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Seventeen Blue – Wen Xin, Zhou You

Seventeen Blue is a web drama directed by Jiang Jinlin, starring Wen Xin, Zhou You, Li Yu, Guan Xiaotong, Liu Yinglun, Lu Enjie, Wang Yizhe, Zhou Yutong, Jiang Qinyun, and Lu Xiaoran.

The drama is based on Rao Xueman's novel series "我不是坏女生 /Wo Bu Shi Huai Nv Sheng", which tells the growth story of eight 17-year-old girls in their adolescence, who grow up without family love in their childhood.


Seventeen Blue

English Title: Seventeen Blue
Chinese Title: 会痛的17岁
Genre: Youth, Drama
Episodes: 24
Duration: 30 min.
Director: Jiang Jinlin
Writer: Rao Xueman, Guo Zi Li, Bin Xue, Duan Nianluo
Product Company: YOUKU
Released Date: 2015-11-08
Broadcast Website: Youku, youku.tv



Qiu Shuangyi, the founder of Safe Island, has become a social celebrity due to the popularity of the programme focusing on youth growth issues.

A mystery girl, Wu Xiaomeng, comes to Safe Island as a fan of Qiu Shuangyi and is assigned to work with Li Dale.

Li Dale doesn't like Wu Xiaomeng and thinks she's just a brainless fangirl. They have very different ways of dealing with teenage girls and are often at odds with each other.

The clients of Safe Island are a group of troubled girls who have put their parents and teachers at their wits' end.

Kui Zhi is a young girl, whose mother has been married six times.

Tian Zhan was sent away to school by her parents.

Li Weixi was raised by her father's mistress.

A Meng is a rural girl who has been sent to a detention centre.

Xiao Ai is a brainless fangirl.

In the process of engaging with these troubled girls, Wu Xiaomeng and Li Dale gradually discovered that it is not just children who need psychological counselling.

While helping the troubled girls, the three are faced with their own problems. Qiu Shuangyi is estranged from her husband, Li Dale has broken off his relationship with his father, and Wu Xiaomeng, who has never mentioned her origins, seems to have another purpose for coming to the island.


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