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The Rise of Ning – Zhang Wanyi, Ren Min

The Rise of Ning is a historical romantic drama directed by Mai Guanzhi, led by Ren Min and Zhang Wanyi, co-starring Nine.

The drama is based on Wen Tan's novel "Shou Fu Yang Cheng Shou Ce / 首辅养成手册".


The Rise of Ning

English Title: The Rise of Ning
Chinese Title: 锦绣安宁, 长街长
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 40
Duration: -
Director: Mai Guanzhi
Writer: Mo Yanshang,, Qiu Ting, Zhu Qi
Product Company: HUACE
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: WeTV



Luo Yining, a daughter of the Luo family who grew up in a separate mansion, was never bound by strict rules and customs. She couldn't bear to see the bullying faced by "Third Brother" Luo Shenyuan and extended her help multiple times. Gradually, she discovered that Luo Shenyuan, despite appearing down and out, was actually talented in both literature and martial arts.

Having suffered from emotional pain, Luo Yining no longer wanted to be confined to the mansion or controlled by others. She aspired to break free from old norms and use her own strengths to open a shop and become independent.

In the dire circumstances of the Luo family, Luo Shenyuan, who had been seeking the truth behind his mentor's false accusation, tragically passed away. He had always been on the quest for justice.

Grateful for the warmth that Luo Yining brought to his life, Luo Shenyuan wholeheartedly supported her when she faced difficulties in her business venture. Luo Yining also gradually understood the significance of the mentor to Luo Shenyuan. As their relationship deepened, love blossomed between them.

With Luo Shenyuan's help, Luo Yining not only brought the culprit who harmed her birth mother to justice but also managed her shop with great efficiency. Encouraged by Yining, Luo Shenyuan participated in the imperial examinations and emerged as the top scholar, uncovering the truth behind the past injustice.

In the end, the two successfully cleared their mentor's name, brought the mastermind to justice, and embarked on a worry-free and peaceful life together.


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