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Zhao Qing
Zhao Qing dramas, movies, and TV shows list contains the best TV series, films of Zhao Qing and the ongoing and upcoming shows. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest tv shows of Zhao Qing.

Zhao Qing Dramas List

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  • Subtle Fragrance Floating


    Historical, Romance, Drama
    Zhou Ye, Wang Xingyue
    The intern editor was given the task of revising the comic. After working overtime until midnight, She drifted off to sleep. After Xia Fan wakes up, she is surprised to find that she has become Hua Qian, the villainous role in the comic. Not only does she have a traitor minister father and a foppish brother, but the original role has already done all the bad things in the past. So she has to fight with everyone and reshape this character, however, because Hua Qian suddenly changes and becomes righteous and kind. It surprisingly causes a series of butterfly effects, so the plot of the comic completely deviated from the story ......
  • The Princess New Clothes


    Romance, Fantasy, Drama
    Zhao Qing, Li Zhuoyang
    Princess Long Mengli of the Bei Liang Kingdom was sentenced to death after being betrayed by her childhood sweetheart. Through a fortunate twist of fate, she found herself in modern society as an unemployed young woman. Upon discovering that she must fulfill the original host's wish of becoming a fashion designer to restart her new life, Long Mengli embarked on a journey of complete counterattack. In the process, she truly fell in love with this profession, freeing herself from the pain brought by past emotions. Bravely, she joined hands with Bai Yu, who had silently accompanied and protected her, and the two of them walked together on this path.
  • Only Love You


    Historical, Fantasy, Romance
    Peng Chuyue, Zhao Qing
    Jin Se, the Holy Maiden of the Fox Clan, falls in love with the cold-faced General Gu Yunshen, breaking through societal boundaries to become a couple. They meet and get to know each other in their youth but separate due to misunderstandings. Later, when Jin Se infiltrates the palace as part of a revenge plan to protect the Fox Clan, she once again encounters Gu Yunshen...
  • Gone with the Rain


    Historical, Romance
    Zhang Nan, Wang Yuwen, Sun Yizhou
    In the early years of the Jing Kingdom's Anping era, when the young emperor was on the throne, the Marquis of Mingde, Zhong Yuqi, and the Prime Minister, Wu Lang, provoked the governors of various states to rebellion, causing warfare and unrest among the people. In the capital city of Jingzhou, Mo Xi, the niece of official Bai Wentai, and Feng Yao, her daughter are accidentally caught in the conflict...
  • Hi Producer


    Guo Xiaodong, Zhang Nan, Li Xiaoran
    It tells the story of a variety show team centered around Yu Zaizao, a literary and artistic director, and Tao Tang, a young cultural heritage expert. Together, they collaborate to launch a cultural television program aimed at showcasing the beauty of Chinese civilization.
  • Don't Mess With EX-Girlfriend


    Romance, Drama
    Zhao Qing, Anson Chen
    Jewelry designer An Duoduo discovers that her fiance, Qin Lang, is cheating on her with Li Weiwei when she is preparing for the wedding. However, the wedding is not canceled, Qin Lang gets married to Li Weiwei. An Duoduo hires a man to be the groom to mess up Qin Lang and Li Weiwei's wedding. The man turns out to be Qin Qi, the master of the Qin family ...... Qin Qi helps An Duoduo to get out of trouble, but their fake marriage is soon discovered by Li Weiwei, and An Duoduo is once again in crisis. Don't mess with the ex-girlfriend. A "fight" is about to start......
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