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The Romance of Tiger and Rose – Zhao Lusi, Ding Yuxi

The Romance of Tiger and Rose is an costume sweet comedy co-produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and Orange Image, directed by Zha Chuanyi, starring Zhao Lusi and Ding Yuxi, co-starring Sheng Yinghao, Zhou Zixin, Zhao Xin, Quan Peilun, and Chen Minghao.

The drama tells the story of Chen Qianqian of Hua Yuan City and Han Shuo of Xuan Hu City. They go from confrontation to work together, resolving the conflict between the two cities’ gender perceptions. They finally realize the true meaning of love.


The Romance of Tiger and Rose

English Title: The Romance of Tiger and Rose
Chinese Title: 传闻中的陈芊芊/Chuan Wen Zhong De Chen Qian Qian
Genre: Costume, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Cha Chuanyi
Writer: Nan Zhen
Producer: Qi Shuai, Qian Rui, Sun Jing, Cheng Li
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Orange Image
Broadcasting Website: TENCENT VIDEO
Released Date: May 18, 2020


Zhao Lusi Zhao Lusi as Chen Xiaoqian / Chen Qianqian
Ding Yuxi Ding Yuxi as Han Shuo
Sheng Yinghao Sheng Yinghao as Pei Heng
Zhou Zixin Zhou Zixin as Chen Chuchu
Zhao Xin Zhao Xin as Chen Yuanyuan
Quan Peilun Quan Peilun as Su Mu
Chen Minghao Chen Minghao as Su Ziying


Chen Xiaoqian is a screenwriter who is always single since her birth. She has worked hard and finished writing a costume drama. The drama should have started shooting smoothly, but it collapsed. Because the actor Han Mingxing questioned too much about the script’s emotional scenes.

She can’t keep in her indignation, swear to prove her ability, but she entered the world of her script accidentally. becoming the third princess of Hua Yuan City, who is exalted but with a bad reputation.

She should be a female supporting role in the drama, who can’t survive more than three episodes. But in order to survive, she opens a new scriptwriter, reverses her ridiculous life, and finally learns to love and grows up with Han Shuo, the young lord of Xuan Wu city, and Pei Heng, the superstar of Hua Yuan City, who has a perfect persona and appearance.

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