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Who Is Simon Gong Jun’s Girlfriend? 3 Rumored Relationships

Gong Jun girlfriend

Recently, “Word Of Honor” starring Simon Gong (Gong Jun) and Zhang Zhehan is on air. Gong Jun’s popularity rises quickly with the drama. Although Gong Jun is very low-key, his relationship gossips are circling on the net. Who is Simon Gong Jun’s girlfriend? Simon Gong Jun has not announced a girlfriend since his debut in 2015. He has been mistakenly rumored to be gay because of this.


In 2015, Gong Jun entered the acting world after playing the role of Pi Lu in the ancient costume web drama “Sword Chaos”.

Then he played in many works, such as “Advance Bravely”, “Unique Lady”, “The Love Equations”, “Lost Love in Times”, “Fantasy Westward Journey” and so on.

With his outstanding appearance and kind heart, he has gained a lot of fans and his popularity has increased greatly.

And there are rumored girlfriends of Simon Gong Jun, such as Zheng Qiuhong, Liu Renyu, and Xu Muchan. Have they ever been together? What is a private relationship?

Zheng Qiuhong

In 2018, Gong Jun and Zheng Qiuhong have been exposed to be in a relationship when they collaborated on the web drama “Unique Lady”, but there was no solid evidence.

Liu Renyu

Gong Jun and Liu Renyu worked together on “The Love Equations”. They were very sweet in the drama. Does Gong Jun like Liu Renyu? There was also no confirmed information that Liu Renyu was the girlfriend of Simon Gong Jun.

Xu Muchan

Xu Muchan has also been exposed to make false romance turn real with Gong Jun during the shooting of “Lost Love in Times”. They were interactive intimacy.

As a result, many netizens mistakenly thought Xu Muchan’s boyfriend was Gong Jun. However, for this hearsay, there is not too much substantive evidence, they did not have any response.

In fact, Zheng Qiuhong, Liu Renyu, and Xu Muchan are not girlfriends of Simon Gong Jun in private, but they have all worked together before and just in a friend relationship.

Simion Gong girlfriend

Due to the collaborative work, there are always rumors or indeed love affairs between actors and actresses. But, as far as we know, Gong Jun has not fallen in love yet. He is developing his career now, and we believe he will meet someone he likes.

Simon Gong Jun once talked about his ideal type of girlfriend in a program and said that he was not averse to getting married first and loving later.

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  1. Love Simon Gon Jun in word of honor. Live both the actor. They r good acting together. And SGJ reminds me of my nephew. I wanna see WOH season 2. Such a good drama.. I m gonna try and watch other drama od SGJ. Good luck and pls make time pieces SGJ. fighting!!

  2. Can’t wait for “The Legend of Anle” as the Dream Garden just ended shortly 🙁

  3. You are a great actor. I love watching you in Word of Honor. Looking forward to your next tv drama or film.