2022 Chinese Drama List

Super Star Academy – Xiao Zhan, Wang Yuwen

Super Star Academy is a youth school fantasy drama directed by Huang Yuanda, starring Xiao Zhan, Wang Yuwen, Bai Shu, Wu Jiacheng, Peng Chuyue, Xu Xiaolu, Jason Gu Jiacheng, Guo Zifan, Hong Chen, Zhao Lei, and Chen Zexi.

The drama tells the story of Cheng Zhi’er, who was ostracized since childhood and enrolled in the “Super Star Academy” in an overhead parallel world where constellation ability is the highest standard, while her own constellation superpowers begin to awaken and she develops a wonderful relationship with the heir of this constellation, Fang Tianze.


Super Star Academy

English Title: Super Star Academy
Chinese Title: 超星星学园, 超能星学园
Genre: Youth, School, Fantasy
Episodes: 30
Duration: 22 min.
Director: Huang Yuanda
Writer: Huo Beibei, Zheng Zong Hao Yu Tou, Yin Jiaoshou
Producer: Zhang Junbo
Produce Company: TIANYU MEDIA, TencentVideo
Broadcasting Website: TencentVideo
Released Date: September 29, 2016


Xiao Zhan Xiao Zhan as Fang Tianze
wang yuwen wang yuwen as Cheng Zhi’er
Bai Shu Bai Shu as Wan Shicun
Wu Jiacheng Wu Jiacheng as Shen Hao
Peng Chuyue Peng Chuyue as Li Yadang
Xu Xiaolu Xu Xiaolu as Huo Beibei
Gu Jiacheng Gu Jiacheng as Suge Ladi
Guo Zifan Guo Zifan as Zhou Dong
Hong Chen Hong Chen as Bai Bai
Zhao Lei Zhao Lei as Mao Zijian


The Fang clan, which rules the twelve constellations, is the most powerful family in the world today.

The Leo Wan Shicun, who should have inherited the throne, was framed by Mrs. Fang.

She sent assassins to get rid of Wan Shicun, and vigorously support her son Fang Tianze to take the throne.

Many years have passed, and the Super Star Academy welcomes a transfer student, Cheng Zhi’er, who is ostracized by her classmates because she offended Libra’s president, Li Yadang when she first arrived.

Not only that, she and Fang Tianz, Huo Beibei are also caught in a complicated triangle relationship.

Fortunately, Cheng Zhi’er meets Wan Shicun on campus, who is unaware of her identity and offers her a favor, even participating in the “Super Star” competition for her.

On the field, Wan Shicun and Fang Tianze meet, and this fateful encounter makes the “wheel” of history turn again…

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