2024 Chinese Drama List

This is the feeling of a youthful school atmosphere! It truly makes one's heart flutter.

2023-08-13 16:47:07

I can't help but praise "You Are Desire" It's really easy to understand and has a strong youthful campus atmosphere! It makes people feel the rich campus atmosphere and the charm of youth~~ Whether it's the visuals, dialogue, or the characters' emotions and the details of the actors' performances, it enhances the freshness of the drama! The scene where they meet in the rain is truly heartwarming!

Zhou Yiran's performance in "You Are Desire" is even more handsome! I didn't expect him to be so suitable for playing the tough and handsome school "bully". I found his acting skills are really good, especially in capturing subtle expressions, always leaving a deep impression.

In "You Are Desire" the character played by Zhuang Dafei, Lin Yujing, is truly heartwrenching. She comes from a suffocating traditional family, always being arranged by her parents to do various things. This background has filled Lin Yujing's heart with emotional suppression, and Zhuang Dafei, through exquisite acting, portrays this feeling of suffocation perfectly.

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