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Zhao Lusi, Xu Kaicheng’s New Drama Is Hit, But The Douban Rating Is Only 4.3

Zhao Lusi Xu Kaicheng

A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College starring Zhao Lusi, Xu Kaicheng is airing. Because Zhao Lusi played the lead of the drama, this drama has become a big hit, the current view count has broken a hundred million times.


However, this drama is popular, but the reputation is not good. The uninspired plot. The acting skills of the main leads and the plot, have been criticized by many viewers. At present, the drama only gets 4.3 in the Douban rating, which is a relatively lower rating for Zhao Lusi’s works.

Douban Rating

The audience’s criticism of this drama is mainly focused on the following points:

1. The storyline isn’t attract

If the unexpected setting of “The Romance of Tiger and Rose” makes the audience feel new and interesting, “A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College” is a kind of embarrassing drama in which the scriptwriter tries hard to make the audience get the punch line.

For example, the heroine creates a variety of opportunities to send the purse to the hero. The few shots did not find any contrast, the character’s reaction is not captured, not cute, not fun, it is just like completing a normal task. After that, all the plot is in the audience’s expectations without surprise.

2. Zhao Lusi’s roles personality are fixed

A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 1

The characters that Zhao Lusi has played since her debut are all cute and lively, which is no longer fresh for the audience. Zhao Lusi played the character of Sang Qi, whose personality is somewhat similar to Chen Qianqian. And in this drama, many audiences feel that Zhao Lusi’s acting skills have regressed.

3. Production is not attentive

Sang Qi and the lady bet, if she can’t send the purse to the hero, she will dance in public which is farfetched. The heroine has no need to bet with the lady, and the task to send the hero purse, the motive is not strong enough.

A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College Scenes

In addition, the fall into the water scene, even appeared many modern costume characters, the crew’s inattentiveness was exposed, it is no wonder that the quality of the play did not meet the expectations of the audience.

Also, when they were at a friend’s house, it was snowing heavily. But when they leave, the floor can’t find any snow.

At present, the drama has already released 12 episodes, and the Douban rating is 4.3, and it can be expected that the drama will not score high. For Zhao Lusi, many viewers expressed their hope that she can come out of her comfort zone to challenge herself.

What do you think about the low rating of Zhao Lusi, Xu Kaicheng’s New Drama?

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  1. ellos como actores me encantan y si es cierto es la historia le falta mas chispa… pero igual la estoy viendo de todos los dramas chinos en estreno aun a pesar de todo me gusta y no me la pierdo ya pienso yo… le falto a los guionistas y al director poner su granito de arena para mejorar el drama pero ya esta igual continuare viendo ellos como actores me encantan asi bye saludos desde PERU