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When I Fly Towards You – Zhou Yiran, Zhang Miaoyi

When I Fly Towards You is a youth school drama directed by Mao De Shu and starring Zhou Yiran, Zhang Miaoyi, Bian Tianyang, Jiang Zhinan and Guo Zhe.

The drama is based on the school youth literature "Ta Bing De Bu Qing / 她病得不轻", which tells the story of a cheerful girl, Su Zaizai, who sees a "fool" walking in the rain on the first day of high school, and falls in love with him at first sight.


When I Fly Towards You

English Title: When I Fly Towards You
Chinese Title: 当我飞奔向你
Other Titles: 她病得不轻
Genre: Youth, School, Romance, Drama, Friendship
Tag: First Love, Student, High School, Female Chases Male First, Love At First Sight, High School to College
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Mao De Shu
Writer: Yue An, Tao Kai Xin
Producer: Liu Huabo, Cheng Xiaoyu, Wang Li, Wang Yang, Zhang Yi
Product Company: YOUKU
Released Date: 2023-06-13
Broadcast Website: Youku, youku.tv, 优酷, Viki



Sixteen-year-old high school girl Su Zaizai grew up in a good family environment and became a person who is not infatuated, does not blindly follow others, and has her own opinions.

On the first day of high school, Su Zaizai, who showed disdain for her good friend's infatuation, was instantly proven wrong when she encountered the aloof and handsome Zhang Lurang.

Su Zaizai fell in love at first sight with Zhang Lurang and decided to immediately take the offensive, transforming herself into a follower behind Zhang Lurang.

However, behind the appearance of excellent academic performance and a privileged family background, Zhang Lurang is a "contradictory" person wrapped in self-doubt.

Due to the existence of his genius younger brother, Zhang Luli, he is always compared to his brother by his mother. For over a decade, Zhang Lurang's life has been like living in a thick shell. He is reserved and speaks little, appearing composed and polite, but always keeps people at a distance.

However, after encountering Su Zaizai, Zhang Lurang's "thick shell" of a life finally starts to let light shine through. The acquaintance between the two brings about a wonderful chemical reaction in their lives.


The female lead Su Zaizai (played by Zhang Miaoyi) just bought something from the convenience store and it started raining. Coincidentally, Zhang Lurang (played by Zhou Yiran) also came to the convenience store to buy something. Su Zaizai saw that Zhang Lurang didn't have an umbrella and was walking slowly in the rain, so she found it a bit strange and made a comment. Su Zaizai approached and took a closer look at Zhang Lurang, and his handsome face suddenly made her feel a bit fluttery.

Early in the morning, after Su Zaizai packed her things, she got ready to go to school. She went to Jiang Jia's (played by Jiang Zhinan) place downstairs, and they went to work together. On the way, Jiang Jia told Su Zaizai that she knew there were two famous people in school, one named Zhang Lurang and the other named Gu Ran (played by Bian Tianyang). On their first day at school, Su Zaizai and Jiang Jia were careless and arrived late.

Gu Ran was also late for class. In order to avoid having the class monitor remember his name, Gu Ran deliberately claimed to be Zhang Lurang and said he was in the same class as Su Zaizai. Jiang Jia happened to overhear Gu Ran saying he was in Class 9, and after class, she complained to Su Zaizai about how strange this "Zhang Lurang" was, why would he claim to be their classmate. At that moment, the class monitor came to collect money for school uniforms, and Su Zaizai hurriedly opened her backpack to search for her wallet, only to discover that it was missing. Fortunately, Zhang Lurang found the wallet and he and Gu Ran went to the broadcast station to prepare for a lost and found announcement.

Just as Jiang Jia was about to ask Su Zaizai to go to the broadcast station to inquire if someone had found the wallet, they unexpectedly heard the broadcast station announcing that the wallet had been found. There was no real name inside, just "Fuzhong Liu Yifei." Su Zaizai overheard it and felt extremely embarrassed, so she quickly went to the broadcast station to claim her wallet. It turned out that Su Zaizai had covered her real name on the school card and wrote "Fuzhong Liu Yifei" instead. She learned from her classmates at the broadcast station that Zhang Lurang and Gu Ran had brought the wallet over, so Jiang Jia quickly took Su Zaizai outside to see them. Due to overhearing Gu Ran deliberately saying his name was Zhang Lurang when he was late, Jiang Jia mistakenly thought that Gu Ran's name was Zhang Lurang and Zhang Lurang's name was Gu Ran.

Because the latecomers were punished with standing in military training, Gu Ran thought that by reporting Zhang Lurang's name, he could escape punishment himself. However, Zhang Lurang, who was also late, ended up reporting Gu Ran's name, so they were naturally punished together. Su Zaizai and Jiang Jia also had to face the consequences of being late during military training. When everyone was preparing to take the bus for military training, the teacher told the students in Class 9 that due to the limited seating capacity, a few students needed to go on the bus for Class 1. Su Zaizai suddenly remembered that "Gu Ran" was also on the bus, so she volunteered to take the bus for Class 1. Su Zaizai even pulled Jiang Jia to get on the bus together.

When Gu Ran saw the students from Class 9 getting on the bus, he quickly covered his face, afraid of being recognized by Su Zaizai and Jiang Jia. Su Zaizai almost dropped her luggage while placing it, but Zhang Lurang saw it and helped her put it away. Su Zaizai thanked him shyly, and then hurriedly sat down with Jiang Jia at the back.

Su Zaizai couldn't help but smile as she looked at Zhang Lurang's profile. She had originally wanted to take a picture of Zhang Lurang's side face, but she almost got caught, so she quickly hid her phone. After arriving at the training base, the coach came and gave everyone a tough test. They had to stand in the scorching sun without moving, and they were required to hand over all snacks and electronic devices. The classmates all complained, but Jiang Jia reminded Su Zaizai to hide her things quickly. Gu Ran even told Zhang Lurang that he had hidden his PSP in his pants. Su Zaizai was initially planning to hide something, but she happened to see Zhang Lurang and suddenly felt embarrassed, so she told Su Zaizai that she didn't think she should hide anything. However, when Jiang Jia was hiding her things, the instructor noticed and punished her with fifty frog jumps. Gu Ran saw it and laughed on the side, but the instructor noticed and also punished Gu Ran.

Gu Ran and Jiang Jia received the punishment together. Originally, Gu Ran wanted Jiang Jia to jump slowly with him, but the instructor said the last person would have to clean the playground. Unexpectedly, with just a turn, Jiang Jia had already jumped far away while Gu Ran was left behind. Su Zaizai went to the supply room with Jiang Jia to get daily necessities. Jiang Jia was talking to her classmates about Gu Ran while getting things, not realizing that she had mixed up the information she knew about Gu Ran and Zhang Lurang.

Su Zaizai went to the infirmary to pick up medication for Jiang Jia, but found that there was no one there. Su Zaizai took the opportunity to rest and enjoy the air conditioning in the infirmary while there was no one around. Suddenly, someone came in, and Su Zaizai was afraid of being caught by the teacher for sneaking into the air conditioning, so she pretended to be sick. It turned out to be Zhang Lurang who came in. Su Zaizai claimed to be sick, and Zhang Lurang offered to turn off the air conditioning, which startled Su Zaizai, and she quickly said not to turn it off.

At this moment, the teacher from the infirmary also arrived. Su Zaizai thought the teacher was talking to her, but when she opened the curtain, she saw Zhang Lurang outside as well.

After Su Zaizai returned, she told Jiang Jia about meeting "Gu Ran". At this time, the instructor who checked the dormitory arrived and said that he would inspect the dormitory properly to see if any students hadn't handed over their belongings. Jiang Jia was afraid of getting scolded, so she took out the snacks she had hidden. On the other side, Gu Ran was playing a video game on his bed when the instructor came to inspect. Gu Ran immediately got up and left the dormitory, but the instructor noticed something suspicious. However, at the corner, Gu Ran saw Zhang Lurang and quickly handed the game console to him, asking him to leave first. Zhang Lurang took the game console and hurriedly found a place to hide. Just as the instructor was about to approach, Zhang Lurang happened to hide under the stairs and encountered Su Zaizai, who was secretly making a phone call.

Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang were so close for the first time, and the instructor happened to be called away for something else. In order to escape military training, Gu Ran even pretended to have low blood sugar, but the instructor immediately saw through it and assigned him more cleaning tasks, making Gu Ran even more frustrated. Su Zaizai walked with Zhang Lurang, thinking all along that the person in front of her was Gu Ran. She even complained to him about Gu Ran pretending to be a classmate from Class 9. Zhang Lurang handed the game console to Su Zaizai and asked her to keep it for him, intending to punish Gu Ran for impersonating him.

Gu Ran asked his good friends to help him clean the instructor's office. Initially, Zhang Lurang was unwilling to help, but he eventually agreed after Gu Ran pleaded with him. After the group finished cleaning, they arrived at the playground, where the teacher suggested that students voluntarily perform. When Su Zaizai saw Zhang Lurang approaching, she asked Jiang Jia to quickly call her name. Su Zaizai stood up and said she could sing a song, but on the condition that "Gu Ran" would sing with her. Gu Ran thought Su Zaizai was referring to him and stood up. It was only then that Su Zaizai realized she had mistaken the person and that the person she thought was Gu Ran wasn't him. Just as Su Zaizai felt extremely embarrassed, fortunately, it started raining, and everyone hurriedly took shelter nearby.

Later, Su Zaizai found out that the person she had feelings for was named Zhang Lurang. She complained to Jiang Jia about mistakenly calling others Gu Ran last night, feeling very embarrassed, but Jiang Jia was always there to comfort her. Su Zaizai thought about the moment when Zhang Lurang called her a fool on the playground and wondered whether it was a term of endearment or an insult.

In the evening, Su Zaizai took the initiative to meet Zhang Lurang. She even said she could protect him, but Zhang Lurang told her that there was something behind her, scaring Su Zaizai to not move. It turned out to be a leaf, and Su Zaizai breathed a sigh of relief. Su Zaizai was very enthusiastic in talking to Zhang Lurang, but his responses were very cold. On the other hand, Gu Ran quietly went to the equipment room, but as soon as he entered, the door locked behind him. Although Gu Ran said he wasn't afraid, when a ping pong ball fell to the ground, he screamed in fear. Fortunately, Jiang Jia, who was in the hallway, heard someone screaming and went to check, only to find it was Gu Ran. Jiang Jia was about to open the door but didn't have the key, so Gu Ran suggested trying to knock the door open. Jiang Jia's first attempt failed, but the second time, she crashed into Gu Ran's arms.

Since Jiang Jia hadn't come out, Su Zaizai decided to go find her. Along the way, Su Zaizai was very scared and would crouch on the ground whenever she heard a sound. Fortunately, it was Zhang Lurang who approached. Zhang Lurang said Su Zaizai was a coward, making her feel a bit embarrassed. Soon, Gu Ran and Jiang Jia also came out, and they all sat together by the bonfire, chatting. Su Zaizai asked Zhang Lurang about some things from their childhood, but they almost got caught by the instructor.

The military training was about to end soon, and Su Zaizai gained a lot from this experience. She felt the most important thing was that Zhang Lurang had already occupied a place in her heart.

Soon, everyone returned to campus and started attending classes. Class teacher Lin Mao introduced himself and began the class. After class, everyone asked if the school still had clubs this year. It turned out that there were clubs, but they were canceled by Zhang Yan, the homeroom teacher of Class 1. In private, everyone called Zhang Yan "Abbess Miejue."

Su Zaizai was worried that Zhang Lurang didn't like her, so Jiang Jia suggested going to Gu Ran to find out Zhang Lurang's preferences. Gu Ran mistakenly thought that Jiang Jia liked Zhang Lurang and teased her. Jiang Jia became very angry, but then she saw the name of the guy she liked. Coincidentally, he was walking in the same direction as Gu Ran. Gu Ran thought Jiang Jia was staring at him infatuatedly and pretended to look very handsome.

Later, Gu Ran asked Zhang Lurang what kind of girl he liked. Zhang Lurang described the characteristics of his family's dog, but Gu Ran had no idea. Gu Ran then told Su Zaizai about the image of the girl Zhang Lurang liked. Su Zaizai started following Zhang Lurang around, hoping to impress him with her academic achievements. However, after memorizing formulas all night, she still made mistakes. Su Zaizai didn't give up and took the opportunity after school to take the bus with Zhang Lurang. During the bus ride, Su Zaizai bombarded Zhang Lurang with questions, but he asked her to be quiet. Su Zaizai even told Zhang Lurang that she had the same personality as his favorite type, but Zhang Lurang showed her a photo of his Golden Retriever, and Su Zaizai suddenly realized that the personality Zhang Lurang liked was that of a dog. She felt extremely embarrassed.

Lin Mao informed everyone that the registration time for clubs was confirmed, and the students were very happy. Su Zaizai wanted to join a club with Zhang Lurang. Jiang Jia took Su Zaizai to ask Gu Ran which club Zhang Lurang wanted to join. Su Zaizai suggested helping Gu Ran get WeChat contacts from the senior flower grade, and Gu Ran agreed. Gu Ran, Zhang Lurang, and their group went to eat snacks, and Su Zaizai and Jiang Jia, who already knew they would be there, also came. Zhang Lurang immediately noticed that Su Zaizai had intentionally come over.

In the evening, they took the bus together. Su Zaizai saw an older man trying to harass other girls and bravely stood up. When the man confronted Su Zaizai, Zhang Lurang also stood up and defended her. Although Su Zaizai was still afraid, having Zhang Lurang by her side gave her confidence.

Su Zaizai discovered that Jiang Jia had always liked Senior Shen Qianyu, so she joined the drama club for Shen Qianyu's sake. Coincidentally, Zhang Lurang was also there, which made Su Zaizai very happy. However, when she saw a girl sitting next to Zhang Lurang, Su Zaizai became jealous.

The exam scores came out, and Su Zaizai received praise from the teacher because of her good English grades. Teacher Zhang even put Su Zaizai's test paper in Class 1 for everyone to see. Su Zaizai went to Class 1 to get her test paper but found out that Zhang Lurang had taken it. She went to the library to find Zhang Lurang and ended up sitting across from him, doing the test paper. Su Zaizai was very happy about it.

When Zhang Lurang was about to leave, Su Zaizai followed him. She saw Zhang Lurang feeling troubled about English, so she told him that he needed to memorize more words. Just as Zhang Lurang was about to return to the classroom, he heard from Gu Ran that his mother had come. His mother was never satisfied with him, even though his other grades were excellent. Even if Zhang Lurang's English grades were not ideal, his overall ranking was still high.

After school, Zhang Lurang would still seek guidance from Teacher Zhang on English-related questions. While Teacher Zhang was explaining a problem to Zhang Lurang, Su Zaizai came over to submit her homework. Since Teacher Zhang had to attend a meeting, she asked Su Zaizai to help tutor Zhang Lurang in English. Su Zaizai was willing to do so, and she started explaining English problems to Zhang Lurang. Lin Mao happened to see Su Zaizai tutoring Zhang Lurang and thought that they could help each other. Su Zaizai readily agreed since she wasn't good at math herself, and they would have many opportunities to interact in this way.

During class, Teacher Zhang asked Zhang Lurang a question. Zhang Lurang thought about the content Su Zaizai had explained to him and quickly came up with the answer. Su Zaizai showcased her good English grades everywhere, hoping to provide Zhang Lurang with tutoring. However, Zhang Lurang had not responded until he went home and saw that his mother had found a tutor for him. However, the tutor had a very arrogant attitude, so Zhang Lurang said that he had already found a tutor.

While Su Zaizai was eating in a convenience store, she saw Zhang Lurang and quickly went out to greet him. Su Zaizai treated Zhang Lurang to some snacks from the convenience store. Later, Zhang Lurang bought a lot of snacks for Su Zaizai, saying that it was his tutoring fee, and he hoped that Su Zaizai could help him with English. Su Zaizai was very happy and said that Zhang Lurang could help her with math and physics. Zhang Lurang agreed. Su Zaizai got Zhang Lurang's WeChat contact, and he smiled. Su Zaizai was ecstatic when she went back home; she finally made progress with Zhang Lurang.

After returning home, Su Zaizai messaged Zhang Lurang to ask when they would start tutoring the next day. With Zhang Lurang's response, Su Zaizai was very happy. Early in the morning, Su Zaizai dressed up and went to meet Zhang Lurang. However, Zhang Lurang commented on Su Zaizai's heavy dark circles. They went to the library together to start their tutoring session, and Su Zaizai gave Zhang Lurang the tutoring plan.

At school, Su Zaizai would take the initiative to greet Zhang Lurang. They happened to have a physical education class together, and Su Zaizai stayed behind to practice basketball. The girls from Class 1 happened to see Su Zaizai and started mocking her. When Su Zaizai's basketball rolled near them, she asked them to pass it to her, but they deliberately kicked it away. Unfortunately, it hit a senior male student, who became angry. He was about to make things difficult for the girls from Class 1 when Su Zaizai stood up and said the ball belonged to her. The senior male student deliberately provoked Su Zaizai, but Zhang Lurang, who had just arrived, saw the situation and came forward to help defuse the situation. They even played basketball together, and of course, Zhang Lurang won. Su Zaizai was very happy about it.

Gu Ran was still showing off in front of Jiang Jia when Jiang Jia noticed Shen Qianyu coming from behind. Jiang Jia became infatuated, and Gu Ran mistakenly thought that Jiang Jia liked him, so he continued to show off in front of her. Later, he found out that Jiang Jia actually liked Shen Qianyu, and Gu Ran felt embarrassed.

Jiang Jia used to be indifferent towards Gu Ran, but after learning that Gu Ran knew Shen Qianyu, she started clinging to Gu Ran every day. When Shen Qianyu came to find Gu Ran, Jiang Jia happened to see them and offered to play basketball with them.

Originally, Su Zaizai was supposed to go home with Zhang Lurang after school. However, she suddenly remembered that she had to help Teacher Zhang with grading papers, so she went back to the classroom. Zhang Lurang waited for Su Zaizai on the bus, but she didn't show up even after it got dark, making Zhang Lurang worried. It started raining heavily, and Su Zaizai was trapped under the teaching building. She had to stand at the school gate and wait for the rain to stop. At that moment, Zhang Lurang came with an umbrella, and Su Zaizai was very happy to see him. Su Zaizai asked Zhang Lurang on the way if he came to pick her up on purpose, and although Zhang Lurang denied it, Su Zaizai was still very happy in her heart.

Su Zaizai was also happy and treated Jiang Jia to a meal. At noon, when there was no one around, she left snacks on Zhang Lurang's desk. Just as Su Zaizai was leaving, she ran into a girl named Ye Zhenxin from another class. Later, during class, they discovered that the class funds were missing. Ye Zhenxin was anxious and quickly informed the teacher. She mentioned that Su Zaizai had treated many classmates to food today, and the money might be of unknown origin. The head teacher asked Su Zaizai why she went to Class 1, but Su Zaizai didn't dare to say that she was delivering something to Zhang Lurang.

At that difficult moment, Zhang Lurang took the initiative to go to the office and clarify things for Su Zaizai. He said that Su Zaizai came to the classroom to give him some notes. Fortunately, Zhang Lurang helped Su Zaizai resolve the situation, so she wasn't suspected by the teacher. Su Zaizai didn't want to let everyone know that she was tutoring Zhang Lurang because she didn't want him to feel embarrassed, and Zhang Lurang didn't want Su Zaizai to be misunderstood by the teacher.

However, in the class, due to Ye Zhenxin's fabrications, everyone thought that Su Zaizai had stolen the class funds, and even the notes passed around the class ended up in Zhang Lurang's hands. Su Zaizai had originally planned to walk home with Jiang Jia after school, but Jiang Jia said she had something to do and left first. In the evening, Su Zaizai wanted to search the trash bin of Class 1 to look for clues and unexpectedly found Zhang Lurang and Gu Ran, along with others, helping her find clues.

The next day, everyone was still searching for the class funds, and Ye Zhenxin continued to instigate the situation. Gu Ran and Zhang Lurang suggested that Ye Zhenxin should thoroughly search her own desk, and they actually found the class funds. It turned out that Ye Zhenxin had accidentally misplaced them. Ye Zhenxin was still stubborn. Zhang Lurang and Gu Ran took Ye Zhenxin to apologize to Su Zaizai, though she was very reluctant. However, in front of everyone, she cleared Su Zaizai's name.

To show her gratitude, Su Zaizai treated everyone to dessert. Later, when Zhang Lurang and Su Zaizai were going home together, Su Zaizai took the initiative to thank Zhang Lurang. The next day, everyone went to the amusement park together. Su Zaizai returned the same cute hairband to Gu Ran as a gesture of friendship. They also took photo booth pictures together, and although Zhang Lurang didn't show any expression on his face, he was actually very happy. Everyone was tired from playing, and in the end, only Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang went on the Ferris wheel. As they reached the highest point, Su Zaizai asked Zhang Lurang to make a wish, and even though Zhang Lurang said he wouldn't make a wish, he couldn't help but find Su Zaizai's adorable wish-making appearance endearing.

Su Zaizai saw that Zhang Lurang's English grades had greatly improved. She was very happy and quickly told Zhang Lurang the good news. Zhang Lurang also told Su Zaizai that her math grades had improved. Su Zaizai was very happy and told Zhang Lurang to wait for her after school because she had a gift to give him. Zhang Lurang deliberately didn't take the bus and waited for Su Zaizai to come. Su Zaizai hurried over and gave Zhang Lurang a rabbit plush toy as a reward.

Although Zhang Lurang didn't say it out loud, he was actually very happy. The rabbit plush toy had a recording function, and it contained a congratulatory message from Su Zaizai to him. A smile appeared on Zhang Lurang's lips. The next day, the teacher announced that the sports meeting was about to begin and hoped that everyone would actively sign up. Zhang Lurang suggested that everyone draw lots and participate in the event they picked. Gu Ran reluctantly drew shot put, which made Zhang Lurang laugh.

Su Zaizai received a message from Zhang Lurang and learned that his task this time was to run 100 meters. Su Zaizai quickly said that she had signed up for the 1,000-meter race and confidently stated that she would surpass Zhang Lurang. Early in the morning, Su Zaizai happened to see Zhang Lurang walking his dog while she was riding her bike. Unfortunately, due to Zhang Lurang's dog rushing out, Su Zaizai accidentally fell to the ground. Zhang Lurang quickly ran over to check on her.

Su Zaizai injured her foot, so Zhang Lurang left his dog in the security office and accompanied her to the hospital by bike. Along the way, Zhang Lurang asked Su Zaizai to hold on tighter. Su Zaizai didn't hesitate and directly held onto Zhang Lurang's waist. Zhang Lurang accompanied Su Zaizai to the hospital for a simple dressing, and after the doctor assured them that it was nothing serious, Zhang Lurang felt relieved. Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang met Gu Ran's father at the hospital, who happened to be a doctor there.

Jiang Jia learned that Su Zaizai was injured and quickly came to the hospital. Since Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang were going to get medicine, Jiang Jia and Gu Ran's father had a good chat while they went to get the medicine. Gu Ran happened to come to the hospital to deliver the keys to his father and overheard Jiang Jia and his father talking. Gu Ran mistakenly thought that Jiang Jia was ill and hurriedly confessed to her about sneaking and eating her snacks. Later, Gu Ran learned that Jiang Jia wasn't actually sick but had come to see Su Zaizai. Jiang Jia and Gu Ran took the bus home, and all the way they continued to quarrel like a pair of bickering friends.

Zhang Lurang dropped Su Zaizai off at her home building, and Su Zaizai asked him to go and pick up his dog, Susu, quickly. Zhang Lurang had no choice but to leave. Su Zaizai watched TV at home, and at that moment, Zhang Lurang knocked on the door. It turned out that Zhang Lurang knew that Su Zaizai wanted to eat rice noodle rolls, so he bought them for her. Su Zaizai was very happy and also gave Zhang Lurang her favorite jelly. Zhang Lurang said that he would accompany Su Zaizai to school every day from now on, which made Su Zaizai very happy.

Although Su Zaizai couldn't participate in the sports meeting, Zhang Lurang would send her food every day. Su Zaizai would tell Zhang Lurang what she wanted to eat, and he would deliver it in advance. Su Zaizai was very happy. In fact, Su Zaizai's leg had recovered a long time ago, but she pretended to still be injured in order to have more opportunities to interact with Zhang Lurang. Zhang Lurang rode his bike to take Su Zaizai home and almost got caught by her father. When Su Zaizai was having dinner at home, she almost exposed herself and let out a sigh of relief.

The sports meeting officially began, but many classmates didn't perform well in their events. Su Zaizai was glad that she didn't participate in the 1,000-meter race. On the other hand, the faculty and staff's sports meeting also began, and Su Zaizai cheered for their homeroom teacher, Teacher Lin. Teacher Lin asked Su Zaizai to take more photos of their classmates playing tug-of-war, and it happened to be seen by Zhang Lurang. Su Zaizai's cheering voice became quieter. Afterwards, Su Zaizai hurried over to explain to Zhang Lurang that the male student she was cheering for was their class monitor. She didn't want Zhang Lurang to misunderstand.

Jiang Jia looked around for Su Zaizai to prepare for the competition and happened to see Shen Qianyu. Jiang Jia was still infatuated with him when Gu Ran came over. Gu Ran asked Jiang Jia to go and greet Shen Qianyu, but Jiang Jia refused. Gu Ran then threatened Jiang Jia to serve him in exchange. Su Zaizai learned that Zhang Lurang had won a medal and was very happy, whether it was first or second place. Su Zaizai exaggeratedly praised Zhang Lurang's medal as beautiful, and Zhang Lurang directly gave his second-place medal to Su Zaizai. Ye Zhenxin saw this and felt uncomfortable. She questioned Zhang Lurang why he gave the medal to Su Zaizai, and Zhang Lurang simply said it was because Su Zaizai liked it.

On the way back together, Su Zaizai planned to return the medal to Zhang Lurang. Zhang Lurang directly asked Su Zaizai if she liked him, but Su Zaizai only said she was only sixteen and hurriedly ran away.

The head teacher began analyzing the exam results. Although Class 9 was a regular class, their English grades were among the top. This time, Zhang Lurang and Su Zaizai's improved grades were highly effective, so the teachers wanted Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang to share their experiences with the class. After Su Zaizai went to Class 1 for the exchange, Zhang Lurang felt a bit uncomfortable. He was worried that others would approach Su Zaizai for tutoring, so he made an excuse to have Su Zaizai go home with him.

After Su Zaizai came out, she learned from Jiang Jia that the school anniversary celebration was about to begin, and every club needed to prepare a program. Their drama club also needed to perform a program. Ye Zhenxin gave everyone cookies to win their hearts, but in the end, Su Zaizai got the lead role. Su Zaizai was very happy. Later, Su Zaizai looked for Shen Qianyu to see the voting slips and was ecstatic when she found out that Zhang Lurang had voted for her.

On the way back, Su Zaizai asked Zhang Lurang if he voted for her, but Zhang Lurang said he didn't. Su Zaizai noticed Zhang Lurang scratching his neck, which was a sign of lying. Su Zaizai thought it didn't matter if others voted for her or not, as long as Zhang Lurang did. After returning home, Su Zaizai messaged Zhang Lurang, hoping he could help her practice her lines. Zhang Lurang insisted that Su Zaizai could only receive a score above 90 in the mock exam before he would help her with the lines.

After school, Su Zaizai asked Zhang Lurang to give her extra lessons, but their usual café was closed. Zhang Lurang brought Su Zaizai home to study. He gave her his well-done test paper, and after Su Zaizai finished it, Zhang Lurang corrected it and found a five-point difference. While Su Zaizai was still upset, Zhang Lurang's uncle came back. Su Zaizai originally wanted to greet him warmly, but when she turned around, she was shocked to find that it was their homeroom teacher, Mr. Lin. Su Zaizai was scared and ready to leave, but Mr. Lin stopped them and asked them to continue studying, which surprised Su Zaizai.

After finishing their homework, Zhang Lurang accompanied Su Zaizai home. On the way, Su Zaizai mentioned the lines again. Zhang Lurang teasingly said that Su Zaizai had been performing well lately and could be rewarded with ten points. So if she scored above 90, he would help her with the lines. Now Zhang Lurang could finally give Su Zaizai some guidance.

Next, everyone gathered to rehearse the lines. Zhang Lurang and Su Zaizai performed together, and Su Zaizai was very happy, while Zhang Lurang felt a bit embarrassed. Gu Ran and Guan Fang were on the side, trying to create more emotional interaction between the two. Guan Fang practiced his lines in the living room, and his grandmother returned. Grandma thought Guan Fang was talking to her and everyone performed a scene from the play for her. Grandma enjoyed it very much.

Teacher Lin found Su Zaizai, and Su Zaizai thought she had done something wrong. Unexpectedly, Teacher Lin thanked Su Zaizai for helping Zhang Lurang with tutoring. Su Zaizai felt relieved. After school, Su Zaizai went to give Zhang Lurang tutoring, leaving Jiang Jia alone to go home. Coincidentally, a classmate saw that Jiang Jia's skirt had gotten dirty, which made Jiang Jia feel embarrassed. Jiang Jia happened to run into Gu Ran, but she didn't know how to explain it to him. At that moment, Gu Ran said he had something to do and left. Jiang Jia could only awkwardly make her way home. However, she met Shen Qianyu on the way, and he offered to walk her home. Jiang Jia was very happy about it.

When it was time for the artistic performance, everyone changed into their costumes. However, the male lead, Shen Qianyu, got injured and had to go to the hospital. Now there was no one to play the male lead, but Su Zaizai suddenly thought of Zhang Lurang, as he had rehearsed the lines with her. So he could take Shen Qianyu's place, and Zhang Lurang agreed. Gu Ran noticed that Jiang Jia was nervous, so he told her jokes to help her relax, which worked well.

Soon, the performance officially began. Gu Ran watched everyone's performances from the audience and recorded them on his phone. Zhang Lurang and Su Zaizai's performance was very authentic since they had rehearsed like this before. They even danced together under everyone's gaze. After the performance, Zhang Lurang felt a bit embarrassed to look at Su Zaizai. Su Zaizai asked Zhang Lurang if she looked good, and Zhang Lurang said she looked average but then touched the back of his head, revealing that he was lying. Su Zaizai knew that Zhang Lurang was lying again.

Guan Fang showed the recorded video to his grandmother. In fact, Guan Fang also wanted to be the lead role, but his grandmother comforted him. Since the school celebration, many boys had been approaching Su Zaizai to strike up a conversation, and Zhang Lurang felt a bit jealous when he saw it. On the way back home at night, Su Zaizai proactively told Zhang Lurang that she didn't give her number to those boys. Although Zhang Lurang pretended not to care, he was actually very happy deep down.

Jiang Jia went to the hospital to visit Shen Qianyu, and she felt nervous outside the ward. Gu Ran knew that Jiang Jia liked Shen Qianyu, so after entering, he proactively mentioned the lunchbox that Jiang Jia had prepared carefully for Shen Qianyu. After coming out, Jiang Jia thanked Gu Ran, which made Gu Ran somewhat displeased because they had always been like friendly enemies. Jiang Jia made plans to go out with Gu Ran, but they were unexpectedly intercepted by two people who Gu Ran had knocked down in a basketball game before. Just as they were preparing to punish Gu Ran, Jiang Jia appeared.

Jiang Jia asked Gu Ran to hide behind her and claimed that she was good at fighting. However, Jiang Jia didn't actually want to fight with them. Instead, she held Gu Ran's hand and ran away. Gu Ran felt very happy inside, and he pulled Jiang Jia along as they ran away. Gu Ran gradually started to develop feelings for Jiang Jia.

Zhang Lurang and Su Zaizai went to the aquarium together. Su Zaizai proactively introduced various fish to Zhang Lurang. Coincidentally, a teacher brought kindergarten children to visit the aquarium. Su Zaizai made a mistake in naming a fish, but Zhang Lurang didn't expose her. Zhang Lurang occasionally looked at Su Zaizai, who was filming every moment with him at the aquarium. A smile appeared on Zhang Lurang's face. Today was their happiest day.

Zhang Lurang and Su Zaizai were at the aquarium together when they happened to find a lost little boy named Doudou. They decided to help Doudou find his teacher. After finding the teacher, as a token of gratitude, the teacher gave them a pendant. Su Zaizai gave the other pendant to Zhang Lurang, who didn't say anything but was very happy inside. Su Zaizai was also happy because, besides the school uniform, it was the only thing she and Zhang Lurang had in common.

At school, everyone started discussing the end of the world, with some students believing in it while others didn't. Soon, the math competition was about to begin, and Zhang Lurang's teacher reminded everyone to focus on their studies. While Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang were studying in the library, Su Zaizai asked what Zhang Lurang would do if they really encountered the end of the world. They had a lively conversation about it. In the evening, Su Zaizai and Jiang Jia packed their things to prepare for the math competition. Su Zaizai was excited because it was her first trip with Zhang Lurang. Jiang Jia, however, felt a little down since Shen Qianyu wasn't participating in the competition.

Zhang Lurang kept calling Su Zaizai while they were on the bus because it was about to depart. When Jiang Jia and Su Zaizai woke up, they realized they had overslept. They hurriedly rushed to catch the bus. Zhang Lurang noticed that Su Zaizai hadn't arrived yet, and he wanted to go and pick her up. However, he couldn't bring himself to say it, so he pretended he was going out to eat. Gu Ran, who understood his intentions, offered to go with him. In the evening, they finally saw Su Zaizai and Jiang Jia arriving. Su Zaizai was assigned to a room where she met another female student named Xia Ning, who was also participating in the competition. After exchanging greetings, Xia Ning asked about Zhang Lurang, which made Su Zaizai feel uncomfortable.

In the evening, Zhang Lurang continued practicing math problems while Gu Ran went to bed early. Later, Su Zaizai cautiously asked Zhang Lurang if he still remembered Xia Ning, as Xia Ning mentioned that they were classmates in elementary school. Zhang Lurang said he vaguely remembered her, and Su Zaizai started feeling jealous. Su Zaizai learned from Xia Ning that she knew Zhang Lurang's dog's name was Susu, which left her feeling a bit disappointed.

After the exams, Zhang Lurang waited outside for Su Zaizai to come out. At the same time, Xia Ning also came out, and she invited Zhang Lurang to go to the snack street together. Su Zaizai and Jiang Jia, who were standing nearby, wore gloomy expressions. Jiang Jia left first, and Su Zaizai felt a bit down. Unexpectedly, Zhang Lurang brought jelly for her. Zhang Lurang knew that Su Zaizai needed jelly to cheer up when she was feeling down, so with the jelly, Su Zaizai's sadness dissipated.

The two of them visited many places together, and Su Zaizai felt satisfied as long as she could be with Zhang Lurang. Su Zaizai told Jiang Jia that she and Zhang Lurang took a cable car, and she was very happy about it. Later, Su Zaizai planned to find Zhang Lurang and coincidentally saw him chatting with Xia Ning. Su Zaizai intended to leave but was stopped by Zhang Lurang. He then gave her something before going back. Su Zaizai was very happy about it. Xia Ning saw the matching pendants Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang had and thought they were in a romantic relationship, but Su Zaizai quickly denied it, explaining that they only went to the aquarium together. Xia Ning told Su Zaizai that every step Zhang Lurang took towards her required great courage and advised her to slowly understand it. Xia Ning also suggested that Su Zaizai could take the initiative to approach Zhang Lurang if he hadn't approached her yet.

Su Zaizai and Zhang Lurang, along with their group, were ready to take the bus back home. They were discussing the upcoming doomsday tomorrow and everyone was feeling a bit nervous. If tomorrow was indeed the end of the world, what should they do now? Everyone fell asleep in the bus. Su Zaizai took the opportunity to secretly take a photo of Zhang Lurang sleeping next to her. When Zhang Lurang looked up and saw Su Zaizai beside him, he couldn't help but smile. Jiang Jia had fallen asleep leaning on Gu Ran's shoulder, and Gu Ran couldn't help but laugh.

When Guan Fang woke up, he realized that there were only five minutes left until the end of the world. Su Zaizai took out a camcorder and started recording everyone's last words before the doomsday. They all expressed their hopes, and when it was Zhang Lurang's turn, he said he would leave his time for Su Zaizai. After Su Zaizai finished speaking, they all started the countdown. When the countdown ended and nothing happened, Zhang Lurang put his earphones from his recorder into Su Zaizai's ears, which made her very happy. Everyone was happy because they had escaped the doomsday.

After school, everyone was getting ready to go home together. Originally, Guan Fang was supposed to go with Gu Ran's group, but other classmates asked Guan Fang to help them clean. Guan Fang readily agreed. Gu Ran complained that Guan Fang had never had any conflicts with others, and it was because Guan Fang was too easygoing. The next day, everyone gathered at Guan Fang's grandmother's dessert shop to eat. There happened to be two boys who wanted to eat for free and even took the money. Guan Fang went over and spoke kindly to them, even offering to compensate them with money. Originally, Gu Ran wanted to help Guan Fang, but Guan Fang stopped him. After Guan Fang approached the boys, his demeanor immediately changed. Although Guan Fang seemed easygoing on the surface, he was actually very capable.

Gu Ran thought that Guan Fang was being bullied, but before Guan Fang could react, Gu Ran stood in front of him and told the two men not to bully Guan Fang. The two boys were very scared and quickly apologized to Guan Fang. At that moment, Zhang Lurang arrived with Su Zaizai and Jiang Jia. They thought it was Gu Ran who had driven away the two boys, and Gu Ran pretended to be very proud. After returning home, Guan Fang was very happy watching his grandmother cook for him.

After school, some students wanted Guan Fang's help with duty, but Gu Ran and Zhang Lurang stepped forward to help and invited him. Guan Fang had to refuse. However, when school was over, the two boys who had bullied Guan Fang the previous day came with their leader to cause trouble. Guan Fang didn't want to confront them, but they threatened to find his grandmother if he didn't apologize. Guan Fang's bottom line was his grandmother, so he ended up fighting them. Zhang Lurang and his group happened to see this scene and went over to help Guan Fang.

Later, Guan Fang revealed that during his rebellious phase in junior high, he used to get into fights too. But he realized that his grandmother was always the one who cleaned up after him. Guan Fang realized he was wrong and saw his grandmother looking a bit older. Since then, Guan Fang had suppressed his aggressive tendencies, which made Su Zaizai and her group think that Guan Fang's life was quite extraordinary. Guan Fang walked home with his grandmother at night, reminiscing about their childhood dreams. Actually, Guan Fang had figured out many things now. As long as his grandmother was in good health, nothing else mattered.

With the exams approaching, everyone was studying in the corridor. Before the exam, Su Zaizai cheered for Zhang Lurang. In the evening, when school ended, Zhang Lurang gave his gloves to Su Zaizai, which made her very happy. The winter vacation was coming up. Zhang Lurang and Su Zaizai were going to be apart for a month, but Su Zaizai promised to keep sending messages to Zhang Lurang, and Zhang Lurang said he would reply to every message. Just then, the sky started snowing.


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  • 2023-07-16 08:16:37

    Youthful Love Unleashed

    When I Fly Towards is a remarkable play that delves into the different stages of a relationship, showcasing the profound and enduring nature of love. From the exhilaration of love at first sight in high school to the transformative experience of cohabitation after college, and ultimately the commitment of marriage and starting a family, the play takes us on a heartfelt journey.

    What truly touches me is the purity and innocence of their young love, a sentiment I personally missed out on. It raises the question: When that spark ignites within you, would you wholeheartedly chase after that person?

    Su Zai Zai fearlessly chooses to sprint towards Zhang Lurang, seeking solace in his loving embrace. While some may perceive her actions as overly romantic, I can't help but admire her courage to pursue love, for it is during such moments that love truly becomes genuine.

    Their love story is built on a foundation of physical attraction, deepened by their individual talents, and rooted in their characters. These twelve words beautifully encapsulate the essence of Su Zai Zai and Zhang Lurang's love, representing its authenticity and depth.

    Lasting love that spans a lifetime is a rarity in reality, and only a fortunate few get to experience it. The majority of people often bear the scars of love's many challenges. Nevertheless, I remain steadfast in my belief that a love like Su Zai Zai and Zhang Lurang's will find its way to someone deserving of its extraordinary beauty.

    If we surrender our courage to pursue something beautiful, how can we expect life to reward us with happiness and fulfillment? Although a TV drama's plot may not fully mirror reality, we can draw inspiration and courage from it.

    The exceptional performances delivered by the cast allow us to believe that such stories are unfolding somewhere in the world. Bearing witness to these stories is the ultimate testament to their incredible acting abilities.

    As the pure and enchanting love story of Jiang Yi and Zhu Ran reaches its conclusion after 24 episodes, my hope lingers for Su Zai Zai, Zhang Lurang, Gu Ran, and Jiang Jia, that they continue to live joyfully in some unseen corner of the world. May those who have weathered the hardships of love find solace and healing through this captivating drama, as it portrays the most exquisite form of love—a mutual and unrestrained pursuit.

    The true value of this play lies in its sincerity, passion, and the resounding beats of youth. It serves as a poignant reminder that friendship and familial love are equally significant as romantic love. May these characters forever bask in happiness and bliss, eternally preserving their youthful spirit.

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