2022 Chinese Drama List

Where Dreams Begin – Xiao Zhan, Li Qin

Where Dreams Begin is a youth romanth drama directed by Fu Ning, led by Xiao Zhan and Li Qin, and co-starring Liu Ruilin, Cao Feiran, Zhao Xin, Cui Hang, Zhang Lingxin, and Lu Nuo.

The drama tells the story of a group of young people in Beijing in the 1970s who chase their dreams and grow up.


Where Dreams Begin

English Title: Where Dreams Begin
Chinese Title: 梦中的那片海
Genre: Youth, Romance
Episodes: 40
Director: Fu Ning
Writer: Xu Bing, Zhou Heyang
Producer: Zhu Kai, Chen Yao
General Producer: Yang Xiaopei, Yang Xia
Product Company: XIXI PICTURES, NewStyle Media
Broadcasting Website:
Released Date:


Xiao Zhan Xiao Zhan as Xiao Chunsheng
Li Qin Li Qin as Tong Dongmei
Liu Ruilin Liu Ruilin as Ye Guohua
Cao Feiran Cao Feiran as He Hongling
Zhao Xin Zhao Xin as Ye Fang


Set in Beijing in the 1970s, it tells the inspiring story of a group of young people growing up, pursuing their dreams, and struggling.

The main character, Xiao Chunsheng, is kind and loyal, caring for everyone around him and striving for a better life.

He and his best friends, Wen Guoqing and Sun Jianjun, go through the stages of development such as college entrance exams, starting a business, going abroad and entering politics, and finding the meaning of struggle in the process of supporting each other.

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