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Guo Zifan (郭子凡) Profile

Guo Zifan

Guo Zifan(郭子凡), born on July 11, 1997, in Qingdao, Shandong Province, is a Chinese singer, actor, and a member of the Chinese boy group XNINE.

His main works include Super Star Academy, A Little Reunion, A Camellia Romance, etc.

Basic Info

Guo Zifan

Stage Name: Guo Zifan
Chinese Name: Guo Zi Fan / 郭子凡
Nickname: Fanfan
Place of Birth: Qingdao, Shandong
Nationality: China
Birthday: July 11, 1997 (Age: 26)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 175cm (5'8")
Blood Type: O
Fandom Name: Zi Shu / 紫薯
Instagram: -
Weibo: X玖少年团--郭子凡G-Ziven


  1. Guo Zifan's agent is Wajijiwa Entertainment.
  2. Education: Guo Zifan studied at Beijing Film Academy.
  3. Since his parents are divorced, Guo Zifan lives with his father.
  4. He learned Chinese dance in high school.
  5. Favorite actor: Morgan Freeman.
  6. If not as an actor, he wants to be a dessert chef.
  7. Sleeps late at night.
  8. Guo Zifan likes to play Minecraft.



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