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Miss Chun Is a Litigator – Sabrina Zhuang, Huang Junjie

Miss Chun Is a Litigator is a historical romantic drama, starring Zhuang Dafei, Huang Junjie, Fan Zhixin, and Zhu Linyu.

This drama is based on the original work “Mei Ren Mou Lu / 美人谋律” by Liu An Ming Yuan, which is about a young girl who loves to study the law. She goes to court when her father is wrongly imprisoned and makes a group of like-minded friends and embarks on a journey to defend the weak and speak out for justice.


Miss Chun Is a Litigator

English Title: Miss Chun Is a Litigator
Chinese Title: 春家小姐是讼师
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama, Law, Suspense
Tag: Investigation, Tang Dynasty, Reverse-Harem, Historical Fiction, Strong Female Lead, Smart Female Lead
Episodes: 20
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Zhang Rui, Yu Lingxu
Writer: Liu An Hua Ming
Producer: Gao Chen
Released Date: 2023-03-24
Boradcast Website: iQIYI, Viki, 森宇热播剧场



Born in a military family, the young girl Chun Tumi planned to live peacefully, but she never thought that her father would be unjustly imprisoned.

As there were no male members in the family, she had to go to court to redress her father’s grievances and thus embarked on the path of a litigator.

The difficulties and criticisms faced by a woman who is a litigator can be imagined, and even affected her marriage.

But with her persistence and the support and encouragement of her family, she saved the poor, fought against the power, solved all kinds of difficult cases, sharing the worries of the country. She willingly became a pawn in the hands of the emperor.

In the end, Chun Tumi grew up to be the first female Litigator in ancient times.

At the same time, she won the love of Crown Prince Han Wufei, Prime Minister Kang Zhengyuan, and the exotic Prince A Su Rui. Eventually, she chose to marry A Su Rui, who had been with her all along the way.

Episode Plot

Miss Chun Tumi of the Chun family dreams of becoming a lawyer, but her dream is interrupted when her father, Mr. Chun Dashan, is arrested on charges of attempted rape. Her grandfather is away in Lingnan, and her stepmother Lady Xu is too afraid to help. Chun Tumi decides to go to the yamen alone to investigate the case. Lady Fang of Lin Shui Lou helps her by sending Jin Yi to escort her. On the carriage, she meets a “cart driver” named Ye Cha. After learning about the case at the yamen, Chun Tumi manages to see her father in prison and realizes his innocence. She decides to find key evidence and is helped by Guo Er, Ye Cha, and Jin Yi. However, the lawyer, Scholar Sun, flees before the trial, and public opinion turns against Mr. Chun Dashan. In the end, Chun Tumi personally appears in court and faces the Da Li Si officer Luo Li and Lord Xian’s son Han Wuwei. During the trial, when facing the testimony of the witness Zhang Wuniang, who tries to gain sympathy from the audience, Chun Tumi remains calm and questions her testimony. Han Wuwei suggests retracing Mr. Chun Dashan’s steps, and they find the crucial evidence that proves his innocence.

When Zhang Wuniang reported that Chun Dashan had improper intentions, Li Er heard her cries for help and jumped over the wall to save her. Chun Tumi pointed out that the street wall was too high for an ordinary person to jump over, and Li Er’s lie was exposed. Chun Dashan was cleared of suspicion, and Kang Zhengyuan and Han Wuwei praised Chun Tumi’s performance in court.

Military commissioner Chu You secretly met with Han Wuwei and handed over a mysterious item. Shen Weiduo of Mo Wu Ge met with Jin Yi and Ye Cha, and Mo Wu Ge was also interested in what Chu You had in his possession. Ye Cha expressed his longing and love for his sister A Yili, who seemed to be living a carefree life in Mo Wu Ge.

Lady Xu’s mother appeared and caused trouble for Chun Tumi. Chun Tumi stood up to her for Guo Er and was injured on her back. Lady Xu was afraid that Chun Dashan, who loved her daughter, would not take it well, so she had to persuade her mother to leave. Chun Tumi sent Guo Er to ask Scholar Sun for the lawyer’s fee, and Han Wuwei helped out.

Ye Cha broke into the military commissioner’s mansion at night and met Han Wuwei in a narrow passage. After a big fight, Ye Cha escaped.

Chun Dashan returned home and found that Tumi was injured on her back, which made him very angry. He prohibited Lady Xu’s mother from entering the house. The situation did not come to an end when Zhang Wuniang announced that she was pregnant. She accused Chun Dashan of having unclear intentions, and Tumi could not calm down. Han Wuwei’s secret mission was to retrieve the inkstone for the court, and it seemed that Ye Cha and Jin Yi’s mission had also changed. Everything seemed confusing. Chun Dashan took Tumi to Lin Shui Lou to celebrate her release from prison and thank Lady Fang. Han Wuwei and Kang Zhengyuan were also there, waiting to see Tumi again. Unexpectedly, someone was killed at Lin Shui Lou, and everyone present was detained. Tumi then learned that Han Wuwei was her father’s new boss. Her views on the case and her knowledge of the law surprised Han and Kang. They also noticed Tumi’s concern for Lady Fang and wanted to defend her. Chun Dashan did not allow Tumi to appear in court, which made her anxious. On one hand, it was Lady Fang’s life, and on the other hand, it was her reputation. Tumi had to find the clues without delay.

Kang Zhengyuan and Han Wuwei were looking forward to showcasing their talents in the Lin Shui Lou murder case. Chun Tumi discovered that Scholar Sun would be defending the deceased Zhao Laoqi. The Chun family and Lady Fang’s people were united and confident in Chun Tumi. County Magistrate Yuan, known for his fairness and wisdom, presided over the court. Scholar Sun and Chun Tumi fiercely debated and challenged each other, but Chun Tumi remained calm and composed. Zhao Laoqi’s widow, Zhao Wanruo, was like a wooden puppet. Although Chun Tumi sympathized with her, she caught the loopholes in her words. If Zhao Wanruo insisted that Zhao Laoqi was in good health, why did only he die after eating fish soup? Scholar Sun suggested that Lady Fang had a motive to kill Zhao Laoqi because he had insulted her in the past and she had threatened to kill him. Chun Tumi was pressured, but Han Wuwei suddenly pretended to have a stomach ache to buy time for Chun Tumi. The two sides reached a stalemate and the trial was postponed to another day.

Chun Tumi visited Lin Shui Lou at night to look for evidence and met Ye Cha. With Ye Cha’s help, she found an important clue. After Ye Cha left, Han Wuwei helped Chun Tumi to go to Zhao Laoqi’s house and met a key person. However, Chun Tumi did not appreciate Han Wuwei’s help and instead reminded him to respect the law. Han Wuwei investigated the person who appeared at Zhao Laoqi’s house in the middle of the night and also raised doubts about Ye Cha’s identity. However, Chun Tumi and Chun Dashan did not suspect Ye Cha at all. Han Wuwei asked the secret guards to protect Chun Tumi, but she refused. It turned out that Han Wuwei sent someone to protect Chun Tumi, but also had a monitoring purpose. Kang and Han already had suspicions and took action against Ye Cha. However, both of them trusted Chun Tumi very much. When Chun Tumi met Zhao Wanruo, she sympathized with her at first, but gradually discovered several suspicious points about her. At the next trial, Chun Tumi found the key evidence of Zhao Laoqi’s death – food incompatibility, and the person who poisoned him was Zhao Wanruo.

It turns out that Zhao Wanruo used Zhao Laoqi’s greed to try to extort money from Lady Fang and killed Zhao Laoqi. After confessing, Zhao Wanruo wanted to commit suicide, but Chun Tumi continued to uncover the doubts in the case. Han Wuwei brought Fu Gui and Zhang Wuniang to court, and Chun Tumi bluntly stated that Zhang Wuniang was the mastermind behind Zhao Laoqi’s death. Chun Tumi revealed the illicit relationship between Fu Gui and Zhang Wuniang and provoked Zhang Wuniang with words. She also held Fu Gui accountable, but Fu Gui pushed all the blame onto Zhang Wuniang, even willing to let her die twice. Zhang Wuniang, in order to save her child’s life, looked at Fu Gui, who was not worth trusting, and finally confessed that she did everything under Fu Gui’s orders. It turned out that it was all because Fu Gui was jealous of Chun Dashan’s military training ability and his friendship with Lady Fang, and decided to frame Chun Dashan. Chun Tumi’s grandfather returned, and the family finally reunited. Han Wuwei and Kang Zhengyuan appeared and invited her to patrol the prison together. Chun Tumi proposed that if she performed well, she hoped to remove the military status for the Chun family, but her father strongly opposed it.

Grandfather urged for peace, and Chun Dashan agreed to patrol the prison and accompany the troops as a guard. The prime minister took care of Ye Cha, who was suffering from poison, and reminded him of his relationship with the female litigant, seeming to know Ye Cha’s whereabouts like the back of his hand. Han Wuwei and Chun Qingyang mentioned the fact that both of their mothers had passed away. Today was the anniversary of Han Wuwei’s mother’s death. Chun Tumi took out the law book left by her mother to comfort Han Wuwei. A shooting star streaked across the sky, but the two did not see it. Before leaving, the prime minister reminded Ye Cha to complete his mission as soon as possible, and promised that their next meeting would be different. Ye Cha requested to see A Yili before leaving, which surprised the prime minister. He promised to arrange it and asked Ye Cha to focus on his mission while he took care of everything else. Lady Xu attempted to drug Chun Dashan during a banquet to prevent him from patrolling the prison. Chun Dashan was shocked by Lady Xu’s audacity and decided to divorce the selfish woman. Lady Xu begged for mercy, but Chun Dashan had made up his mind. Chun Tumi wanted to leave Bianzhou and made a sky lantern to express her longing and blessings.

The prison escort finally set off, and Han Wuwei brought a gift to Chun Tumi, who refused to accept it. Kang Zhengyuan intervened and persuaded Chun Tumi to accept the gift. Chun Tumi saw Kang Zhengyuan as a role model and trusted him completely. Later, Chun Tumi discovered that the gift was a set of law books, which were too valuable, so she wrote a promissory note. Chun Tumi trusted Kang Zhengyuan completely, but was wary of others. Kang Zhengyuan entrusted Chun Tumi with the responsibility of reviewing the case of the victim of a wrongful conviction. The trial was very exciting and impressed Kang Zhengyuan. Han Wuwei caught Jin Yi, who was acting recklessly, and forced Ye Cha to appear. Ye Cha immediately prepared to rescue Jin Yi. At the next station, the prison escort encountered a victim of a cattle theft case who was crying for justice. Chun Tumi came up with an idea to help.

The victim is a soldier who returned to his hometown after serving in the army. Chun Tumi sympathizes with the cold-hearted soldiers and exposes the true culprit by posting a fake notice. Chun Tumi and her group arrive in Youzhou, where the military commissioner Luo Li generously welcomes them to stay in his villa and invites them to a family banquet, which surprises Chun Tumi. Luo Li’s two daughters want to marry Kang Han and are hostile towards Chun Tumi, mocking her identity as a female litigant and disrespecting Chun Dashan. However, Chun Tumi cleverly retorts to their insults. During this time, the secret vault in Luo Li’s mansion is robbed, but since it is not related to the case, Chun Tumi does not have to participate in the investigation.

Ye Cha rescues Jin Yi, but during a fight with Han Wuwei, he accidentally drops the medicine given to him by the prime minister. Ye Cha is seriously injured and has to hide in the deep mountains to avoid being discovered, losing consciousness. Chun Tumi takes advantage of her free time and goes to play in the mountains, but gets lost and unexpectedly finds the unconscious Ye Cha. Chun Tumi tries her best to comfort and help the almost crazy Ye Cha, but to avoid being discovered, she has to go back to the city to get medicine. Based on various clues, Chun Tumi begins to suspect Ye Cha’s identity.

Chun Tumi prepared the medicine and set off, only to find that Luo Li had sealed off Youzhou City to solve the case. Luo Li felt that Kang and Han was in the way and didn’t hesitate to drug Kang Zhengyuan. After the case was solved, Kang Zhengyuan’s illness would “heal without treatment”. After being guided by Han Wuwei and his team, it was discovered that someone had emptied the secret vault in Luo Li’s mansion through a secret passage, which led to the home of a single doctor. After the truth was revealed, the city was unsealed. However, Single was severely tortured and afraid of being wronged, so Chun Tumi used the case as a retrial case, and the prison guards could participate in the investigation. After this joint effort to deal with Luo Li, Kang Zhengyuan truly regarded Chun Tumi as his own. Han Wuwei had informed the emperor of the situation before and after, waiting for the emperor’s secret decree to support Kang Zhengyuan. Chun Tumi finally had the opportunity to leave the city to find Ye Cha. Ye Cha was particularly weak, and Chun Tumi took care of him carefully. After Ye Cha regained consciousness, he didn’t want to burden Chun Tumi and stubbornly drove her away.

Faced with the silence and seriousness of Ye Cha, Chun Tumi insisted on taking care of him attentively. Under her warm-heartedness, Ye Cha was finally moved and they confided in each other. However, there was always a barrier between them due to Ye Cha’s mysterious identity. Kang Zhengyuan continued to investigate the single case, but Luo Li dug up a single family’s grave without permission and found nothing. The case was at a standstill. Chun Tumi suggested waiting for Luo Li and the thieves to fight each other, waiting for evidence to appear. Now they only needed to re-examine the single case to ensure that there were no wrongful convictions, and then immediately set off for Luoyang to leave this place of right and wrong. It turned out that the emperor’s secret decree was to let them not disturb Luo Li and stay away from Youzhou. Chun Tumi once again approached Ye Cha’s heart, and Ye Cha promised to support her on the day of the trial. The prime minister went to Youzhou to search for Ye Cha in person, and Jin Yi reported everything that happened that day. Luo Li planned to secretly try the single case, but Kang Zhengyuan and Han Wuwei opposed it. Before the trial, the people of Youzhou suddenly praised Luo Li for his love for the people and his plea for the people, and Luo Li could no longer oppress the people with his official power.

During the trial, Chun Tumi presented strong evidence against Luo Li. Luo Li searched for a reason to confiscate the law book that Chun Tumi always carried with her and wanted to torture her. Han Wuwei and Kang Zhengyuan defended Chun Tumi against Luo Li’s shameless threats. Chun Tumi stood up to him and won. Han Wuwei discovered the trace of Ye Cha, and the prime minister appeared to save him. A Yili also appeared and stole Han Wuwei’s money bag. Ye Cha tried to find Chun Tumi and they agreed to celebrate the Qiqiao Festival together. Ye Cha began to suspect that the prime minister had a secret plan. Kang Zhengyuan and Han Wuwei were worried about Luo Li’s revenge and prepared to leave Youzhou. A mysterious assassin tried to kill Chun Tumi, but Ye Cha saved her. Chun Tumi was poisoned, and Ye Cha took her to the contact point in Youzhou and ordered Jin Yi to detoxify her. Jin Yi noticed Ye Cha’s feelings for Chun Tumi and worried about his identity being exposed. Chun Tumi was still frightened and worried that she would cause trouble for Ye Cha, but he comforted her. Meanwhile, Kang Zhengyuan and Han Wuwei were frantic about Chun Tumi’s disappearance after the assassination attempt.

After Ye Cha returned Tumi, Han Kang questioned his true intentions. Jin Yi advised Ye Cha to leave Tumi, as Ju Zi had previously shown no mercy towards things Ye Cha liked. Leaving would be best for everyone, but Ye Cha was determined to protect Tumi this time. Tumi still snuck out to meet Ye Cha for the Qiqiao Festival. At this time, Prime Minister, Han Wuwei, and A Yili all arrived at the festival. A Yili was caught by Han Wuwei while trying to avoid the Prime Minister. Suddenly, the Prime Minister appeared by Ye Cha and Tumi’s side, causing Ye Cha to feel like he was facing a great enemy.

On the other side, unexpected events occurred for Chun Dashan. His grandfather, Chun Qingyang, rushed to Youzhou to inform him that Lady Xu was pregnant and that they would use the excuse of abandoning her to accuse Chun Dashan of neglect. The Chun family had to go to Laishui to solve Lady Xu’s problem before returning to the team. Han Wuwei suspected that A Yili was up to something and decided to keep her by his side. Finally, everyone left Youzhou, the land of right and wrong.

Han Wuwei needs time to deal with the complicated matters of Mo Wu Ge, and will go to Luoyang together with the Chun family after they return. Ye Cha secretly escorts Chun Tumi to Lai Shui, where the maid Xiao Qin is waiting at the inn. Although usually selfish, Xiao Qin seems hesitant and has something to hide. A Yili tries to escape but is subdued by Han Wuwei, who searches for clues on her.

After arriving at the Xu residence, the Chun family learns that Lady Xu’s mother is in big trouble and her attitude towards them remains harsh. The Fan family causes trouble, accusing Lady Xu’s father, Master Fan, of disappearing and implicating Lady Xu. The Xu family is anxious and Lady Xu hopes that Chun Tumi can help them solve the problem.

Chun Tumi accidentally learns about Master Fan’s infidelity and suspects that there is more to the situation. Xiao Qin asks for Chun Tumi’s protection because she also had a relationship with Master Fan. Lady Xu asks Chun Tumi to use Han Kang’s power to pressure the Fan family. In order to protect the Chun family at a critical moment, Chun Tumi accepts the Xu family’s request.

Lady Xu’s mother was worried about Lady Xu’s happiness and hoped that the Chun family would take her away. Chun Tumi comforted Lady Xu’s mother and there was hope for a successful outcome. A Yili regained her strength under Han Wuwei’s provocation. The prime minister used a letter from Ju Zi to persuade Ye Cha to focus on finding the inkstone and completing the mission. Lady Xu’s mother was taken to prison for trial, but Chun Tumi found evidence by the haunted lake and Ye Cha helped her find the loyal servant who had disappeared, who gave important testimony. Lady Xu’s original lawyer lost the case in court, but Chun Tumi took charge and although the evidence was not sufficient and the loyal servant suddenly turned against them, she was able to delay the trial. Later, she will tell Kang Zhengyuan everything and he wishes her all the best.

Ye Cha helps Chun Tumi investigate the case, and the two work together well. They hope to become real partners in solving cases someday. Jin Yi discovers A Yili’s whereabouts and sets a fire to distract others. A Yili and Han Wuwei bet on whether the person they found is here to save her or kill her. As expected, someone comes to kill A Yili, and Han Wuwei decides to take her away and protect her. The prime minister instructs Jin Yi not to tell Ye Cha about A Yili’s whereabouts to avoid distracting him, but Jin Yi hesitates. During the trial, when things come to a standstill, Ye Cha brings Master Fan, who was thought to be dead, to the court. It turns out that Master Fan faked his death to cheat the Xu family out of money and get rid of them forever. He even wanted Lady Xu’s life, and she gets angry and fights with him. Chun Dashan is unhappy with the closeness between Chun Tumi and Ye Cha, but Ye Cha explains the situation and says everything is for the sake of protecting Chun Tumi. This slightly moves Chun Dashan. The lawyer from the Fan family tries to take Chun Tumi to see the Fan couple in prison, but she refuses to associate with a lawyer who distorts the truth.

Master Fan married into the Xu family, and Lady Xu was not his biological daughter. Lady Xu was forced to accept Master Fan’s shameless demands due to a scandal. Chun Tumi discovered their transaction and exposed the corruption in Laishui County to Lord Kang Zhengyuan, who praised her for her rapid progress. Ye Cha and Chun Tumi said goodbye and agreed to meet again after completing their missions. Chun Tumi finally clarified the corruption in Laishui, and Lord Kang Zhengyuan told her that the Chun family’s removal from the registry was being processed. They set off for Luoyang. Jin Yi still told Ye Cha about A Yili’s whereabouts, and Ye Cha immediately set off to find his sister. Han Wuwei had already left with A Yili. On the way, they encountered the White Day Ghost, who wanted to kill A Yili. Han Wuwei was injured and unconscious while trying to save A Yili. A Yili took care of him and nursed him back to health. Han Wuwei was surprised and moved, and their relationship became closer. The Chun family successfully removed their name from the registry and decided to settle in Luoyang. Han Wuwei also brought A Yili to the Luoyang mansion, but they had secrets that they couldn’t reveal, causing a rift between them.

Chun Tumi was preparing to buy a house when she encountered someone who had hanged themselves. The couple selling the house were terrified, but fortunately, Chun Tumi helped them and used the law to help the innocent person. The Chun family decided to buy the house and settle there.

Kang Zhengyuan and Han Wuwei had some differences in dealing with Mo Wu Ge and finding the inkstone. Han Wuwei wanted to get more information about Ye Cha from Chun Tumi, but she firmly trusted that Ye Cha had something to hide. Ye Cha and Chun Tumi met again, but it seemed like a farewell before parting ways, and Ye Cha left again.

A Yili pretended to marry Han Wuwei to attract the people from Mo Wu Ge, and the prime minister looked gloomy and refused to let Ye Cha participate in the action.

Chun Tumi found it suspicious when Han Wuwei suddenly wanted to get married and, after thinking about it, she found Ye Cha and forced him to tell her what he was planning. Ye Cha confessed that he wanted to save his sister, and Chun Tumi had no choice but to let him go.

Han Wuwei protected A Yili and fought against Bai Rigui, creating a bloody path. Ye Cha appeared and joined forces with Han Wuwei to drive away Bai Rigui. A Yili finally revealed the truth that Ju Zi had been killed by the prime minister’s conspiracy. Ye Cha was determined to avenge his father and clashed with the Han family. A Yili convinced Ye Cha to team up with Han Wuwei for revenge, while Chun Tumi pleaded with Ye Cha not to act recklessly. Jin Yi sacrificed himself to save Ye Cha. Ye Cha finally defeated the prime minister and handed him over to Han Wuwei. Ye Cha’s medicine caused him to go insane again, but Chun Tumi’s love brought him back to sanity. Han Wuwei also comforted A Yili. The siblings found Ju Zi’s remains and let him rest in peace. They gave his ashes to Master Yuanxuan, who seemed to have some unsettling words about future crises.

The interrogation of Ye Cha and the prime minister is about to begin. Chun Tumi, Han Wuwei, and A Yili are all planning for a better future. The emperor secretly orders Han Wuwei to interrogate the prime minister. Kang Zhengyuan is confused and angry, but Han Wuwei tells him that the emperor’s original target was Mo Wu Ge and that Ye Cha’s life will definitely be taken. Kang Zhengyuan hesitates to sign the arrest warrant for Ye Cha.

Chun Tumi discovers that the jade pendant belonging to A Yili is Lord Xian’s seal. Ye Cha could easily escape with the pendant, but he insists on the truth. It turns out that Ju Zi is the deposed crown prince and established Mo Wu Ge with the ambition to regain the throne. He is a great threat to the emperor and everything is because of this. Ye Cha chooses to stay for Chun Tumi. In order to protect her loved one, Chun Tumi is willing to become Ye Cha’s lawyer in the name of the law and defend Ye Cha and A Yili’s righteous identity. Han Wuwei admires Chun Tumi’s courage and decides to see how far the two can go. Chun Tumi and Ye Cha smile at each other and hold hands tightly.


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