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Lost You Forever Season 2 – Yang Zi, Zhang Wanyi, Deng Wei, Tan Jianci

Lost You Forever Season 2 is a historica romance drama directed by Qin Zhen and Yang Huan, starring Yang Zi, Zhang Wanyi, Deng Wei, and Tan Jianci.

The series is adapted from the novel of the same name by Tong Hua. It tells the story of Wen Xiaoliu, who accidentally saves the Young Master of Qingqiu, Tushan Jing. As they spend time together, feelings gradually develop between them. Wen Xiaoliu and Xiang Liu meet without recognizing each other, and after several twists and turns, they finally reunite and restore her identity as a princess.


Lost You Forever Season 2

English Title: Lost You Forever Season 2
Chinese Title: 长相思 第二季
Genre: Romance, Historical, Fantasy
Tag: Xuanhuan, Reverse-Harem, Sad Romance, Martial Arts, Adapted From A Novel
Episodes: 21
Duration: -
Director: Qin Zhen, Yang Huan
Released Date: 2024-07-08
Broadcast Website: WeTV



In the vast wilderness, humans, gods, and demons coexist, and the three kingdoms of Xiyan, Chenrong, and Haoling stand in a tripartite balance. The princess of Haoling, Jiuyao (Xiao Yao), who wandered the wilderness, endured a century of hardship, losing both her identity and appearance. She settled in Qingshui Town, becoming the drifter Wen Xiaoliu, who had "nowhere to go, no one to rely on, and no strength to protect herself."

Cang Xuan, the childhood friend of Xiao Yao, once went to the kingdom of Haoling as a hostage. Despite living under someone else's roof and enduring in secrecy, he traversed the wilderness to find Xiao Yao, eventually arriving in Qingshui Town.

Life in Qingshui Town was calm and warm. Wen Xiaoliu (formerly Xiao Yao) unexpectedly saved the critically ill young master Tushan Jing of the Qingqiu clan, and their bond grew as they spent their days together.

Xiaoliu also formed a deep friendship with Xiangliu, a nine-headed demon, despite their initial unfamiliarity. Xiaoliu and Cang Xuan met each other without recognition, undergoing many trials before finally acknowledging their true identities and restoring Xiao Yao's identity.

To unify the world, Cang Xuan chose duty over personal feelings for the throne. Xiangliu died defending righteousness, and after Xiao Yao helped Xiang Xuan achieve his great ambitions, she withdrew with Tushan Jing to live a secluded life. Cang Xuan, unable to be with Xiao Yao, devoted all his energy to governing the country, knowing that as long as the world was at peace, his Xiao Yao could live happily and safely.


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