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Will Johnny Huang And Dilraba Declare Together After The Spring Festival Gala

Huang Jingyu and Dilraba

The hottest gossip in the showbiz right now is Dilraba and Johnny Huang‘s relationship.


The romance between them starts from last year’s shooting of “Love Advanced Customization”.

The rumor lasts to the present. However, they keep silent when the scandal grows hotter, neither admit nor deny, giving everyone a lot of imagination.

Johnny Huang Dilraba

Although such an attitude has led a lot of fans unfollow them. Without avoidance they still attend the New Year’s Eve party of DRAGON TV just recently.

Their fans expose the itinerary of Huang Jingyu and Dilraba, they will be together on the Spring Festival of Beijing TV again.

Tan Yan Luo Jin

The last couple on this stage is Tang Yan and Luo Jin. At that time their scandals are also rumored all over the world, but both of them are also very calm, neither admit nor deny and declare together in the second month after the end of the show.

Will Johnny Huang and Dilraba declare together in the same way? Let’s wait and see!

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  1. People, please explain to me why you need to know who is dating whom or who married whom? Why are you interested in this? And what does this knowledge give you? Does it enrich your intellect or expand your consciousness in any way? After all, any information should have some value for us? Our every action says something about us. When you spread gossip about others, what does that say about you? After all, you also have a relationship, if this were discussed on the networks, would you like it? You make stars out of actors, raise them to heaven, begin to follow them without knowing anything about them, and then, when your sophisticated mind invents all sorts of fables, you become disappointed in them and throw them to the ground. So who is to blame for this: them or your imperfections? There are so many problems in the world that need to be solved in every society. And what are you doing? Think about your actions!

  2. Why are people so defensive about debunking dating rumors? Can’t Couples or friends just hang-out? What’s the big deal if they are all single anyway?

  3. of course , hard to admit because it will spoil their projects with other actors. It will be hard for their agencies to promote because people still have hangover from their explosive on-screen chemistry/power couple, people will expect better romance partners unless the next projects will be different genre, mystery, suspense, action…. Also hard to keep a relationship with their punishing schedule which can only lead to heartbreak sooner or later… unlike Rubylin and Wallace Huo got married only after 10 years of freindship….