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You Are Desire – Sabrina Zhuang, Zhou Yiran

You Are Desire is a youthful romantic drama directed by Deng Ke, led by Sabrina Zhuang and Zhou Yiran, co-starring Chen Heyi, Fan Shiran, Bian Tianyang, Liao Yinyue, Wang Chuan and Liu Jieyi.

Adapted from the novel of the same name, the drama tells the story of Lin Yujing, who reunites with his former high school deskmate, Shen Juan, only to discover that he has been immersed in the trauma of his loved one's death. With the help of Lin Yujing and his classmates, Shen Juan gets out of the haze and returns to the race of life.


You Are Desire

English Title: You Are Desire
Chinese Title: 白日梦我
Other Titles: You Are My Desire
Genre: Youth, Romance, Drama
Tag: First Love, Friends to Lovers, University, High School to College, Meet Again, Trauma
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Deng Ke
Writer: Xia Fengyan
Producer: Wang Hanlu
Product Company: MGTV
Released Date: 2023-08-12
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MangoTV Drama, Viki



After her parents' divorce, Lin Yujing transferred to a new city with her father. Faced with a new build family, Lin Yujing felt uneasy in her heart, but she also received sincere love from her stepmother and stepbrother.

Thinking it would be difficult to integrate into the new group, Lin Yujing quickly made friends with an interesting group of classmates at her new school. Her arrival also brought about a change in Shen Juan, her unsociable classmate.

However, their settling lives were disrupted by Lin Yujing's mother, Lin Zhi, who forcefully took her back to their hometown.

A year later, Lin Yujing and Shen Juan reunited at university, and she learned that Shen Juan had experienced a tragedy in his family and had yet to recover from the trauma of losing loved ones.

With the help of Lin Yujing and their classmates, Shen Juan gradually emerged from the darkness and returned to the life arena that rightfully belonged to him. Lin Yujing also found her own life direction during her university life.


Lin Yujing grew up in a family where her mother, Lin Zhi, dominated, so she also took her mother's last name. Later, her parents divorced because her father, Meng Weiguo, couldn't tolerate her mother's dominance. Lin Yujing was raised by Lin Zhi in Huai City. During the summer vacation of her first year in high school, Lin Zhi asked her daughter to visit her father, Meng Weiguo, in Pucheng. Lin Yujing thought she would stay for two days and then return, but Lin Zhi had already arranged for her to transfer to a new school. Lin Yujing was unaware of all this.

Meng Weiguo picked up his daughter and on the way home, he repeatedly reminded Lin Yujing to be aware of etiquette. After all, he was living as a guest in someone else's home. His second wife, Guan Xiangmei, came from a well-off family, but she was kind and welcoming to Lin Yujing. Lin Yujing felt a bit annoyed by her father's nagging, but since she was only staying for one day and returning the day after, she decided to put up with it. She put on her headphones and turned her head to enjoy the scenery in the rain. At that moment, she happened to see a young man on a bicycle passing by in the rain. The young man stopped by the road, and as he turned his head, he made eye contact with Lin Yujing. In that instant, it seemed as if something had collided in both their hearts.

Guan Xiangmei prepared a table of special dishes for Lin Yujing, including drunken shrimp. Meng Weiguo served her a shrimp, but Lin Yujing looked at him with a hint of disappointment. She mentioned that she had been allergic to shrimp since she was a child, creating an awkward moment. She turned and went back to her room. Meng Weiguo wanted to scold her, but Guan Xiangmei stopped him. After dinner, Meng Weiguo went to Lin Yujing's room to check if she had brought enough clothes. If she was missing anything, he would take her shopping the next day. Lin Yujing sensitively sensed that he and her mother seemed to be hiding something from her. She wanted to ask Guan Xiangmei, but when Meng Weiguo tried to stop her, he accidentally pulled off the bracelet that Lin Zhi had given to Lin Yujing. She was a bit angry but decided to temporarily set aside the matter.

The next day, Lin Yujing searched online for a jewelry store in Pucheng to repair the bracelet. She found the Qinghe Silver Jewelry Store owned by Shen Juan's uncle, Luo Qinghe. Shen Juan had been raised by his uncle after his mother's death, and he had a deep emotional connection with him. However, Luo Qinghe was now in a vegetative state due to an accident, and Shen Juan was taking care of the jewelry store while also spending time at the hospital with his uncle. Lin Yujing arrived at the store with the bracelet and asked Shen Juan if he could repair it. Shen Juan said he could, but at that moment, a group of troublemakers showed up, leading to a scuffle. Lin Yujing received a call from her mother during the commotion. She took a pen, which Shen Juan valued as a treasure, as collateral and left a note asking him to fix the bracelet quickly, or she would have to take the pen back to Huai City.

Lin Yujing still hadn't seen her mother, Lin Zhi, and Meng Weiguo explained to her the reasons. He handed her the transfer papers to Liying Middle School and informed her that they would be living together from now on. At least, she would spend the 11th and 12th grades in Pucheng. Without saying a word, Lin Yujing headed straight to the airport, wanting to find her mother and get a clear answer. However, Lin Zhi had already boarded the flight, leaving Lin Yujing wondering why her mother had entrusted her to Meng Weiguo. Lin Zhi only said that it was for her own good, leaving Lin Yujing feeling quite frustrated. She went to a convenience store alone to ease her mood and unexpectedly encountered Shen Juan again.

In the end, Lin Yujing reluctantly returned to Meng Weiguo's home. Since she couldn't choose another path, she had to submit to the reality of life. The next morning, Lin Yujing went to Liying Middle School. The class teacher, Liu Fujiang, introduced her to the class, and coincidentally, Shen Juan was also in the same class. Even more coincidentally, they ended up sitting next to each other. During lunch, the student in front of Lin Yujing, Li Lin, warmly took her to the cafeteria, introduced various dishes to her, and reminded her to keep her distance from Shen Juan. After all, he was a repeat student, and in the eyes of their classmates, he was something of a school bully. Lin Yujing didn't have a meal card, so Li Lin treated her to a delicious meal. However, he carefully kept track of the cost and told Lin Yujing that she could pay him back by the end of the month.

Lin Yujing saw two girls questioning another girl nearby, asking what was going on with Li Lin. Li Ning said that the one being questioned, Gu Xia, was the queen bee on their side, but she couldn't compare to Shen Juan. The one being questioned, Xu Ruyi, was from a small county and spoke with a stutter, so Gu Xia had always disliked her. They shared a dormitory, so there were often conflicts between them. Lin Yujing asked about the school bully status of Shen Juan, and Li Lin mentioned that last year, Shen Juan had sent his desk mate to the hospital. He thought it was dangerous for Lin Yujing to be Shen Juan's desk mate, so he advised her to quickly ask the teacher to change her seat. After that, Li Lin went on to talk about Shen Juan, but when he turned around, he saw Shen Juan sleeping on the table and got scared, so he stopped talking.

Lin Yujing's father woke her up, thinking that she was already grown up and shouldn't be so lazy. Guan Xiangmei, the aunt, felt that the school was nearby, so it was okay to get up a bit later, and she and Lin Yujing's father left for work. Lin Yujing came out and saw Guan Xiangmei's son, Fu Mingxiu, and greeted him, but Fu Mingxiu completely ignored her. Lin Yujing heard that Fu Mingxiu was sick and asked how he was doing. Fu Mingxiu said he had a 40-degree fever and asked if he should call 119 (emergency services), then went back to his room.

Lin Yujing went to the rooftop and called her father, wanting to arrange to stay in the school dormitory, but her father didn't agree. Gu Xia and her friends brought Xu Ruyi to the rooftop, asking if Xu Ruyi was the one who told the teacher about their hair dye incident. Lin Yujing couldn't stand it and came out to stop Gu Xia, saying that whether there was hair dye or not, one look would be enough, there was no need for tattling. Gu Xia also wanted to give Lin Yujing trouble, but Lin Yujing mentioned that she was Shen Juan's desk mate, making Gu Xia back off. Lin Yujing pulled Xu Ruyi away, and Gu Xia felt helpless and still wanted to trouble Lin Yujing. Shen Juan was also on the rooftop, overheard their conversation, and came over to ask if Gu Xia wanted to give his desk mate trouble. Gu Xia quickly denied it.

During lunch in the cafeteria, Xu Ruyi saw Lin Yujing coming over and wanted her to sit next to her, but Lin Yujing went somewhere else, and Gu Xia saw it, feeling that Lin Yujing wasn't interested in Xu Ruyi. Someone mentioned Lin Yujing, feeling that she and Shen Juan being desk mates must be quite formidable. Xu Ruyi defended Lin Yujing. During PE class, they did sit-ups in pairs. Lin Yujing was alone. The teacher asked her to find a group of three, and Xu Ruyi wanted Lin Yujing to join their group, but Xu Ruyi's partner refused, and Xu Ruyi didn't dare to insist. Wang Yiyang said Lin Yujing was being isolated and asked if Shen Juan wanted to help. Shen Juan felt that Lin Yujing could handle it on her own. Lin Yujing used two dumbbells to hold down her legs and did sit-ups by herself.

Lin Yujing bought milk and asked Fu Mingxiu if he wanted some. Fu Mingxiu felt there was still some in the refrigerator and said he didn't dare to touch anything since he was just a guest. Lin Yujing knew that Shen Juan's pen nib was broken and found a replacement part for him but didn't put it on for him, as she wasn't sure if he wanted it replaced. Shen Juan asked Lin Yujing to come to the store to pick up the bracelet. Lin Yujing's parents and Guan Xiangmei were going out, and they told Lin Yujing to listen to Fu Mingxiu. Fu Mingxiu said he had something to do at the company and told Lin Yujing to go back. Lin Yujing went to the convenience store and saw Shen Juan coming in with a cat, so she went with him to get the jewelry. Wang Yiyang and others brought a lot of things and invited Lin Yujing to stay and eat hot pot.

An agent brought other people to view the house, saying that they hadn't paid the rent, so the house needed to be rented to others. Lin Yujing pretended to be there to view the house and deliberately said the house wasn't good, scaring away the prospective renters. Shen Juan asked her to come back next month, and he would figure something out.

For the sake of Shen Juan's rent issue, several friends started to brainstorm solutions, even using their class time to contact potential buyers on their phones. Upon seeing this, the class teacher, Liu Fujiang, became furious. He confiscated the phones of Wang Yiyang, Lin Yujing, and Shen Juan, instructing them to come to his office after class. The three of them went to the teacher's office with uneasy hearts. Fortunately, the teacher didn't delve too deeply into the matter, just reminding them to be more discreet, or else they would have their parents called to the school. The three realized their mistake, but the rent problem was significant.

Lin Yujing had a sudden idea and proposed that the three of them cooperate to market Qinghe Silver Jewelry. She asked for five percent of the income. Wang Yiyang felt she was taking advantage, warning Shen Juan not to agree, but Shen Juan suggested giving it a try.

Lin Yujing began planning, contacting internet celebrities to increase the visibility of Qinghe Silver Jewelry. However, she was frightened by the 100,000 yuan fee demanded by the influencer. She overheard a conversation nearby about homemade pottery, which strengthened her idea. She suggested marketing the jewelry as handmade silver items. Shen Juan agreed to give it a shot. They divided the tasks and worked tirelessly, with Lin Yujing eventually launching the products online. Soon, they received their first order, which excited everyone.

The next day, people came in droves to make silver jewelry, but the craftsmanship standards were high. Some struggled to produce satisfactory results. A couple, feeling bored, proposed buying the jewelry. Lin Yujing was unaware, assuming all the items in the display case were for sale. However, Shen Juan rejected them, leading to an argument. The couple gave numerous negative reviews on the website, causing subsequent customers to cancel their orders. Lin Yujing couldn't understand Shen Juan's actions, wanting him to explain to prevent such incidents in the future, but he didn't reply. Instead, Wang Yiyang was instructed to pack up the items in the display case. Shen Juan decided to quit this business.

Feeling frustrated, Lin Yujing left, and Shen Juan sat at home in a daze, thinking about the efforts Lin Yujing and their two friends had put into the project. On the other hand, Lin Yujing was also bothered by the situation, refusing to talk to Shen Juan for several days. He Songnan comforted Lin Yujing, saying everyone has their secrets, just like her bracelet. It's just that they don't want others to know, not something wrong.

After returning home, Lin Yujing carefully thought about it and found He Songnan's words sensible. She didn't need to dwell on such matters. She wrote a reflection on the website, stating that each piece of silver jewelry carried a life story and an untold tale waiting to be written by someone. This struck a chord with the internet users, and many commented and liked her post. Shen Juan was also moved. He agreed to Lin Yujing's suggestion to restart the handmade silver jewelry business and even melted down the jewelry he had made before for raw materials.

This time was a great success. Shen Juan changed his attitude, patiently explaining to customers and personally polishing the items. They soon paid off the rent and had some extra money. They wanted to continue this venture, but unexpectedly, Liu Fujiang came to them. He had heard about their situation and disagreed with them spending too much time on it. After all, they were high school students, and studies should be their priority. Shen Juan's health would also be affected if he continued this way. Lin Yujing agreed with the teacher's reasoning and changed her perspective.

The next morning, Lin Yujing was disturbed by her father's travel photos sent via messages. Similarly, Fu Mingxiu was annoyed by his mother's messages. Fu Mingxiu prepared breakfast and casually expressed gratitude to Lin Yujing, indicating it was for her help with the medicine. The relationship between them was gradually improving.

The English teacher was curious about Wang Yiyang's strange appearance in class, and since he wasn't paying attention, she called him to the front to inquire. Wang Yiyang reluctantly took off his hat and mask, revealing a bright red handprint on his face. His classmates burst into laughter, and Wang Yiyang stormed out in anger. Later, he explained that he was slapped by his father due to poor academic performance. His father wanted him to focus on studies, but Wang Yiyang argued that life had more than one path. This resulted in him receiving his father's punishment. Lin Yujing wanted to talk to Wang Yiyang, but as soon as she heard about scholarships, her focus shifted to that matter.

The midterm exams are approaching, and because there are scholarships tied to these exams, Lin Yujing has gained the motivation to study. Wang Yiyang is feeling frustrated due to his poor grades. If he fails again this time, his father will cut off all financial support. Lin Yujing decides to help Wang Yiyang and Shen Juan improve together and raise their academic performance.

During break time, Shen Juan and He Songnan are chatting nearby. They overhear two classmates discussing how sweet Lin Yujing looks and expressing interest in approaching her. Shen Juan gets angry and throws a basketball at them, warning that Lin Yujing is his desk mate and telling them to stay away. Recognizing Shen Juan as the legendary school bully, the two classmates back off, not daring to talk about Lin Yujing.

Lin Yujing intends to use the scholarship to cover her accommodation expenses. Her dedicated attitude towards studying is unquestionable. Liu Fujiang, noticing her efforts, encourages her to guide Shen Juan and Wang Yiyang. To honor Shen Juan's face, Lin Yujing decides to act as a "Little Teacher Lin" for them. However, their attitude towards learning is far from ideal. Lin Yujing writes a physics formula on the small blackboard, but Wang Yiyang and Shen Juan fall asleep. Frustrated, Lin Yujing uses a hammer to wake them up, and they start paying attention. Later, He Songnan brings them some late-night snacks. They start eating but experience a power outage. Shen Juan and Lin Yujing go upstairs to investigate, and Lin Yujing discovers a damaged power line. After Shen Juan fixes the line, they find a starry sky light in the room. Lin Yujing wants to inquire about it, but Shen Juan interrupts her.

The next day in class, Shen Juan is late again and falls asleep at his desk. The physics teacher becomes angry and wakes him up to answer a question. Lin Yujing writes down the answer on a note, and Shen Juan, after glancing at it, provides the correct response. The teacher gives him a reminder and doesn't press further. Lin Yujing realizes Shen Juan lacks motivation. She searches online for ways to increase motivation and interacts with Shen Juan online. He responds with a smile. In reality, Shen Juan's grades have always been good, but he enjoys the attention.

Soon, the midterm exams arrive. Lin Yujing answers questions quickly while keeping an eye on Shen Juan. He quickly reviews the questions and answers them attentively. After finishing the test and checking his answers, he lies down on the desk to sleep. Lin Yujing wants to wake him up but refrains due to the exam proctor's presence. Shen Juan wakes up and hands in his paper first. Classmates assume he's giving up. Lin Yujing is disappointed in him.

The midterm results come out. Lin Yujing ranks sixth in the grade, and Wang Yiyang is among the top three hundred, his highest rank so far. They look for Shen Juan's score but can't find it until they learn from others that Shen Juan surprisingly ranks third in the grade, even better than Lin Yujing. Lin Yujing is not angry because Shen Juan scored better, but because he deliberately made her help him study despite his good performance.

Liu Fujiang calls Shen Juan and Lin Yujing to the office. The school has new scholarship rules: only one person per class can apply. Both meet the criteria, so Liu Fujiang asks them to write applications, leaving the decision to the school. Outside, Lin Yujing pleads with Shen Juan to give her the scholarship since she needs it for accommodation expenses. However, Shen Juan insists he needs it too. Lin Yujing resents him for being stingy. Later, Liu Fujiang calls Lin Yujing to the office and gives her the scholarship. She learns that Shen Juan voluntarily withdrew and gave her the scholarship. Warmth fills her heart.

One day after school, Shen Juan and Lin Yujing leave the school gate and see Lin Yujing's former classmate, Lu Yao, who now attends Pu Hua High School. Shen Juan feels jealous due to their unique handshake, leading to some rivalry between him and Lu Yao. Lin Yujing manages to gather the accommodation fee, but the dormitory manager asks for a parental signature. Meng Weiguo refuses to let her stay in the dorm. Lin Yujing contemplates how to solve this issue.

Lin Yujing began to worry about the accommodation application form. Meng Weiguo was still away on a trip and wouldn't agree to let her stay in the school dorm even if he returned. Hearing Fu Mingxiu's voice on the phone outside, Lin Yujing thought of asking Fu Mingxiu to sign the form for her. She acted weak and pleaded with Fu Mingxiu to help her. Fu Mingxiu, a lawyer, wouldn't make mistakes in this regard, and he had no special sentiment towards her, so he rejected Lin Yujing, using the excuse that he wasn't her guardian.

Disappointed, Lin Yujing returned to school. Suddenly, she noticed that Shen Juan's handwriting was elegant. If he signed the form instead of his father, the dormitory staff might not notice. Lin Yujing requested Shen Juan's help, but he also refused on the spot to avoid trouble. Lin Yujing felt at a loss again and put this matter aside. News spread that Pu Hua and Liying would hold a joint sports event, but nobody was interested because Pu Hua had a strong track and field team. Lu Yao's fame made the situation worse, and Liying's team lacked competitiveness. Therefore, students were unwilling to participate.

Lu Yao came to Liying School to find out about their preparations and to see Lin Yujing. He brought the brochure for Pu Hua's special language program, which he thought would be suitable for Lin Yujing. It would save her tuition and solve the accommodation problem. Seeing this, Lin Yujing felt a bit tempted, as she was struggling with accommodation. Lu Yao wasn't in school uniform, making him stand out. He asked Lin Yujing to borrow a set of school uniform for him. She noticed Wang Yiyang's uniform on a chair and left a note before taking it.

When Wang Yiyang returned to the classroom, he discovered his uniform missing. While searching, he saw the enrollment brochure on Lin Yujing's desk. Shen Juan, concerned about Lin Yujing leaving, immediately went to the field with Wang Yiyang when classmates discussed a fast runner, likely related to Lin Yujing. They found Lin Yujing with Lu Yao, who was persuading her to transfer. Shen Juan got angry and confronted Lu Yao, even challenging him on the track. Concerned about their conflict, Lin Yujing took Lu Yao back to the school gate and he advised her to seriously consider transferring, seeing it as the best choice for her.

Someone recorded Lu Yao running on Liying's track and the video spread among Liying's students. They became even more intimidated by the prospect of competing against Lu Yao. In class, Liu Fujiang promoted the men's 3000m event. Everyone knew this was Lu Yao's strong suit, so nobody raised their hand. However, Shen Juan fearlessly volunteered, prompting Wang Yiyang to reluctantly raise his hand as well.

Lin Yujing unexpectedly discovered that someone signed the dormitory application form with Meng Weiguo's name—clearly Shen Juan's doing. Touched by his gesture, she went to the rooftop to express her gratitude. She was concerned about whether Shen Juan wanted her to cheer for him during the sports event, but he never asked.

The sports event proceeded energetically. Pu Hua dominated almost every event, and Liying students felt embarrassed. Lu Yao won first place in the 1000m race and was about to participate in the 3000m. Although Shen Juan had some strength, winning first place wasn't guaranteed. He and Wang Yiyang strategized: Shen Juan would sprint initially to disrupt Lu Yao's pace and then make a final push for the victory. The plan worked as expected, and Lin Yujing's cheering at a crucial moment gave Shen Juan the decisive push to win.

After the sports event, Lin Yujing made her decision. She told Lu Yao she wanted to stay at Liying. Disappointed, Lu Yao left, and Shen Juan had a smile on his face.

Lin Yujing completed the procedures for moving into the school dormitory, packed her personal items at home, and prepared to leave. Fu Mingxiu was surprised to see her and knew that she must have asked someone else to sign the form for her parents. He worried that Meng Weiguo would cause trouble for her when he returned. Lin Yujing insisted on leaving, expressing that being dependent on others wasn't pleasant. As she left, she returned the access card to Fu Mingxiu. He suggested she keep it in case she needed it, showing his concern. Lin Yujing understood his intention and took the access card back.

The National Day holiday was approaching. Wang Yiyang disliked having too much homework that would affect his vacation. A few of them discussed their plans for the holiday. Shen Juan said he would visit a jewelry store, and Lin Yujing didn't have a better option. Perhaps studying was the best thing to do. Before leaving, Shen Juan told Lin Yujing he would be at the store and she could visit if she got bored. Back at the dorm, Gu Xia complained about her travel plans and mocked Xu Ruyi for wanting to study during the break. Lin Yujing immediately defended Xu Ruyi against Gu Xia's taunts.

Meng Weiguo and Guan Xiangmei returned. Fu Mingxiu called Lin Yujing to prepare her for their arrival. Meng Weiguo was infuriated when he found out Lin Yujing was staying in the school dorm. An argument erupted between them. Lin Yujing accused Meng Weiguo of never taking care of her and living off her. Her words hit a nerve, and he slapped her. Fu Mingxiu stepped in to stop the situation, explaining that he had allowed Lin Yujing to stay at the dorm and had signed the forms. Unable to vent his anger on Fu Mingxiu, Meng Weiguo could only watch as Fu Mingxiu escorted Lin Yujing away.

With nowhere to go, Lin Yujing went to a convenience store to think. Unexpectedly, she ran into Shen Juan, who noticed the bruise on her face and inquired about it. Lin Yujing claimed she bumped into something, knowing she was lying but not pressing further. Feeling upset, she asked Shen Juan to fight with her. Shen Juan reluctantly agreed, and she threw a punch at him. He didn't dodge, taking the blow. Lin Yujing felt sorry and her anger dissipated. She complained that Shen Juan didn't dodge, and he just smiled, willing to endure it if it made her feel better.

Knowing Lin Yujing was feeling down, Shen Juan arranged a trip to a farm with He Songnan during the upcoming break. Lin Yujing invited Xu Ruyi to join as well. When Fu Mingxiu found out, he was concerned and accompanied them as their guardian. Lin Yujing resolved the transportation issue. The next morning, they traveled to the farm in Fu Mingxiu's car. Seeing Lin Yujing distribute oranges to everyone, Fu Mingxiu felt uneasy and childishly prevented Shen Juan from eating an orange, insisting he focus on driving.

They arrived at He Songnan's farm, and Fu Mingxiu felt relieved seeing the well-organized activities. He Songnan took Xu Ruyi to feed the geese and shared childhood memories from the countryside, giving them plenty to talk about. Meanwhile, Lin Yujing, Fu Mingxiu, and Shen Juan played with water guns. Fu Mingxiu learned that Shen Juan had helped Lin Yujing with the dorm arrangement and organized the activity. He appreciated Shen Juan's efforts and confided in him about his changing feelings towards Lin Yujing. He realized he hadn't felt like an older brother to her until he stepped in to protect her from Meng Weiguo's abuse.

Playing "Truth or Dare" together, He Songnan favored Xu Ruyi while Shen Juan went easy on Lin Yujing. Fu Mingxiu and Lin Yujing both became a bit drunk and asked each other if they were disliked. It was clear that their past grievances ran deep. Fu Mingxiu was supported by He Songnan back to his room, while Shen Juan stayed behind, watching Lin Yujing. When Lin Yujing sobered up and felt embarrassed about her behavior, Shen Juan took her to a dragon fruit garden. He had something special to show her. At exactly 8 o'clock, the farm's light show began, dispelling the darkness in Lin Yujing's heart.

Lin Yujing thanked Shen Juan for taking her to the dragon fruit garden to see the light show and the stars in the sky. She also shared her secrets with him, including her parents' divorce and her situation. Afterwards, Lin Yujing asked Shen Juan that since he knew all her secrets, as an exchange, he should at least tell her some of his secrets. Shen Juan appeared thoughtful but didn't say anything.

The next morning, Shen Juan woke up Lin Yujing from her sleep and took her to a hospital to see her uncle Luo Qinghe, who was now in a vegetative state. She learned that her uncle had raised her since she was young and had been in a car accident that left him in this condition. Lin Yujing realized that Shen Juan's frequent lateness and absent-mindedness were due to his visits to the hospital to care for his uncle. She gained newfound respect for him. Lin Yujing expressed her intent to visit her uncle more often. Meanwhile, Fu Mingxiu called her, saying that Meng Weiguo insisted she return home. He was waiting for her outside the school.

Fu Mingxiu was puzzled by Meng Weiguo's insistence on Lin Yujing returning home. Lin Yujing straightforwardly explained that he just wanted to appear as a good father figure in front of Guan Xiangmei and Fu Mingxiu. In order to avoid moving back home, Lin Yujing asked Fu Mingxiu to help her stage a quarrel as part of a plan. Fu Mingxiu agreed to assist her, and as soon as they entered the house, they began a heated argument, creating an appearance of mutual dislike. This strategy worked, and Guan Xiangmei supported Lin Yujing's idea of staying at school. Meng Weiguo reluctantly complied, and Lin Yujing managed to extract some money from her father during the process.

As the holiday ended, Gu Xia returned and proudly distributed items to her roommates. Lin Yujing spotted receipts and exposed that the items she claimed were from South Korea were actually purchased in Pucheng. Embarrassed, Gu Xia stormed out of the room. As the dormitory's closing time approached and Gu Xia still hadn't returned, they decided to split up and look for her. Lin Yujing found Gu Xia on the playground talking to her parents on the phone, complaining about their focus on business rather than her. Lin Yujing approached to show concern and assured her that she wouldn't reveal the secret. Then, she pulled the somewhat dazed Gu Xia back to the dormitory just in time.

Gu Xia cared a lot about her reputation and worried that Lin Yujing would disclose the incident. So the next day in class, she kept an eye on Lin Yujing, confusing her classmates. After class, Gu Xia couldn't resist confronting Lin Yujing, accusing her of not keeping her promise. Lin Yujing explained repeatedly that she hadn't revealed anything and even promised to keep the secret. Gu Xia finally relented.

A mysterious figure arrived at the Qinghe Jewelry Store, unfolding the silver jewelry manuscript by Luo Qinghe. This person went to the second floor room. Meanwhile, Shen Juan and Lin Yujing returned after school. Shen Juan received a call from his uncle's attending physician, reporting that his uncle's condition had worsened recently. Lin Yujing overheard some commotion on the second floor. She went up alone and encountered someone wearing a mask. Shen Juan, unaware of Lin Yujing's presence, rushed to the second floor upon realizing she was missing. Seeing Nie Xinghe there infuriated him. He had warned Nie Xinghe not to come here, but Nie Xinghe didn't care. Shen Juan was about to confront him physically, but Lin Yujing intervened, fearing it would cause trouble. Nie Xinghe intentionally provoked Shen Juan with his words. Shen Juan punched the mirror in anger, injuring his hand.

Nie Xinghe left, and Shen Juan suddenly remembered something. He went downstairs and found that the manuscript was missing. He was almost certain that Nie Xinghe had taken it. Shen Juan hurriedly went after him, while Lin Yujing went to a pharmacy to buy medicine for him. The next day after school, Lin Yujing learned from Wang Yiyang and He Songnan that Nie Xinghe was Shen Juan's former desk mate and that Shen Juan had been suspended from school due to him.

Seeing the photos of Shen Juan and his uncle at his home, Lin Yujing learned that Shen Juan's 18th birthday was approaching. Thinking about the struggles and hardships Shen Juan had endured, Lin Yujing felt deeply sorry for him. She decided to give him an unforgettable birthday. To do so, she specifically invited Wang Yiyang and He Songnan to discuss how to celebrate Shen Juan's birthday. He Songnan was a calculated person who had prepared a seal stone material for Shen Juan's birthday gift. Wang Yiyang struggled to come up with a suitable gift. Lin Yujing felt that Shen Juan carried too much burden for his age that he shouldn't have to bear. She suggested that on his 18th birthday, Shen Juan should experience the joy he had in his childhood. Wang Yiyang thought the idea was good and decided to consider it as his own gift to Shen Juan, leaving Lin Yujing to think of another gift.

Suddenly, Shen Juan arrived and asked them what secret plan they were working on, but they refused to spill the beans. Lin Yujing planned to invite Xu Ruyi to join Shen Juan's birthday celebration. Shen Juan suggested preparing a hot pot feast with his uncle. Everyone could gather and have a meal together to celebrate. Xu Ruyi was uncertain about what gift to give Shen Juan, and she hesitated. Gu Xia suggested a thoughtful idea, saying that a birthday gift should be something the birthday person wants. Xu Ruyi nostalgically mentioned how her mother used to make her delicious longevity noodles on her birthday. Lin Yujing suggested Xu Ruyi could bring her homemade sauce as a gift. Xu Ruyi's words sparked inspiration in Lin Yujing. She believed that family blessings were what Shen Juan needed the most. She thought of a unique gift – she asked Wang Yiyang for a childhood video of Shen Juan riding a bicycle with Luo Qinghe. She planned to edit and synthesize the video's audio. Wang Yiyang wanted to see what she was up to but was shooed away by Lin Yujing. After staying up all night, she finally completed the gift.

Luo Qingguo brought a file folder to Shen Juan, containing the business license for the Qinghe Jewelry Store. He told Shen Juan that when he reached adulthood, he could take over the store. This was fulfilling a wish, and this birthday gift meant a lot to Shen Juan. However, Shen Juan tearfully said that nothing would change until his uncle woke up, including the business license.

Early the next day, Lin Yujing, Wang Yiyang, and He Songnan waited outside Shen Juan's house, unsure of how to get his attention. Eventually, Shen Juan saw them and came out. Wang Yiyang suggested going to the mall for an excuse and led everyone to a children's amusement park. Shen Juan found the toys too childish, but he didn't want to dampen everyone's spirits, so he reluctantly joined in. This gift indeed left a lasting impression on him. Shen Juan knew that Lin Yujing had planned the birthday celebration for him. When they were alone, he asked her what gift she had prepared. Lin Yujing thought it wasn't time yet and lied that she hadn't prepared anything.

In the evening, everyone celebrated Shen Juan's birthday with a hot pot at the jewelry store. However, bad news came from the hospital – Luo Qinghe's condition had worsened, and he had suffered a cardiac arrest and was rushed to the operating room. Everyone hurried to the hospital. Shen Juan rode his bike desperately, narrowly avoiding an accident and scraping his face. He rushed to the hospital, impatiently awaiting the surgery's outcome. When Lin Yujing arrived at the hospital, she couldn't find Shen Juan in front of the operating room. After searching, she found him in the hallway. Lin Yujing understood his pain and stress and sat down beside him to console him. She took out the video she had made to show him, planning to give it to him at midnight. The voice of his uncle Luo Qinghe resonated in his ears, calming him down. Shen Juan blew out the lighter Lin Yujing had lit and silently prayed for his uncle's well-being.

Shen Juan was awakened by a nightmare and realized that his uncle Luo Qinghe hadn't left him. Due to the doctors' relentless efforts, Luo Qinghe's surgery had been successful. Although he hadn't completely overcome the life-threatening situation, it gave Shen Juan enough confidence and hope.

Shen Juan returned home, reminiscing about the scene where his uncle had taught him silver jewelry craftsmanship. He had once wanted to make an independent braided decoration for a piece of silver jewelry as a gift for his uncle. However, such skills were beyond the grasp of a child his age, and his strength wasn't sufficient. Luo Qinghe and Shen Juan had made a pact that once Shen Juan became an adult, he would create a braided silver ornament as a birthday gift for his uncle. They had even sealed the promise with a handshake. But now, circumstances had changed. Shen Juan's uncle had become a vegetable after a car accident. Shen Juan wanted to fulfill that wish, making a braided silver ornament to give to Luo Qinghe.

Shen Juan's thoughts were consumed by taking care of Luo Qinghe. Lin Yujing summoned Wang Yiyang and He Songnan to discuss how to help Shen Juan. They divided the tasks among themselves. Lin Yujing took on the responsibility of selecting key notes from their class lectures to teach Shen Juan. Wang Yiyang and He Songnan managed the jewelry store's business. While handmade craftsmanship couldn't proceed, they had to at least maintain some business to cover the rent, as they still relied on the store to address that issue. Wang Yiyang and He Songnan visited the jewelry store after school and were surprised to find Shen Juan working on silver jewelry. They understood that he was using this activity to cope with his grief. Neither of them disturbed him. Lin Yujing arrived later and left him a note, advising him to eat well before quietly departing. After finishing his work, Shen Juan discovered Lin Yujing's note, feeling the warmth of his friends' support.

After school, Lin Yujing went to the hospital. She brought a simple desk and helped Shen Juan with his studies. This scene became a unique sight in the hospital. He Songnan soon arrived, bringing them food. After eating, Lin Yujing led Shen Juan to the rooftop, presenting him with a wishing balloon. She asked him to make a wish for Luo Qinghe's health. They released the balloon together. Recalling a conversation they'd had, Shen Juan had told Lin Yujing that he was willing to face sorrow with her and bring happiness together. Similarly, Lin Yujing hoped to bring him some joy when he was sad.

Luo Qinghe's birthday arrived. Shen Juan visited the hospital and learned that Luo Qinghe had been transferred from the intensive care unit and his condition had stabilized. Shen Juan felt much better. He asked his uncle, Luo Qingguo, to go home and rest while he stayed to celebrate Luo Qinghe's birthday. Luo Qingguo realized he had forgotten his brother's birthday and felt embarrassed. Shen Juan handed over the silver ornament he had made, hoping that his uncle could sense his genuine feelings and recover soon.

To show her gratitude for Lin Yujing's help during this time, Shen Juan planned a surprise for her and took her to an amusement park. Lin Yujing bought two headbands and insisted that Shen Juan wear one as well. Although reluctant, he complied to not disappoint her. Lin Yujing spotted a teddy bear prize at a balloon shooting booth and wanted to try her luck. After shooting twenty bullets, she only hit one balloon. Shen Juan suggested that the booth owner throw the balloons into the air. If he hit all of them, they should receive the teddy bear as a prize. The owner thought it was an impossible task but agreed, saying he would not only give them the teddy bear but also refund their money if Shen Juan succeeded.

Amid the amazed looks of Lin Yujing and the onlookers, Shen Juan managed to hit all the balloons. He not only won the teddy bear but also made the reluctant owner return their money. Lin Yujing was curious about how Shen Juan had such accurate aim. He explained that booth owners often set balloons of varying hardness to prevent people from hitting them all. He also noted that if the balloons were thrown into the air, he wouldn't have hit them as accurately. Furthermore, his accuracy was due to his experience in shooting. Lin Yujing wanted the teddy bear, so Shen Juan teased her a bit and proposed a trade using the keychain she had acquired. In the evening, Wang Yiyang and He Songnan arrived at Shen Juan's house with a batch of crabs. Wang Yiyang noticed Shen Juan's unique keychain, which looked like a girl's accessory. Shen Juan swiftly grabbed it and wouldn't let him touch it.

Liu Fujian announced that there would be a half-day off on Friday, which made everyone happy. However, they learned that the half-day would be used for a parent-teacher meeting, immediately dampening their spirits. Lin Yujing was also concerned about the parent-teacher meeting and didn't want Meng Weiguo to attend. She found an excuse to explain to Liu Fujian that her parent couldn't come. Liu Fujian mentioned that the school had rules in this regard. Even if parents couldn't be present, they still needed to confirm with the homeroom teacher. Seeing that Liu Fujian was about to call Meng Weiguo, Lin Yujing hurriedly stopped him, saying she would contact her father herself. Subsequently, she earnestly asked Fu Mingxiu for help to attend the parent-teacher meeting.

On Friday afternoon, during the parent-teacher meeting, Lin Yujing saw Fu Mingxiu dressed formally and attending the event. She felt deeply grateful and led him to her classroom. However, she was surprised to find Lin Zhi and Liu Fujian there. From Lin Yujing's surprised expression, Fu Mingxiu could tell Lin Zhi's identity. He maintained that he was attending the meeting on Lin Yujing's behalf. Liu Fujian noticed the tension and allowed both of them to enter the classroom. Luckily, Liu Fujian held Lin Yujing in high regard, praising her not only for her excellent academic performance but also for motivating other students to improve. Lin Zhi refrained from saying much.

Shen Juan noticed that Lin Yujing seemed a bit off and approached her to inquire about the reason. He learned that Lin Yujing's mother had come for the parent-teacher meeting. After the meeting, Fu Mingxiu didn't say much to Liu Fujian. He exchanged greetings with Lin Yujing and prepared to leave. Lin Yujing advised him not to inform Meng Weiguo about the situation. Fu Mingxiu, who knew Lin Yujing's character well, immediately understood.

Lin Zhi talked to Liu Fujian to learn more about her daughter's situation. Since Lin Yujing had consistently ranked first in Huaicheng, she was dissatisfied with her second place this time. Additionally, she had been living alone at the school dormitory. Lin Zhi blamed Meng Weiguo for all of this. Lin Yujing told her that she was doing well now, and Lin Zhi's decision to send her to Pucheng for school without consulting her had felt like abandonment. Lin Zhi tried to justify herself, but Lin Yujing didn't want to argue with her mother and left for the dormitory.

Lin Zhi followed her to the dormitory and informed her that she had already arranged for them to live together for a few days. Despite Lin Yujing's reluctance, she had to follow her mother's forceful decision. They ended up at a hotel. In the dormitory, Xu Ruyi learned that Lin Yujing didn't want to go with her mother. She immediately messaged Shen Juan to explain the situation. Shen Juan, aware of Lin Yujing's tendencies, contacted her to ask about the situation. However, he found that his calls couldn't connect.

At the hotel, Lin Yujing's phone rang. Lin Zhi noticed that it was Meng Weiguo calling her daughter and put the call on speaker. Meng Weiguo launched into a tirade against Lin Yujing, warning her to know her place when talking to Lin Zhi. Lin Zhi confronted Meng Weiguo about his actions and accused him of making their child earn money for her own lodging. Meng Weiguo explained his reasons and blamed Lin Yujing's behavior on Lin Zhi's lenience. Lin Zhi wasn't pleased and informed Meng Weiguo that once she finished her current contract, she would bring Lin Yujing back to Huaicheng. Meng Weiguo was accustomed to Lin Zhi's assertiveness and knew that her decisions were final.

Lin Yao learned about Lin Yujing's situation from his mother and arranged to meet with her. He shared some information with her, explaining that Lin Zhi's sudden decision to move Lin Yujing to Pucheng was due to problems in her company. Lin Yujing tried to ask Lin Zhi about this matter but didn't get the answers she wanted. Lin Zhi didn't elaborate much, emphasizing that as long as Lin Yujing knew it was for her own good. However, Lin Yujing, feeling that Lin Zhi didn't care about her feelings, got into an argument with her mother. Lin Zhi mentioned her plan to bring Lin Yujing back to Huaicheng, which shocked Lin Yujing. She wanted to resist but felt powerless. Unknowingly, she ended up at the jewelry store, which had become her sanctuary. However, when she saw Shen Juan, she didn't know what to say.

During the New Year's holiday, Lin Yujing didn't know where to go. Shen Juan took her, along with Wang Yiyang and He Songnan, to a wishing tree to make wishes. Lin Yujing wished for everyone to have smooth lives, while Shen Juan wished for his uncle's speedy recovery. Shen Juan considered leaving Lin Yujing in Pucheng, but he knew the decision wasn't his to make. He expressed his desire for them to study at Puda University together. Lin Yujing agreed and jokingly mentioned that they would be classmates for another four years.

Lin Zhi messaged Lin Yujing to join her for dinner. Lin Yujing had plans to watch the New Year's fireworks with Shen Juan, but since Lin Zhi had invited business partners, Lin Yujing wasn't able to focus on the dinner. Eventually, she bid everyone farewell and headed to the agreed-upon location with Shen Juan. Although they didn't make it to the rooftop to watch the fireworks before the countdown ended, their mutual understanding and well wishes were clear. They wished each other a happy New Year and looked forward to the future. After seeing off her guests, Lin Zhi wanted to call Lin Yujing and ask about her day. However, when she turned around, she noticed Lin Yujing engrossed in a conversation with a young man. Lin Zhi could tell that Lin Yujing had different feelings for this young man, something she couldn't accept at the moment.



  • 2023-08-13 16:47:07

    This is the feeling of a youthful school atmosphere! It truly makes one's heart flutter.

    I can't help but praise "You Are Desire" It's really easy to understand and has a strong youthful campus atmosphere! It makes people feel the rich campus atmosphere and the charm of youth~~ Whether it's the visuals, dialogue, or the characters' emotions and the details of the actors' performances, it enhances the freshness of the drama! The scene where they meet in the rain is truly heartwarming!

    Zhou Yiran's performance in "You Are Desire" is even more handsome! I didn't expect him to be so suitable for playing the tough and handsome school "bully". I found his acting skills are really good, especially in capturing subtle expressions, always leaving a deep impression.

    In "You Are Desire" the character played by Zhuang Dafei, Lin Yujing, is truly heartwrenching. She comes from a suffocating traditional family, always being arranged by her parents to do various things. This background has filled Lin Yujing's heart with emotional suppression, and Zhuang Dafei, through exquisite acting, portrays this feeling of suffocation perfectly.

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