, each team had three players, and they could use different parts of their bodies to hit the ball. If the ball fell on their own side of the floor, the opponent would win. Players were not allowed to step out of bounds, the game started when the ball rotated, and it ended when the ball fell into a hole, and the one with the higher score won.

Under Hong Xiu's command, the match officially began. Ma Yingxiong, known as the volleyball champion of Da Xia, easily defeated the Huashou team in the first round, leaving them helpless and winning the first point. The Huashou team was determined to regain face in the second round. However, due to exerting too much force, they not only failed to score but also accidentally injured their teammate. The audience couldn't help but sigh, even Kui Mu Lang shook his head.

Seeing how formidable the Da Xia team was, none of the substitutes from the Huashou team were willing to step onto the court. Finally, Bai Ke promptly picked someone, and they managed to form a team. In the third round, the two sides were evenly matched, and everyone held their breath, hoping the Huashou team would win the first point. However, at a critical moment, Hu Die accidentally let out a stinky fart, causing everyone to cover their noses. As a result, the Huashou team lost another point.

In the fourth round, Ma Yingxiong's ball went straight towards Bai Ke. On reflex, Bai Ke used his elbow to block, but the ball fell into the opponent's territory. Due to his hedgehog bloodline, Bai Ke was considered to have committed a foul in this round. Unable to bear it any longer, Li Xiong decided to take the court himself. However, Ma Yingxiong was too strong, and the Huashou team was left with only Li Xiong on the court. Just then, Jing Muan volunteered and aimed to save face for the Huashou tribe. In the following matches, the two brothers from the Huashou tribe worked together with tacit understanding and scored one point after another.

In the end, the Da Xia team won by one point. However, Jing Muan found it strange that Li Xiong's behavior and mannerisms were quite similar to those of a young Kui Mu Lang. Later, Kui Mu Lang personally escorted Ma Yingxiong and the others out of the Huashou City. Chun'er rushed to say goodbye, and they confessed their feelings to each other, beginning a long-distance relationship.

Meanwhile, Qi Pa tried various ways to fall down to fake a miscarriage due to her pregnancy lies. However, everyone in the Huashou Palace took great care of her and paid attention to every detail, making it impossible for her to create any accidents. That night, she used the excuse of going out for a stroll and asked Hong Xiu to take her to a less crowded place. While Hong Xiu was swinging on a swing, Qi Pa pretended to fall. However, just then, Kui Mu Lang suddenly appeared and stopped her.

Elder Lu found Su He, saying that he had a way to handle Hai Tang's body secretly and cut off Kui Mu Lang's clue. That day, Xiaoniang and Elder Lu brought Hai Tang, who was at the brink of death, to a cliff outside the city. Seeing Elder Lu's panicked appearance, Xiaoniang suspected that he had ulterior motives with Jing Muan. Nevertheless, the cliff was indeed the best place to dispose of the body. So, Xiaoniang kicked Hai Tang off the cliff, and Elder Lu had already set up a large net below, saving Hai Tang.

Following Qi Pa's instructions, Hong Xiu brought wolf fairy grass dew. Qi Pa held the dew and had some devious plans in mind. She thought that as long as Kui Mu Lang got angry with her, she could pretend to be emotionally affected and have a miscarriage. So, Qi Pa quickly instructed Hong Xiu to fetch Kui Mu Lang. Afterward, she eagerly sprinkled the dew all over her body, looking forward to the drama that would unfold tonight.

Kui Mu Lang arrived at Qi Pa's palace but was surprised to find her dressed so provocatively, exuding a mesmerizing aura. Kui Mu Lang was momentarily stunned, unsure of what Qi Pa was up to.

Episode 16 Recap

Seeing Kui Mu Lang entering, Qi Pa walked up slowly and uncovered his mask. Taking advantage of his inattention, Qi Pa waved her sleeve vigorously in front of him. Before long, Kui Mu Lang felt something was wrong all over his body and desperately grabbed his clothes to calm himself. Seeing Kui Mu Lang's strange appearance, Qi Pa was delighted and continued to provoke him, making him angry and attack her.

Unable to control himself, Kui Mu Lang went forward and hugged Qi Pa. However, instead of angry scolding, Qi Pa received affectionate closeness from him. Qi Pa found it incredible and quickly pushed Kui Mu Lang away, urging him to go back. Thus, Qi Pa learned something new: when one's animal instincts are unleashed, it doesn't mean they become angry but rather turn into a little puppy. Qi Pa couldn't help but think that if she controlled the dosage next time, she might be able to make Kui Mu Lang agree to her requests while under the hallucinogenic effects.

On the other hand, Kui Mu Lang had never expected that Qi Pa's three-month agreement was just a temporary plan. Once she successfully staged a miscarriage, she would find a way to escape from the Huashou City. Liu Jun was also anxious and suggested to Kui Mu Lang to surprise Qi Pa. Without hesitation, the next day, Kui Mu Lang disguised himself as Li Xiong and took Qi Pa outside. It was bustling with people here, and various goods were on display, resembling a street in Da Xia. Qi Pa was very happy, and her long-suppressed heart felt a bit of joy.

Qi Pa strolled around for a while and finally bought a scented sachet, saying she wanted to give it to Kui Mu Lang. On the side, Li Xiong secretly rejoiced. However, he never imagined that when Qi Pa mentioned the principle of reciprocity, she meant to use the sachet to secretly stash wolf fairy grass, furthering her own plan.

At night, Kui Mu Lang invited Qi Pa to the top of the mountain and brought her to the edge of a cliff. There, a gentle breeze brushed through their hair. Not far away grew a tree of unknown species, shining brightly under the moonlight. Qi Pa followed Kui Mu Lang to the cliff's edge, looking at the thousands of lights below, resembling a colorful fireworks display. Qi Pa's heart suddenly calmed down. During her time with the Huashou tribe, it was the first time she had seen the night view of the Huashou City. Kui Mu Lang told Qi Pa that if she had anything she wanted to do or places she wanted to go in the future, she could tell him, and he would fulfill her wishes. Qi Pa was pleasantly surprised and thought of asking if she could go back home, but Kui Mu Lang preemptively said that it was an exception.

Qi Pa wasn't angry and then took out the scented sachet, waving it in front of Kui Mu Lang. Kui Mu Lang inhaled the wolf fairy grass and immediately exhibited a puppy-like behavior. While Kui Mu Lang was dazed, Qi Pa hypnotized him into announcing her miscarriage the next day. However, Kui Mu Lang suddenly woke up and rejected Qi Pa's request. It was then that Qi Pa realized that whether there was a three-month agreement or not, Kui Mu Lang simply didn't want to send her back.

Hai Tang woke up and learned that she had been abandoned by Xiaoniang. Unable to hold back her sadness, she burst into tears. Xiaoniang had been with her since childhood, teaching her carefully, cultivating her into a knife that Su He could rely on and a home she could return to. However, now she suddenly realized that she was just a knife that could be summoned and dismissed for Su He and Xiaoniang. Thinking of this, Hai Tang couldn't help but feel a sense of despair. But since Jing Muan saved her, she could only continue to be someone else's tool.

That day, Li Xiong hurriedly came and said he wanted to take Qi Pa out of the palace. After arriving at the Misty Forest, Li Xiong apologized to Qi Pa, hoping she would understand that his original intention was for her good. Just as he was speaking, Hai Tang suddenly appeared in the forest and attacked the two. In order to protect Qi Pa, Li Xiong was unfortunately struck by a poisoned arrow, and he fell unconscious. Qi Pa didn't have time to think and immediately bent down to suck the poison from Li Xiong's hand.

Episode 17 Recap

Fortunately, Qi Pa managed to draw out the poison in time, saving Li Xiong's life. However, he already had internal injuries, and his body was weak, leaving him unconscious. After a while, he finally woke up. The first thing he did was ask Qi Pa if she could forgive him. Seeing Li Xiong in such a weak state, Qi Pa naturally agreed to forgive him. Upon hearing Qi Pa's forgiveness, Li Xiong once again fell unconscious.

Elder Qi rushed over in a hurry, and upon seeing the bloodstains on Qi Pa's skirt, he became worried. Qi Pa had been concerned about Li Xiong's injuries, and if it weren't for Elder Qi's strange look, she wouldn't have noticed the bloodstains on her skirt from Li Xiong's wounds. So, she quickly came up with a plan and claimed that she had a miscarriage. Elder Qi was extremely anxious and immediately called for a physician to check Qi Pa's pulse. In a short while, the physician reported to Elder Qi that Qi Pa had indeed lost the baby. Pretending to be sorrowful, Qi Pa touched her belly and cried.

Innocent Hong Xiu thought that Qi Pa had actually miscarried, feeling sad and upset. Qi Pa, seeing her like this, asked her to go outside and buy some candy to console her wounded heart. Liu Jun, seeing Hong Xiu downcast, followed her. He also comforted her, saying that Qi Pa had a miscarriage, and as someone closest to Qi Pa, she should stay strong and help Qi Pa during this time. Upon hearing Liu Jun's words, Hong Xiu finally eased her frown.

Liu Jun also went out to find the Wolf Orchid for Li Xiong and accompanied Hong Xiu. However, they couldn't find this precious herb in several pharmacies. Hong Xiu had an idea and hired some street kids with candies to help search for a pharmacy that had the Wolf Orchid. In no time, one of the kids came back with the news that they had found it.

Li Xiong had a nightmare in which a mysterious person abducted Qi Pa, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't defeat that person. Watching Qi Pa covered in blood, Li Xiong finally expressed his feelings and confessed that he had always liked her. Sitting by his bedside, Qi Pa listened to these words and couldn't help but smile; it turned out Li Xiong also liked her. Soon, Liu Jun and Hong Xiu returned. By this time, the sun had set, and Liu Jun was worried that Li Xiong's true identity might be exposed, so he tried to find a way to distract Qi Pa. However, Qi Pa was concerned about Li Xiong and refused to leave. Helpless, Liu Jun had to examine Li Xiong's body. Strangely, he didn't transform.

Late at night, Kui Mu Lang finally woke up. He was also puzzled as to why he hadn't transformed. Liu Jun speculated that it might be because Qi Pa had sucked out the venom, and the Spirit Pearl had been inside her for five years, so the two had possibly merged. However, there was no concrete evidence, so they had to take it one step at a time. Kui Mu Lang had decided to continue living with Qi Pa in the guise of Li Xiong.

Li Xiong asked Qi Pa why she suddenly got angry with him. After thinking it through, he suspected it was because of the nonsensical things he said after he passed out, which upset Qi Pa. Hearing this, Qi Pa was annoyed, feeling itchy about it. The words she trusted to be genuine were seen as nonsense by Li Xiong. Seeing Qi Pa getting angry, Li Xiong became more convinced that his ramblings caused her to ignore him. So, he quickly apologized to Qi Pa. Feeling a bit awkward, Qi Pa asked Li Xiong if he remembered what he said that day. Seeing Li Xiong still in a dazed state, Qi Pa helplessly leaned closer to the corner of his mouth and kissed him.

After confirming their relationship, their smiles never ceased. With Hong Xiu's reminder, Qi Pa remembered there was still Kui Mu Lang. She didn't want to play both sides, so she decided to find Kui Mu Lang and clarify things with him as soon as possible.

Episode 18 Recap

Back at the palace, Kui Mu Lang was still savoring the kiss he had just shared with Qi Pa. Liu Jun approached and handed him a memorial, but Kui Mu Lang didn't even notice it. Seeing Kui Mu Lang so happy, Liu Jun couldn't help but inquire. Kui Mu Lang was a bit shy but managed to confess that he and Qi Pa were now together. Liu Jun was delighted and eagerly asked about the Spirit Pearl. According to ancient records, Kui Mu Lang and Qi Pa needed to be truly connected in heart and mind to obtain the Spirit Pearl. However, Qi Pa's affections lay with Li Xiong during the daytime, not fully with Kui Mu Lang, so they weren't truly connected in that sense.

While feeling distressed, they heard Qi Pa's voice from outside. She came straight to the point, stating that she had found someone she liked and formally requested a breakup. Kui Mu Lang firmly refused and reminded her of their agreement for the third month. Qi Pa found it dull and left, waving her sleeves.

At night, Qi Pa anxiously watched outside the door, hoping to see a familiar figure. After a while, she heard some movement behind her, and when she turned around, it was Hong Xiu. A sense of disappointment appeared on Qi Pa's face. Hong Xiu, perceptive as she was, quickly noticed that Qi Pa was waiting for someone. Embarrassed at being exposed, Qi Pa changed the subject and asked about Liu Jun's situation.

Hong Xiu told Qi Pa that Liu Jun was born with venomous snake bloodline, which was why he always wore gloves. Despite that, he had always been troubled by this fact, and nobody in the palace dared to mention it. Today, she had given Liu Jun a purse, but he accidentally broke it. Hong Xiu clearly saw the change in Liu Jun's expression. She wanted to tell him that his venomous bloodline didn't matter to her, but she felt a bit awkward about it.

Qi Pa waited the whole night but still didn't see any sign of Li Xiong. After careful consideration, she decided to put aside her pride and go find him. As she opened the door, she saw petals scattered all over the place, with a big flower bucket in the center. Then, everyone came in. Qi Pa was puzzled by the gathering and was about to inquire when she saw several people opening what they held in their hands. Then, flower petals fluttered down, surrounding Qi Pa in a circle. They loudly wished her a happy birthday. Qi Pa was pleasantly surprised, as she didn't expect Kui Mu Lang to remember her birthday. Not only that, he had even prepared a birthday cake for her. Qi Pa was entranced, but her thoughts were unknown.

Later, everyone presented their birthday gifts. Qi Pa couldn't understand why each gift was more unusual than the other. Kui Mu Lang gave her a wolf tooth necklace, a token of affection that wolves presented to their beloved. Qi Pa felt a bit embarrassed and was about to refuse, but Kui Mu Lang hurriedly placed the necklace in her hand, suggesting she take it as a protective charm. In this situation, Qi Pa could only accept it for now.

As everyone celebrated their own birthdays, Qi Pa was naturally happy, but she was still waiting for the gift she anticipated the most, which had not arrived yet. Later, Liu Jun delivered a letter from Li Xiong, inviting her to meet him at the city gate. They arrived at a cave outside the city, exquisitely arranged, with a view of a beautiful galaxy from the top of the cave. Qi Pa was overjoyed and lightly kissed Li Xiong on the forehead. Unable to contain his feelings, Li Xiong embraced her waist and kissed her.

To assassinate Kui Mu Lang, Jing Muan planned to have Haitang disguise herself as Liu Jun. However, since Liu Jun was often with Kui Mu Lang, his behavior, personality, and temper were well understood by him. It would be risky to attempt the assassination, as it might lead to certain death. After much consideration, Haitang came up with a plan—the beauty scheme. Seeing Jing Muan's skepticism, she demonstrated her seductive techniques, trying to tempt him. The little prince was indeed bewitched by Haitang and almost lost his senses. For some unknown reason, he rejected Haitang's proposal.

Episode 19 Recap

Qi Pa came to the Elder's Court and first humbly apologized for her miscarriage. Then, she pretended to feel guilty and proposed to choose a concubine for Kui Mu Lang. Upon hearing this, the elders looked at each other, seeming very troubled. They knew that Kui Mu Lang, as a member of the wolf clan, followed a one-man-one-wife system and had no need for a harem. Qi Pa was shocked to learn that the mighty Beast King was actually a monogamist.

However, she was not willing to give up and argued that marriages might go through tired periods, so it would be better for Kui Mu Lang to experience the world and find his true love. The elders were deceived by Qi Pa's words and immediately requested Kui Mu Lang to establish an entertainment group. When Kui Mu Lang learned of this, he was furious. Fortunately, Liu Jun came up with an idea: as long as they don't approve the funds, the entertainment group wouldn't be established.

Qi Pa soon found out about this and had to find another way. She approached Chun Er to inquire about the unusual events at the Beast King's Palace. At the top of the list was the mask incident led by Bai Ke. Due to a comment from Hu Die, Bai Ke started wearing a mask, and his considerate behavior became popular among many women. Second on the list was the news about the unrequited love between the venomous lord Liu Jun and the infatuated cat Hu Die. Liu Jun's reluctance to love due to his deadly hands made him the subject of sympathy and tears from the palace's young ladies. Hearing this, Hong Xiu couldn't help feeling sad. Qi Pa noticed Hong Xiu's emotions and comforted her, bringing a smile back to Hong Xiu's face.

For Qi Pa's birthday celebration, Kui Mu Lang organized a novel event, unheard of in the beast tribe, which became a popular topic among the people, and they followed suit, forming a folk trend. Moreover, there were various discussions about their relationship among the common people. Chun Er was about to continue speaking, but Qi Pa felt a bit embarrassed and interrupted her. Hong Xiu couldn't understand why Qi Pa, who was so determined to open an entertainment group, suddenly became interested in the unusual events at the palace. Qi Pa didn't directly answer but gave Hong Xiu a mysterious look.

Afterward, Qi Pa asked Hong Xiu to get Liu Jun's gloves and Chun Er to bring Bai Ke's mask and instructed the two of them to memorize a long passage of lines. When everything was ready, the auction at the Beast King's Palace officially began. Hearing that the auction items were all witnesses of love, the girls' romantic fantasies were triggered, and they started bidding. Hong Xiu, however, couldn't bear to part with Liu Jun's gloves and ended up buying them herself. At the end of the day, Qi Pa finally raised enough funds to open the entertainment group. Thus, the "Black Hand Liu Jun Entertainment Group" was officially established.

Upon hearing this news, Hai Tang also wanted to join the entertainment group. However, Jing Muan was somewhat angry and disagreed. Assassinating Kui Mu Lang had become Hai Tang's obsession, and she wouldn't easily give up this opportunity. Jing Muan had no choice but to tell Hai Tang everything he knew. With his guidance, Hai Tang successfully advanced to the next round.

While everyone was busy with the selection of the concubines, Li Xiong sought out Qi Pa. Qi Pa was delighted and revealed her plan to Li Xiong. She believed that once Kui Mu Lang chose a suitable queen, he would naturally become bored with her, and they could easily divorce, allowing her to be with Li Xiong openly and for a long time. Upon hearing these words, Li Xiong felt a mix of emotions. He also wanted to be with Qi Pa openly and for a long time, but it wasn't possible with his status. As he looked at Qi Pa's happy face, he could only force a smile.

Episode 20 Recap

After going through multiple rounds of selection, four female candidates became members of the Performing Arts Troupe, but in the end, only one person could stay. Starting from tomorrow, the troupe will undergo training and learning, and eventually compete in a performance. Here, Hu Die thought that Bai Ke was enchanted by Haitang and couldn't help but feel a surge of unnamed anger. Bai Ke hurriedly caught up with her, wanting to explain. Hu Die didn't want to listen to him, and raised her hand as if to hit him but unexpectedly, he grabbed her hand. The atmosphere became somewhat ambiguous for a moment, and Hu Die quickly pulled her hand back and walked away without looking back. Bai Ke, on the other hand, remained stunned in place, savoring the warmth of the handshake just now.

Tonight happens to be the night of the full moon, and Kui Mu Lang must rest in seclusion. Jing Muan secretly came to find Haitang and gave her some commonly used cosmetics, clothes, and medicines for girls. However, Haitang didn't appreciate it at all and even told Jing Muan not to come again. Watching Haitang's retreating figure, Jing Muan was stunned and felt an inexplicable sense of loss in his heart.

The official training of the Performing Arts Troupe has begun. Unexpectedly, many observers came to watch, much to Qi Pa's surprise. After taking a deep breath, Qi Pa transformed into the appearance of an instructor and began the formal class. Everyone wanted to enhance their charm and find love, as those with high charm often have better success in love. The first day's lesson started with communication and behavior. To facilitate everyone's learning, Qi Pa specially invited Bai Ke as their assistant. When the majestic Bai Ke appeared, one of the female students couldn't help but exclaim, showing a lovesick expression on her face.

In the first lesson, the four members took turns to face Bai Ke and recite affectionate lines. The first member on stage voluntarily withdrew from the class due to inadequate psychological endurance. The following two were either too straightforward or spoke with an accent, making Qi Pa feel embarrassed. However, Haitang performed smoothly and gained everyone's admiration as soon as she spoke. After class, when no one was paying attention, Haitang poisoned the makeup of the other members. One of them, after applying the toxic makeup, suddenly broke out in red rashes, looking quite horrifying.

Kui Mu Lang couldn't just sit back and wait, so he took the initiative to approach those members and attempted to sabotage the Performing Arts Troupe. It was effortless for him when he encountered the member with red rashes, completing the first step without any trouble. Afterward, he found the member infatuated with martial arts and successfully conquered her with force. But when he came to Haitang, no schemes worked. Helpless, Kui Mu Lang had to go find Qi Pa. Just as they exchanged a few words, the two members rushed in and handed in their withdrawal applications. Qi Pa was extremely troubled and could only place her hopes on Haitang.

To ensure Haitang's success, Qi Pa brought her in and personally taught her the tango. Meanwhile, Li Xiong quietly crouched at the door, recalling the scene when he danced with Qi Pa in the past. Seeing Li Xiong's figure, Qi Pa couldn't help but show a shy expression on her face, and she walked out to have a conversation with him under the peach blossom tree. Seeing the intimacy between the two, Xiaoniang couldn't help but suspect something.

Xiaoniang was collecting herbs in the mountains when she accidentally heard someone calling for help. She followed the sound and found a woman who looked exactly like Su He, the missing young lady from five years ago. However, the woman seemed not to recognize her. Xiaoniang hurriedly told Su Daqiang about this, but his reaction was somewhat strange. Later, Xiaoniang and Su Daqiang went to the "Su He" family to try to take her back.

Episode 21 Recap

The elderly woman at home said that Lan'er was the one she saved in the mountains five years ago. Now that she has found her own relatives, she naturally won't force her to stay. However, she also requested Su Daqiang to follow Lan'er's wishes. Five years ago, Su He fell off a cliff, and her past memories have been sealed away. Now, she is just a country girl named Lan'er who depends on her elderly mother. Therefore, she refuses to go back with Su Daqiang. Su Daqiang doesn't make things difficult and asks the elderly woman to take care of Su He for now.

On the day of the performance, everyone came with their invitations, eager to witness the brilliance of the Performing Arts Troupe's leader. Hu Die also walked gracefully, no longer showing her previous hot-tempered and domineering attitude. Instead, she displayed a more tender and gentle demeanor, earning praise from Chun'er. Complimented by Chun'er, Hu Die couldn't help blushing and feeling shy, so she hesitated to go in. Bai Ke couldn't contain his excitement and happily pulled Hu Die into the palace.

The performance officially began, with Qi Pa dressed in men's attire, dancing with the seductive and charming Haitang in front of everyone. Their dance was graceful and lively, earning continuous praise from the audience. Meanwhile, Jing Muan beside them was already dumbfounded, nearly drooling. However, the true target of this event, Kui Mu Lang, seemed indifferent, only engrossed in drinking.

After the dance, Qi Pa hurriedly introduced Haitang to Kui Mu Lang, hoping to bring them closer. However, Kui Mu Lang seemed not to see Haitang and went straight to Qi Pa, proposing to dance with her. Qi Pa wanted to refuse, but before she could say anything, Kui Mu Lang pulled her into his arms. While dancing with Kui Mu Lang, Qi Pa couldn't help but think of Li Xiong. The feeling was familiar, making her suspect who was in front of her. When Kui Mu Lang heard Qi Pa mention "Li Xiong," he quickly avoided, unable to look her in the eyes. Qi Pa didn't have time to dwell on it and suggested that Kui Mu Lang dance with Haitang as well. Kui Mu Lang refused, and Qi Pa had no choice but to drop the idea.

However, Qi Pa was not someone who would easily back down. She brought Haitang to the center of the palace again and introduced her to Kui Mu Lang with great fanfare. But Kui Mu Lang seemed somewhat displeased and ended the performance early. Haitang felt bored and ready to leave. Qi Pa stopped her and continued to praise Haitang to Kui Mu Lang. Haitang knew that if she left like this, she might never have another chance to get close to Kui Mu Lang.

Haitang knelt down slowly, tears in her eyes, looking weak and helpless, as she told Kui Mu Lang that she got separated from her family since childhood and was sold to a notorious entertainment house, where she suffered a lot and her back was full of scars. Qi Pa helped Haitang up and showed great sympathy, hinting to Kui Mu Lang to let her stay. Finally, Kui Mu Lang agreed to Qi Pa's request, but he only promised to let Haitang stay with Qi Pa.

Qi Pa had to come up with another plan and was determined to make this happen. That night, she found an excuse to distract the guards at the door and let Haitang enter Kui Mu Lang's room alone. Kui Mu Lang became furious and tightly grabbed Haitang's neck. Haitang continued to act weak and dependent to win Kui Mu Lang's sympathy. Kui Mu Lang softened and released her. Haitang then leaned on Kui Mu Lang's shoulder, trying to assassinate him discreetly. But just as she took out her hidden weapon, Qi Pa suddenly barged in from outside. In the end, both of them were driven out by Kui Mu Lang.

Because of Haitang's situation, Kui Mu Lang was constantly frowning, feeling a headache as he didn't know how to handle it. Liu Jun had an idea and suggested a counterplan: summon Haitang to his bedroom to stimulate Qi Pa and make her jealous. With no other options, Kui Mu Lang accepted Liu Jun's suggestion. Soon, rumors spread in the palace, saying that Haitang and Kui Mu Lang's relationship had progressed further, and they were getting along intimately, enjoying themselves night after night.

Episode 22 Recap

Kui Mu Lang deliberately had Haitang play the zither in his palace and then spread the news that they were harmonious and joyfully celebrating every night. However, when Liu Jun came to report this to Qi Pa, she dismissed the rest of the Performing Arts Troupe members without showing any anger. Kui Mu Lang was so furious that he almost fainted and couldn't help but pinch his acupoint. As it was getting dark, Liu Jun quickly reminded Kui Mu Lang that it was time to return to the palace.

Little did they know that Jing Muan was watching their every move not far away. At this moment, Kui Mu Lang still appeared as Li Xiong. There was only one person in the Beast King Palace that Liu Jun respected so much, and that was Kui Mu Lang. Considering everything that happened before, Jing Muan couldn't help but guess that Li Xiong was Kui Mu Lang. However, he clearly saw with his own eyes last time that Kui Mu Lang's appearance had completely changed. The relationship between these two people was still uncertain to Jing Muan.

In order to get close to Kui Mu Lang, Haitang obediently played the zither in the palace all day, and her fingers became abnormally swollen. When Kui Mu Lang finally returned, he drove her away. Later, Kui Mu Lang called Qi Pa, trying to gauge her attitude towards today's events. Upon hearing that Qi Pa didn't care about his feelings and was even happy that Haitang was in his palace, Kui Mu Lang couldn't control his anger and once again made it clear that he wouldn't send her away.

Jing Muan saw Haitang's swollen fingers and felt very distressed, becoming more determined to make Kui Mu Lang pay the price. He told Haitang his speculation, and surprisingly, their thoughts coincided. Haitang disguised herself as Li Xiong and lured Qi Pa to the Misty Forest. Haitang kidnapped Qi Pa, intending to draw Li Xiong out. Before long, Li Xiong indeed arrived.

Li Xiong held back his anger and questioned who was behind Haitang. Haitang didn't answer but instead asked Li Xiong how a mere guard like him could have such skill, and when did Kui Mu Lang have such a person by his side. Li Xiong didn't want to entangle further and tried to save Qi Pa. However, Haitang refused to back down and tightened her grip on the knife. Concerned about Qi Pa's safety, Li Xiong agreed to Haitang's demand. Haitang threw the hidden weapon at Li Xiong, injuring his leg. Li Xiong knelt down in pain, showing a distressed expression.

But Haitang underestimated Li Xiong's strength. Soon, Li Xiong counterattacked and injured Haitang, saving Qi Pa. However, the situation was far from over. With her last bit of strength, Haitang threw another hidden weapon at Li Xiong. Qi Pa quickly turned around and took the hit for Li Xiong. The hidden weapon pointed straight at the back of her head, and she immediately fell unconscious. Li Xiong was filled with rage and revealed Kui Mu Lang's appearance. Jing Muan arrived and confirmed that Li Xiong was indeed Kui Mu Lang.

After treatment, Qi Pa finally woke up, but her vision was completely dark. She felt devastated and just wanted to see Li Xiong. At this time, Li Xiong also woke up and rushed to Qi Pa, giving her some comfort. Afterwards, Kui Mu Lang and Liu Jun reviewed everything and speculated that Haitang and Jing Muan had a close relationship. Therefore, Kui Mu Lang had Bai Ke keep an eye on Jing Muan's every move.

Su Daqiang, determined to take action, threatened Su He with the old woman and made her recall what happened five years ago. It turned out that Su He's existence was a tool Su Daqiang used to deal with Kui Mu Lang. Su He deliberately infiltrated the Beast King Palace and became the Vice Commander. It was also her who informed Su Daqiang of Kui Mu Lang's solo retrieval of the Spirit Pearl and collaborated with Su Daqiang to ambush Kui Mu Lang. However, Su He had completely forgotten about all this, perhaps her subconscious mind did not want to remember. However, for Su Daqiang, Su He was just a useful tool, and he would never let her go so easily. Su Daqiang held Su He's hand and stabbed the sword towards the old woman. As he watched the old woman fall slowly with no sound, Su He's emotions collapsed, and memories from the past flooded back.

Episode 23 Recap

Bai Ke followed Jing Muan's every move as ordered by Kui Mu Lang. When he saw Liu Jun leaving, Bai Ke quietly followed him too. Little did he know that Liu Jun had already been spotted by Hu Die. Upon learning of this, Su He was furious and blamed Jing Muan for being incompetent and jeopardizing their plans. To avoid raising suspicion, Su He instructed Hu Die to keep a close eye on Jing Muan and not let him make any reckless moves.

To take care of Qi Pa more conveniently, Kui Mu Lang ordered Liu Jun to bring her to his own sleeping quarters. However, Qi Pa still harbored resentment towards Kui Mu Lang and refused any contact with him. Helpless, Kui Mu Lang handed her a red string and led her to the bed. Seeing that Qi Pa still couldn't accept her blindness, Kui Mu Lang gently comforted her, saying it was just temporary and her vision would soon recover. However, he was unsure of how long "soon" would be.

Though reluctant to stay in Kui Mu Lang's sleeping quarters, Qi Pa couldn't help but feel afraid when she found herself alone. She couldn't resist asking Kui Mu Lang if he knew any stories. When she was little, her mother used to tell her stories whenever she was scared. Hearing this, Kui Mu Lang readily agreed and started telling Qi Pa a story about a little boy.

The little boy was burdened with the responsibility of his people, always maintaining the dignity of a king. He couldn't indulge in play because he had many tasks to handle every day. He never dared to rest or slack off. Hearing this, Qi Pa couldn't help but think of Li Xiong. Back when he was imprisoned, Li Xiong also told her a similar story. Qi Pa cautiously asked Kui Mu Lang if he was talking about his own story. Kui Mu Lang didn't answer and continued with the story of the little boy.

The boy thought his days would continue calmly, but unexpectedly, a different girl appeared in his life. She was outgoing and cheerful, always doing things differently. For some reason, the boy started thinking about her every day, wanting to share everything with her, give her all the good things in the world, and be with her all the time. At this point in the story, Qi Pa felt uneasy and used the excuse of needing rest to interrupt Kui Mu Lang.

During the night, Qi Pa woke up and called out Kui Mu Lang's name loudly. Kui Mu Lang hurriedly responded, but Qi Pa couldn't wait for him to come to her. She was still not accustomed to living in darkness and accidentally tripped when she stood up. Kui Mu Lang promptly noticed and used magic to teleport in front of her, protecting her. Qi Pa felt a bell in her hand and asked Kui Mu Lang why she had it. He explained that he made the bell and she could ring it whenever she needed help. To ensure her safety, Kui Mu Lang also planned to remove anything that might hinder her in the sleeping quarters.

Every day afterward, Kui Mu Lang personally combed Qi Pa's hair, fed her, and took her outside the palace to experience the natural atmosphere and feel the gentle breeze on her palms. During an accidental fall, Qi Pa ended up in Kui Mu Lang's embrace. With her ear against his chest, she seemed to sense a familiar heartbeat. The next morning, when she woke up, she felt Kui Mu Lang's hand. She couldn't help but feel puzzled because Kui Mu Lang's hands had always been different from others', but now they felt normal.

After days of treatment, Qi Pa's eyes gradually improved. Kui Mu Lang made up his mind to tell her everything once her eyes fully recovered. However, he never expected that Jing Muan had already taken a step ahead.

Episode 24 Recap

Upon learning that Hong Xiu was taking Qi Pa for a walk outside, Jing Muan went to find them. He told Qi Pa that Li Xiong was actually Kui Mu Lang. The two had never appeared at the same time, and Bai Ke and Hu Die had never seen Li Xiong in the palace all these years. Besides, Kui Mu Lang was a cautious person, so how could he believe in this suddenly appearing guard? Kui Mu Lang always wore a mask because he could change his appearance at times, and Li Xiong was his alter ego.

Qi Pa had suspicions about Kui Mu Lang and Li Xiong, but she never had any evidence. Now, hearing what Jing Muan said, she felt even more confused. To unravel the mystery, she decided to test Kui Mu Lang. At night, she sat by the bed as usual, waiting for Kui Mu Lang to come and take care of her rest. In reality, she had already regained her vision, but to confirm her suspicions, she had to pretend to still be blind.

As usual, Qi Pa held a lock of Kui Mu Lang's hair and pretended to fall asleep. Soon, the sun rose. Qi Pa carefully observed Kui Mu Lang beside her and noticed no changes. Just as she thought she might be overthinking, Kui Mu Lang's body suddenly transformed into Li Xiong's appearance right before her eyes.

Qi Pa could hardly believe that Li Xiong and Kui Mu Lang were the same person. But the evidence was right in front of her, making her believe this absurd truth. At that moment, Li Xiong came in carrying the meal. Qi Pa stared at him and asked why he had deceived her. To confirm her suspicion, she tore open Li Xiong's outer garment and found the wound underneath. Li Xiong felt mixed emotions; he didn't know when Qi Pa had regained her sight, nor when she had discovered his identity. At this point, Kui Mu Lang had no reason to hide from Qi Pa anymore.

Kui Mu Lang told Qi Pa about a spiritual spring inside the Beast Transformation City. He needed to continuously channel his inner energy into it to ensure the well-being of the people there. However, this caused a constant depletion of his inner energy. A few years ago, his inner energy was depleted to such an extent that he started changing appearance every night. Therefore, every generation of Beast Kings wore a mask to conceal their face. This was also the highest secret of the Beast King's palace. Their initial meeting was also to search for the Spirit Pearl. Hearing this, Qi Pa was furious and parted ways with Kui Mu Lang.

Heartbroken, Qi Pa decided to leave the Beast King's palace that very night. However, before she left, she learned that Kui Mu Lang would die without the Spirit Pearl. Coincidentally, the Spirit Pearl was inside her, and it could be summoned by a true love's kiss. To repay Kui Mu Lang for his help during this time, Qi Pa decided to return the Spirit Pearl to him. However, Kui Mu Lang refused to accept Qi Pa's pity and sympathy.

Jing Muan brought medicinal herbs to the hut outside the city and found Hai Tang, telling her to take good care of herself. Bai Ke followed him and startled them both. Unexpectedly, Xiaoniang was also following behind and, together with Hai Tang, drove Bai Ke away. Bai Ke quickly returned to the Beast King's palace and reported this to Kui Mu Lang.

Meanwhile, with Xiaoniang's introduction, Jing Muan met Su Daqiang. To his surprise, Su Daqiang asked Jing Muan to use Hai Tang as collateral to demonstrate sincerity. Jing Muan looked at Hai Tang's face and firmly disagreed. However, he decided to use Kui Mu Lang's secret as the collateral for this agreement.

Episode 25 Recap

Since everything has been clarified, Kui Mu Lang had no reason to force Qi Pa to stay. Therefore, he personally escorted her out of the city at night. Suddenly, Hong Xiu caught up and said she wanted to return to Da Xia with Qi Pa. Liu Jun also hurriedly followed and asked if Hong Xiu really intended to leave. Hong Xiu's attitude was resolute, but Qi Pa felt that she had experienced enough of life away from her homeland, and if Hong Xiu returned to Da Xia, she might not be happy either. Qi Pa reminded Liu Jun that love requires courage and asked him to take good care of Hong Xiu.

As they walked into the Misty Forest, Qi Pa suddenly asked why Kui Mu Lang wanted to show her the constellation. Kui Mu Lang stopped and removed his mask, looking into Qi Pa's eyes, and sincerely answered that the constellation was named Kui Mu Lang. Qi Pa's heart was filled with mixed feelings; she should have realized that Li Xiong was Kui Mu Lang. However, fate likes to play tricks on people. Although she had feelings for Kui Mu Lang, deception was deception, and she couldn't cross that barrier.

Facing Qi Pa, Kui Mu Lang opened the barrier and watched her go. Qi Pa hesitated for a moment but eventually stepped out of the barrier. However, when Kui Mu Lang called her name, she turned around, her eyes seemingly expecting something. After waiting for a long time, Kui Mu Lang remained silent. Qi Pa closed her eyes tightly and walked forward with quick steps. But as she walked out of the barrier, she couldn't help turning back, bidding farewell to Kui Mu Lang in her heart. As Qi Pa's figure disappeared completely from sight, Kui Mu Lang couldn't hold back anymore and burst into tears in the vast night.

The next morning, Qi Pa woke up in her own bed. Everything here was both familiar and strange, but she was certain that she had finally returned to the beloved Da Xia Palace. Everyone in the palace was delighted to learn that Qi Pa had returned. Her personal maids had prepared her favorite dishes early in the morning. However, facing all of this, Qi Pa suddenly felt lost. These were all things she had yearned for while at the Beast King's palace, but now she couldn't find the joy she had anticipated.

In an effort to quickly find her happiness, she decided to experience everything she hadn't done before. The next item on her list was shopping. She explored the entire market and bought many things. The palace maids speculated, unable to resist wondering if Qi Pa had experienced a heartbreak. Qi Pa became a bit annoyed and scolded the maid for speaking nonsense. Unbeknownst to her, the maids were now even more convinced that her excessive spending was a result of a post-breakup syndrome. Qi Pa couldn't argue further and walked away, displeased.

On the street, there were cute dolls for sale, including one that resembled a wolf cub. Qi Pa stared at the doll as if she remembered something and hurried back to the palace. After searching, she finally found the wolf fang necklace that Kui Mu Lang had given her as a birthday gift. Looking at the necklace, Qi Pa's heart finally calmed down a bit. On the other side, Kui Mu Lang gradually realized that he liked Qi Pa not just because he needed the Spirit Pearl, but genuinely liked her.

Despite finding some peace in her heart, Qi Pa still felt unhappy and decided to have a drink with Ma Yingxiong. She recalled the time she spent at the Beast King's palace and realized that it wasn't that bad, and in fact, she missed it a lot now. Ma Yingxiong also thought that everyone in the Beast City was actually pretty nice, especially considering they all treated Qi Pa sincerely. However, whenever Qi Pa thought about being deceived by Kui Mu Lang, she couldn't help but get angry. Ma Yingxiong accompanied her in venting her anger for a while, and only then did Qi Pa's anger subside a bit.

Episode 26 Recap

Kui Mu Lang summoned the three elders late at night and announced his intention to abdicate. The Wolf Clan's bloodline only loves one person in their lifetime, and now that Qi Pa has left, he naturally cannot continue to serve as the Beast King as the elders demanded. Seeing Kui Mu Lang's determination, the three elders did not say much and immediately began to select a suitable successor from the Beast Clan.

That night, Princess Xingping went to talk to Qi Pa. She remembered giving Qi Pa a durian keychain before, wishing her to find her true love. But Qi Pa had left the keychain in the Beast City, which made Xingping suspect that she had found her true love. This left Qi Pa speechless for a while, not knowing how to respond. The observant palace maid quickly intervened, reminding Xingping to go back to sleep and dispersing the situation.

Kui Mu Lang couldn't stop worrying about Qi Pa, so he quietly came to the Da Xia Palace. By chance, he overheard Xingping and the palace maid's conversation and understood the true meaning behind the keychain. He took out the durian keychain and examined it for a long time, recalling when Qi Pa had given it to him as a gift when he was just a regular guard named Li Xiong. The sweet memories surged in his heart, causing him to smile involuntarily.

Meanwhile, Qi Pa couldn't sleep due to missing Kui Mu Lang. So, she decided to go outside to get some fresh air. Staring at the bright night sky, she searched for something with her eyes. However, she couldn't find what she was looking for. Suddenly, she heard some noise nearby. Somehow, she instinctively felt that it was Kui Mu Lang. But when she looked in that direction, Kui Mu Lang was hiding in the dark corner, trying to avoid being seen.

Qi Pa woke up Ma Yingxiong, who was sleeping, and told him that she felt Kui Mu Lang had visited last night. Hearing this, Ma Yingxiong was startled and got up, not because he cared about his princess's safety, but because he was concerned about the well-being of his beloved Chun'er. Learning that Qi Pa hadn't met Chun'er, Ma Yingxiong lost interest. However, Qi Pa believed that since Kui Mu Lang came once, he would come again. She instructed Ma Yingxiong to wait for him to catch him by surprise. But Ma Yingxiong knew he was no match for Kui Mu Lang, so he wondered how he could catch him. After deep thought, Qi Pa finally came up with a brilliant plan.

One day, Qi Pa went alone to the back garden. Holding her breath, she buried her head in the hard floor. Just then, Kui Mu Lang appeared as expected. The awkward encounter was broken when Xingping suddenly showed up. Although she was young, she could see that both of them had a glint of joy in their eyes. Not only that, Xingping even boldly addressed Kui Mu Lang as "uncle." Qi Pa felt both happy and embarrassed, so she asked the palace maid to take Xingping away.

Seeing that Qi Pa was doing well, Kui Mu Lang felt relieved. However, Qi Pa suddenly stopped him and suggested returning to the Beast City. Ma Yingxiong was delighted and wanted to follow along. Kui Mu Lang naturally welcomed them and immediately led Qi Pa and Ma Yingxiong back to the Beast City. This return brought gifts from Qi Pa for everyone. These gifts also paved the way for two other romantic relationships.

Hong Xiu tried to walk in the high heels that Qi Pa gave her in the palace garden but struggled to get used to the pretty and unfamiliar shoes. She almost tripped over, but Liu Jun appeared just in time to catch her. Liu Jun considerately took off the shoes for Hong Xiu and carried her back to her room. As for Bai Ke, he received a box of cosmetics, and Qi Pa specifically mentioned that these were things girls would like. However, Bai Ke's straightforward nature led him to distribute all the cosmetics to his soldiers. He was excited to find Hu Die, but unexpectedly, he angered her.

However, the main protagonist, Kui Mu Lang, did not receive a gift from Qi Pa. It seemed intentional, and even his right-hand man, Liu Jun, didn't receive anything either. Little did they know that Qi Pa's gifts were on their way.

Episode 27 Recap

Kui Mu Lang came to find Qi Pa, wanting to apologize for deceiving her before, but she seemed unwilling to hear his apology. Qi Pa sat by the bed, stating that she wanted to take a nap but couldn't speak up. When she lost her sight earlier, Kui Mu Lang was by her side, telling her stories to help her fall asleep. So this time, Qi Pa wanted Kui Mu Lang to tell her a story. Even before Kui Mu Lang could finish speaking, Qi Pa dove under the blanket, waiting for his story.

Kui Mu Lang slowly sat down beside Qi Pa, pondering over what happy story he could tell. When he was young, he couldn't understand why Jing Muan could do whatever he wanted, while he was forced to study every day, to become an outstanding king. On his sixteenth birthday, Kui Mu Lang ran out of the palace without disguise.

It was his first time leaving the palace. Kui Mu Lang stood on the city wall of Huashou, overlooking the whole city and hearing the laughter of the people living happily. At that moment, he suddenly felt relieved, realizing that as long as he could protect everything he loved, he could accept the fate arranged for him. The story was not finished yet, but Qi Pa had fallen into a deep sleep. Kui Mu Lang smiled and gently kissed her forehead. Every moment with Qi Pa was a joyful moment for him.

Hong Xiu and Hao Nan went to the streets together to buy things. Hao Nan, as a guard in the Huashou palace, was highly vigilant about the surroundings and felt like they were being followed secretly. So, she asked Hong Xiu to wait while she investigated the situation alone. As she walked into an alley, she was suddenly blinded by some powder and passed out. On the other side, Hong Xiu couldn't wait any longer for Hao Nan and went to the alley. As expected, she was also knocked unconscious.

Hai Tang and Xi Niang brought Hong Xiu and Hao Nan to Su Daqiang. They made them take a new medicine, and soon, their eyes emitted a green light, and they became soulless, like puppets under someone's control. Su Daqiang tested them by saying "kneel down," and they obeyed without hesitation. However, the effect of the medicine only lasted for one day, so they had to take it daily to remain under control.

Qi Pa was grooming herself in front of the mirror when Kui Mu Lang suddenly appeared in the reflection. Qi Pa told Kui Mu Lang not to think that she would be soft-hearted just because he was sick this time. He had to treat her properly this time, or else she wouldn't bother with him in the future. Qi Pa looked forward to the river lantern festival in Huashou, Kui Mu Lang's sincerity, and a romantic date with him. Upon hearing this, Kui Mu Lang smiled gently and turned into smoke, disappearing from the reflection. On the other side, Kui Mu Lang sincerely apologized to the illusion of Qi Pa, but he still felt dissatisfied after talking for a long time.

As night fell, Qi Pa and Kui Mu Lang went to the riverside to release river lanterns. The evening breeze was gentle, creating a tranquil atmosphere. However, Su He suddenly appeared. Facing this unfamiliar woman, Qi Pa's intuition told her that the woman must be up to no good. To find out Su He's identity, Qi Pa sought information from Chun Er. Su He used to be Kui Mu Lang's right-hand woman, and they had an excellent understanding. People even thought Su He would be a perfect queen. However, it seemed that Kui Mu Lang didn't have romantic feelings for Su He.

Back at Huashou palace, Su He tried to win people's hearts and some even said that she should be the queen, while Qi Pa was just a third party between Kui Mu Lang and Su He. Although Qi Pa didn't care about these rumors, she couldn't stand Su He's pretentious behavior and decided to fight back.

Episode 28 Recap

Qi Pa returned to the palace and saw that Su He had been waiting here. Qi Pa knew that Su He had come prepared, so she naturally wouldn't take it lightly. Su He, however, told Qi Pa that there might be a misunderstanding between them. Qi Pa didn't really care about the misunderstanding, but she generously invited Su He to sit down for tea. Qi Pa went straight to the point and asked Su He to give up, but Su He didn't back down and brought up the principle of "first come, first served."

However, love has always been about mutual feelings. If Kui Mu Lang loved Su He five years ago, he wouldn't have fallen for Qi Pa now. So, whether it's five years ago, now, or in the future, Kui Mu Lang will never have any sincere feelings for Su He. Hearing this, Su He became furious, slammed the teacup on the table, and vowed not to give up easily. But Qi Pa was not one to be threatened. Since Su He made her intentions clear, she naturally stood her ground.

Hu Die, influenced by Su He's misleading words, took the fragrant pill she brought, resulting in stomach issues and discomfort. Bai Ke, seeing her in distress, openly declared his affection for the original her. Bai Ke was straightforward and decisive, and after realizing his feelings, he wasted no time in confessing his love to Hu Die. Hu Die was pleasantly surprised, but she didn't give a direct response.

Qi Pa took matters into her own hands and wrote a script called "The Unfortunate Lover" in which she incorporated the story of Kui Mu Lang and herself, subtly portraying Su He as the antagonist. Everyone in the Palace was discussing this script, and they all agreed that the villain in the story was Su He. After reading the script, Hu Die angrily threw the fragrant pill in front of Su He and told her to read "The Unfortunate Lover" thoroughly and make a change.

The elders were also captivated by the story in "The Unfortunate Lover," deeply moved by the tragic love story of Kui Mu Lang and Qi Pa. Just at that moment, Su He suddenly arrived, claiming that Qi Pa's script was a slander against her and asking the elders to mediate. But the elders believed that true love could overcome all obstacles, and Qi Pa and Kui Mu Lang were genuinely in love with each other, and no one could stop them.

After hearing about the script, Kui Mu Lang was ecstatic. He knew that only Qi Pa could come up with something like this, and it also showed that Qi Pa cared about him. So, he took advantage of the situation and immediately went to confess his love to Qi Pa.

Kui Mu Lang told Qi Pa that during the River Lantern Festival, he had wanted to clear things up with her. He admitted deceiving her and didn't expect her forgiveness, but he hoped she would know that his feelings for her hadn't changed and asked for another chance, unrelated to the spiritual pearl, but about the two of them.

Qi Pa asked Kui Mu Lang what about his benefactor. Kui Mu Lang quickly explained that he and her only shared a debt of gratitude, not romantic feelings. Qi Pa was very satisfied with this answer and immediately accepted Kui Mu Lang's confession. They held hands tightly and embraced each other sweetly. At this moment, Su He approached. Kui Mu Lang put away his smile and made it clear to Su He that his heart belonged only to Qi Pa. Su He, feeling disheartened, decided to follow Su Daqiang's plan.

In front of Hong Xiu, Liu Jun unsuspectingly ate a poisoned pastry. Later, he went to Kui Mu Lang's palace and had a confrontation with him. Kui Mu Lang sensed that Qi Pa was in danger. When he rushed to Qi Pa's palace, Su He had already taken the spiritual pearl. Kui Mu Lang wanted to take Qi Pa away, but everyone in the Beast King's Palace had been drugged by Su He. Kui Mu Lang did his best and managed to bring Qi Pa to the Misty Forest. Fortunately, Ma Yingxiong was also in the Misty Forest, so Kui Mu Lang could finally relax and tend to Qi Pa's injuries.

Episode 29 Recap

Kui Mu Lang took a great risk and personally sucked out the poison from Qi Pa. As the sun rose, Qi Pa finally woke up. However, she saw that Kui Mu Lang still looked unusual, and couldn't help but worry. She noticed the wound on her hand and realized that Kui Mu Lang had extracted the toxins from her, which was why his appearance couldn't return to normal. Kui Mu Lang didn't want Qi Pa to worry, so he changed the subject and asked about the situation in Ma Yingxiong's city.

Kui Mu Lang and Ma Yingxiong walked to a place where they could see the starry sky, enjoying a moment of tranquility. But no matter how he controlled it, Kui Mu Lang was still in great discomfort. Qi Pa, sensitive to his unusual behavior, couldn't help but feel heartache and self-blame. She didn't know if tomorrow would come or what would happen in the next moment, so she suggested that they pay respects to the heavens and earth one more time. So, they sincerely paid their respects as a couple, using the heavens and earth as witnesses.

Due to severe injuries and insufficient inner strength, Kui Mu Lang struggled to break the barrier. However, Qi Pa couldn't bear to leave Kui Mu Lang and everyone in the palace behind, and she refused to leave. At this moment, the full moon had risen above the willow branches, and Kui Mu Lang's nature suddenly changed, and his power greatly increased. He clenched Qi Pa's neck, not even realizing what he was doing. It was Qi Pa's tears that momentarily awakened him, causing him to release his grip. Soon after, Su He arrived with a group of people and captured him while Kui Mu Lang was off guard.

Kui Mu Lang slowly regained consciousness, finding himself in a prison cell. He recalled that it was a night with a full moon, and he had let them take advantage of his vulnerability. Suddenly, Qi Pa's voice came from beside him, and Kui Mu Lang looked in the direction of the voice, seeing that Qi Pa had also been thrown into a nearby cell. He hurried over, looking somewhat disheveled due to his serious injuries. The two held each other's hands tightly, feeling each other's warmth. Seeing that the other was safe, their hearts finally relaxed a bit.

Su He suddenly appeared, not understanding why Kui Mu Lang would risk his life for Qi Pa. In her view, she had died for Kui Mu Lang once, so she should be the queen of the Beast Palace. Seeing that Kui Mu Lang didn't respond, Su He took out a spiritual pearl and proposed cooperation. If he agreed to marry her, she would give him this pearl. However, Kui Mu Lang never looked at her directly from beginning to end.

Qi Pa suddenly stopped Su He, indicating that she wanted to stay alive. Hearing Qi Pa's words, Kui Mu Lang felt completely hopeless, as if his heart had fallen into an abyss. Then, Jing Muan arrived and questioned him about the spring water in the secret room.

Episode 30 (Ending) Recap

Jing Muan questioned Kui Mu Lang about why the spring water in the secret room had dried up. With the situation as it was, Kui Mu Lang disclosed the secret of the Beast King to him. The life span of each generation of Beast Kings is not long, and the spring in the Beast King's room is called the Spirit Spring, which is closely tied to the fate of the entire Beast Clan. The mission of each Beast King is to protect the Spirit Spring. The epidemic that struck the Beast Clan a hundred years ago, in fact, has never completely dissipated. If the people did not drink the spring water infused with inner energy in time, they might be afflicted by the residual disease at any moment.

And each Beast King must continuously infuse inner energy into the Spirit Spring. As a result, their lives are greatly depleted. In the process, their appearance undergoes changes, until their death. As the older brother, Kui Mu Lang naturally has to shoulder everything. However, it wasn't until now that his protected younger brother truly understood his intentions. Kui Mu Lang urged Jing Muan to retrieve the spiritual pearl, as only by doing so could the entire Beast Clan be saved. But Jing Muan still couldn't believe what he heard, and without answering Kui Mu Lang, he turned and left.

On the day of execution, in front of everyone, Qi Pa stabbed Kui Mu Lang's arm, then she cut her own palm and pressed it against Kui Mu Lang's wound. By the time Kui Mu Lang realized what was happening, Qi Pa forcefully pulled him closer, and they shared a deep kiss. Qi Pa knew that although she no longer possessed the spiritual pearl, the blood in her body could clear Kui Mu Lang's mind from his berserk state, allowing him to temporarily regain his strength. And indeed, it happened just as Qi Pa had anticipated. She had thought of Kui Mu Lang a lot, but she had neglected the fact that she could also get hurt.

As Qi Pa gradually collapsed, Kui Mu Lang indeed regained his strength. He quickly retrieved the spiritual pearl from Su He. After being unconscious for a whole day and night, Qi Pa finally woke up, and she hurried to Kui Mu Lang's chamber. Not hearing any sound from the chamber, Qi Pa couldn't help but feel anxious. Just at that moment, Kui Mu Lang emerged from the secret room, innocent eyes fixed on Qi Pa. Overjoyed, Qi Pa burst into tears and threw herself into his embrace.

Jing Muan knelt outside the palace, pleading with Kui Mu Lang to spare Hai Tang. After receiving a positive response, he seemed to have made a decision, pulling out a dagger and aiming it at himself. Kui Mu Lang, quick to react, took the dagger from him. Jing Muan, overwhelmed with shame, sat on the ground. All this time, he had thought his father favored Kui Mu Lang, but now he realized that he was the one who had been favored. After explaining everything, the two brothers reconciled, determined to support each other and protect the Beast Clan.

After releasing lanterns and praying for Ma Yingxiong, Kui Mu Lang decided to grant a three-day holiday to everyone in the palace. Liu Jun took the initiative, inviting Hong Xiu for a date. Meanwhile, Bai Ke and Hu Die were also progressing quickly, already confessing their love for each other. Qi Pa brought Kui Mu Lang to her room in a mysterious manner, showing him her new creation. Slowly opening his eyes, Kui Mu Lang saw two specially designed new outfits. Seeing Kui Mu Lang's reaction, Qi Pa was very satisfied. She told Kui Mu Lang that these were specially designed high-end couple outfits, symbolizing their hearts being in tune, allowing others to know at a glance that whoever wore these clothes were a loving couple. Hearing this, Kui Mu Lang smiled with delight, forgetting for a moment about the dignity of the Beast King, and decided to wear the couple outfit together with Qi Pa.

A year later, Kui Mu Lang and Qi Pa, Bai Ke and Hu Die, Liu Jun and Hong Xiu, all enjoyed their honeymoons, leaving Jing Muan in the palace to handle various affairs. Jing Muan was so frustrated that he almost exploded, eventually deciding to go on a honeymoon with Hai Tang. Peng Peng and Qi Sheng, upon learning that Qi Pa had found her ideal husband, invited them all to a small gathering to exchange and learn about the latest culture of Da Xia. Afterward, Qi Pa planned to take them back to the Beast Clan for a visit.

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