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Zhang Zimu (张籽沐) Profile

Zhang Zimu

Zhang Zimu(张籽沐) was born on January 6, 2008, in Liu’an, Anhui, China, is a Chinese actress.

Her main works include Ice Fantasy, Shuttle Love Millennium, My Unimaginable 17, etc.

Basic Info

Zhang Zimu

Stage Name: Zhang Zimu
Chinese Name: Zhang Zi Mu / 张籽沐
English Name: Annabel
Nickname: Tang Tang, Tang Mei
Place of Birth: Liu'an, Anhui
Nationality: China
Birthday: January 06, 2008
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: O
Fandom Name: Bang Bang Tang / 棒棒糖
Weibo: 张籽沐



  • The Coffin Painter(Xiao Qi)(2021)
  • The Monkey King 3(Xiao Ling Tong)(2018)
  • Mountain Cry(Hong Xia)(2016)
  • The Monkey King 2(Shopkeeper's daughter)(2016)
  • Devil and Angel(Cha Xiao Dao)(2015)
  • Tiny Times 4(Gu Li)(2015)
  • Rise of the Legend(Orchid)(2014)
  • The Deathday Party(Wang Si Si)(2014)
  • Unexpected Love(Yu Zuo Zuo's daughter)(2014)
  • Tiny Times 2(Gu Li)(2013)
  • American Dreams in China(Liang Qin)(2013)
  • The Assassins(Ling Ju / Diaochan)(2012)
  • The Great Magician(young girl)(2011)
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