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The Youth Memories – Xiao Zhan, Li Qin

The Youth Memories (Where Dreams Begin) is a youth romantic drama directed by Fu Ning, led by Xiao Zhan and Li Qin, and co-starring Liu Ruilin, Cao Feiran, Zhao Xin, Cui Hang, Zhang Lingxin, and Lu Nuo.

The drama tells the story of a group of young people in Beijing in the 1970s who chase their dreams and grow up.


The Youth Memories

English Title: The Youth Memories
Chinese Title: 梦中的那片海
Genre: Youth, Romance, Life, Drama
Tag: Hardworking Male Lead, Hardworking Female Lead, Multiple Couples, Teamwork, 1970s
Episodes: 38
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Fu Ning
Writer: Xu Bing, Zhou Heyang
Producer: Yang Xiaopei, Zhu Kai, Chen Yao
Product Company: XIXI PICTURES, NewStyle Media
Released Date: 2023-06-01
Broadcast Website: WeTV, Fresh Drama, Idol & Romance, Viki



Set in Beijing in the 1970s, it tells the inspiring story of a group of young people growing up, pursuing their dreams, and struggling.

The main character, Xiao Chunsheng, is kind and loyal, caring for everyone around him and striving for a better life.

He and his best friends, Wen Guoqing and Sun Jianjun, go through the stages of development such as college entrance exams, starting a business, going abroad and entering politics, and finding the meaning of struggle in the process of supporting each other.


The story takes place in the 1970s, during the winter in Beijing. That year, the cold was particularly bitter, with the howling north wind blowing the accumulated snow on the roadside, stinging people's faces like knives. Despite the freezing weather, it couldn't stop the figures racing and spinning on the frozen surface of Shichahai Lake. On the rosy, laughter-filled faces of young people, youth was vibrant and exuberant. And so, their story begins in that sea of ice.

Xiao Chunsheng, a child from the military compound, made his way to the library that had been closed for three years. It was filled with sealed books. Xiao Chunsheng jumped through the window secretly, taking advantage of the uprooted tree outside the window. He saw snowy footprints on the floor and unfinished foreign language and medical books on the table, with a beautiful bookmark tucked in between the pages. Curiously, Xiao Chunsheng put the bookmark away and quietly went to his own spot to read.

Tong Xiaomei, the vice commander's daughter, also lived in the military compound. She climbed through the window into the library as usual and noticed someone had been there before her. Without thinking too much about it, she began reading and took notes as she went along. Ye Guohua was riding his bike on Gulou Street when he was deeply attracted to a girl coming towards him. He stood there, gazing at her as she boarded the bus, and hurriedly chased after her. He continuously waved to catch the attention of the girl on the bus, but the people on board thought he was a lunatic. However, he persisted with enthusiasm. Suddenly, the bus driver slammed the brakes, causing Ye Guohua to fall to the ground without being able to react in time. The passengers on the bus burst into laughter, but Ye Guohua paid no attention, got up, and continued chasing the bus.

Xiao Chunsheng read for hours until noon. He took out the dumplings he carried with him and ate them heartily. Tong Xiaomei accidentally spilled ink from her pen onto the book, and she couldn't help but exclaim. The sudden sound startled Xiao Chunsheng, who, in a panic, knocked over his lunchbox. Tong Xiaomei was frightened and flustered, while Xiao Chunsheng quietly approached to see who it was. Tong Xiaomei quickly hid.

The administrator often heard sounds in the library and suspected it was haunted. He called the security captain, and together they opened the sealed door. Inside, they saw footprints covered in snow and followed them to investigate. Worried that Tong Xiaomei would be discovered, Xiao Chunsheng intentionally threw the book on the ground, diverting the attention of the administrator and the captain towards him. Seizing the opportunity, Tong Xiaomei escaped through the window while Xiao Chunsheng only caught a glimpse of her figure. Xiao Chunsheng admitted that he often came here to read and had been doing so for half a year. If they dared to report him to the authorities, they would undoubtedly be accused of neglecting their duty. After careful consideration, the administrator and the security captain decided to let him go. Before leaving, Xiao Chunsheng found a nursing book and placed it on Tong Xiaomei's desk, tucking a note inside as a bookmark.

The Shichahai Ice Rink officially opened and, as in previous years, attracted many troublemakers and ruffians from the city. They were not giving in to each other and showcasing their skills on the ice, while the worker patrol team stood ready, prepared to prevent the young people from fighting. Zhao Xiaohui, dressed beautifully, arrived.

Xiao Chunsheng, accompanied by Ye Guohua and Chen Hongjun, went to the ice rink to settle the score with Guo Heizi. At the entrance, they ran into Ye Fang and Tong Xiaomei, and together they entered the ice rink. As soon as they entered, they saw Guo Heizi and a group of people. He had even brought his big brother, Qi Tian, to preside over the situation. Ye Guohua immediately recognized He Hongling, who was by Qi Tian's side, as the girl who captivated his heart. Xiao Chunsheng caught a glimpse of He Hongling's graceful figure dancing on the ice and felt a trance-like moment, convinced that she was the girl who had secretly gone to the library.

Xiao Chunsheng attached a love letter next to He Hongling's portrait, expressing Ye Guohua's love at first sight for that girl. Guo Heizi boasted about wanting to confront Ye Guohua, but since he didn't know him, Xiao Chunsheng pretended to be Ye Guohua and stepped forward to accept the challenge. He even publicly chased He Hongling on the ice rink. Tensions escalated between the two sides, but just then, the worker patrol team arrived. Qi Tian quietly informed Xiao Chunsheng to meet him at Wumen Gate three days later for a showdown.

Xiao Chunsheng held the bookmark, thinking of He Hongling's voice and smiling face, and ripples formed in his heart. Ye Guohua couldn't forget He Hongling and sat in a daze at his desk. Ye Fang packed her bags to return to the military camp, and Ye Guohua didn't even come out to see her off. He Hongling came early to inform Xiao Chunsheng not to go to Wumen Gate the day after tomorrow. She had convinced Qi Tian, but Xiao Chunsheng didn't buy it and insisted on seeking justice from Qi Tian. Xiao Chunsheng reminded He Hongling not to disappoint Ye Guohua's deep affection for her, to which He Hongling questioned if Xiao Chunsheng also liked her. Xiao Chunsheng was momentarily speechless.

He Hongling made it clear that she didn't like Qi Tian and being with him was only to avoid unnecessary trouble. She advised Qi Tian not to meet Xiao Chunsheng. Qi Tian promised not to do anything out of line. Li Shangyou was the leader of the alley gangsters, and Qi Tian had severely injured his hand. Li Shangyou had been wanting to seek revenge but hadn't made up his mind due to his lack of strength. When he heard about the dispute between Xiao Chunsheng and Qi Tian, he sent someone to invite Xiao Chunsheng.

Xiao Chunsheng didn't want to see Li Shangyou, but the small gangsters persisted and even assumed a fighting stance. Xiao Chunsheng had no choice but to reluctantly meet Li Shangyou. Li Shangyou wanted to team up with Xiao Chunsheng to defeat Qi Tian, but Xiao Chunsheng firmly refused. In a fit of anger, Li Shangyou reported Xiao Chunsheng to the worker patrol team.

Xiao Chunsheng sought help from Xia Ming, the former street bully known as "Big Shrimp," who had recently turned over a new leaf and was working as a chef at the Tourism Bureau's small restaurant. Xia Ming had already heard about Xiao Chunsheng's scheduled fight with Qi Tian and advised him not to stir up trouble. Ye Guohua, Chen Hongjun, and others also went to seek help, but they were afraid of Qi Tian and didn't dare to confront him. Xiao Chunsheng decided to go alone to meet Qi Tian.

Qi Tian and his brothers arrived early at Wumen Gate, and Xiao Chunsheng went to the appointment alone. Ye Guohua and Chen Hongjun, along with the children from the military compound, also arrived at Wumen Gate. Xiao Chunsheng inquired and learned that Li Shangyou had informed Ye Guohua and the others and insisted on a one-on-one fight with Qi Tian, with them serving as witnesses.

Li Shangyou hid nearby, waiting for the police from the worker patrol team to arrest Xiao Chunsheng and Qi Tian. Captain Gao personally led the team, prepared and waiting for the fight to break out before apprehending them. Suddenly, Liang Dong arrived at Wumen Gate. He was a well-known figure in the city and also Qi Tian's older brother. He gave Chen Hongjun his sheepskin hat with a smiling sheep on top as a gift and stepped forward to mediate, apologizing to Chen Hongjun on behalf of Qi Tian.

Seeing Liang Dong's gesture, Xiao Chunsheng decided not to hold a grudge against Qi Tian and his group. Captain Gao saw that the time was right and ordered the police from the worker patrol team to go and arrest them. Xiao Chunsheng lied, saying they had come to see the flag-raising ceremony, so Captain Gao ordered a thorough search but found no weapons. He then called Xiao Chunsheng and Qi Tian to go back and give their statements. Afterward, Liang Dong treated Xiao Chunsheng and Qi Tian to drinks and helped reconcile their differences.

Liang Dong used to be a famous martial arts expert in Beijing, with many honors and awards. Xiao Chunsheng looked at the walls filled with certificates and trophies, and he couldn't help but admire Liang Dong. Xiao Chunsheng expressed his desire to learn martial arts from Liang Dong, and Liang Dong readily agreed.

Mother Ye wanted to match Ye Guohua and Tong Xiaomei together. She decided to visit Commander Tong's house over the weekend and reminded Ye Guohua to take a bath, get a haircut, and dress nicely. Ye Guohua was infatuated with He Hongling and managed to find her address through a friend. He hurriedly went to see her. After her father passed away, He Hongling and her mother relied on each other for survival. Her mother was weak and often ill, and their lives were difficult. He Hongling had to take odd jobs to make ends meet. That evening, she was moving cabbages at the vegetable stand, and her hands were trembling from the cold.

He Hongling came to Liang Dong's house to deliver cabbages, and Qi Tian and Xiao Chunsheng quickly came out to help. Xiao Chunsheng saw her hands, red and swollen from the cold, and felt a pang of heartache. Ye Guohua found the large courtyard where He Hongling lived according to the address. Many people lived there, and the courtyard was messy and disorderly. He brought some snacks for He Hongling's mother and chatted with her. Qi Tian briefly introduced He Hongling's situation to Xiao Chunsheng and could also sense He Hongling's feelings for Xiao Chunsheng.

Xiao Chunsheng escorted He Hongling home, and He Hongling explained that she and Qi Tian were just ordinary friends. She once again asked if Xiao Chunsheng liked her. Xiao Chunsheng didn't know how to answer, and at that moment, Ye Guohua came out and witnessed the scene. His heart felt sour. From that day on, Qi Tian and Xiao Chunsheng became good friends, and Guo Heizi's group no longer caused trouble under Xiao Chunsheng's leadership.

Tong Xiaomei had a great passion for medicine, but her parents wanted her to join the army as a cultural performer. They even found a mentor for her, but Tong Xiaomei refused. Xiao Chunsheng asked his sister, Xiao Yanqiu, to cook a bowl of braised pork for him. He brought it to his father, Xiao Yanpei, who was still immersed in the memories of the war. Xiao Chunsheng reminded him several times before he snapped out of it. Xiao Yanpei urged Xiao Chunsheng to join the army as soon as possible, but Xiao Chunsheng wanted to wait until his questions were resolved.

He Hongling was born into a family of musicians and loved playing the violin since she was young. She dreamed of joining an orchestra. With her excellent violin skills, she stood out in the training class despite facing mockery and criticism from classmates. From Teacher Chen, He Hongling learned that orchestras only recruited students from workers, farmers, and soldiers universities. This news disheartened her. Qi Tian asked Teacher Chen to take care of He Hongling.

Xiao Chunsheng brought hand cream for He Hongling and learned about her aspirations to join an orchestra but couldn't due to certain limitations. He also listened to her recount her experiences in the training class. Xiao Chunsheng borrowed a motorcycle and took her to the Great Wall to relax, making sure she brought her violin along. He Hongling stood on the Great Wall and played the violin, the melodious sound echoing on the walls. Xiao Chunsheng was deeply moved by He Hongling's beauty and music. He played a tune on his harmonica, and the two of them connected more as they talked.

Ye Guohua visited the training class to see He Hongling. He watched her earnestly playing the violin through the window. After class, Ye Guohua gave her a cassette tape of popular songs and invited her to watch a movie. Xiao Chunsheng went to find He Hongling and learned that she was working at the vegetable stand, so he went to help. Ye Guohua brought coal balls to He Hongling's house, and unexpectedly, he ran into Xiao Chunsheng. Both of them felt awkward.

He Hongling's mother welcomed Ye Guohua warmly and struggled to get up. Xiao Chunsheng lied, saying that he and Ye Guohua came together and quickly found an excuse to leave, giving Ye Guohua and He Hongling a chance to be alone. He Hongling was furious and speechless. Chen Hongjun and Ye Fang, the innocent couple, returned from a visit, and Ye Fang came straight to see Chen Hongjun.

Ye Guohua invited He Hongling to go ice skating, and she readily agreed. Ye Guohua invited all their friends, wanting to show off. Ye Fang learned about this from Chen Hongjun and invited Tong Xiaomei to the ice rink.

Ye Guohua accompanied He Hongling ice skating, and they laughed and talked together. Ye Guohua's vanity was satisfied. When he went to buy candied haws, He Hongling questioned Xiao Chunsheng. Xiao Chunsheng thought Ye Guohua and He Hongling were a good match and tried to matchmake them. He Hongling became extremely angry and accused Xiao Chunsheng of not admitting his feelings. Xiao Chunsheng was left speechless.

While waiting in line to buy candied haws for everyone, Ye Guohua unexpectedly ran into his classmate, Zhao Yan. He remembered that Xiao Chunsheng used to like her, but Xiao Chunsheng denied it. He admitted to having feelings for the girl who secretly went to the library to read and vividly described their experiences there. Tong Xiaomei realized that it was Xiao Chunsheng who saved her in the library. She had been looking for him and felt relieved knowing that he had safely escaped. She encouraged Xiao Chunsheng to find that girl and jokingly asked him to draw a portrait of her.

Ye Fang noticed that He Hongling liked Xiao Chunsheng. Xiao Chunsheng deliberately gave He Hongling to Ye Guohua. Ye Fang pulled Xiao Chunsheng aside and reminded him not to hurt Ye Guohua. Since Tong Xiaomei found out that the person in the library was Xiao Chunsheng, she developed different feelings for him. Ye Fang went home and waited for Ye Guohua, reminding him to stay away from He Hongling, who clearly used him to make Xiao Chunsheng jealous. Ye Guohua was unhappy and told Ye Fang not to interfere. Ye Guohua felt more and more uncomfortable, and he went to confront Xiao Chunsheng overnight, wanting to compete with him fairly. Xiao Chunsheng agreed reluctantly.

Xiao Chunsheng would take He Hongling out to play whenever he had free time. Their relationship grew deeper. Ye Guohua often visited He Hongling's home to accompany her mother and help with various tasks. Ye Guohua waited for He Hongling to return home and invited her to watch the movie "The Flower Girl" on the weekend. They had a clear conversation, realizing that they couldn't be together, and Ye Guohua insisted on buying her the movie ticket.

He Hongling's mother advised her to be with Ye Guohua since his father was a high-ranking officer, and his conditions were much better than Xiao Chunsheng's. He Hongling didn't give a definite response but intentionally mentioned to Xiao Chunsheng that she wanted to watch the movie "The Flower Girl." It was a highly sought-after movie, and even after a long time, Xiao Chunsheng couldn't get tickets. He asked Xiao Yanqiu for help, and she realized that he wanted to watch the movie with He Hongling. She advised him to think it through because if the issue with his father, Xiao Yanpei, wasn't resolved, they could be kicked out of the military compound at any time.

Xiao Chunsheng brought He Hongling to the military school to visit Xiao Yanpei. Xiao Yanpei had sequelae from his injuries during the war, sometimes being clear-headed and sometimes confused. He mistook Xiao Chunsheng and He Hongling for his staff and assigned them combat tasks. Xiao Chunsheng cooperated fully, performing as directed by his father. He Hongling was saddened by Xiao Yanpei's condition. Xiao Chunsheng truthfully told He Hongling about their family situation, explaining that he couldn't help her realize her dreams like Ye Guohua could. He hoped she would think it through.

Ye Guohua arrived early at the cinema, waiting for He Hongling. However, she didn't show up even after the movie ended. Disappointed, Ye Guohua left. That night, Xiao Chunsheng, He Hongling, Tong Xiaomei, and Ye Guohua all had trouble sleeping. He Hongling didn't expect Xiao Chunsheng to have a similarly troubled fate. Xiao Chunsheng waited for He Hongling's final decision, and Ye Guohua realized that he had lost to Xiao Chunsheng. Tong Xiaomei gathered her courage to find Xiao Chunsheng and accidentally overheard that the group led by Guo Heizi planned to confront Xiao Chunsheng.

Today is the weekend, and Mother wants to take Ye Guohua to visit Commander Tong, hoping to use this opportunity to arrange a marriage between Ye Guohua and Tong Xiaomei. Father reminds Ye Guohua to dress up nicely and reveals that Xiao Yanpei's problem is about to be resolved, which means Xiao Chunsheng can join the army with Ye Guohua. Ye Guohua has been looking forward to this day, and he couldn't be happier.

Whenever Xiao Chunsheng has free time, he goes to learn martial arts from Liang Dong. Qi Tian happens to visit Liang Dong to bid farewell as he plans to develop in Guangzhou. Guo Heizi learns that Xiao Chunsheng will visit his father, Xiao Yanpei, in Yanqing every other weekend, so he decides to lie in wait on Kuliushu Street on the way to Yanqing to teach Xiao Chunsheng a lesson. Tong Xiaomei accidentally overhears this news and hurriedly waits for Xiao Chunsheng near the entrance of her house. She tells him about Guo Heizi's plan to ambush him on the way, but Xiao Chunsheng dismisses it.

Xiao Chunsheng knows about Ye Guohua's deep affection for He Hongling. He advises Tong Xiaomei to carefully consider the possibility of marrying Ye Guohua. Tong Xiaomei questions him about his own feelings, and Xiao Chunsheng lies that he has found the girl from the library, even describing her appearance. Tong Xiaomei initially wanted to reveal that she is the girl from the library, but in the end, she holds back.

Mother Ye brings Ye Guohua to the Tong family's house, and Tong Xiaomei returns home with a gloomy expression. She wants to confront Ye Guohua, and he also wants to make things clear with her. They both honestly express their thoughts. Tong Xiaomei reveals Guo Heizi's plan to teach Xiao Chunsheng a lesson, and Ye Guohua immediately goes to inform Xiao Chunsheng. Tong Xiaomei explains the situation to her parents, who were completely unaware, regretting arranging this blind date.

Ye Guohua hurriedly comes to inform Xiao Chunsheng, but he already knew about it and was fully prepared. He asks Ye Guohua and He Hongling to go to Yanqing to deliver braised pork to Xiao Yanpei while he intends to resolve the grievances with Guo Heizi. Ye Guohua insists on joining him. Xiao Chunsheng and the others arrive on time at Kuliushu Street, where Guo Heizi has been waiting for a while. Xiao Chunsheng takes the initiative to apologize to Guo Heizi, but he remains unforgiving. Guo Heizi accuses Xiao Chunsheng of stealing Qi Tian's girlfriend, He Hongling, and demands justice for Qi Tian. Ye Guohua steps forward to defend Xiao Chunsheng and exchanges words with Guo Heizi. Guo Heizi becomes furious and verbally abuses Ye Guohua. In a fit of anger, Ye Guohua punches Guo Heizi, who retaliates and calls his brothers to join in. A brawl breaks out between the two sides. Chen Hongjun sees his companion being restrained by Guo Heizi and rushes to help. In the scuffle, Guo Heizi's punch knocks off Chen Hongjun's glasses, and he instinctively picks up one of the glass legs and stabs Guo Heizi's eye. Everyone present is shocked. The group takes Guo Heizi to the hospital.

Ye Guohua wants Chen Hongjun to hide in his hometown of Baoding and calls Ye Fang, who is serving in the army there. Xiao Chunsheng takes out all the money he has and gives it to Chen Hongjun. Then he goes to the hospital to visit Guo Heizi, using the money collected by their brothers to pay for his medical expenses. However, Qi Tian doesn't agree with this and insists on holding Chen Hongjun accountable. Xiao Chunsheng positions himself as the big brother and is willing to bear all the blame on behalf of Chen Hongjun. Qi Tian allows him to take the blame. Tong Xiaomei comes to change Guo Heizi's bandages, and she overhears a conversation between Qi Tian and Xiao Chunsheng, causing her to worry. She fears that Qi Tian might harm Xiao Chunsheng, but Xiao Chunsheng is willing to take the blame for Chen Hongjun. He goes to settle the debt with Qi Tian, but Qi Tian doesn't show up and instead sends a message through Liang Dong.

Qi Tian invites He Hongling for a meal and advises her not to sacrifice herself and pursue a relationship with Ye Guohua. Monday is He Hongling's birthday, and Qi Tian has prepared a gift for her. Qi Tian invites Xiao Chunsheng to his home and offers him Maotai liquor from their collection. Qi Tian asks Xiao Chunsheng to take care of He Hongling and Guo Heizi while he goes to explore opportunities in the south and eventually heads to Hong Kong. Qi Tian advises Xiao Chunsheng not to betray He Hongling's feelings and not to let her go to Ye Guohua. Qi Tian plans to go to Badachu to pick up a batch of goods and then give He Hongling a birthday gift before leaving.

Suddenly, there is a disturbance outside the door. Qi Tian and Xiao Chunsheng go out to see what's happening and find Li Shangyou's subordinate, Lao Si, sneaking away. Qi Tian suspects that this was arranged by Li Shangyou. Lao Si reported to Li Shangyou about Qi Tian's plan to celebrate He Hongling's birthday and then go to Hong Kong. Li Shangyou, who has endured silently for many years, wants to seek revenge against Qi Tian and won't let go of this final opportunity.

Chen Hongjun diligently reviews his homework every day. He has a solid foundation and not only completes Ye Fang's assignments accurately but also reviews ahead of time. Ye Fang praises him highly and specially invites him to eat a famous snack, Donkey Meat Fire Cake, in Baoding.

Qi Tian has been missing for several days, and there are suspicions that something happened to him. Qi Zi immediately informs Guo Heizi, who is unable to leave the hospital due to his injuries. He asks Qi Zi to seek help from Xiao Chunsheng in finding Qi Tian, promising to settle their grievances once Qi Tian is found. He Hongling also believes that something happened to Qi Tian. Qi Tian promised to give her a birthday gift, but he didn't show up on her birthday. Xiao Chunsheng hears about Qi Tian's past dealings in selling imported recording accessories and remembers that Qi Tian mentioned picking up a batch of goods at Badachu. He Hongling speculates that Qi Tian wanted to assemble a recording device as her birthday gift using imported parts. However, only a few people knew about Qi Tian's involvement in selling recording accessories, and Xiao Chunsheng concludes that it was the work of Li Shangyou based on the eavesdropped conversation between Lao Si and Qi Tian.

Xiao Chunsheng, along with Qi Zi and others, confronts Li Shangyou to find Qi Tian. Li Shangyou denies any knowledge, but Xiao Chunsheng pressures him. At that moment, someone informs Xiao Chunsheng that Qi Tian has been arrested by the police. Xiao Chunsheng rushes to the police station and witnesses Qi Tian being taken away, tightly bound. He Hongling recalls Qi Tian's care and love for her over the past three years, feeling heartbroken and devastated. Xiao Chunsheng silently stays by her side.

Spring arrives, and another year passes. Since Qi Tian's arrest, Xiao Chunsheng has taken on Qi Tian's role and silently protects He Hongling. Ye Guohua still hopes to join the army with Xiao Chunsheng this year but can't bear to leave He Hongling. Even though he feels that He Hongling is getting further away from him, he is unwilling to give up.

Chen Hongjun gradually emerges from the shadow of Guo Heizi. He develops feelings for Ye Fang and eagerly awaits her visits every day. Today, Ye Fang is late, and Chen Hongjun anxiously waits for her. Ye Fang had planned to visit Chen Hongjun after work, but her boyfriend, Chen Tao, unexpectedly shows up and asks her to visit Commander He, who is inspecting Baoding. Ye Fang reluctantly agrees and goes with him. Xiao Chunsheng closely follows He Hongling, and as they pass by a music store, He Hongling spots a violin in the display case that she likes but can't afford. Disappointed, she leaves, and Xiao Chunsheng observes it all.

A fire breaks out at He Hongling's home. Xiao Chunsheng and He Hongling rush back to rescue He's mother. He Hongling enters the burning house to retrieve her father's photo, with Xiao Chunsheng protecting her from behind. Due to the intense heat, He's mother faints on the spot. Xiao Chunsheng hurries to find a tricycle to take her to the hospital. Ye Guohua happens to pass by and offers to take He's mother to the hospital, covering the medical expenses as well.

After intense efforts by the medical staff, He's mother's condition stabilizes. He Hongling finally breathes a sigh of relief, and Xiao Chunsheng arrives at the hospital shortly afterward. The doctor suggests surgical treatment, but the only doctor capable of performing such an operation is the elderly and frail Professor Su. Many patients nationwide are waiting in line for his surgery. Ye Guohua asks his father to use his connections to try to find Professor Su for his father's treatment. Liang Dong suggests that He Hongling temporarily stay at Xiao Chunsheng's home, but Ye Guohua disagrees, as they have no other options.

Xiao Chunsheng brings He Hongling home and sees a note left by Xiao Yanqiu on the table, informing him that she had to leave on a business trip. Xiao Chunsheng settles He Hongling down. Ye Guohua returns home very late, and his mother informs him that he should participate in the new recruits' training in Beidaihe next week. Ye Guohua promises to consider it carefully before making a decision.

Xiao Chunsheng advises He Hongling not to listen to anyone else and to follow her own heart. Both he and Ye Guohua are waiting for He Hongling's final decision. He Hongling admits that her feelings for Xiao Chunsheng have never changed. Early in the morning, Xiao Chunsheng accompanies He Hongling to the hospital, and Ye Guohua also leaves to see her off. As they walk away in the distance, Ye Guohua firmly decides to join the army together with He Hongling. He requests his parents' help in arranging for He Hongling to join the military art troupe; otherwise, he won't join the army himself.

Chen Hongjun comes to the military camp to find Ye Fang. Chen Tao happens to invite Ye Fang to his home for dinner on the weekend. He dislikes Chen Hongjun and taunts him sarcastically. Unable to bear it, Ye Fang persuades Chen Hongjun to leave and then argues with Chen Tao. Their dispute escalates, and they part ways unhappily.

Xiao Yanpei suddenly falls seriously ill and loses consciousness. He is taken to the hospital for treatment. Xiao Chunsheng receives a call from the military's political department and immediately rushes to the hospital. Due to Xiao Yanpei's poor health condition, the organization allows him to temporarily suspend the investigation and return home for recuperation. Xiao Chunsheng is disappointed as it means his father's issues have not been fully resolved. Xiao Chunsheng asks Tong Xiaomei to teach him how to measure blood pressure, and she agrees to visit their home every week to measure Xiao Yanpei's blood pressure.

He Hongling takes care of Xiao Yanpei at the hospital, and Ye Guohua also visits. He asks He Hongling to join the military art troupe, a request she gladly accepts. Xiao Chunsheng and He Hongling bring Xiao Yanpei back home. He Yanpei's condition fluctuates between clarity and confusion. He often regards himself as the current commanding officer and Xiao Chunsheng arranges a command post for him with the help of others.

Xiao Chunsheng specially arranged a command room and changed into the military uniform of the People's Liberation Army with He Hongling. They reenacted the scene of commanding troops to fight and defeat the enemy on the battlefield, just like they did in the past. Xiao Yanpei was very happy, and Xiao Chunsheng thanked He Hongling for taking care of Xiao Yanpei all this time. He praised her for looking heroic in the ill-fitting military uniform and even adjusted her cap for her. He Hongling felt a different kind of courage in her heart as she looked affectionately at Xiao Chunsheng, who blushed and couldn't look directly at He Hongling. Suddenly, Xiao Yanpei, who was in a wheelchair, came out to have a meal, relieving the awkwardness between Xiao Chunsheng and He Hongling. They quickly prepared the meal as requested.

Ye Guohua started training in Beidaihe. In his spare time, he played basketball with his comrades. He had excellent basketball skills and a handsome appearance, attracting many female soldiers to cheer for him. Despite the admiration from others, Ye Guohua only had He Hongling in his heart. He Hongling's mother had always wanted He Hongling to join the army and be with Ye Guohua. She wanted He Hongling to move out of Xiao Chunsheng's house and live with her aunt. However, He Hongling used the excuse of not having had contact with her aunt's family for many years to refuse.

With the careful care of Xiao Chunsheng and He Hongling, Xiao Yanpei's condition gradually improved. Tong Xiaomei often came to see Xiao Yanpei and praised Xiao Chunsheng and He Hongling for taking good care of him. He Hongling played the violin in the room, and the melodious sound attracted Tong Xiaomei, who wanted He Hongling to play a piece. Suddenly, Ye Guohua called and asked He Hongling and Xiao Chunsheng to come over. Tong Xiaomei had no choice but to leave first.

Ye Guohua first inquired about Xiao Yanpei's condition and then eagerly told He Hongling some good news. The military arts troupe of the military district was in need of a highly skilled violinist, and Ye Guohua decided to recommend her for the position. He Hongling naturally couldn't ask for more but was worried that she might not be qualified. Ye Guohua firmly believed that she could do it. The original violinist in the troupe suddenly fell ill and had to leave the stage. The leaders decided to relax the requirements and recruit another one. As long as He Hongling passed the assessment, she could enter the arts troupe smoothly. He Hongling was eager to give it a try, and Xiao Chunsheng was happy for her.

It was late at night, and Xiao Yanpei refused to sleep in the command room. Xiao Chunsheng was extremely worried, but He Hongling had a clever idea. She suggested that Xiao Chunsheng take Xiao Yanpei on a motorcycle ride to the outskirts, recreating the scene of roughing it during the war. Xiao Yanpei fell asleep peacefully on the motorcycle. Early the next morning, Ye Guohua called the communication room to find Xiao Chunsheng and He Hongling, but they hadn't returned yet. Ye Guohua felt anxious in his heart.

Xiao Chunsheng and He Hongling stayed with Xiao Yanpei the whole night. As the day broke, Xiao Yanpei was still sound asleep, and He Hongling was so tired that she couldn't open her eyes. She leaned on Xiao Chunsheng's shoulder and dozed off. Xiao Chunsheng gently embraced her. Xiao Yanpei finally woke up. He was clear-headed and back to reality. He kept complaining about Xiao Chunsheng's reckless actions, but Xiao Chunsheng explained that all the arrangements were for his sake. He even rode the motorcycle to take him home to verify it. Xiao Yanpei saw the command room that Xiao Chunsheng and He Hongling had carefully arranged and felt uneasy in his heart.

Ye Guohua made several phone calls in a row, but Xiao Chunsheng and He Hongling were not at home. Ye Guohua suddenly realized that he was gradually detaching himself from this love triangle and felt the growing distance between him and He Hongling. Ye Guohua completed his training successfully and, when he returned home, forgot to come find Xiao Chunsheng and He Hongling. He Hongling became the hostess of the Xiao family, even helping to dry sweet potatoes for Xiao Yanpei. Ye Guohua urged He Hongling to join the army with him. Xiao Chunsheng hurriedly rushed home, and He Hongling and Xiao Chunsheng had a cheerful conversation, leaving Ye Guohua feeling sour in his heart.

Chen Tao's mother invited Ye Fang to have dinner at her house and urged her to marry Chen Tao as soon as possible. Ye Fang neither agreed nor disagreed. Commander Xue asked Ye Fang and Chen Tao to get married this year. Ye Fang found various excuses to postpone it, but Commander Xue's orders were unquestionable. Ye Fang often visited Chen Hongjun, helping him with laundry and cooking. Chen Hongjun developed feelings for her and couldn't help but kiss her. Ye Fang took this opportunity to get rid of Chen Tao's entanglement and reported Chen Hongjun to the police in Baoding.

When Chen Tao learned about this, he canceled the engagement with Ye Fang on the same day. Ye's mother rushed to Baoding immediately, showing concern for Ye Fang. Ye Fang admitted that she did it on purpose to break up with Chen Tao. Ye's mother asked Commander Xue to explain the truth to the police and then came to confront Chen Hongjun. Ye's mother promised to marry Ye Fang to Chen Hongjun and asked him to lie that they had already agreed to be together. It was because Ye Fang was going to marry Chen Tao that he hit Ye Fang. In her anger, Ye Fang reported him to the police. Chen Tao agreed to testify falsely, promising to treat Ye Fang well for the rest of his life.

After completing the necessary procedures, Ye's mother brought Chen Hongjun and Ye Fang back home. Ye Guohua couldn't tolerate it and gave Chen Hongjun a beating without saying a word. Xiao Chunsheng desperately tried to stop him, but Ye Fang admitted that she had done it intentionally just to break up with Chen Tao. Xiao Chunsheng reminded her to delete Chen Hongjun from her life. Today was supposed to be the day of Ye Fang and Chen Hongjun's engagement. Xiao Chunsheng saw that Chen Hongjun was burdened with worries and called him out to advise him not to make himself miserable. Chen Hongjun emphasized repeatedly that he really liked Ye Fang.

Chen Hongjun likes Ye Fang, but he is unsure if Ye Fang truly has feelings for him. Xiao Chunsheng assures Chen Hongjun that Ye Fang also likes him, and Chen Hongjun wholeheartedly believes in Xiao Chunsheng's words, so they become engaged. The Ye family prepares a grand engagement banquet, and Mother Ye promises to treat Chen Hongjun as her own son. However, in front of everyone, Ye Fang reveals the truth. She falsely accused Chen Hongjun of assaulting her in order to escape from Chen Tao's entanglement. Father Ye angrily leaves the scene, realizing his misunderstanding of Chen Hongjun. Xiao Chunsheng quickly steps forward to ease the awkward atmosphere.

Ye Guohua eagerly hopes to join the army with Xiao Chunsheng. He learns from his father that Xiao Yanpei's issue has not been resolved yet, and Xiao Chunsheng is temporarily unable to enlist. Ye Guohua doesn't dare to tell Xiao Chunsheng the truth and every day Xiao Chunsheng eagerly awaits a phone call from the military district informing him of his enlistment, but there is still no news.

Ye Guohua wants to get He Hongling into the Arts Group, but all the slots are already full. He hears that Tong Xiaomei has an available slot and knows that she has always wanted to become a doctor since she was young. He pleads with Tong Xiaomei to give the Arts Group slot to He Hongling. Tong Xiaomei advises Ye Guohua to give up on He Hongling, as He Hongling loves Xiao Chunsheng, not him. Tong Xiaomei agrees to give the slot to He Hongling and explicitly states that she is creating an opportunity for Xiao Chunsheng and He Hongling.

When Xiao Chunsheng hears that Tong Xiaomei is giving up her Arts Group slot for He Hongling, he rushes to share the good news with He Hongling. He Hongling naturally couldn't be happier, as she has long wanted to join the army with Xiao Chunsheng, but she worries about not passing the assessment. Xiao Chunsheng encourages her and cheers her on. While Xiao Chunsheng accompanies He Hongling to practice the violin, Tong Xiaomei invites the Arts Group leader, who is impressed by He Hongling's performance and praises her, instructing her to go to the group for assessment.

Ye Guohua wants to take credit for He Hongling, claiming that he persuaded Tong Xiaomei to talk to the group leader. However, He Hongling rejects Ye Guohua's claim directly and expresses her desire to join the army with Xiao Chunsheng. Ye Guohua has no choice but to reveal that Xiao Chunsheng couldn't enlist due to not passing the political examination. Disappointed, He Hongling doesn't want to make Xiao Chunsheng sad and keeps this information from him. Ye Guohua also hesitates to disclose the truth and stammers without revealing the real situation. Tong Xiaomei notices everything.

Xiao Yanqiu returns from her business trip ahead of schedule and expresses her gratitude to He Hongling for taking care of her father. She reminds Xiao Chunsheng to treat He Hongling better. Upon hearing that Tong Xiaomei gave up her Arts Group slot, Commander Tong becomes angry. He knows that Tong Xiaomei has always dreamed of becoming a doctor since she was young, but the Military Medical College does not recruit externally, and the medical team only accepts children of workers and peasants. Commander Tong cannot bear to see Tong Xiaomei working as a nurse at the hospital and has heard that she has been getting close to children from the wealthy compound lately, worrying that she might be influenced negatively. Tong Xiaomei becomes angry and bursts into tears, explaining that those children are not bad people.

Tong Xiaomei notices that the soldiers who volunteered are starting their medical examinations. She worries for Xiao Chunsheng and truthfully tells He Hongling the reasons why Xiao Chunsheng couldn't enlist. Xiao Chunsheng repeatedly visits the neighborhood committee to inquire about the results of his political examination, but there is still no news. He uses all his money to buy the violin that He Hongling desires and eagerly goes home to give it to her. He Hongling, thinking about the upcoming separation from Xiao Chunsheng, feels a mix of emotions.

Xiao Chunsheng goes to see Liang Dong to learn martial arts, and Liang Dong casually mentions that the medical examinations for new recruits have begun this year. Xiao Chunsheng's heart sinks. Tong Xiaomei notices that everyone is deliberately keeping the truth from Xiao Chunsheng, so she intentionally waits for him at the door and reveals to him the reason why he cannot join the army. Xiao Chunsheng feels deeply upset and locks himself in his room, feeling melancholic.

Today is the day of He Hongling's exam. Xiao Chunsheng and Ye Guohua accompany her to the Arts Group. With her skilled performance, He Hongling successfully passes the exam. She shares this good news with her mother, who becomes excited and tears up. Xiao Chunsheng, Chen Hongjun, Tong Xiaomei, He Hongling, and Ye Guohua go out together to have fun. They take pictures and finally go to a restaurant. Xiao Chunsheng takes great care of He Hongling, while Ye Guohua intentionally embarrasses Xiao Chunsheng publicly, claiming that he will go to the nearest military unit to the Arts Group and asking which unit Xiao Chunsheng will join. Xiao Chunsheng admits that he couldn't enlist due to not passing the political examination, but he firmly believes that his father, Xiao Yanpei, is not wrong. Ye Guohua questions whether He Hongling can wait for Xiao Chunsheng for so long, but Xiao Chunsheng supports He Hongling's decision to join the Arts Group. Tong Xiaomei quickly changes the topic and treats everyone to ice cream.

He Hongling has been hesitating. She doesn't want to leave Xiao Chunsheng at this time. Xiao Chunsheng encourages her to go to the military and play the violin well, promising to resolve the political examination issue and find her in the army. He Hongling asks him to express his true feelings, and Xiao Chunsheng confesses his love for her. They agree to write letters to each other every day.

Xiao Chunsheng comes to help repaint He Hongling's burned house. Ye Guohua also comes to help and admits that he is not as good as Xiao Chunsheng. He decides to let go of He Hongling, and Xiao Chunsheng and Ye Guohua resolve their misunderstanding and reconcile as before.

Xiao Chunsheng and Ye Guohua, along with others, repaint He Hongling's burnt house. He Hongling prepares snow pear soup for them, and seeing Xiao Chunsheng and Ye Guohua reconciled, she feels relieved. He Hongling's mother's condition stabilizes, and the doctor suggests that she can go home for rest. However, she still wants Ye Guohua to arrange for Professor Su to perform the surgery for her. He Hongling doesn't want to trouble Ye Guohua, and the doctor suggests conservative treatment would be sufficient. He Hongling's mother realizes that she has chosen Xiao Chunsheng over Ye Guohua and can't help but express her dissatisfaction. She compares Xiao Chunsheng and Ye Guohua's qualities and advises He Hongling not to be with Xiao Chunsheng. He Hongling has made up her mind.

While waiting for Xiao Chunsheng to pick up her mother from the hospital, Ye Guohua suddenly arrives at the nurses' station. He Hongling goes to answer the phone and reminds her mother not to say anything inappropriate to Xiao Chunsheng. Ye Guohua has already contacted Professor Su, who agrees to perform the surgery for He Hongling's mother. He Hongling politely declines the offer.

Xiao Chunsheng celebrates He Hongling and Ye Guohua's enlistment in the army at home. Tong Xiaomei, Chen Hongjun, and others join the celebration. Xiao Yanpei gives He Hongling a pen as a gift, encouraging her to do well in the military. Shortly after, He Hongling and Ye Guohua depart for Yunnan to join the army. Xiao Chunsheng, Tong Xiaomei, and others accompany them to the train station. Xiao Chunsheng and He Hongling reluctantly bid farewell, promising to write letters to each other every day.

Ye Fang had already noticed that He Hongling's heart only belonged to herself. Although He Hongling chose Xiao Chunsheng, they were not meant to be together. Ye Fang thought that Tong Xiaomei and Xiao Chunsheng were a good match and quickly changed the subject. Once He Hongling arrives in Yunnan, she immediately writes a letter to Xiao Chunsheng, expressing her lovesickness.

Tong Xiaomei regularly checks Xiao Yanpei's blood pressure and encourages Xiao Chunsheng to be strong. Now that the "Four-Person Alliance" has been shattered, he will have many opportunities to shine. After careful consideration, Xiao Chunsheng decides to work at the Supply and Marketing Cooperative and is not afraid of hard work. He diligently learns from his master and impresses him. The master invites him to watch a movie, but Xiao Chunsheng makes an excuse to meet his boyfriend, so the master gives up.

Whenever Ye Guohua has free time, he visits the Arts Group to see He Hongling. He shows great concern and care for her, leading their comrades to think they are in a romantic relationship. He Hongling is also a cadre's daughter, but she doesn't explain anything. Guo Heizi sends a message through Bottle Cap, notifying Xiao Chunsheng of a meeting in the evening. The master reminds Xiao Chunsheng not to associate with delinquents to avoid tarnishing the reputation of the Supply and Marketing Cooperative. Xiao Chunsheng assures him that he will never mix with them.

After work, Xiao Chunsheng goes to meet Guo Heizi, but to his surprise, Li Shangyou, Qi Tian's archenemy, is also there. Xiao Chunsheng wonders why he's present and happens to notice the bruises on Zhao Xiaohui's face. He casually asks about it, and Zhao Xiaohui.

Qi Tian entrusted Xiao Chunsheng to take care of He Hongling and Guo Heizi before leaving. Guo Heizi was not happy with Xiao Chunsheng and held a grudge against him. Xiao Chunsheng tried to persuade him, but the police arrived, causing Guo Heizi and Li Shangyou to reluctantly leave. Before leaving, Guo Heizi made a threatening remark that he would come back for Xiao Chunsheng.

He Hongling represented the Cultural Troupe to participate in the artistic performance in the military region. She performed a solo piece on stage, and her melodious music deeply attracted the soldiers. Li Dongzheng, a propaganda officer who had just returned from study, fell in love with He Hongling at first sight. After the performance, he took the initiative to greet He Hongling and wanted to write an article to promote her. He Hongling asked him to report on those who were more talented instead. Ye Guohua also came to see He Hongling and immediately recognized Li Dongzheng. They grew up together in the same courtyard, but Li Dongzheng moved away with his parents later. Ye Guohua noticed that Li Dongzheng was interested in He Hongling and listed all of his shortcomings, but He Hongling didn't care.

Comrades were jealous of He Hongling and talked about her privately. Soon rumors spread that He Hongling was the daughter of Deputy Director He from the General Political Department. He Hongling didn't explain, and everyone believed it to be true. Li Dongzheng relentlessly pursued He Hongling, while she ignored him. Chen Can exposed in front of everyone that He Hongling was pretending to be the daughter of a high-ranking official, and He Hongling admitted that she was not Deputy Director He's daughter.

Captain Huang asked Chen Can to replace He Hongling as the principal violinist. Due to excessive stress, He Hongling fell ill and couldn't recover. She had a high fever and was sent to the hospital. Ye Guohua heard the news and came to the hospital to visit her, taking care of her attentively. Xiao Chunsheng hadn't received a letter from He Hongling for a long time, and he was extremely worried. He immediately wrote a letter to her.

With the college entrance examination approaching, Ye Fang and Chen Hongjun went to collect their admission tickets. They were robbed on the way, and Chen Hongjun's admission ticket was taken. Chen Hongjun hurried to chase after the robber, but Guo Heizi and Li Shangyou sent someone to snatch Chen Hongjun's admission ticket. Chen Hongjun had been preparing for the college entrance examination for two years and didn't want to lose all his efforts. He desperately pleaded with Guo Heizi to return his admission ticket, but Guo Heizi refused. Just as Guo Heizi was about to tear up the admission ticket, Xiao Chunsheng arrived in time and offered to take the blame for Chen Hongjun. Li Shangyou took the opportunity to instigate and falsely accused Zhao Xiaohui of informing Xiao Chunsheng. Out of anger, Guo Heizi stabbed Xiao Chunsheng and handed the admission ticket to him.

Despite the pain, Xiao Chunsheng accompanied Chen Hongjun to the examination center. Ye Fang had been waiting at the gate for Chen Hongjun. As the final bell rang, Chen Hongjun and Ye Fang hurriedly rushed to the examination center, while Xiao Chunsheng fainted due to excessive blood loss. When Xiao Chunsheng regained consciousness, he saw Tong Xiaomei by his side and realized that Tong Xiaomei had been captured waiting at the examination center. Tong Xiaomei advised him not to push himself so hard in the future.

Li Shangyou's dishonest intentions toward Zhao Xiaohui persisted. He urged her to leave Guo Heizi, but Zhao Xiaohui advised him to give up early. Taking advantage of the situation, Li Shangyou made inappropriate advances towards Zhao Xiaohui, but Guo Heizi arrived in time and physically confronted Li Shangyou. Xiao Chunsheng's injuries gradually improved, and Ye Fang and Chen Hongjun invited Xiao Chunsheng to have a meal to express their gratitude. The two of them performed well on the exam and had great aspirations for college life. Tong Xiaomei also joined them for the meal, and Xiao Chunsheng was curious why Tong Xiaomei didn't take the college entrance exam. Tong Xiaomei replied that the hospital was short-staffed, and she wanted to take the exam later. Xiao Chunsheng praised her for her care for Xiao Yanpei.

Guo Heizi went to Zhao Xiaohui's house to propose marriage, but Zhao's father and friends beat him severely. Zhao Xiaohui pleaded for Guo Heizi and publicly swore that she would only marry him. They sent Guo Heizi to the hospital, deeply moved by the situation. After delivering gifts to his master, Xiao Chunsheng sat by the river to relax. Tong Xiaomei, who had finished her class at the university where Ye Fang studied, passed by and had a conversation with Xiao Chunsheng about their respective ideals. Xiao Chunsheng specially left a bag of newly acquired candies for Tong Xiaomei as a token of gratitude for her care for Xiao Yanpei.

Ye Guohua trained diligently in the new recruit company and ranked first in all assessments. He was about to complete his training and be assigned to a unit. He came to bid farewell to He Hongling and happened to mention that Li Dongzheng would report and interview the new recruit company. His deeds would appear in the military region newspaper. He Hongling learned that the military region newspaper had a high influence, and her interest was piqued. On the weekend, Li Dongzheng came to pick up He Hongling to take photos. She didn't refuse and even wanted to have the photos published in the military region newspaper.

Ye Guohua came to find He Hongling but learned that she had gone out with Li Dongzheng. He had no choice but to wait patiently. Ye Guohua waited until it was dark, and Li Dongzheng finally brought He Hongling back. Li Dongzheng sarcastically mocked Ye Guohua, provoking his anger. He Hongling was dissatisfied with Li Dongzheng and listed all of Ye Guohua's good qualities, exposing Li Dongzheng's shortcomings.


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