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Different Princess – Ireine Song, Ding Zeren

Different Princess is a historical suspense romantic drama directed by Shen Jinfei, led by Ireine Song and Ding Zeren, with special appearances by Zhu Rongjun and Sun Zujun, co-starring Zhang Yuenan, Chen Ze, Wang Junzhe, and Chu Han.


Different Princess

English Title: Different Princess
Chinese Title: 花青歌
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Action, Drama, Suspense
Tag: Villain Male Lead, Time Travel, Transmigration, Investigation, Cold man/Warm woman, Love Triangle
Episodes: 36
Duration: 30 min.
Director: Shen Jinfei
Writer: Shen Jinfei
Producer: Zhang Li
Released Date: 2024-01-12
Broadcast Website: Youku,, 优酷



The drama tells the story of the female writer Hua Qingge entering her own novel world, transforming into the cannon fodder supporting female character. She initially thought that with the script in hand, she could turn the tide, but things went awry. She ended up in a love-hate relationship with the antagonist Ji Chu, and in fulfilling her mission as the protagonist's "mother", she assisted in the love story between Ji Yun, and Lin Xiyao. It is a story where, despite knowing that Ji Wan'er and Gongye Qi's relationship is heading towards tragedy, she still guards their love.


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