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Shooting Stars – Li Xian, Ren Min

Shooting Stars is a modern revolutionary drama directed by Wan Liyang, starring Li Xian, Ren Min, Zhou You, and Wang Zixuan.

The series tells the story of Hua Zhen, a military academy student who assumes a false identity and joins forces with rookie policewoman Luo Minmin, police captain Chen Hao, and Public Supervisory Inspector Shi Junyu, among others. Despite their diverse backgrounds, these young individuals are swept up in the torrent of their times, holding firm to their beliefs and shouldering their missions.


Shooting Stars

English Title: Shooting Stars
Chinese Title: 群星闪耀时
Genre: War, Suspense, Drama
Episodes: 34
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Wan Li Yang
Writer: Pu Wei, Huang Chen
Product Company: MGTV
Released Date: 2024-04-15
Broadcast Website: MGTV



During the war, Shao Yi, who came from a family of senior Kuomintang officials, was about to join the navy and realise his dream of becoming a ship's captain.

But an unexpected trip to Shanghai changed Shao Yi's life forever.

He changes his name to Xia Jicheng and becomes a junior police officer in a rundown police station.

It is here that Xia Jicheng meets two of the most important people in his life - the Communist Party members Chen Hao and Luo Minmin, who help Xia Jicheng find meaning in his life.

Under the influence of Chen Hao and Luo Minmin, Xia Jicheng becomes a firm believer in communism and eventually becomes an outstanding soldier on the covert front of our Party, fulfilling his pursuit of ideals and beliefs.


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