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Vin Zhang Binbin’s Rumored Girlfriend, Who Is His Ideal Type?

Vin Zhang

Who is Vin Zhang (Zhang Binbin)’s girlfriend? His new dramas ”Storm Eye”, “Rattan” are on aired. With the rise of the popularity, Vin Zhang’s private life also draw netizens’ attention.

There are several rumored girlfriends on the net, let’s take a look.


The net rumor is that Vin Zhang’s girlfriend is Fu Mengni. Fu Mengni is elder than Vin Zhang. She is not very popular as an artist.

A netizen revealed that they ever went shopping hand in hand. In fact, there is no evidence about they were in a relationship. So it is not sure if Vin Zhang’s girlfriend was her.

However, Vin Zhang was also rumored to be in a relationship with Li Xirui and Dilraba.


Vin Zhang and Dilraba‘s rumors began from “The King’s Woman”, which starring Dilraba and Vin Zhang. Vin Zhang is handsome and Dilraba is beautiful. They are a perfect CP in the drama. So viewers expected that they will be in love in reality.

Li Xirui

Vin Zhang and Li Xirui once had cooperation in many dramas. Later they played a couple in “V Love”. From then on, they were involved in the rumors. Fans feel that Vin Zhang and Li Xirui are really good CP.

Zhang Binbin agent

The girlfriend of Vin Zhang has always been the most discussed topic, and recently he was rumored again to be in love with his agent. However, Zhang Binbin’s agent clarified on Weibo that she is single now.

Vin Zhang is usually very low-key, there is little negative news since he debuted, Although there are rumored girlfriends on the net, in fact, it is the viewer’s love for his role in the drama. They hope him have a relationship with the female lead in the drama.

Does Vin Zhang have a girlfriend or not? Now he doesn’t have a girlfriend. But if one day he really has one, we believe he will be generous to introduce to the viewers.

Dilraba Vin Zhang

Vin Zhang (Zhang Binbin) has also revealed his ideal type in a show. When the host asked him what type of girl he likes, and Zhang Binbin gave the answer to the characteristics of Dilraba so it is no doubt that Dilraba is Vin Zhang’s ideal type.

Whenever he talks about Dilraba, he can’t hide his doting. He also said that if he works together again with Dilraba, he is afraid that they will have to make the fake love turn true!

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  1. Love Vin Zhang! He’s a great actor and handaime as well. Hope and pray that he’ll find his true love. God bless u Vin and keep up the good work. Filipinos love a you! 🙂

  2. Ojala hagan una comedia romántica con Dilraba. Los dos son muy buenos actores en todos los sentidos, pueden interpretar cualquier tipo de personaje. Y si están juntos en la vida real también que bueno, porque se nota que el quiere mucho a Dilraba.