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The Longest Promise – Xiao Zhan, Ren Min

The Longest Promise is a historical fantasy romantic drama directed by Jiang Jiajun, led by Xiao Zhan and Ren Min,  co-starring Alen Fang Yilun, Wang Churan, Wang Ziqi, Li Mingde, Ye Shengjia, Lu Yuxiao, Chen Zihan, Guo Jun, Yang Mingna, Ruan Shengwen, Zhang Lei, with Han Dong, He Shengming and Zeng Li in special appearances.

The drama is based on Cang Yue's novel, which tells the story of the emotional entanglement between Shi Ying, the aloof Crown prince of Kongsang, and Zhu Yan, the righteous princess of Chi Chan. The fate of the Kongsang dynasty changes as destiny goes.


The Longest Promise

English Title: The Longest Promise
Chinese Title: 玉骨遥
Other Titles: Xiao Cao Shi Nu Sheng
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Immortal, Political
Tag: Xianxia, Student-Teacher Relationship, Forbidden Love, Age Gap, Royalty, Cultivation
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Jiang Jiajun, Peng Xuejun, Du Yuan, Jiang Hongmin
Writer: Wu Yingying, Zhao Yu, Zhang Kexin
Producer: Li Eryun, Huang Xing, Zhang Ruiling, Yu Chengjia, He Zhichang
Product Company: TencentVideo
Released Date: 2023-07-02
Broadcast Website: WeTV, Netfilx



The aloof prince Kongsang, Shi Ying, and the righteous princess of the Chi Zu, Zhu Yan, had predestination in their life.

By mistake, they become masters and apprentices for three years.

Shi Ying fell in love with Zhu Yan from the first moment he saw her. When Zhu Yan was thirteen years old, Shi Ying sent Zhu Yan off Jiuyi Mountain and gave her the Jade Bone, the bride price of successive Emperors of Khongsang.

When the evil raised, Kongsang is in danger. Shi Ying mistakenly thought that Zhi Yuan who grew up with Zhu Yan was the sea emperor, so he sealed Zhi Yuan.

This led to a battle between Shi Ying and Zhu Yan, Shi Ying was killed by Zhu Yan voluntarily. Zhu Yan stabbed the Jade Bone to Shi Ying.

A saying turned out to be a prophecy.

However, the fate has changed as early as the day it was spied on…


Huo Tu Tribe, the Princess of the Chi Tribe, Zhu Yan, was arranged by the Emperor to marry the Prince of the Huo Tu Tribe, Prince Ke'erke. Outside the tribe, everyone celebrated the prince's wedding, but inside the tent, Zhu Yan used a brush to draw her own portrait and turned it into an illusion of herself, planning to secretly escape. Her maidservant tried to persuade her not to run away, but Zhu Yan was determined not to marry someone she didn't love.

During the wedding of Prince Ke'erke and Zhu Yan, a sand demon suddenly appeared, causing chaos as the guests fled. Unbeknownst to everyone, the sand demon was controlled by Zhu Yan herself. She used the sand demon to destroy her illusion and then quickly fled from the Huo Tu Tribe. On her way, she unexpectedly met her master, Shi Ying, who had been invited by Zhu Yan to attend the wedding.

In the realm of Six Harmonies and Four Seas lies a mystical island called Yun Huang, inhabited by the Kongsang, Jiao, and Ice tribes. Seven thousand years ago, Kongsang Langxuan unified Yun Huang but fell under the influence of the destructive god, Xu Yao. Chaos ensued in Kongsang as six kings fought secretly, while the Jiao Sea Kingdom and the Ice Tribe wreaked havoc, plunging Yun Huang into war once again.

Shi Ying, the Crown Prince of Kongsang, had been training in martial arts since childhood, aiming to change the turmoil in Yun Huang. Zhu Yan, the Chi Tribe princess, wanted to pick the most beautiful Snow Hanwei as a gift for the Crown Prince. Zhu Yan wished to learn the most powerful spells to protect the Western Wasteland, but her father disagreed, thinking that as a princess, she didn't need to learn such things. Zhu Yan sought the Crown Prince's permission to study magic, not knowing that the young man who helped her pick the Snow Hanwei was the Crown Prince Shi Ying.

On her way, Empress Bai Yan of Kongsang met with the Jiao Tribe's Queen, Song of Autumn Water. As the Queen was pregnant, Empress Bai Yan graciously made way for her. Zhu Yan accidentally fell in front of the Queen's carriage, which led to a misunderstanding. The Queen thought Zhu Yan had intentionally bumped into her and crushed the Snow Hanwei in Zhu Yan's hand, believing the Chi Tribe intended to harm her and her child. However, Shi Ying arrived just in time to prevent any harm to Zhu Yan and calmed the situation. He revealed his identity as the Crown Prince, and Zhu Yan recognized him as the young man who helped her earlier.

Zhu Yan blamed herself for losing the Snow Hanwei given to her by Shi Ying. The Jiao Tribe's steward, Chiyuan, found the Snow Hanwei and returned it to Zhu Yan. Grateful, Zhu Yan decided to risk her life to mourn Shi Ying since she didn't believe he was a wicked person. Chiyuan knew he couldn't stop her, so he promised to accompany Zhu Yan to protect her during the journey.

Before the fire broke out in the palace, Shi Ying planned to leave with Empress Bai Yan. The Empress gave Shi Ying an ancient artifact called Jade Bone, which he later used to create a puppet in her likeness. Empress Bai Yan told Shi Ying that he didn't need to seek revenge and should just live his life well. Shi Ying then pledged that once he completed his training in Jiuyi Mountain, he would return to clear his mother's name.

Zhu Yan secretly mourned Shi Ying, tears sliding down her face as she held the Snow Han Wei, causing a faint cold light to flash and disappear into her forehead. The Great Destiny, observing from the realm of fate, sensed that someone had done something for Shi Ying and decreed that when the Yin and Yang meet and the Luli flowers bloom, Shi Ying must kill this person. Otherwise, this person would become the one who takes Shi Ying's life. On the other hand, Zhu Yan vowed to learn the Spring in the Withered Wood technique, intending to use it to assist the Crown Prince Shi Ying in his return.

Many years later, Zhu Yan waited anxiously for seven days to meet Master Xuan Zhen. She had been devoted to seeking help to bring Shi Ying back to the mortal realm. Master Xuan Zhen believed that the Return to Yuan technique was the most extraordinary and forbidden spell in the world, and he could not assist Zhu Yan. Instead, he advised Zhu Yan to go to Mount Jiuyi for a trial. Mount Jiuyi was the supreme place of the Kongsang magic, where one could find the technique of resurrection.

Zhu Yan returned to the Wujin City after being away for ten days. She learned from her maid that Jialan had invited her to participate in the grand ceremony at Jiuyi Mountain. According to ancestral customs, the eldest daughter of the Bai family would lead the dance as the envoy of the stars during the ceremony. However, if other noble ladies performing the accompanying dance were impressive, they could also bring honor to their families. Zhu Yan hurriedly went to her father and the consorts, expressing her desire to participate in the ceremony and promising that her dance skills would pass the test within three days.

Three days later, Zhu Yan accompanied her father to Jiuyi Mountain for the grand ceremony. By the Star Lake, Shi Ying, who had grown up, practiced the Qingyin Lu Ling, hoping to present it to his mother before her birthday. Chong Ming, the divine bird, came to invite Shi Ying to the grand ceremony at Jiuyi Mountain, but Shi Ying was unmoved and ultimately angered Chong Ming, who left in frustration.

Zhu Yan asked the servants on Jiuyi Mountain if there were any ancient secret techniques that could transcend the boundaries of yin and yang. Upon hearing Zhu Yan's words, Da Si Ming, the high priest, stated that life and death were predetermined, and forcibly breaking the boundaries of yin and yang would go against the natural order and was a taboo for practitioners. Da Si Ming realized that Zhu Yan was a curious person and warned her not to trespass in Jiuyi Mountain, especially in the Valley of Emperors behind the mountain. The Valley of Emperors was the burial place of past emperors and empresses, guarded by the Earthly Ring of Queen Bai Wei, with the eternal divine beast Chong Ming as its guardian. Those who trespassed there would never return.

Shi Ying finally refined the Qingyin Lu Ling and had the divine bird deliver it to the queen. Consuming the item would restore the clear voice that had been affected by the fire on that day. Unexpectedly, Chong Ming accidentally scratched his face with a tree branch. In order to avoid disfigurement, he asked Shi Ying to help find a remedy for his facial injury. Reluctantly, Shi Ying agreed to help. Zhu Yan unexpectedly saw Chong Ming, the divine bird, on Jiuyi Mountain and noticed another person accompanying him. She believed that this person must possess powerful magic and disregarded her maid's attempts to stop her, insisting on following them.

Zhu Yan caught up to them on the mountain and asked Chong Ming if there was someone practicing with him. Unfortunately, Chong Ming refused to tell her. The servants from Zhu Yan's residence came to call her back to participate in the ceremony, so she had no choice but to give up her inquiry and hurriedly descend the mountain. Bai Xuelu, the princess of the Bai clan, had outstanding dance skills that earned praise, while Bai Xueying, also a princess, was not acknowledged. Zhu Yan always believed that her good friend, Bai Xueying, was the true envoy of the stars. She pulled Bai Xueying forward, declaring her as the true envoy and encouraging her to dance in front of everyone.

The wise ones from the Ice Tribe ordered the ten witch leaders to gather forces and plan to infiltrate the Valley of Emperors during the Jiuyi Mountain ceremony to obtain the Earthly Ring. Bai Xueying wanted to show her mother's handmade dance dress to her friend. At that moment, Bai Xuelu arrived, admitting that she acknowledged her sister's superiority in both dance steps and background. She just wanted to admire Bai Xueying's dance dress. Bai Xueying, with a kind heart, handed the dance dress to Bai Xuelu to appreciate, but unexpectedly, Bai Xuelu dropped it off the cliff. The cliff was the forbidden area of the Valley of Emperors, and once the dance dress fell, it would be impossible to retrieve it. Now, without the envoy's dance dress, the qualification to offer the dance to the gods was lost. If they couldn't find another solution before the grand ceremony, someone else would have to take the lead.

Bai Xuelu always wanted to become the crown prince's wife to silence those who criticized her background. Zhu Yan wanted to help her friend retrieve the dance dress, so she drugged her maid in the middle of the night and secretly climbed down the cliff into the Valley of Emperors. Zhu Yan found Snow Xueying's dance dress by the Star Lake and, captivated by the beautiful scenery, couldn't help but put on the dress and dance gracefully. Shi Ying sensed something unusual and came out to investigate. He unexpectedly saw Zhu Yan dancing and rescued her when she almost fell into the lake. Upon hearing Zhu Yan introduce herself, Shi Ying realized that she was the little princess of the Chi tribe from all those years ago. Chong Ming, the divine bird, saw Shi Ying and Zhu Yan meet and knew that Zhu Yan was the one destined for Shi Ying. He wanted Shi Ying to kill Zhu Yan.

Shi Ying did not kill Zhu Yan. Instead, he took action against the infiltrating members of the Ice Clan in Emperor's Valley. He asked Chong Ming to inform Da Si Ming and decided to confront the Ice Clan alone. When Zhu Yan saw that Shi Ying was in danger and wanted to help, she accidentally burned Bai Xueying's dance skirt. Seeing the reinforcements arriving, the members of the Ice Clan quickly retreated from Emperor's Valley.

When Shi Ying saw Chong Ming and Da Si Ming approaching with others, he quickly hid Zhu Yan. Shi Ying suspected that the Ice Clan's arrival was related to the Earth God Ring. Da Si Ming was also puzzled by this matter. Although the heavens had the power to destroy the world and the earth, and the earth had the power to protect Kongsang, only the chosen ones could control it. Since the Ice Clan attacked, they must have known about this. Da Si Ming believed that not many people knew when Jiu Yi Mountain would defend against the emptiness, so there must be someone with a high position and influence acting as an insider for the Ice Clan.

Da Si Ming noticed that there had been living people in the valley and asked Shi Ying about it. Shi Ying denied it. After Da Si Ming left, Shi Ying released Zhu Yan from her illusion. Zhu Yan asked if flowers and plants had the ability to revive withered trees and wondered if it was the same for people. Shi Ying did not answer the question but instead erased Zhu Yan's memory of the previous night and personally sent her back to her room. Shi Ying returned to his residence, and Chong Ming believed that Zhu Yan was Shi Ying's destined calamity and should be killed directly. However, Shi Ying believed that Zhu Yan was just someone who accidentally entered Emperor's Valley and couldn't have been involved with him in the past, nor would they meet again in the future. It turned out that years ago, Da Si Ming had a puppet replace Shi Ying, but due to several coincidences, it became a calamity for Shi Ying. If Shi Ying met this woman before the age of eighteen, he would die at her hands in the future.

Wu Xian, the leader of the Ice Clan's Ten Witches, told Lord Qing that they encountered a highly skilled young man in Emperor's Valley. They accused Lord Qing of providing inaccurate information. Although Lord Qing was unaware of the situation in Emperor's Valley, he promised to investigate and inform them later, as both sides had promised cooperation for their own benefit.

The next day, Zhu Yan woke up in her room, but she had no memory of meeting Shi Ying the previous night and wondered why she hadn't gone to Emperor's Valley. Chong Ming wanted to know if Zhu Yan was the calamity destined for Shi Ying. He went to the book collection pavilion in Jiu Yi Mountain to search for the identity of the esteemed daughter of Kongsang. He found Zhu Yan's birthdate and concluded that she was not the calamity destined for Shi Ying, finally putting his mind at ease.

Privately, Bai Xuelu went to Emperor's Valley in search of the Earth God Ring. She wanted to use it to become the wife of the Crown Prince of Kongsang or even the Empress of Kongsang. Chong Ming frightened Bai Xuelu in his true form, and Shi Ying recognized her identity with the jade pendant. Shi Ying awakened Bai Xuelu and asked about the well-being of her mother, Queen Bai Yan. Shi Ying learned that the Queen was living a difficult life in the palace. The palace attendants not only neglected to bring her meals but also didn't even provide her with a blanket when she was sick. Shi Ying erased Bai Xuelu's memory and then had Chong Ming send her back, while he went to find Da Si Ming to rescue his mother.

When Shi Ying went to find Da Si Ming, he unexpectedly learned that Da Si Ming had just returned from Jia Lan and that Queen Bai Yan had already died. It turned out that Queen Bai Yan didn't want her son to worry about her and was afraid that others would know that Shi Ying was still alive, so she chose to end her own life by swallowing charcoal. She only wished for Shi Ying to succeed in his future magical arts and protect the people. Shi Ying blamed himself greatly for his mother's death. However, Da Si Ming persuaded Shi Ying that Bai Yan's death was her own choice. Now Shi Ying had to hide his identity and wait to avenge his mother in the future.

When King Bai learned the news of Queen Bai Yan's death, White Xuelu saw it as an opportunity for herself, while King Bai also saw through his daughter's scheming and thought that the illegitimate daughter Bai Xuelu had a better chance of becoming the Crown Prince's wife than Bai Xueying.

Shi Ying erected a monument to commemorate his mother on Jiu Yi Mountain. He blamed himself for cleverly giving his mother Qing Yin Lu Ling, which ultimately led to her death. Da Si Ming said that after Shi Ying's eighteenth birthday and the passing of his destined calamity, he would promote Shi Ying to become the Junior Minister of Fate. With time, when Shi Ying's cultivation reached the true realm, he could take off his divine robe and return to Jia Lan to reclaim the throne. Only then could he take back everything that Bai Yan had lost and avenge her.

Da Si Ming saw that Shi Ying had lost his fighting spirit due to his mother's death. He asked Shi Ying to listen to the decisions regarding Queen Bai Yan made by the Six Clans. Lord Qing believed that the Emperor did not hold Queen Bai Yan in high regard, and only virtuous and righteous people were honored in the sacrifices, so Bai Yan was unworthy. The other kings had no objections, so Da Si Ming had no choice but to remove Bai Yan's name from the list of those honored in the sacrifices. Shi Ying, seeing that his mother was not respected even after her death, was single-minded in seeking revenge and, in his shaken state of mind, fell into a demonic state.

Chong Ming discovered that Shi Ying had fallen into a demonic state and wanted to approach and check on him, but Shi Ying pushed him away. Zhu Yan returned to Emperor's Valley and felt a sense of familiarity with the place. Chong Ming noticed Zhu Yan's presence and believed that she could move Shi Ying and possibly save him from his demonic state.

Chong Ming took Zhu Yan to Shi Ying's residence, where Shi Ying was harming himself in his demonic state. Chong Ming tried to stop him, but Shi Ying didn't recognize him and mistook him for Lord Qing, attacking him. Zhu Yan saved Chong Ming but got injured by Shi Ying in the process. Shi Ying regained his senses and hurriedly took Zhu Yan to the Xileng River for treatment. Despite her severe injuries, Zhu Yan comforted Shi Ying, who had lost his mother.

Shi Ying brought Zhu Yan to the Xileng River on Jiu Yi Mountain, a place of extreme cold. He helped heal Zhu Yan's injuries and unexpectedly discovered a Lulihua blossom on her forehead. Chong Ming recognized the Lulihua blossom and believed that Zhu Yan was the calamity destined for Shi Ying. However, Shi Ying disagreed, stating that Zhu Yan's birthdate did not match the prophecy. Moreover, Zhu Yan had just saved both of them. Despite Chong Ming's persuasion, Shi Ying insisted on saving Zhu Yan.

Using the frigid Xileng River as a medium, Shi Ying transferred his pure yang spiritual power to Zhu Yan, successfully helping her recover from the dangerous state. Zhu Yan was grateful to Shi Ying for saving her when she was on the verge of death and believed that he was the master she had been seeking.

Chong Ming revealed his true form and took Zhu Yan and Shi Ying away. In the excitement, Zhu Yan accidentally fell from Chong Ming's true form, and Shi Ying had no choice but to also fall to save her. They both landed near Shi Ying's mother's tomb. Zhu Yan voluntarily paid her respects to Shi Ying's mother and noticed that there were no words on her tombstone, realizing that Shi Ying had fallen into a demonic state because of his mother. Zhu Yan believed that when someone had passed away, their parents would want their children to live safely and shared her own experience to console Shi Ying.

Chong Ming questioned Zhu Yan about her birthdate, and she admitted that she was born on a day of extreme cold in the winter month. At the age of two, she was taken into the palace by her father, who believed that those born in extreme yin conditions were ominous. Therefore, he publicly stated that Zhu Yan was born in the month of Ming Chuan. Chong Ming was convinced that Zhu Yan was indeed the calamity destined for Shi Ying and wanted to persuade him to kill her. However, Shi Ying believed that Zhu Yan had saved their lives and couldn't bring himself to harm her. He promised to cherish his own life as his mother had wished and hoped to protect the world with his magical arts in the future.

Chong Ming thought it necessary to erase Zhu Yan's memory, as otherwise, when Da Si Ming found out, he wouldn't spare her. Chong Ming believed that Zhu Yan's wish could easily be fulfilled and thought that she must want Shi Ying's feather. As a result, he personally brought his own feather to Zhu Yan, making her feel that Chong Ming treated her as a friend.

To help Bai Xueying secure the leading dancer position in the Star-Gazing Festival, Zhu Yan gifted her with one of Chong Ming's divine bird feathers to adorn her dance skirt. King Bai purchased valuable medicinal herbs and instructed Bai Xuelu to deliver them to Prince Shi Yu, emphasizing the importance of seizing the opportunity. Da Si Ming visited Shi Ying and noticed that he hadn't fallen into a demonic state due to his mother's death, suspecting that he had interacted with an outsider.

Da Si Ming has always wanted Shi Ying to seek revenge for his mother, but Shi Ying expressed that he had already made a grave mistake and must not disobey his mother's dying wish. He had firmly resolved to dedicate himself to cultivating his skills according to his mother's will and never enter the Jia Lan realm. However, Da Si Ming believed that since Bai Yan had died for Shi Ying's sake, Shi Ying should seek revenge for her in the future. Seeing that Shi Ying had made up his mind, Da Si Ming had no choice but to temporarily give up persuading him and instructed Shi Ying to attend the ritual ceremony at the Water Mirror in the Book Pavilion the next day and observe and record the grand event.

Upon learning that Da Si Ming had arranged for Shi Ying to participate in the ritual ceremony, Chong Ming couldn't understand the purpose behind this decision. Shi Ying thought that perhaps Da Si Ming believed he had a deep affection for Shi Yu and wanted him to take the opportunity to see his younger brother. While Bai Xueying had no intention of competing with Bai Xuelu, she felt that continuously yielding would be a letdown to those who supported her. She went to the riverside to relax and unexpectedly saw a young man silently cheering for her performance. Bai Xueying believed that both of them were shy individuals and hoped they could encourage each other to become braver.

Bai Xuelu's dance was highly praised, and the nanny initially intended to appoint her as the stargazer. However, Bai Xueying hurriedly arrived with her servant and explained that she used the feathers left by Concubine Qing as decorations for her dance skirt. She wondered if this would allow her to retain the position of the stargazer. The nanny believed that both of them had excellent dancing skills and planned to let Lord Shi Yu decide who would be the stargazer.

Zhong Ming sought Red Abyss' help in finding a gift for his apprenticeship ceremony, as requested by Zhu Yan. Red Abyss went alone to the Mermaid Market to find a truly satisfactory gift for Zhu Yan. Red Abyss had set his sights on a piece of mermaid silk, but unexpectedly, the Sea Nation Army arrived and confiscated the item directly. The old man selling the mermaid silk had no choice but to let the Sea Nation Army take it. Red Abyss gave money to the old man, considering it as if he had purchased the mermaid silk himself. In gratitude, the old man gave him a gift.

The next day, Shi Yu appeared before everyone, and only then did Bai Xueying recognize that the young man from yesterday was the prince of Kongsang. The nanny stated that both of the Bai family's princesses were candidates for the stargazer position and asked Lord Shi Yu to personally decide who would be the final stargazer. Shi Yu stated that the stargazer position was reserved for the legitimate daughters of the Bai family according to ancestral customs. Therefore, Bai Xueying successfully became the stargazer.

Shi Yu presided over the ritual ceremony himself, and Da Si Ming asked Shi Ying to record the ceremony in the Book Pavilion. He wanted Shi Ying to witness firsthand everything that belonged to him being taken by Shi Yu. Shi Yu became overly nervous and forgot his lines during the ceremony, but with Bai Xueying silently encouraging him, he managed to complete the ritual speech successfully. During the noble ladies' dance segment, Zhong Ming discovered that his feathers had been used by Zhu Yan to make Bai Xueying's dance skirt. Da Si Ming also mistakenly believed that Bai Xueying was the person who had met Shi Ying and helped him overcome his inner demons.

Shi Ying worried that Da Si Ming would suspect him because of Zhong Ming's feathers, so he transformed into flower petals to approach Zhu Yan and asked her to break one of the feathers on Bai Xueying's dance skirt during the performance. With Shi Ying's secret assistance, Zhu Yan successfully broke one of Zhong Ming's feathers.

Shi Yu publicly praised Bai Xuelu's dance, which made Bai Xueying feel somewhat disheartened. Da Si Ming approached Bai Xueying privately and asked about the origin of her dance skirt. Xue Ying claimed that it was left by her deceased mother and didn't disclose its source. Da Si Ming noticed the broken trace of Zhong Ming's feathers on the dance skirt and thought about the incident where Zhong Ming's feathers were indeed lost among the common people, dispelling his suspicions about Bai Xueying.

Zhu Yan's father worried that the two kings of Jiu Yi Mountain were in conflict and unable to protect themselves. He wanted to leave this place with Zhu Yan as soon as possible. However, Zhu Yan used her injured foot as an excuse to delay descending the mountain, eventually convincing her father to let her rest for another day. Zhu Yan secretly went to the Emperor's Valley, where Zhong Ming prevented her from meeting Shi Ying and even planned to kill her. Unexpectedly, Shi Ying suddenly appeared and interrupted his plan.

Shi Ying asked Zhu Yan about her wish, and she expressed her desire to become Shi Ying's disciple. Shi Ying realized that Zhu Yan wanted to learn the technique of reuniting the primordial spirit and initially intended to dissuade her. However, Zhu Yan revealed that she wanted to learn this technique to revive a person who had been unjustly killed. She wanted to save that person. Shi Ying stated that such a technique didn't exist in the world and advised Zhu Yan not to waste her life pursuing such a foolish idea. Unable to grant her current wish, Shi Ying suggested that Zhu Yan change her wish, returned her embroidered handkerchief, and told her not to come looking for him again in the future.

Bai Xueying felt down because Shi Yu pretended not to recognize her, but while she was by the riverside, she coincidentally encountered Shi Yu, who had been waiting for her. Shi Yu explained that he had never pretended not to know her and gave her a wooden carving of a sparrow that he had made with his own hands. Shi Yu stated that he pretended to ignore Xueying during the grand assembly to protect her. King Bai urged the two to get married, but Shi Yu's mother and uncle didn't want him to marry, so he pretended not to recognize Bai Xueying.

Bai Xuelu unexpectedly witnessed a scene where Bai Xueying and Lord Shi Yu were together, and she believed that Xueying was secretly colluding with Lord Shi Yu. Xuelu believed that two people in love couldn't be together forever, but until the last moment, she wouldn't give up on her desire to become the crown princess.

Xueying came to Zhu Yan and told her friend about falling in love with Lord Shi Yu. Zhu Yan believed that Shi Yu had engraved his feelings on the wooden bird, indicating his interest in Xueying. However, due to their family interests, they couldn't truly be close. Zhu Yan sighed that it would be better if Shi Ying, Shi Yu's elder brother, were still alive. Zhong Ming secretly approached Zhu Yan and learned that she sincerely wanted to learn the technique of reuniting the primordial spirit. He told her that the junior priestess should go to the Emperor's Valley at the hour of the pig to retrieve the Seven-Star Lamp from the tomb of the Supreme Emperor. He also mentioned that the Seven-Star Lamp served as an introduction to practicing the technique of reuniting the primordial spirit and considered it as a pledge of apprenticeship.

Knowing that retrieving the Seven-Star Lamp was a life-threatening choice, Zhu Yan still decided to go to the Emperor's Valley to get it. Xue Lu snatched the wooden bird from Xueying's hands, thinking that there was a suitor harassing her sister. They gathered in front of the elders to discuss the matter, stating that they found objects of affection between a man and a woman in Xueying's room and wanted to investigate the person responsible and clear Xueying's innocence. Xueying didn't want to reveal Lord Shi Yu's identity in front of everyone and could only claim ignorance of the sender's identity.

Alone at the hour of the pig, Zhu Yan arrived at the tomb of the Supreme Emperor. She insisted on retrieving the Seven-Star Lamp. Zhong Ming saw that Zhu Yan had really come for the lamp and thought that it would lead to her downfall, and he couldn't blame anyone else. Zhong Ming had specially brewed a concentration soup for Shi Ying, who sensed that Zhong Ming was hiding something from him. He realized that someone had entered the tomb of the Supreme Emperor and hurriedly rushed to the scene. Shi Ying witnessed Zhu Yan's determination to retrieve the lamp despite her injuries and was determined to use his own power to save the crown prince. Seeing Zhu Yan's spiritual power about to deplete, Shi Ying intervened and helped her successfully obtain the Seven-Star Lamp.

Shi Ying knew that Zhong Ming had acted out of concern for him and didn't blame him for his actions. However, Shi Ying stated that he would make Zhu Yan let go of all her thoughts. Zhu Yan brought the Seven-Star Lamp to meet the junior priest Shi Ying, but he stated that even the Emperor of the world had turned into dust, indicating that there was no technique in the world to reunite the spirit and soul. Shi Ying mentioned that he allowed Zhu Yan to retrieve the Seven-Star Lamp to make her realize the difficulty and give up, but he didn't expect Zhu Yan to be foolish and reckless, which he despised the most. Shi Ying refused to acknowledge Zhu Yan as a friend, which made her very sad and disappointed. Zhu Yan promised not to bother Shi Ying anymore and vowed never to return to the Emperor's Valley.

Lord Shi Yu was invited to preside over justice and saw the gifts given to Xueying by people from the mountains. He initially wanted to find a way to exonerate Xueying, but Xue Lu claimed that the wood used for the bird was unique to Jiuyi Mountain, prompting Da Si Ming to order the collection of writings from all the priests and attendants in the mountains. They were determined to find the person who had a connection with Xueying, the Princess of Xue. After examination, no one's handwriting matched the inscription on the wooden bird. Lord Qing asked about the solitary priests who practiced seclusion in the Emperor's Valley, which made Da Si Ming realize that Lord Qing had been colluding with the Ice Clan.

Xueying remained silent, causing Lord Qing to suspect that she and the person who gave her the wooden bird were in love. When Zhu Yan learned that Xueying was being publicly judged, she hurried to the main hall and stated that someone who concealed the truth was not worthy of her affection. Zhu Yan believed that as a man, he should have come forward when his loved one was suffering. She suggested giving up on the oath written on the wooden bird. Under Zhu Yan's provocation, Lord Shi Yu publicly admitted that he was the one who gave her the wooden bird and that he was the one who admired Princess Xueying. This enraged Lord Qing, but Lord Bai was delighted that Lord Shi Yu and his daughter had mutual feelings.

At that moment, the servants of Jiuyi Mountain reported that the solitary priests in the Emperor's Valley had already left. Upon hearing the news, Zhu Yan became furious and fainted. Da Si Ming found Lord Bai and advised him not to rush to marry off his legitimate daughter because the future crown prince might not necessarily be Lord Shi Yu. Lord Bai deduced from Da Si Ming's words that Lord Shi Ying was still alive.

After returning home from Jiuyi Mountain, Zhu Yan lost her appetite and became distraught, worrying the queen. Lord Chi Yuan, at the queen's request, came to visit Zhu Yan. Zhu Yan expressed her sadness that there was no technique to reunite the soul, and she would never see the crown prince again. Lord Chi Yuan comforted Zhu Yan, saying that what seemed impossible today might change in the future. He took Zhu Yan out to stroll and taste delicious food, and in a relaxed mood, Zhu Yan confided in him her worries. Lord Chi Yuan believed that Zhu Yan was born to be affectionate and compassionate to everyone in the world, but some relationships are fleeting, and she should not hastily give her friendship to someone she just met. He advised her to stay away from this person as he preferred solitude. Zhu Yan learned that Lord Chi Yuan had not shed tears for anything until now. They made a pact that if either of them was feeling down, they would confide in each other.

Chiyuan sent Zhu Yan the precious treasure of the Jiao Clan, Mingyue Xiaosao, and Zhu Yan wanted to bid farewell to the past by using this item. Although there was no technique to reunite souls in the world, Zhu Yan planned to continue practicing her skills to protect important people. She instructed her maid to send Mingyue Xiaosao to Jiuyi Mountain.

Lord Qing told Concubine Qing that he had discovered a suspicious little priest on Jiuyi Mountain, and Da Si Ming had caused him embarrassment because of this person. It was rumored that Da Si Ming had deep feelings for Bai Yan in his youth, and if Bai Yan hadn't insisted on marrying the King of Bei Mian, Da Si Ming wouldn't have secluded himself on Jiuyi Mountain. If Da Si Ming had secretly taken Shi Ying away and faked his death, then the little priest could possibly be Shi Ying. Lord Qing suggested that they hide Shi Ying's existence from the King of Bei Mian and quickly eliminate any future troubles caused by Shi Yu.

Lord Bai advised Bai Xuelu to consider the overall situation. Since Prince Shi Yu liked Xueying, they should do everything in their power to plan for her. Concubine Qing met with Bai Xuelu and asked her if she wanted to marry Shi Yu. Bai Xuelu naturally did not deny her desire to become the crown prince's concubine. When Concubine Qing asked about the matters on Jiuyi Mountain, Bai Xuelu mentioned her loss of consciousness upon entering the Emperor's Valley, speculating that there might be someone in the valley who didn't want others to know about. Bai Xuelu knew that Concubine Qing didn't appreciate her but wanted to use her. She confirmed that the person in the Emperor's Valley was the center of attention. She decided to get close to this person at all costs and gain an advantage for herself.

On Shi Ying's eighteenth birthday, Da Si Ming prepared a coming-of-age gift for him and planned to officially crown and grant him authority on an auspicious day, making Shi Ying an official disciple of Jiuyi Mountain. Da Si Ming sent out invitations for Shi Ying's discipleship ceremony to the six noble families. Both men and women from the six noble families could participate in the selection exam on the mountain. Those who passed the exam would become Shi Ying's registered disciples, and the most outstanding would become his first disciple, able to stay by his side for a long time. This disciple selection was also an opportunity for Shi Ying to gather support from various clans. In the future, these people would be helpful if Shi Ying wanted to achieve great things in the world. Shi Ying was unaware that Da Si Ming actually intended for him to eventually become emperor. According to the system, Emperor Jialan had to marry the legitimate daughter of the Bai family as his empress. Da Si Ming planned for the legitimate daughter of the Bai family to become Shi Ying's first disciple.

Shi Ying moved into the Qingxiu Hall with Chong Ming. Chong Ming prepared a birthday gift for Shi Ying and unexpectedly found a handkerchief hidden in Mingyue Xiaosao, which Zhu Yan had sent. Shi Ying used the excuse of not liking handkerchiefs to burn it. Lord Bai arranged for Xueying and Xuelu to go to Jiuyi Mountain to participate in the discipleship selection, and he warned them not to stand out too much on the mountain.

Zhu Yan also learned from her father that Jiuyi Mountain was preparing to accept disciples, but she hesitated because of Shi Ying. When she heard about Jiuyi Mountain, she couldn't help but think of the person who had denied her. Chiyuan advised Zhu Yan that she only needed to gain the recognition of the Prince of Shi Ying and not care about others' opinions. Zhu Yan talked to Chiyuan about her great-grandmother, not knowing that Chiyuan had known Zhu Yan's great-grandmother, Zhuo Yi, a long time ago. When Zhuo Yi was seriously injured, she instructed Chiyuan to live well and wait for her reincarnation as a Kongsang person, and she asked Chiyuan to protect their clan. Jiao people only loved one person in their lifetime, but Chiyuan couldn't remember the appearance of his loved one because of Zhuo Yi's technique. He could only wait for their reunion in the next life. Encouraged by Chiyuan, Zhu Yan finally decided to participate in the discipleship selection on Jiuyi Mountain and reunited with her friend Xueying there.

Zhu Yan aspired to become the first disciple of the Jiuyi Mountain Prince, while Xueying mentioned that there was intense competition because Xuelu also aimed to become the first disciple. This time, Lord Qing sent the leader of the Shadow Warriors, Qing Gang, to participate in the selection. If he was interested, there would be no other candidate for the first disciple.

Nobles from the six families came to participate in the disciple selection exam. Chong Ming worried that Zhu Yan would encounter Shi Ying, but Shi Ying believed that Zhu Yan's magical powers were average, and even if she happened to pass the selection, she wouldn't become his first disciple. The disciple selection rule was to form pairs, and many people from the six noble families intended to give gifts and form pairs with Qing Gang. However, Xuelu advised against using gifts to win Qing Gang's favor because he was not someone who would show mercy. As expected, when Qing Gang arrived, he collected the gifts and planned to distribute them to the nearby people as gifts from the gods.

Xuelu asked Qing Gang why he came to participate in the discipleship selection when he had already defeated Lord Chi. This made Zhu Yan very dissatisfied, but she also realized that Xuelu wanted her to quarrel with Qing Gang, which would violate the rules of Jiuyi Mountain and result in disqualification from the selection. Xuelu wanted to use Zhu Yan's hand to eliminate Qing Gang as a strong opponent, but Zhu Yan saw through her plan. Zhu Yan and Qing Gang agreed to have a duel after the disciple selection.

Da Si Ming held a coming-of-age ceremony for Shi Ying, and Zhu Yan learned that the person who denied her was the Prince of Shi Ying. She declared that she didn't want to participate in the selection and the Prince of Shi Ying didn't stop her. Shi Ying announced the rules of the competition: Xuelu and Xueying formed a pair, and Zhu Yan would compete alone, but she intended to wait for elimination.

Zhu Yan encountered Chong Ming's provocation in the mountains, but she was no match for his magical powers. At a critical moment, Shi Ying appeared and saved Zhu Yan. Shi Ying couldn't stand by and watch Zhu Yan being schemed against. He couldn't tolerate those who played dirty tricks. He invited Zhu Yan to team up and go up the mountain.

Da Si Ming wanted to control the selection of the next Lesser Lord and secretly chose Shi Ying as the candidate. He believed that if Shi Ying became the emperor in the future, he would choose a daughter from the Bai family as his empress. He selected Bai Xuelu to be Shi Ying's destined partner and secretly instructed his subordinates to ensure her victory. Qing Gang's intention to become Shi Ying's disciple was fake, but his attempt to investigate Da Si Ming's identity was real. He had his subordinates send a poor mythical creature to Qing Gang. Zhu Yan was paired with Qing Gang, and even if it cost them their lives, Zhu Yan's life was more important.

Zhu Yan didn't want to go up the mountain, and she didn't want to become a disciple of the Lesser Lord. She initially wanted to bid farewell to Qing Gang and leave. However, at that moment, the poor mythical creature appeared, and the two of them were no match for it. They could only try to escape and hide in a cave. Zhu Yan mentioned that the Qing Clan was skilled in using poison and urged Qing Gang to use poison to stupefy the poor mythical creature quickly. Qing Gang took out a poison and temporarily drove away the creature, allowing them to escape.

Through an illusion, Shi Ying learned that the poor mythical creature was chasing Zhu Yan and Qing Gang. He couldn't understand how the creature knew their hiding place. Chong Ming revealed that he unexpectedly saw the two disciples signaling the poor mythical creature. Shi Ying was furious upon learning that Chong Ming had secretly interfered with Zhu Yan's selection.

Qing Gang and Zhu Yan escaped to the top of a cliff. Seeing the poor mythical creature chasing them, Zhu Yan remembered from ancient books that the creature enjoyed watching conflicts and liked cunning and evil people. She pretended to angrily scold Qing Gang as a demonic leader in the army, claiming that killing him today would be for the people's good. Zhu Yan even admitted that she had taken many lives herself. She made the creature believe that they were both villains, and it surprisingly let them go and left.

Through a magic mirror, Shi Ying discovered the manifestation of chaos, which existed before the creation of the world and was formed by accumulated resentment. Chaos was not bound by any magic system, and even the former Emperor Xingzun couldn't do anything about it. On the other hand, Qing Gang managed to evade the poor mythical creature but was then chased by chaos. Unable to bear seeing both of them devoured by chaos, Shi Ying decided to rescue them.

Zhu Yan, exhausted, was caught up by chaos. She pushed Qing Gang away but was swallowed by chaos and entered the Abyss of Wrath. Zhu Yan's mind was influenced by the Wrathful Spirit and was on the verge of falling off a cliff. However, Shi Ying appeared in the crucial moment and saved her. Shi Ying knew that the Wrathful Spirit was using Zhu Yan's resentment, so he told her not to see or hear anything. Due to the influence of the Wrathful Spirit, Zhu Yan couldn't see or hear properly. Shi Ying asked her to hold onto his sleeve and guided her to leave.

While searching for Zhu Yan, Qing Gang discovered that Bai Xueying and Bai Xuelu were attacked by the poor mythical creature. Bai Xuelu protected Bai Xueying and tried to make her leave. Qing Gang recalled how Zhu Yan drove away the creature before, but this time, it didn't work. Qing Gang secretly helped Bai Xuelu, a girl from the Bai family, and together they successfully drove away the creature.

Zhu Yan, still frightened in the Abyss of Wrath, tightly grasped Shi Ying's clothes. When Shi Ying turned to check on her, he accidentally kissed her forehead, which made him feel embarrassed. However, Zhu Yan, thinking she encountered a ghost, expressed her bewilderment. Upon hearing her reaction, Shi Ying felt helpless. After a while, Zhu Yan regained her senses and saw that the one who saved her was the Lesser Lord himself. She didn't want to accompany him and chose to leave directly.

Zhu Yan walked onto a wooden bridge but feared the greedy spirits beneath her feet. Since chaos was not bound by any magic, not even Shi Ying could use magic to leave. Soon, the greedy spirits destroyed the wooden bridge beneath Zhu Yan's feet. She had no choice but to rely on Shi Ying's jade umbrella to return to the edge of the cliff. Shi Ying explained that only the jade umbrella could function independently within chaos. By opening the jade umbrella, they could create a protective barrier against external attacks. Unexpectedly, Zhu Yan closed the jade umbrella and used it as a makeshift weapon. Zhu Yan blamed herself for damaging Shi Ying's artifact, but Shi Ying believed that although Zhu Yan had the intention to become his disciple, she couldn't even imitate how he used his artifacts, and that was what made him angry.

Shi Ying deduced that people's hopes, trust, and joy could regenerate the Bridge of the Heart, allowing them to cross to the other side. On the contrary, people's suspicions, doubts, and lies would damage the Bridge of the Heart. Shi Ying asked Zhu Yan to think of some happy things to regenerate the bridge and enable them to reach the other side. Zhu Yan recalled the happy moments of her childhood when the Crown Prince gave her the gift of Xue Han Wei and when her father, the king, agreed to let her learn magic upon hearing the Crown Prince's words. These memories regenerated the Bridge of the Heart. Shi Ying couldn't think of any happy moments, so he asked Zhu Yan to share her happy memories. Zhu Yan listed all the joyful things she experienced, including the encounter with the Lesser Lord on Jiuyin Mountain. She thought that event would damage the Bridge of the Heart, but it unexpectedly generated a bridge of benevolence, successfully guiding them to the other side.

Shi Ying and Zhu Yan arrived at the other shore but unexpectedly found an old lady. The old lady confessed that she had been swallowed by chaos many years ago and had been living alone here ever since. Despite searching for years, she hadn't found a way out. She persuaded Zhu Yan to stay in this place because only by staying here could she be with Shao Si Ming forever. Zhu Yan denied having any desire to be with Shao Si Ming, but Shi Ying, contrary to his usual behavior, held Zhu Yan's hand and even fed her pastries, making Zhu Yan feel extremely sweet.

The old lady was very pleased to hear Shi Ying's words and suddenly transformed into her true form and attacked Shi Ying. Shi Ying easily defeated the old lady's true form. It turned out the old lady was a manifestation of obsession. Only by breaking the opponent's obsession could they deal with her. Now that the three obsessions of greed, anger, and delusion had been broken, Shi Ying found a note in the room. He believed that the message in it was the way to escape, but he couldn't understand its meaning at the moment.

Zhu Yan asked Shao Si Ming if it was worth risking everything for someone as reckless as her, considering his noble and dignified status. But Shi Ying refused to answer that question because he believed they would definitely find a way out together. Soon, Shi Ying broke the illusion in the room, but the opening that appeared in front of them might not necessarily be the real exit. Shi Ying said that as long as he pushed Zhu Yan into the opening as a sacrifice to chaos, he would be able to escape safely. He then revealed that he came to this place to borrow the power of chaos to aid in his cultivation, and now Zhu Yan happened to be the one he used. Zhu Yan didn't believe that Shao Si Ming was deceiving her, but his actions deceived and played with her, which made her resent him deeply. Without hesitation, Zhu Yan turned around and jumped into the opening.

It turned out that Shi Ying wanted Zhu Yan to hate him to the extreme so that he could turn a dead end into an opportunity for survival. Now that Zhu Yan had returned to the mortal world, Shi Ying was left behind in chaos due to the backlash. Zhu Yan woke up on Qianyue Peak and learned from Qing Gang that only a joss stick's worth of time had passed since her disappearance.

The spectacle chaos anticipated was for Zhu Yan to learn that Shao Si Ming's actions were meant to save her, but in the end, she was killed by her own resentment. At that time, Zhu Yan would undoubtedly be heartbroken. Unexpectedly, what Zhu Yan left behind when she jumped into the mouth of life and death was goodwill. Whether it was the Crown Prince or Shao Si Ming, Zhu Yan always believed in Shi Ying's character.

Having understood Shao Si Ming's intentions, Zhu Yan decided to find the Jade Bone as soon as possible because she speculated that it could lead her to its owner. Shi Ying returned to the mortal world, but Da Si Ming believed that the Princess of Chi Zuzu was not worth Shi Ying risking his life to enter chaos to save her. Da Si Ming admitted to arranging for someone to attract Qiong Qi to harm Qing Gang because Qing Gang was sent by Concubine Qing to spy on Shi Ying's true intentions. However, Shi Ying believed that as the newly appointed Shao Si Ming, he couldn't allow the tragic deaths of the six important figures in the Six Departments at Jiuyi Mountain. The purpose of cultivation was to protect all living beings, and he didn't want to become someone who deviated from the path.

Seeing Shi Ying's unwavering adherence to his principles while Da Si Ming showed doubt about their relationship, Shi Ying claimed that he and Zhu Yan were complete strangers, and Zhu Yan's qualifications were not sufficient to stay at Jiuyi Mountain. If Da Si Ming still suspected Zhu Yan of being the daughter of his calamity, Shi Ying would have no complaints about how Da Si Ming would handle her.

Zhu Yan saw that the Jade Bone was circulating normally at Qianyue Peak, guessing that Shao Si Ming was safe. Soon after, Bai Xuelu and Bai Xueying arrived at the peak, and Bai Xuelu directly made a move to take the Jade Bone. Zhu Yan and Qing Gang also hurriedly tried to snatch it, but they were all repelled by the barrier. After Bai Xuelu obtained the Jade Bone, she faced a test, and seeing that she was about to be in danger, Zhu Yan advised her to destroy the Jade Bone quickly to save herself. However, Bai Xuelu would rather fall into the lava than give up the Jade Bone. Qing Gang jumped into the lava to rescue Bai Xuelu but ended up getting trapped himself. Seeing Bai Xuelu's insistence on obtaining the Jade Bone regardless of everyone's safety, Zhu Yan had no choice but to intervene and take the Jade Bone from her, throwing it into the lava. As a result, Zhu Yan, Bai Xuelu, and Bai Xueying all fell into the lava.

In the blink of an eye, Zhu Yan and the others woke up on Qianyue Peak, realizing that everything they had just experienced was an illusion. The Jade Bone returned to Zhu Yan's hands, and Zhu Yan, who had been willing to destroy the Jade Bone and sacrifice herself to save everyone, was the kind of person that Shao Si Ming wanted as his first disciple. Bai Xuelu believed that since she was the first to obtain the Jade Bone, she should have it back and made a move to reclaim it, but unexpectedly, the struggle between her and Zhu Yan caused Bai Xueying to fall off a cliff. Zhu Yan reached out and saved Bai Xueying, while Bai Xuelu, in order to retrieve the Jade Bone, fell off the cliff. Qing Gang tried to save her, but both ended up hanging on the edge of the cliff. Zhu Yan thought Bai Xuelu's insistence on obtaining the Jade Bone was foolish but still rescued both of them.

After the competition, Bai Xuelu ultimately obtained the qualification of being the first disciple. However, Da Si Ming believed that Zhu Yan, who possessed both intelligence and bravery, should not be overlooked. To dispel Da Si Ming's suspicion of Zhu Yan, Shi Ying publicly expressed his willingness to take Zhu Yan as his disciple. However, Da Si Ming used the rules as an excuse and decided to keep all four of them at Jiuyi Mountain to observe their moral character and comprehension. After listening and learning for a month, he would select his first disciple from among them. Shi Ying agreed happily.

Zhu Yan went down the mountain to find Qing Gang and told him that the young priest she had encountered earlier turned out to be Shao Si Ming. Although she had mistakenly passed the preliminary selection, she did not want to become Shao Si Ming's disciple. Zhu Yan noticed that Qing Gang was not feeling well and used her techniques to heal him, unexpectedly causing the Water Mirror to reappear. Zhu Yan was fascinated by the Water Mirror, which moved Qing Gang. He didn't know why he felt that way, nor did he know why he didn't want to disappoint Zhu Yan.

After coming out of the Water Mirror, Zhu Yan realized that she should follow her heart and decided to go to Jiuyi Mountain to thank Shao Si Ming. Chong Ming was worried that Zhu Yan would truly become Shi Ying's first disciple after a month, but Shi Ying stated that Zhu Yan's qualifications were not enough for him to be his first disciple. According to Shi Ying, Zhu Yan's proficiency in techniques would only place her as an ordinary disciple at Kongsang Peak. Although Zhu Yan heard Shi Ying belittling her, she still decided to show herself and thank Shao Si Ming for saving her life. Zhu Yan bid farewell to Shi Ying, believing that in the vast world, she would surely find a master who would recognize and appreciate her. In order to prevent Da Si Ming from growing suspicious, Shi Ying could only temporarily use his techniques to hide Zhu Yan when Da Si Ming arrived.

Zhu Yan was hidden in Shi Ying's sleeve, but due to her current technique, she couldn't leave temporarily. Da Si Ming asked Shi Ying about his opinion on potential disciples, but Shi Ying replied that he had just met all four of them, and his understanding was shallow, so he didn't dare to make a hasty judgment. Da Si Ming asked Shi Ying about his opinion on Zhu Yan, and Shi Ying mentioned that although Zhu Yan was courageous and righteous, she had inherent dullness, recklessness, and stubbornness. Shi Ying praised Bai Xuelu for her soft exterior but strong interior and unwavering determination, considering her as someone with great potential.

Upon hearing Da Si Ming belittle her, Zhu Yan became infuriated and wrote down the derogatory words on a piece of paper from Shi Ying's sleeve. Unexpectedly, the paper fell out, and Shi Ying, who had already left, saw the words on his sleeve and transferred them to Zhu Yan's hand, using them as constant reminders for her. Zhu Yan wanted Shi Ying to remove the words from her hand, but he used them as leverage to persuade her to stay and listen to his teachings.

The writings on Zhu Yan's hand were seen by the other six important figures, who mocked her. However, Zhu Yan didn't consider the words as a punishment from Da Si Ming; instead, she mocked Bai Xuelu for not receiving special treatment from Da Si Ming. On her first day of class, Zhu Yan was late and lost points. She thought it was a deliberate mockery from Da Si Ming, but Bai Xuelu explained that the automatic scoring system accounted for the deductions, and the princess of the Xuan clan confirmed that the system was widely used. To resolve the situation, Zhu Yan suggested that the princesses of the Bai and Xuan clans donate the scoring system to the West Wild Academy, making it difficult for them to refuse.

Da Si Ming sought out Shi Ying and informed him that he received news of Qing Gang bringing the poisonous Magpie's Footsteps technique into Jiuyi Mountain. Since Qing Gang had passed the assessment, it was inconvenient to revoke his privilege of listening and learning. Da Si Ming warned Shi Ying to be cautious of Qing Gang. During class, Zhu Yan felt sleepy due to the boring curriculum. When questioned by the priests, she expressed her belief that the theories were of little use, and she only wanted to learn powerful techniques. Shi Ying asked Zhu Yan about the most powerful technique in Jiuyi Mountain, but she couldn't provide an answer, while Bai Xuelu displayed extensive knowledge of Jiuyi Mountain's techniques. Zhu Yan believed that Bai Xuelu's answer was incorrect, but Shi Ying explained that the most advanced technique was borrowing power from the void of time, which could change the course of everything. Faced with Shi Ying's guidance, Zhu Yan had no choice but to accept the penalty and agreed to transcribe the introductory section of the Yuan Void Classic three times.

Qing Gang asked Zhu Yan to help him obtain a strand of Da Si Ming's hair during her visit to the Qingxiu Hall, as he believed it would aid in the advancement of his technique. Zhu Yan agreed to assist Qing Gang in exchange for his guidance in deciphering the meaning of the transcribed Yuan Void Classic.

Da Si Ming personally summoned Bai Xuelu and learned that she admired him and was willing to follow him on the path of cultivation. Da Si Ming appreciated Bai Xuelu's dedication and gifted her with the method of the primary technique in Jiuyi Mountain to support her studies, while also asking her to keep an eye on Qing Gang. Three days later, Zhu Yan went to the Qingxiu Hall to deliver the transcribed scripture as her punishment. Shi Ying carefully reviewed her work word by word and explained that the penalty was intended to compensate for Zhu Yan's lack of theoretical knowledge.

Zhu Yan attempted to massage Shi Ying's shoulders to help him in return for her assistance to Qing Gang, but she was rejected. She purposely approached Shi Ying and tried to pluck a strand of his hair when he was off guard, but he anticipated her actions due to her proximity. In order to improve Zhu Yan's reading speed, Shi Ying specifically taught her the technique of transmitting information through books. For the evening meal, Shi Ying prepared tea, soup, and rice, which Zhu Yan was displeased with. However, considering that there were no other evening meals available at Jiuyi Mountain, she reluctantly stayed to eat. After learning the technique of transmitting information through books, Zhu Yan noticed significant progress and apologized to Shi Ying for her previous rudeness in class. Shi Ying had a favorable attitude toward Zhu Yan's willingness to learn from her mistakes and promised to answer any questions she might have in the future. As a reward, Shi Ying specially prepared additional fish and meat for Zhu Yan, but it was unexpectedly snatched by Chong Ming.

Zhi Yuan's eyes emitted a blue light, reminding him of his father's words that the presence of blue light indicated a connection to the Dragon God. He speculated that the sleeping Dragon God was somewhere near Jiuyi Mountain. Zhu Yan personally crafted a clay figure as a token of gratitude to Shi Ying, but he stated that she was just a named disciple and would leave after a month, so there was no need for such grand gestures. However, Zhu Yan believed that even with only one month, she should fulfill her duty as a disciple and intended to comb Shi Ying's hair as a show of respect.



  • 2023-07-27 17:31:10

    Xiao Zhan has great improvement

    "The Longest Promise" can achieve such popularity not only because of its numerous original novel fans but also due to its stunning real-life scenery and special effects. The beautiful desert landscapes and visual effects at the beginning truly leave people astonished. The visual effects of the Xianxia world are also impressive, not only avoiding a cheap look but also showcasing the dedication put into its production.

    Additionally, the strong appeal of the male and female leads contributes to its success.

    After "The Untamed" in 2019, Xiao Zhan has not been able to present another outstanding historical drama. Other historical dramas have been mediocre in performance, but "The Longest Promise" seems to mark a resurgence in his visual attractiveness.

    When the character first appears in the drama, he gives off the vibe of a cold and noble young gentleman, dressed in white, showing not only a cold and proud demeanor but also a hint of the emotion of seeking revenge for his mother, making him a complex character.

    Xiao Zhan's performance this time is indeed commendable. The awkward acting he had shown in his earlier years is not visible in this drama, especially during the scenes when his character, Shi Ying, learns that his mother committed suicide because of him; his emotional transition is on point.

    On the contrary, Ren Min, who has received acclaim for her acting skills in several previous dramas, stumbled in this one.

    After many netizens saw her appearance and acting in the drama, they criticized her harshly and questioned why an actress with such looks was chosen as the female lead. The issue of wigs and makeup was indeed unbearable.

    However, Ren Min herself is not a typical "pretty face"; her roles in previous works mostly relied on her acting skills. Still, based on her performance in "The Longest Promise," it's challenging to bestow her with the title of a skilled actress; this time, her acting was embarrassingly awkward.

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