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Only Love You – Peng Chuyue, Zhao Qing

Only Love You is a historical fantasy romantic drama directed by Chen Yi, starring Peng Chuyue, Zhao Qing, and Pu Pu.


Only Love You

English Title: Only Love You
Chinese Title: 浮世三千
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Tag: General Male Lead, Lovers Reunited, Revenge
Episodes: 24
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Chen Yi
Writer: Zheng Wutang
Released Date: 2023-07-07
Broadcast Website: YoYo Fun Station, YoYo English Channel, 腾讯视频



Jin Se, the Holy Maiden of the Fox Clan, falls in love with the cold-faced General Gu Yunshen, breaking through societal boundaries to become a couple.

They meet and get to know each other in their youth but separate due to misunderstandings. Later, when Jin Se infiltrates the palace as part of a revenge plan to protect the Fox Clan, she once again encounters Gu Yunshen...


Gu Yunshen once again defeated the northern enemy and returned to the court in triumph. The Emperor specially held a celebration banquet for him. However, Gu Yunshen didn't like such a lively scene with singing and dancing. He actually fell asleep during the feast. In his dream, he returned to the battlefield where flames raged. With the Seven Star Sword in his hand, he slew countless enemies. Enemy leaders fell dead or injured before him, and their blood stained the snowy ground. But he also saw the scene where Jin Se heartlessly broke up with him.

Five years ago, Jin Se told him that she wanted to marry a man with power and status, while he, Gu Yunshen, only earned fame by fighting in wars. Unable to wait any longer, Gu Yunshen was shocked to hear this and believed he had misjudged her. He immediately announced the end of their relationship. At that moment, the Emperor ordered a maid to serve wine to Gu Yunshen. Startled, Gu Yunshen suddenly saw a fierce light in the maid's eyes and swiftly killed her with his sword. As a result, Teacher Pei loudly denounced Gu Yunshen, saying he should not have wantonly killed an innocent person in the court.

Just then, the fallen maid suddenly disappeared, and everyone realized that an evil spirit had infiltrated the palace. Now that the evil spirit had been eliminated, the Emperor commanded the dance performance to continue for Gu Yunshen. A graceful and charming dancer appeared at the table, and Gu Yunshen looked closely—it was Jin Se, whom he had been separated from for five years. Gu Yunshen stared at Jin Se intently, and Jin Se also clearly recognized him. However, she calmly danced for everyone. After the dance, she respectfully withdrew. Gu Yunshen hurriedly followed her and stopped her, but Jin Se solemnly told him that she had already married someone. Her husband was Su Lilang, a musician in the academy.

Ten years ago, Gu Yunshen was still a young boy. One day, he was being chased by criminals when Jin Se stepped in to save him. Now, Gu Yunshen watched as Jin Se walked hand in hand with Su Lilang, filled with sorrow in his heart. Gu Yunshen drank alone, venting his emotions. For five years, amidst his battles and killings, he never gave up on searching for Jin Se. However, he didn't expect that she had already married someone else. Inside the academy, Jin Se and Su Lilang were talking. Jin Se didn't anticipate encountering Gu Yunshen here. His presence disrupted their plans, but Jin Se advised Su Lilang not to worry and to wait for another opportunity.

Suddenly, Gu Yunshen arrived, and Su Lilang questioned why he came here in the middle of the night. Gu Yunshen counter-questioned them about their secret plot. Jin Se tried to cover up, saying they were discussing the performance for the next day. Gu Yunshen refused to believe it and approached, intending to forcibly take Jin Se away. Su Lilang hastily intervened and casually scattered the Nine Heavenly Thunder Talismans. Jin Se immediately revealed her true form as a fox spirit. Su Lilang reprimanded Gu Yunshen for resorting to such despicable means, knowing that fox spirits feared the Thunder Talismans.

Gu Yunshen took Jin Se away and brought her to seek treatment for her injuries. Midway, Jin Se woke up and told Gu Yunshen that she had a purpose for coming to the capital. Five years ago, the Royal Tutor suddenly attacked the fox clan and captured Jin Se's fellow clan members. As the Fox Clan's saintess, she had come to the capital to rescue her people. She pleaded with Gu Yunshen to let her go. Gu Yunshen thought she was making excuses and forcefully moved in to kiss Jin Se, only to have Jin Se bite his lip.

While the two were struggling inside the carriage, they suddenly heard the voice of the Deputy General. It turned out they had encountered Princess Yongning. Gu Yunshen got off the carriage and greeted the princess. Princess Yongning had always liked Gu Yunshen, so she was naturally delighted to have this chance encounter. She mentioned that her carriage had broken down and it would be convenient for her to ride back to the capital with Gu Yunshen. However, Gu Yunshen did not agree and instead asked the Deputy General to escort the princess back. The princess, angry, insisted on boarding the carriage to inspect. Taking advantage of this, Jin Se came out and claimed that she had been separated from her husband and was rescued by General Gu. The princess ordered her men to send Jin Se back, but she insisted on riding back with Gu Yunshen. However, Gu Yunshen himself rode off on his horse.

Teacher Pei captured many foxes to refine a demon elixir. However, ordinary foxes did not have enough medicinal power, so he needed to capture the Nine-Tailed Fox. He cast a spell and released various evil spirits, commanding them to find the Nine-Tailed Fox. Jin Se returned to the academy, where Su Lilang was anxiously waiting for her. At the same time, the evil spirits searching for the Nine-Tailed Fox also arrived at the academy. The two urgently used their magic to repel the evil spirits. But if this continued, the Royal Tutor would soon discover their presence. Jin Se came up with a plan—they needed to retrieve her Seven Star Sword in order to protect themselves.

Inside the Gu residence, Gu Yunshen was tending to his wounds. He remembered the words Jin Se had said in the carriage. Jin Se sneaked in and reached out to take the Seven Star Sword, but Gu Yunshen grabbed her hand. Gu Yunshen recalled the incident from years ago when Jin Se used her invisibility technique to steal wine and he caught her in the act. It was the first time Gu Yunshen learned that Jin Se was a Nine-Tailed Fox. However, he declared that regardless of whether she was human or a fox, he would be with her for a lifetime and never part from her.

Gu Yunshen grabbed Jin Se and approached her, telling her that her invisibility technique didn't work on him, and she knew that. Jin Se tried to ease the tension by touching Gu Yunshen's face with her hand. Gu Yunshen pulled her closer and sarcastically remarked on her promiscuous behavior now that she was married. As they struggled, Jin Se noticed Gu Yunshen's wound and hurriedly asked how he got injured. Gu Yunshen nonchalantly covered the wound with his clothes and told her that after years of countless battles, his body was already covered in scars, so how would he know where this particular wound came from? "I only wanted to achieve fame and return to marry you, but I didn't expect things to turn out like this," he said softly. Jin Se didn't want to listen to him and turned away, leaving the Gu residence.

It was Princess Yongning's birthday, and Pei Ya was already prepared with many gold and silver jewelry and rare antiques for the princess. However, Princess Yongning didn't like any of them. Just then, Gu Yunshen arrived with the Deputy General to offer birthday wishes. It was said that the jade bracelet they brought was selected by the Deputy General, and Princess Yongning immediately showed her displeasure. Pei Ya had arranged song and dance performances for Princess Yongning, and Jin Se, dressed enchantingly, came in to perform. Seeing Gu Yunshen staring at Jin Se intently, Princess Yongning became very angry.

Jin Se accidentally broke the wine flask on the table, and Princess Yongning became furious, preparing to punish Jin Se. Su Lilang hurriedly informed the princess that Jin Se had been having nightmares recently and couldn't sleep well at night, which affected her daytime performance. However, Princess Yongning insisted that Jin Se should finish the dance right there. Su Lilang was worried that dancing barefoot like this would cause injury to Jin Se and thought it was inappropriate. Gu Yunshen also worried about Jin Se.

Princess Yongning insisted on her order for Jin Se to dance barefoot, and Jin Se calmly agreed, gracefully dancing amidst the broken porcelain shards on the floor. Gu Yunshen had no interest in watching Jin Se's dance. Seeing that she was about to step on the shards of a wine glass, Gu Yunshen quickly approached and lifted Jin Se into his arms, carrying her out directly, much to everyone's surprise. Su Lilang and Pei Ya hurriedly followed them outside. Gu Yunshen placed Jin Se back on the bed, but she didn't want him to be so close to her. Gu Yunshen said that he understood she wanted her Seven Star Sword back, just as she wanted to reclaim the love she had given him.

Su Lilang and Pei Ya caught up with them. Su Lilang criticized Gu Yunshen for carrying another man's wife into a bedroom in broad daylight. Gu Yunshen replied that since they wanted his help to drive away the evil spirits, he needed to inspect their residence, and his sword was always with him. Therefore, he would stay there to protect Jin Se. Su Lilang suggested he stay in the guest room, but Gu Yunshen insisted on staying wherever Jin Se was.

Pei Ya had long coveted Jin Se's beauty and also wanted to take this opportunity to stay there. Gu Yunshen pointed his sword at him without hesitation and cryptically remarked that when dealing with evil spirits, swords had no eyes and might accidentally harm someone important. Pei Ya reluctantly ran to report the incident to Teacher Pei. Teacher Pei realized that a mere dancer had caught Gu Yunshen's attention and was troubled by evil spirits. This matter was not simple; it might be related to the Nine-Tailed Fox. He asked Pei Ya to do something for him.

Gu Yunshen moved into Jin Se and Su Lilang's house, and the two of them engaged in constant arguments even during meals, to the point that they even broke the table. At night, Gu Yunshen wanted to sleep together with the Jin Se and Su Lilang as a couple. Su Lilang asked him to have some self-respect, but Gu Yunshen stated that they currently relied on him and he needed to protect Madame Su closely. Jin Se asked him if this was protection or revenge against her. Su Lilang felt that Gu Yunshen was going too far in his deceit. Gu Yunshen said that when they shared a bed together, Su Lilang didn't know where he was playing with his tail on some mountain. Seeing that neither of them was willing to back down, Jin Se became so angry that she ran out on her own.

Gu Yunshen sat outside the door, holding his sword, and recalled their past. Jin Se took out the token they had exchanged years ago. She didn't expect that after five years, they would still be entangled with each other. Back then, Jin Se spoke those heartless words to Gu Yunshen, but she actually had her reasons. She had to make a choice between Gu Yunshen and her clan. In this lifetime, she only wished for Gu Yunshen's safety and happiness.

At that time, Su Lilang had asked her if she would regret it, and Jin Se firmly stated that she would never regret it. However, she still picked up the red bean bracelet that Gu Yunshen had thrown on the ground. Back then, Gu Yunshen was still young, and he witnessed his own father dying on the battlefield. Jin Se saved him and gave him the Seven Star Sword, asking him to protect himself and use the sword to slay demons and evil spirits.

Jin Se picked up the string of red bean bracelet from under the pillow, reminiscing about the time when she and Gu Yunshen were together. Ten years ago, Gu Yunshen was still young. His father was a general who fought on the battlefield, but one day, his father was stained with blood on the battlefield and never returned. Little Gu Yunshen kept having nightmares after witnessing his father's fall. After Jin Se saved Gu Yunshen from the bandits, she took care of him with utmost care and love. Not only did she give her Seven Star Sword to Gu Yunshen, but she also taught him all her skills.

Gradually, Gu Yunshen fell in love with the beautiful and kind-hearted Jin Se and protected her meticulously. One day, Jin Se told him that she had taught him everything she had learned in her lifetime. A true hero should aspire to explore the world with the Seven Star Sword and make great achievements. Deeply in love, Gu Yunshen told Jin Se that she had nothing more to teach him, but he had something to teach her. He asked Jin Se to close her eyes and then kissed her deeply. Seeing Gu Yunshen shyly running away, Jin Se couldn't help but reveal a sweet smile.

When the elders of the Fox Clan learned that Jin Se was in love with a human, they were furious and wanted to punish her. To save Jin Se, Su Lilang volunteered to marry her, and only then did the elders spare Jin Se. However, Su Lilang told Jin Se that they would only be husband and wife in name, and he would never force her to do anything she didn't want to. Jin Se was extremely grateful to Su Lilang because of this.

While they were contemplating, countless evil spirits suddenly rushed into the Jiaofang Division. It turned out that the Court Magus was once again searching for the Nine-Tailed Fox. Su Lilang and Gu Yunshen quickly protected Jin Se. Jin Se's neck was injured, and the scent of blood would soon attract more evil spirits. Gu Yunshen hurriedly led everyone to the General's Mansion. Seeing the evil spirits relentlessly pursuing Jin Se, Gu Yunshen immediately kissed the injured part of Jin Se's neck, making it difficult for the evil spirits to locate their target. With the power of the Seven Star Sword, they ultimately failed to find them.

Court Magus Pei was puzzled. He had clearly detected the trace of the Nine-Tailed Fox, so why couldn't he find it? At this moment, Pei Yaonei, following his father's orders, stole the red bean bracelet from under Jin Se's pillow. When Court Magus Pei saw it, he remembered that Gu Yunshen had an identical one on his Seven Star Sword. He suddenly understood. Unexpectedly, Gu Yunshen was also a sentimental person, and a cold smile appeared on Court Magus Pei's face.

Inside the General's Mansion, the Vice General saw Gu Yunshen's bleeding hand and quickly approached to apologize. Gu Yunshen reassured him, saying that he intentionally caused the injury with the purpose of baiting a big fish. Gu Yunshen led his soldiers to break into the Court Magus's residence. Pei Yaonei tried to obstruct them, but Gu Yunshen's face turned grim as he said that as the distinguished General Yanluo, he had been injured by evil spirits. Shouldn't Court Magus Pei, responsible for dealing with evil spirits, be held accountable? After speaking, he ordered the soldiers to search the rooms. They ransacked everything without discrimination, leaving the Court Magus's residence in a mess. Gu Yunshen picked up a jade pendant, examined it carefully, and held it in his hand. Meanwhile, Jin Se, who was in the General's Mansion, sensed that Gu Yunshen was in danger. It turned out that the red bean bracelet had been enchanted by a spell.


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