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Did Vin Zhang Binbin Get Married And Have A Child Secretly? He Posted A Response To Celebrate Singles‘ Day

Zhang Binbin married

Vin Zhang (Zhang Binbin) is one of the few actors with a unique temperament in showbiz. As a graduate of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, he has been focused on acting.


He is very low-key with very few other rumors, almost all fans are not clear about his private life. The occasional news is only about the promotion of his new dramas.

Vin Zhang married rumor

The news that Vin Zhang has gotten married and had a child was circling on the net not long ago. Many netizens were surprised because this was too sudden.

The person who revealed the news said he and Vin Zhang are neighborhood. Vin Zhang’s child is already one year old. Vin Zhang lost a lot of money in last year’s investment. He also declared that the news is 100% true.

Netizens speculated that Vin Zhang’s wife in the secret marriage might be his agent, as they had previously been rumored in a relationship in 2018.

Vin Zhang response

Just when everyone was speculating, Vin Zhang responded to the secret marriage rumors on the net. He posted on Weibo: “The one who is ready to spend the bachelor’s day, is very confused”, with a “confused” emoji.

It was clear that Vin Zhang meant to say that he is single, a roundabout way to dispel the rumors of a secret marriage and a child. The response was quick and brief, so many netizens believed he was not married secretly.

Zhang Binbin

In fact, netizens can accept actors having children in secret marriages, especially actors like Vin Zhang, who is a low-key actor.

Now Vin Zhang (Zhang Binbin) is 29 years old, it is also very normal to get married and have children. If he does get married and have children, we believe fans will still love him just as usual.

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  1. I would ask why my neighbor took it upon themselves to speak about my private life knowing how particular Chinese fans are and how news like this might cause the actor a problem, whether info is true or not.
    Do media companies pay money to netizens for private info?
    What a world we live in.
    If it’s true he should say so.
    I know it isn’t easy. But we need those who are willing to take a risk to just be honest… everyone should come out and tell their truth of their relationships. Stick together your stronger….clear a path for those young and upcoming actors to be able to live normal lives while they do honest work to earn a living like everyone else.

  2. Idk about
    His partners and rumors but on instagram there’s accounts pretending to be him. They always try to follow his followers and claim to be the real him! It’s been happening for years . I’ll be very surprise if that’s him for real and his looking for. Western girlfriend . 🤣🤣🤣😅🤷‍♀️ he always send private msg thanking his fans and then he tries to keep with msg! And if you wonder how to get a request from his acc you just have to like pictures where’s his name haves a hashtag or mention .