XNINE – Fights Break Sphere (斗破苍穹)

Name: Fights Break Sphere (斗破苍穹)
Singer: X NINE – Xiao Zhan, Wu Jiacheng, Peng Chuyue, Gu Jiacheng
Genre: POP
Language: Chinese
Released Date: 2018-08-30
Type: Sound Track
Lyricist: Chen Xi
Composer: Cheng Xi, Dong Dongdong
Arranger: Xue Feng
Instruction: The first season of the fantasy inspirational drama “Fights Break Sphere”, starring Wu Lei and Lin Yun, will be broadcast on Hunan TV and Tencent Video on September 3rd. The ending song “Fights Break Sphere” is sung by Xiao Zhan, Wu Jiacheng, Peng Chuyue, and Gu Jiacheng of the X Nine, with lyrics by Chen Xi and music by Chen Xi and Dong Dongdong.

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