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Xu Kaicheng Apologies to Crystal Zhang Tian’ai and Gulnazar

Xu Kaicheng

On August 25, 2022, Crystal Zhang Tian’ai released a recording of her boyfriend Xu Kaicheng cheating on her.


2 hours later, Xu Kaicheng released a formal response, issuing a long apology to Zhang Tian’ai, “Due to my personal reasons, Tian’ai suffered a lot of aggression and hurt in this relationship, I feel very sorry, I also blame myself for not being able to protect Tian Ai in this relationship!”

Xu Kaicheng said that during his relationship with Zhang Tian’ai, he truly loved and never regretted it: “I did not take your feelings into account well when we broke up, which caused misunderstandings in your heart and hurt your emotions.”

xu kaicheng

Xu Kaicheng detailed the timeline of their relationship:

On December 16 last year, Crystal Zhang Tian’ai broke up with him, and he made the “mistake” after the breakup which is referred to in the recording.

On December 24 last year, they made it up again, but because he was “tormented” inside, he asked for a breakup with Zhang Tian’ai on January 16 this year.

On January 18 this year, he confessed everything to Zhang Tian’ai, that is, the conversation in the recording, and the next day they were back together.

In May this year, Zhang Tian’ai again proposed a breakup, but they still kept in touch until July 10, when Xu Kaicheng officially proposed a breakup, bringing the relationship to an end.

At the end of the long article, Xu Kaicheng also apologized to the affected Gulnazar, “Because of me, she suffered a lot of unnecessary harm in this matter, I’m sorry! It was my failure to deal with my last relationship that caused her to be innocently rumored.”

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