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Time Teaches Me to Love – Ireine Song, Yan Yuhao

Time Teaches Me to Love is a romantic comedy directed by Tan Youye, starring Ireine Song, Jerry Yan Yuhao, Li Jiaming, Fu Shuyang, Liu Rui, Wang Yuwen, and Cai Xiangyu.

The drama is adapted from a web novel of the same name written by "Yi Pian Kou Xiang Tang", and tells the story of Lin Lu, a silly "serious king" girl, who needs high medical bills due to her brother's serious illness, and the "childish" overbearing president, Shi Liansen, who signed a love contract.


Time Teaches Me to Love

English Title: Time Teaches Me to Love
Chinese Title: 时光教会我爱你
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Tag: Contract Relationship, Cold man/Warm woman, Cinderella and Ceo, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Cohabitation, Break up
Episodes: 24
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Tan Youye
Writer: Wang Xiaocui
Product Company: iQIYI Literature
Released Date: 2018-12-10
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



The silly “serious king” girl Lin Lu signed a “100-day love contract” with president Shi Liansen because her brother Lin Cheng was seriously ill and need high medical bills.

Under the contract marriage, Lin Lu always mistakenly intruded into the area of Shi Liansen, Shi Liansen’s poisonous words also made Lin Lu very crazy.

They gradually come closer to each other and staged a modern urban love drama.


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