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The Inextricable Destiny – Ireine Song, Wang Youshuo

The Inextricable Destiny is a historical romantic drama directed by Li Xiaojiang, led by Ireine Song and Wang Youshuo, co-starring Gu Li Mi Re, Gao Xuyang, Liu Jianyu, Zhang Haolun, Lou Hengzhi, Zhu Chenhao, Tao Siyuan, Gao Yiwei, Gong Zhengnan, Chen Shuo, Li Jinrong and Shan He.

The drama tells the love story of Rong Yu, an astrological genius who falls in love at first sight with He Jiuling, the daughter of a general. After being playfully teased by her crush "XiaoShi" and unexpectedly turning into a fool, he continues to foolishly pursue his wife, and they end up sharing the same heart with each other with unrepentant love.


The Inextricable Destiny

English Title: The Inextricable Destiny
Chinese Title: 烬相思
Other Titles: 相思蛊里烬相思
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama
Tag: Arranged Marriage, Cold man/Warm woman, Nice Male Lead, Calm Male Lead, Forced Marriage, Family Relationship
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Li Xiaojiang
Writer: Lian Sheng
Producer: Ren Xu, Zhu Yaping, Yu Zihang, Deng Ting, Wang Jun
Product Company: MGTV
Released Date: 2023-10-12
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MangoTV Drama, Viki



As the daughter of a general dedicated to defending the country, He Jiuling spared no effort, even resorting to disguising herself as a debauchee and acting like a bully. She was determined to annul her engagement with Rong Yu, the young master of the Astrology Hall.

However, an unexpected mishap occurred, causing the beloved figure in the dreams of all the city's girls to regress mentally to childhood. Amidst the collision of fire and ice, and the laughter and tears that ensued in their interactions, a subtle affection quietly blossomed.

Meanwhile, a conspiracy involving the military, the royal family, and the Astrology Hall slowly unfolded.


A girl in red is leading a donkey down the mountain. The world below is bustling with noise, lively and extraordinary. She walks and observes, finding everything fascinating. She can't help but sigh, "In just one day in the mountains, a thousand years have passed in the world." In the street, girls are gathered around an artist, eagerly buying Rong Yu's paintings. The girl is not impressed, wondering if such a pretty boy is really that popular now. She believes she can handle three of him with a whip.

In the capital, General He Liang receives a report that the Third Young Master, He San, is seeking an audience outside the camp with a girl. He Liang comes out to check, witnessing He San and the girl being affectionate. He kicks He San to the ground, disapproving of his antics with the girl. However, the girl stops He Liang and reveals herself to be He Jiuling, his beloved daughter. She reports that her master told her she has learned his essence, so he allowed her to come down from the mountain.

To compensate for He Jiuling's tough days in the mountains, He Liang takes her to enjoy good food and buys her many beautiful clothes. Seeing He Jiuling in her new clothes, he sighs. He tells her that when she was very young, the family arranged a marriage for her, and now, having returned and reached a marriageable age, her time by his side is limited. He Jiuling asks who the prospective partner is, and He Liang reveals it to be Rong Yu, the deputy master of the Astrology Hall.

He Jiuling is unhappy about this and expresses her dislike for the seemingly popular pretty boy portrayed by artists. However, Rong Yu is pleased to hear about He Jiuling's return. He recalls an incident a month ago when he bought many meat buns to help flood victims. He had heard of a beautiful girl who also enjoyed the buns. On the way, He Jiuling encounters Rong Yu's carriage again, and she helps him fend off troublemakers. Concerned for her safety, she volunteers to escort her "sister" to Shangzhou.

During their journey, they encounter more victims, and Rong Yu, along with his two subordinates and He Jiuling, distribute food. From the victims' conversations, Rong Yu becomes more convinced that the relief funds from the court were not washed away by floods but part of a conspiracy. That night, He Jiuling experiences her menstrual cycle, and Rong Yu, in a rush, transforms his new undergarments into makeshift sanitary pads. He also prepares red sugar water for her.

He Jiuling, touched by his kindness, develops a favorable impression of her newfound "sister." In a safer area, they part ways, with He Jiuling and Rong Yu making plans to celebrate the Qixi Festival together. Back home, He Jiuling is determined to sabotage the engagement between her and Rong Yu. She convinces He San to help, but seeing the strict security at Rong Mansion, He San decides to pour the medicine given by He Jiuling into Rong Yu's horse trough.

He Jiuling decides to take matters into her own hands. She sneaks into Rong Mansion, but Rong Yu is aware of her presence. He instructs his subordinate, He Shan, not to disturb He Jiuling, curious to see what she has planned. He Jiuling sneaks into the yard but is discovered by her father, He Liang. He Liang, about to catch He Jiuling, is stopped by Rong Yu, who says that such matters in the mansion are not worth General He's attention. He Jiuling seizes the opportunity to escape back home.

At the dinner table, He Jiuling's family discusses her and Rong Yu's engagement. He Liang believes Rong Yu is the best match, but He Jiuling disagrees. He Liang angrily states that she can have her way in everything except this matter. He Jiuling leaves in protest. He Liang instructs the family to watch over He Jiuling because the next day is the Astrology Festival, and he doesn't want her causing trouble.

The next day, He San still releases He Jiuling. He knows he'll get a beating for allowing her to disrupt the festival, but he can't help indulging his sister. He Jiuling is determined to turn the Astrology Festival upside down and make Rong Mansion reconsider the engagement.

He Jiuling arrived at the Rong Mansion smoothly. The scene at the Astrology Festival was grand, with numerous men and women seeking Rong Yu's fortune-telling. A group of musicians played instruments to enhance the atmosphere. Rong Yu sat inside a tent, and a host spoke in profound and mysterious professional terms, earning applause from the crowd. Seizing the opportunity, a painter tried to sell his artbook to He Jiuling. He had depicted Rong Yu in explicit and sensual paintings, which he handed to the distracted He Jiuling.

He Jiuling felt that Rong Yu was intentionally mystifying things. She provocatively revealed her identity, asking Rong Yu to predict her marriage. Although Rong Yu discerned their marital fate, he refrained from disclosing it publicly. He Jiuling persistently accused Rong Yu of lacking true skills and relying on his reputation. The host thought He Jiuling was intentionally causing trouble and ordered the guards to apprehend her.

Suddenly, the musicians, taking advantage of the chaos, brandished weapons and attacked. Arrows flew towards Rong Yu, prompting He Jiuling to forget her mischief and rush to protect him. She almost slipped but was caught by Rong Yu just in time. The close proximity made He Jiuling feel awkward, and she quickly pulled out her sword to pursue the assassins.

During the pursuit, He Jiuling's clothes were torn by the attackers. Seeing her exposed arm, Rong Yu took off his own cloak and personally covered He Jiuling. He Jiuling, realizing that Rong Yu hadn't predicted their engagement, suggested that they share similar thoughts. She urged Rong Yu to quickly visit her home and explain things to her family. Rong Yu agreed with a smile.

The next day, Rong Yu's father, Rong Zhen, visited personally, bringing many gifts to express gratitude for He Jiuling's rescue. Rong Yu had foreseen that He Jiuling only had four years of life left. However, Rong Yu believed that everyone struggled to carve out a path in life, and he was determined to find a way to defy fate for He Jiuling.

He Liang learned that the Cheng family sought revenge on Rong Yu because he exposed their embezzlement of relief funds. Despite being punished by exile to the border, the Cheng family remained unrepentant and sought revenge on Rong Yu. He Jiuling, thinking that Rong Zhen came to annul the engagement, eavesdropped and overheard a joyous conversation between the two fathers about her and Rong Yu's marriage. He Jiuling, anxious about the misunderstanding, revealed herself and expressed her desire to annul the engagement. However, when Rong Zhen saw her wearing Rong Yu's clothes, he was more convinced of their strong bond. He praised He Jiuling's selfless act of saving Rong Yu, which touched him deeply. He suggested arranging the wedding as soon as they returned home.

Feeling the misunderstanding was deep, He Jiuling decided to write a letter to Rong Yu, planning to meet and explain in person. However, Rong Yu, concerned about tarnishing He Jiuling's reputation, declined the meeting in a reply. He San analyzed that He Jiuling's tone was too intense and vengeful, making it difficult for anyone to meet her. Frustrated, He Jiuling decided to write more eloquently, adopting a softer tone in each letter. However, Rong Yu still refused to meet her. Unable to contain her temper, He Jiuling decided to go find him in person. In the stable, she saw her father and elder brother, as they decided to compensate the Rong family with some of the prized Da Sifang horses that He Jiuling loved.

Angry, He Jiuling ran to the street and coincidentally encountered the painter who had given her the explicit paintings. She chased after him, but a young man intervened. Upon closer inspection, He Jiuling couldn't help but exclaim, "Senior Brother".

Rong Yu, surrounded by countless stars, pondered over the situation with He Jiuling. In his vision, he saw He Jiuling being chased, and eventually, she was fatally stabbed, spitting blood. Startled awake, Rong Yu immediately decided to go to the military mansion; he had to guard He Jiuling.

He Jiuling prepared a lavish meal to entertain her senior brother. She shared her troubles with him, expressing frustration at her unsuccessful attempts to annul the engagement. Senior brother laughed heartily, reminiscing about their time on Wuhua Mountain, feeling a special longing for that period of life. Affectionately, senior brother assured He Jiuling that she was his most cherished junior sister.

Meanwhile, Rong Yu guarded the entrance of the He Mansion, recalling the sweet moments he shared with He Jiuling. He Jiuling and senior brother returned to the He Mansion after a night of heavy drinking. He Jiuling, intoxicated and walking unsteadily, continued to replay senior brother's words in her mind. Senior brother believed that He Jiuling disliked Rong Yu and was certain that she liked him instead. He declared that He Jiuling should marry him, thinking it would be a good match since he could protect her. However, He Jiuling blamed Rong Yu for the mess, holding him responsible for ruining their relationship as senior brother and sister.

Seeing He Jiuling stumbling back, Rong Yu hurriedly approached to support her. He Jiuling recognized Rong Yu, confronted him directly, and asked him to admit that he didn't like her. However, Rong Yu expressed his genuine fondness for He Jiuling. In response, He Jiuling loudly declared that she didn't want to marry a charlatan and endure the hardships of having little shamans in the future. Rong Yu, unexpectedly proposing that their children could become generals, promised to dote on any daughters they might have. This enraged He Jiuling, who attempted to hit Rong Yu. Seeing the situation, He Shan intervened and used a tranquilizer needle on He Jiuling. She fainted, and Rong Yu instructed to inform He Jiuling's elder brother.

He Jiuling woke up later, realizing she was in Rong Yu's bed. Recalling Rong Yu's words from the previous day, she felt angry. He Shan reported to Rong Yu that He Jiuling left the mansion in a fit of anger, breaking the lions at the mansion's gate. The neighbors probably knew about He Jiuling staying at the Rong Mansion last night. Rong Yu hurriedly inquired about He Jiuling's well-being and sent a letter of explanation to He Liang.

He Liang, promoted to a first-rank general by the emperor, received a gift from the palace. He was requested to bring He Jiuling to the palace. He Jiuling, finally sober, discovered she had slept in Rong Yu's bed and felt infuriated recalling Rong Yu's words. Accompanying her father and brother to the palace, He Jiuling was instructed to behave properly. In the palace, she played football with the prince, accidentally hitting him with the ball. When reprimanded by the queen, the prince defended He Jiuling.

Learning that He Jiuling had been practicing martial arts on Wuhua Mountain, the princess's cousin showed disdain. He Jiuling boldly fed her a pill, claiming it would emit a pleasant fragrance upon digestion. The confident behavior annoyed the princess and her cousin, who decided to leave early. The eunuch brought the royal meal, and the queen specifically warned He Jiuling not to act recklessly, or she wouldn't be able to protect her.

The emperor hosted a banquet to discuss the alliance between Xunnan and Jialin. He Jiuling, paying close attention, noticed that the envoy from Xunnan was none other than senior brother, who had left Wuhua Mountain a long time ago. He had gone to Xunnan. He Jiuling, delighted, heard senior brother propose a marriage alliance, suggesting that Jialin send a daughter to Xunnan. Senior brother expressed his fondness for He Jiuling and wanted her as his consort.

He Jiuling was surprised to see that the prince from Xunnan, who came for an alliance, was none other than her senior brother. He directly proposed that He Jiuling should marry him. However, He Liang and Zhongyong Duke opposed this. Zhongyong Duke informed the emperor that since He Jiuling came down from the mountain, she had threatened several prominent households and the sons of the royal family, causing them to be too afraid to leave their homes.

He Liang argued that these sons were usually idle and oppressed the common people. He believed that He Jiuling's actions were justified, and if it weren't for their own faults, why didn't he, as the guardian general of the capital, receive any official complaints? Rong Yu also arrived hastily, explaining how He Jiuling had acted justly by teaching those arrogant young masters a lesson. He had subsequently compensated them generously, and they had agreed to settle the matter. Zhongyong Duke sat down, his face gloomy, unable to say anything.

However, the prince from Xunnan continued to talk, proposing that if He Jiuling became his Yōng Prince Consort, Xunnan would forever be a vassal state to Jialin. He pledged to contribute to the economic development of Jialin by funding canal construction and enhancing trade between the two countries. Rong Yu rebutted, stating that trade was a mutually beneficial activity between two nations and not solely for the benefit of Jialin. He argued against He Jiuling marrying the prince, revealing that she and Rong Yu were already promised to each other.

The emperor, surprised, asked He Liang to confirm this, and He Liang promptly verified the truth. At this moment, a eunuch hurriedly reported to the emperor about He Jiuling spending the night at Rong Yu's secondary residence. The emperor seemed to suddenly understand. He refused the prince from Xunnan's request, arranged an immediate marriage, and instructed Rong Yu and He Jiuling to set a wedding date. The angry prince from Xunnan left in a huff.

After the morning court session, He Liang thanked Rong Yu, unaware of the efforts Rong Yu had silently made to settle matters for He Jiuling. Rong Yu, not having the time to explain, took He Liang and the eldest son aside, advising them not to agree to the emperor's order to lead the family army to the border to avoid causing trouble. As expected, the emperor summoned He Liang and his son separately, urging He Liang to take up the position of the Grand General. He Liang, pleading age as an excuse, tactfully declined the emperor's offer and asked to be relieved of the position.

The emperor expressed that He Liang had earned the country's prosperity through decades of war and sacrifice, making him more than capable of holding the position of the Grand General. He Liang, waiting outside the palace for his daughter and son, received gratitude from the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince mentioned the dramatic scene at the imperial banquet and gave He Jiuling a jade pendant, expressing regret that he was too young to compete for her. Although he couldn't marry her, he hoped to make her his Crown Princess once she had a daughter, as the emperor had promised a ten-month delivery. He Jiuling politely refused and left.

A few girls passed by He Jiuling, looking at her disdainfully and accusing her of seducing Rong Yu. He Jiuling, angered by their words, chased after Rong Yu. She dragged him to a nearby inn, where she confronted him about the night she spent at his secondary residence. Rong Yu explained the truth, but He Jiuling didn't believe that her elder brother would ignore her. Without listening, she tore at Rong Yu's clothes, insulting him with harsh words. Rong Yu, usually a gentleman, could only defend himself, and his clothes ended up in tatters. The most hurtful part for Rong Yu was He Jiuling saying she had never liked him, only admiring a strong general. She expressed annoyance at him and declared she didn't want to see him ever again.

He Shan, witnessing the scene, hurriedly brought He Liang over. Seeing his daughter in such a state, He Liang was furious. He quickly apologized to Rong Yu and took He Jiuling home to teach her a lesson. Back home, He Liang ordered the family rules, but He San protected He Jiuling and ended up being scolded and beaten.

Rong Yu carefully wrote and illustrated a book, creating imaginative stories about literati and beauties. He Jiuling was engrossed in reading the book while lying on the bed. She greatly admired the literary talents of someone who could write and draw like this. Meanwhile, He Jiuling's sister-in-law was delicately applying medicine to the injuries on He Jiuling's body. Patiently, she tried to convince He Jiuling that Rong Yu had visited the mansion today, bringing gifts for her. However, upon hearing Rong Yu's name, He Jiuling instinctively felt repulsed.

He Jiuling's sister-in-law softly told her that since He Jiuling had returned to the capital, Rong Yu had been silently protecting her. She spoke of Rong Yu as a rare good man. Drawing from her own experience, she mentioned that she and her elder brother had an arranged marriage that turned into love. She believed He Jiuling would also fall in love with Rong Yu during their interactions. With the Qiqiao Festival approaching in a couple of days, He Jiuling remembered her agreement with her sister from Shangzhou to meet on that day. She wanted her father to lift the restriction so she could enjoy the festival and take her sister around the capital. He Jiuling requested her sister-in-law to persuade her father to lift the confinement.

Coincidentally, He Liang was about to accompany Rong Yu outside. Upon hearing He Jiuling's request, Rong Yu asked He Liang to lift the confinement, and on the day of the Qiqiao Festival, He Jiuling eagerly arrived at the marketplace. Rong Yu, disguised as the way he looked on that day in Shangzhou, met He Jiuling, who was initially delighted. However, when Rong Yu removed the bamboo hat from his head, He Jiuling saw his face and once again felt emotional turmoil. Despite Rong Yu's explanations, He Jiuling refused to accept the fact that Rong Yu was the sister she had met in Shangzhou. Crying, she ran away.

He Jiuling ran home in tears, and her senior brother was waiting at the door. She rushed into his arms, crying. Her senior brother was there to bid her farewell. He informed He Jiuling that he had thought of a good way to help her break off the engagement. After careful consideration, Rong Yu made a decision. He went to the palace overnight, sought an audience with the emperor, and obtained the imperial decree allowing the annulment of his marriage to He Jiuling. Rong Yu then went to the He Liang residence, respectfully presenting the divorce letter to He Liang. He Liang thought that Rong Yu had lost interest in He Jiuling. He hinted at the complexities of love and suggested that He Jiuling, being only seventeen years old and growing up in the mountains, did not understand love and affection. Rong Yu explained that it was precisely because he loved her that he set her free. Despite Rong Yu's attempt, He Liang refused to accept the divorce letter.

During dinner, He Liang earnestly advised his daughter, emphasizing that Rong Yu liked her more than she imagined. Encountering a man who could protect He Jiuling like Rong Yu did was not easy, and he warned her not to do anything out of line again. He Jiuling took out a medicine given by her senior brother, claiming that applying this "Heartless" medicine to Rong Yu would make him lose his affection for her. She planned to sneak out but was intercepted by her elder brother Chenzhou.

Rong Yu headed to the palace, and Cheng Chong, an old enemy, noticed and followed him secretly. The guards reported this to Chenzhou. The Crown Prince informed He Jiuling that Rong Yu was planning to go to the Cold Mountain Monastery for meditation. Surprised by this news, He Jiuling realized her plan would be disrupted. She pleaded with the Crown Prince for help. He Liang, who had prepared many delicious dishes for the Crown Prince, observed the Crown Prince's subordinates carrying a large box and leaving in haste. He inquired about the box's contents, but the Crown Prince only mentioned that it was a fresh novelty given to him by He Jiuling and insisted on keeping it sealed. In the outskirts, He Jiuling emerged from the box and hastily caught up with Rong Yu, who was seated in the carriage.

Rong Yu got off the carriage, and when he looked up, he saw He Jiuling extending her hand with a smile, offering her support. Rong Yu was taken aback for a moment, but he eventually accepted He Jiuling's assistance. Rong Yu asked He Jiuling what she was doing there. He Jiuling explained that she had heard he was leaving and wanted to accompany him for a farewell meal. She suggested having a private meal for just the two of them, saying they could still be friends in the future.

Rong Yu agreed to her request, and they sat down at a simple local restaurant. Rong Yu carefully peeled many peanuts for He Jiuling. While enjoying the meal, He Jiuling thought of the peeled chestnuts he had given her during their journey to Shangzhou. She realized that Rong Yu had been the one who had prepared them. He Jiuling felt guilty for the way she had treated him and the embarrassing situations she had put him through. Apologetically, she thanked Rong Yu. Rong Yu also asked for her forgiveness, admitting that he might have caused her discomfort.

Changing the subject, He Jiuling inquired about the Astrology Hall, and Rong Yu began to tell her the story of the late emperor and empress, a touching and tragic tale. He Jiuling was moved by the story but still preferred the book she had mentioned before, saying that the scholar's book was her favorite. She showed Rong Yu the book she had brought with her, disappointed that the scholar hadn't updated it recently. Rong Yu, seeing the book he had created, hinted with a meaningful smile that as long as she liked it, there would always be more.

Their meal arrived, and He Jiuling seized the opportunity to discreetly sprinkle some "Heartless" powder into Rong Yu's wine glass. After apologizing earlier, she wanted to express her gratitude and didn't know if they would meet again. They raised their glasses and drank to each other. Today was the Lantern Festival in town. He Jiuling and Rong Yu played with lanterns, guessed riddles, and tried to win rings. They enjoyed themselves immensely. Suddenly, a flowerpot fell from above and hit Rong Yu's back. He Jiuling rushed to help him tend to the wound and gave him some golden wound medicine from her home.

She playfully scolded him, saying that he was more fragile than a girl, like tofu, breaking at a touch. Rong Yu listened to her gentle reprimands and smiled, even when she asked him why he was smiling. Rong Yu explained that, as the owner of the Astrology Hall, he always needed to appear cheerful, but today he was genuinely happy, which was why he was smiling. Reluctantly, they parted ways, thinking it was their final farewell. However, at that moment, Rong Yu saw an arrow flying toward He Jiuling. Without hesitation, he stepped forward to shield her, taking the arrow in his back.

He Jiuling turned to find that it was Cheng Chong who had come to attack them. She fought Cheng Chong with her whip, but despite her courage, she couldn't withstand the combined attack of Cheng Chong and two others. He Jiuling was injured by Cheng Chong's sword and lost consciousness. Rong Yu knelt by her side and held her in his arms, weeping bitterly. He had been willing to let her go, yet he couldn't avoid the tragedy of her leaving him. Grief-stricken and covered in He Jiuling's blood, Rong Yu fell to the ground.

A month later, Rong Yu still hadn't awakened. He Jiuling was slowly recovering, but her arm remained weak. Her family was worried for her. With the weather turning cold, a doctor suggested moving Rong Yu to a place with heated floors. With the company of He Shan and Zhan Ping, Rong Yu was taken to another residence. He Jiuling ventured out to buy a knife and encountered the siblings from the Zhongyong Duke's house. They were aware that He Jiuling's arm was crippled and took the opportunity to exact revenge by physically assaulting her.

Meanwhile, as Rong Yu's carriage passed by, he saw He Jiuling lying on the ground, beaten. He stopped and, to his shock, learned that He Jiuling had been unconscious for over a month. Upon hearing this, He Jiuling couldn't bear the thought of Rong Yu never waking up. She couldn't help but express her fear of living a life without him. He Liang, her father, comforted her and told her to bandage her wounds properly. He promised that when she was healed, he would tell her everything.

Rong Yu, after moving to another courtyard, still hasn't regained consciousness. When He Liang informed He Jiuling of Rong Yu's condition, she fell into infinite guilt. Her senior brother had told her that the medicine was only for emotional detachment, so why wouldn't Rong Yu wake up after taking it? During the meal, Jiuling didn't see her eldest brother, and He Liang only mentioned that he had official business in the Ministry of Justice. Meanwhile, Eldest Brother Chen Zhou had already led a group of people into the residence of Duke Zhongyong. He intended to take away the criminal who had caused serious injuries in public.

Duke Zhongyong tried to stop Chen Zhou from taking away his son, but Chen Zhou had no room for negotiation or compromise. Duke Zhongyong could only watch helplessly as his son was taken away. He then ordered his men to prepare horses and went to the palace personally to plead with the queen. After discussing with the imperial physician, Rong Yu was deemed the most suspicious by Duke Zhongyong. When Rong Yu's divorce letter was found, Duke Zhongyong understood most of the situation. Jiuling was upset and told her father that she wanted to take Rong Yu to Mount Wuhua to seek help from their master, Xuantian Sanren. He Liang brought Jiuling to meet Rong Yu, explaining their intentions to Duke Zhongyong. He mentioned that Xuantian Sanren was indeed highly skilled in medicine.

However, Duke Zhongyong disagreed. He believed that those from the Astrology Hall should die in the Astrology Hall. With only Jiuling and himself left in the Rong family, they would have to rely on each other in the future. Jiuling tried to say more, but Duke Zhongyong stopped her and remarked that Jiuling's consideration for Rong Yu was fortunate for him. Duke Zhongyong sent gifts to Jiuling, which surprised He San. He thought it was strange for Duke Zhongyong to send gifts under the current circumstances, considering Rong Yu's condition. He Liang, however, pondered deeply.

Jiuling secretly approached He Shan and persuaded him to agree to take Rong Yu to Mount Wuhua. However, Duke Zhongyong quickly found out. He sent guards to chase after them, but He Shan and the others managed to divert the guards on horseback. Jiuling, carrying Rong Yu, quickly moved into the depths of the dense forest. However, Jiuling herself had not fully recovered, and combined with Rong Yu being unconscious, she stumbled many times along the way. Exhausted, they took breaks, and Jiuling was worn out. Yet, she insisted on taking Rong Yu to Mount Wuhua for treatment.

It started snowing, and Jiuling, leaning against Rong Yu, fell into a deep sleep. However, Rong Yu gradually woke up. Jiuling was initially happy, but soon noticed an issue – Rong Yu's expression seemed abnormal. Jiuling, with Rong Yu, found shelter in a farmhouse. Watching Rong Yu's erratic behavior, Jiuling realized that the once distinguished Jialin First Young Master had become a fool. Back at home, Chen Zhou was anxious and prepared to search for Jiuling. However, He Liang found Jiuling's behavior unusual. Despite usually annoying him, this time she acted completely out of character.

Rong Yu followed Jiuling closely, even needing her guidance to use chopsticks. However, when he learned to pick up the first piece of food, he fed it to Jiuling. At night, Rong Yu stuck close to Jiuling, and she told him that he used to be the ideal man for many noble ladies but had now become like this. She suddenly realized that since waking up, Rong Yu hadn't said a word. Worried that he might be mute, she tried to get him to speak. Though Rong Yu could only produce simple monosyllabic utterances, Jiuling was relieved – at least he was awake, indicating that her judgment wasn't too far off.

She told Rong Yu that as long as she, He Jiuling, was there, she wouldn't let him go hungry. He wouldn't eat or drink unless she taught him. Once they reached Mount Wuhua, she would seek help from their master to detoxify him, and he would become the distinguished Astrology Hall Young Master again. In the middle of the night, Jiuling rolled up all the blankets for herself. However, hearing Rong Yu shivering behind her, Jiuling couldn't bear it and gave him all the blankets. Rong Yu carefully covered Jiuling with the blankets. The next day, Rong Yu woke up earlier than Jiuling. Mischievously, he drew circles on Jiuling's face. When Jiuling woke up, she asked him to put on his shoes, and Rong Yu hurriedly brought them over. Jiuling was overjoyed to find that he could understand her now. She tested him again, saying she wanted water, and Rong Yu quickly fetched a cup. Jiuling was pleasantly surprised.

Jiuling was overjoyed when she discovered that Rong Yu could understand her words. The landlady invited Jiuling and Rong Yu for a meal, serving them steamed sweet potatoes and well-cooked porridge. The kind-hearted landlady introduced them to her husband, who coincidentally couldn't speak either, but he was nowhere near as bad as Rong Yu. Thinking they had eloped, the benevolent landlady admired Rong Yu for spoon-feeding Jiuling just as he had learned to use a spoon. She thought Rong Yu, being a young master, serving Jiuling like this was rare and praised him. However, Jiuling's family didn't agree, which seemed unjust.

Seeing Rong Yu feeding Jiuling soup spoon by spoon, the landlady was deeply moved. She had never seen such an affectionate young couple. The compassionate landlady suggested that they stay in her home until the baby was born, defying Jiuling's father's objections. Jiuling, with a mouthful of rice, couldn't help but spit it out far away. She quickly explained to the landlady that they were about to visit their relatives. Jiuling thanked the landlady and arranged for clean clothes to be purchased for them.

After bidding farewell to the landlady, they coincidentally encountered the street artist who sold paintings of Rong Yu for money. The artist was thrilled to see Rong Yu, treating him like a benefactor, dancing with excitement. Jiuling wanted to inquire at the inn, but Rong Yu stuck close to her. To get rid of him, she gave Rong Yu a piece of cake to distract him. Jiuling arrived at the inn alone, but unexpectedly, people sent by Rong Yu's father were already waiting there. Seeing Jiuling, Rong Yu's father slapped her and sternly declared that he would not let Jiuling harm Rong Yu again.

Rong Yu was forcefully taken back to the Rong residence, and Jiuling was sent back to the He residence by Rong Yu's father's men. He Liang expressed gratitude and mentioned visiting in the future, but he was informed that Rong's instructions were not to allow anyone from the He residence to enter the Rong residence. He San wanted to argue, but He Liang stopped him.

Back at the Rong residence, Rong Yu was restless and kept complaining about wanting to find Jiuling. Seeing this, Rong Yu's father felt depressed. He didn't understand why Rong Yu couldn't remember anything except Jiuling. The physician explained that it wasn't surprising since Jiuling was the only one by the Young Master's side when he woke up. Rong Yu's father summoned He Shan and Zhan Ping, instructing them to be Rong Yu's personal guards but demanded they pay the price for their past actions. He Shan reluctantly accepted the punishment, willing to bear it alone.

During a meal, no matter how hard Rong Yu's father tried to persuade him, Rong Yu refused to eat or drink. He just stared at a large pancake, seemingly fascinated. Seeing this, Rong Yu's father ordered his men to search all the bakeries in the city for pancakes. Jiuling wrote a letter to her master, asking for help in treating Rong Yu. Unfortunately, the master refused, citing old grievances with the Astrology Hall. Jiuling then wrote to her senior brother, who, upon hearing about the antidote, quickly sent the medicinal ingredients.

Jiuling waited outside the Astrology Hall for Rong Yu. However, she encountered a group of young men mocking Rong Yu, claiming he was as foolish as a dog now. Unable to control her anger, Jiuling threw a teacup at them, hitting one person and giving him a severe punishment. Rong Yu's father, witnessing this, didn't intervene. He knew those people were just there to mock and weren't worthy of sympathy.

He Shan accepted the punishment, and his face bore the mark of a criminal. He went to buy pancakes for Rong Yu, and seeing Jiuling, he informed her that Rong Yu was not doing well. He suggested Jiuling go and see Rong Yu, but Jiuling, upon seeing He Shan's marked face, decided not to go, not wanting to burden anyone else. He Shan said he would find a solution, and Jiuling, realizing why Rong Yu wasn't eating, thanked He Shan.

He Shan brought back the type of pancake Jiuling specified, and Rong Yu indeed enjoyed it. He Shan took Rong Yu to the window, opened it, and Rong Yu unexpectedly saw Jiuling in the opposite courtyard. He waved excitedly to Jiuling, making incoherent sounds. Jiuling, happy to see Rong Yu, performed swordplay and demonstrated how to guide him in eating. Rong Yu obediently cooperated, allowing He Shan to feed him porridge.

Since the last time He Jiuling saw Rong Yu outside the window, Rong Yu has been waiting here every day. To comfort him, Jiuling specially made two scarecrows, dressed in her own red clothes and Rong Yu's blue shirt, and stood there. Rong Yu kept his eyes fixed on them, with a constant smile on his face. When Rong Jiulong saw this from a distance, his heart grew heavy.

Meanwhile, Jiuling was at home tirelessly researching the formula for the antidote to help Rong Yu. On this day, He Liang and He Chenzhou went to court together, and their colleagues inquired about Jiuling and Rong Yu's marriage. He Liang couldn't provide an answer. He Chenzhou, knowing their ill intentions, explained that both his second and third brothers were unmarried, and considering the current circumstances with the young master of their house suffering from a severe illness, the marriage would have to wait. He urged everyone to be cautious.

However, when Rong Jun approached from the side, he said that the wedding preparations were almost complete, and they would invite everyone for a celebration when the time came. Hearing this, the ministers quickly expressed their congratulations. After He Liang and others left, he asked Rong Jun in confusion why he had changed his stance. Rong Jun sternly replied that He Jiuling was a He family member by birth, and if she lived or died, she was a He family concern. The marriage was already set.

Seeing Rong Jun walk away, He Liang was furious. Jiuling was his beloved daughter, and he couldn't stand others treating her this way. He Chenzhou also asked his father with concern if Jiuling and Rong Yu's marriage needed to continue. He Liang returned home and told his family that he had decided to annul Jiuling and Rong Yu's engagement. Everyone agreed with his decision, except Jiuling, who believed that if they canceled the marriage due to Rong Yu's illness, the family would be shamed, and He Liang would be blamed. He Liang, for his daughter's happiness, didn't mind the gossip.

Jiuling ran off in anger, and He Liang instructed his family to keep an eye on her to prevent any further trouble. He then prepared to make an announcement to the family. He Liang and He Chenzhou went to the court to face the king, who again emphasized the importance of guarding South Jiang. He Liang declared that the He family was willing to relocate to South Jiang, protect the people, and live or die with the Jialin Kingdom.

Rong Yu continued to wait by the window, and the two scarecrows in the courtyard had deteriorated due to exposure to the elements. He looked increasingly haggard. He Shan and Zhan Ping were anxious and couldn't persuade Rong Yu to leave. Meanwhile, Jiuling continued her research on the antidote at home. Suddenly, she heard a commotion outside. When she checked, she found her servants, under the command of her elder sister-in-law, packing up their belongings.

After asking her sister-in-law, Jiuling learned that their entire family was relocating from the capital. Jiuling understood her father's intentions and, angry, went to confront him, blaming him for putting her family's future in jeopardy just to cancel her engagement with the Rong family. She was willing to stay here if her family insisted on leaving. He Liang sternly told her that it wasn't up to her; the king knew about Jiuling's martial training and had appointed her as the Left General.

Seeing that her father's decision was final, Jiuling knew she couldn't argue further. With a heavy heart, she told her father and her brothers that she was willing to go to South Jiang to protect their home and country.

As the departure date neared, Jiuling was torn. She really wanted to see Rong Yu one last time, but she also felt it was inappropriate. After much thought, Jiuling decided to have one final meeting with Rong Yu. At night, she climbed the wall with a torch and reached the Rong residence. When Rong Yu found out, he ignored Rong Jun's attempts to stop him and climbed onto the roof with great difficulty. The two lovers held hands on the roof, sharing a deep kiss, bidding their final farewell.

The whole family arrived in South Jiang, and Jiuling's second brother and sister-in-law also joined them. The family was reunited in South Jiang.

South Jiang held a martial arts competition, and Jiuling decided to secure the top spot in equestrian archery to win the precious nine-section Qiang beetle armor for her medicine ingredients. The rain in South Jiang poured heavily, and He Liang calculated that they had been in South Jiang for four years. Jiuling was stopped on the street by people who said that rumors were spreading in South Jiang that the He family was seeking a bride.

Chenzhou commented that since Jiuling didn't have a man she liked, they should let her be happy as she pleased. He Liang agreed, stating that South Jiang was now peaceful, and they hadn't even returned to bid farewell to the late king who passed away last month. A royal edict arrived in the capital, ordering the He family to move back and receive rewards for their service. Everyone was delighted, and Jiuling returned with her prize, living up to expectations by winning first place.

While everyone was rejoicing, they couldn't help but think of Jiuling and Rong Yu's marriage. Over these years, Rong Jun had cut all contact with the He family, leaving them to wonder whether this time in the capital would resolve Jiuling and Rong Yu's situation. Chenzhou suggested that if Rong Jun rushed the marriage, they could use the excuse that South Jiang needed Jiuling to stay and defend the city. When Rong Jun married Rong Yu to another woman, the matter would pass.

However, Qiuting had heard that Rong Yu's recovery was slow, and he had only just started speaking. It was unlikely that any woman would want to marry him now, making it difficult for him to get married. Jiuling didn't like this topic and ran away when she heard it. Jiuling worked on making the antidote all night, but when she woke up, she found that her efforts had failed once again. She had to write a letter to her martial arts senior, Prince Xunnan, seeking his help.

However, Xunnan was currently facing a rebellion, and his elder royal brothers had confined him to his mansion, so he couldn't offer assistance. The entire He family headed to the capital, and on the way, Jiuling impulsively went to hunt rabbits. Her horse, Red Date, accidentally fell into a ditch and got injured, making it impossible for them to continue. Yang Ying, her sister-in-law, and Qiuting stayed behind with Jiuling while the rest of the family continued to the nearest town to find a veterinarian for Red Date.

Rong Yu sneaked out and came to the town, asking everyone he met if they had seen He Jiuling. He had just learned to speak and could only say single syllables. Unfortunately, he encountered a group of courtesans who deceived him into thinking that He Jiuling was inside their establishment. Rong Yu happily followed them, and the women began to touch him inappropriately, making him feel frightened. When he realized that Jiuling was not inside, he rushed outside, and the courtesans, seeing a well-dressed, handsome young man, did not let him leave easily and swarmed around him.

Rong Yu panicked and ended up running to the rooftop. Jiuling and her family happened to be walking down the street, planning to find a vet for Red Date in the town. When Rong Yu saw Jiuling from the rooftop, he could hardly believe his eyes. He called out Jiuling's name loudly and was about to jump down, ignoring the danger. Jiuling quickly shouted for him to stay put and not move, and she rushed up to embrace him. After four years, the two met again, and their emotions overflowed as they tearfully hugged each other. Qiuting came over to pull Rong Yu away, as he shouldn't be hugging Jiuling like that. Jiuling scolded Rong Yu for jumping down from the rooftop, as it was too dangerous. Rong Yu nodded and promised not to do it again.

During dinner, Rong Yu and He Jiuling shared dishes, showing their affection. Qiuting and Yang Ying couldn't bear to watch, but Yang Ying saw that Rong Yu only had eyes for Jiuling and thought they were a perfect match. Jiuling went to find He Shan and Zhan Ping, knowing that Rong Yu had sneaked out, and they must be worried sick. Qiuting and Yang Ying told Rong Yu about the near-death experience Jiuling had in South Jiang, and Rong Yu couldn't hold back his tears. Qiuting's attempts to console him were in vain. Rong Yu pushed Qiuting away, and just as Jiuling returned, she saw what had happened. She sent Qiuting away but decided that Rong Yu should stay with her, even sleeping together.


  • 2023-10-12 17:01:59

    The Inextricable Destiny‘s plot is interesting, Ireine Song and Wang Youshuo are well matched

    "The Inextricable Destiny" adopts a setting with a strong female lead and a weak male lead. The female protagonist, He Jiuling, breaks off the engagement, while the male protagonist, Rong Yu, takes a "Duan Qiang San" potion and returns to his childhood.

    This setting undoubtedly adds intrigue and watchability to the plot, breaking away from the conventional pattern of male dominance and female weakness, where the male lead rescues the female lead in traditional historical idol dramas.

    There is a noticeable height and age difference between the two characters, adding a sense of amusement and sweetness to their interactions.

    The costumes of the two characters in the drama are also exquisite and well-matched. Ireine Song Yiren wears red or white traditional clothing, appearing delicate and lovely.

    Wang Youshuo wears blue or black traditional clothing, appearing elegant and handsome.

    Not only does it satisfy the audience's aesthetic preferences, but it also stimulates their thoughts and resonates with them.

    "The Inextricable Destiny" is a historical idol drama filled with a joyful atmosphere and romantic colors.

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