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At Cafe 6 – Dong Zijian, Cherry Ngan

At Cafe 6 is a romantic film directed by Wu Ziyun and starring Dong Zijian, Cherry Ngan, Ireine Song, Austin Lin, and Ouyang Nini.

The film is based on the novel of the same name by author Wu Ziyun (Teng Jing Shu), and focuses on a sincere but unrequited youthful love story between the male protagonist Xiao Lu and the female protagonist Xin Rui.


At Cafe 6

English Title: At Cafe 6
Chinese Title: 六弄咖啡馆
Genre: Youth, Romance, Drama
Duration: 98 min.
Director: Wu Ziyun
Writer: Wu Ziyun
Released Date: 2016-07-28
Broadcast Website: 爱奇艺



Xiao Lu was born into a family that was different from ordinary people. He lived with his strong and hardworking mother, Lu Mama, who raised him with love and care.

During high school, Xiao Lu fell in love with the most adorable girl, Xin Rui, and he had a joyful time with his good friend A Zhi throughout their high school years. However, their fate took a turn during the crucial college entrance examination, as Xiao Lu and Xin Rui ended up in different schools. The distance between them became a severe test for their relationship.

In college, Xiao Lu frequently visited Xin Rui, and his thoughtfulness and gentleness gradually won over her heart. However, even the sweetness of love couldn't overcome the sense of powerlessness caused by the distance between them. Their values began to change, and their relationship slowly became mixed with other elements.

One day, despite the dangerous weather of a typhoon, Xiao Lu and A Zhi rode a motorcycle all day to find a birthday gift for Xin Rui. However, on that day, Xiao Lu witnessed something he least wanted to accept.


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