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Dilraba and Johnny Huang were suspected of being in love, fans asked the studio to disprove the rumor.

Johnny Huang Dilraba

This year, Dilraba and Huang Jingyu‘s TV series “Love Designer” was broadcasted. The response was enthusiastic. In the drama, Huang Jingyu played the male lead is a clothing design company president. Dilraba played the female lead Zhou Fang is a designer.


Because Zhou Fang’s studio was sued by the male lead’s company for plagiarism and had an argument. Huang Jingyu and Dilraba’s emotional scenes are more enthusiastic, a lot of viewers began to ship them after watching the drama.

Johnny Huang Dilraba

Recently, a fan who unfollowed Dilraba revealed that Huang Jingyu came to visit Dilraba in her new drama “You Are My Glory” shooting place. Huang Jingyu was driving his own car. This fan has encountered Huang Jingyu’s car before and remembered the license plate number. As the fan also can’t imagine that Huang Jingyu is indeed in a relationship with Dilraba, so he released the video.

Johnny Huang Dilraba

This topic disappeared on Weibo soon. But Dilraba’s fans did not accept it, they were waiting for the studio to disprove the rumor. But they didn’t get any response. Dilraba’s fans were dissatisfied with the studio’s inaction.

The same female celebrity romance scandal, compared to the speed of the previous Jin Chen studio disinformation. Dilraba studio really let the netizens puzzled.

Johnny Huang Dilraba

With Dilraba’s popularity, it is not uncommon to have romance rumors after working with male stars on TV series. The studio can solve it easily, but they don’t deny the rumor about Huang Jingyu’s romance this time. How do you think about it?

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  1. although jhonny a handsomeguy but not to perfect with ..he is have previous case to a women divorse..why reba not chose best guy…wulei.deng lun and gong jun..

  2. I recently read an article that Dilraba was getting married with Bin Bin. I hope she marries the best one.

  3. Is this even our business,its their private life who are we to decide who she’s can or can’t date with,if is true I’m happy for them they both adults and fans should act like a adult too, leave their private lives remain private.

  4. With such fluid romance acting unlike most actresses who are awkward , it is not doubtful if they fell for each other. Let them have it, they are also humans. Just as we are so annoyed with interfering drama mothers, let’s be mature n adult not to be obsessed about their personal lives!

  5. Why do ppl demand and answer if they are or not is nobodys business. You don’t own your idols you like them for their skill in acting. Their private life is not for you to live or decide.. Ppl need to get a life and let idols breath and be normal grown up..

  6. So what? Female fans of Dilraba won’t mind because she’s not in a love team. Only male fans won’t like but does she have obsessed male fans? Perhaps female fans of Johnny will mind…

      1. Come on, Even kids hide from parents n friends n teachers, etc…. Don’t we see it even in the dramas?????